Qiao Tianyu didn’t think much at first,I thought Michelle was defeated in the confrontation between the two and ran out,And the girl Michelle is very wild,Not afraid of her getting lost in New York。

But when Qiao Tianyu finished drinking water and wanted to go back to the room and continue to sleep,But I feel that something is wrong with the chubby face。
The little fat face sleeps very quietly on weekdays,Nothing happened,But today’s chubby face’s snoring is so loud,It’s too noisy。
Qiao Tianyu’s chubby face was uncomfortable at first,I am pregnant after all,Qiao Tianyu can’t bear it,So I want to wake her up,Let her go to bed。
But who knows that Qiao Tianyu yelled a little fat face for a long time,The chubby face still sleeps like a dead pig,There is no movement,Can’t wake her at all。
At this time, Qiao Tianyu became instinctively alert,He increased his effort to push the chubby face,But the chubby face still has no response。
See this scene,Qiao Tianyu yelled badly,I know that chubby face has probably suffered from Michelle,You know that Michelle is the seed of the fighting nation,No one can guarantee that she can’t do anything radical?
Thought of here,Qiao Tianyu was shocked,Called quickly“911”,Call an ambulance.
First0332chapter Paternity Testing!
Soon after the ambulance came,Qiao Tianyu hurried to the hospital with Xiao Pang Lian,Watching chubby face pushed forward“emergency room”。
seriously,At that moment, Qiao Tianyu’s intestines were blue in regret,Do you say that Qiao Tianyu is a moneyless master?,He can buy the entire Hilton Hotel in minutes with his fingers,Why do you have to take that Michelle back to the apartment on a whim?
It’s good now,Now the little fat face is in doubt,For the time being, whether she can keep the baby in her belly,But in case the chubby face has three long and two short,How should Qiao Tianyu explain to Cui Sanye and Cui Kai??
Don’t forget,People’s chubby face is the same as Qiao Tianyu,Is also the successor of the Choi family,It was chosen by the Choi family,The identity is naturally too noble to say,In case there is something wrong with the little fat face,Qiao Tianyu is so embarrassed to see the Cui family again!