The Enlightenment of TV Series "Merit"

"Merit" poster.

"Great" stills, "Can Weilong Wu Li Yu" unit. "Great" stills, "Yuan Longping’s dream" unit. Core reading China has a lot of vivid story, the key to say good stories; there is no shortage of epic practices, the key to creating epic.

TV Series workers must consume boutiques, they need to put "find the topic, talk about the story, take out the boutique", and externalization, since the row, the main melody TV drama is more favorable. After the "Mountain Hairy" "Awakening New Year", after the broadcast of "Cross the Duck Green River", it describes the "Merger" of the "Medal" of the Republic, "merit", once again igniting the enthusiasm of the audience, and triggering a wide focus of society.

The play is broadcast in four Satellite TVs and 3 video platforms. The audience plays a high score in the scoring website. Look at "Gong Xiang", learn "merit", reverence hero, the era of praise, let "merit" have become a cultural hot and social phenomenon that is worthy of attention from literary work. Combing "merit" creation production process, you can "find a top question, tell the story, and shoot the boutique", tell the story of the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese People ‘s story.

  The heart is "the big man" of the country, and the truth of the country is the horn of the times. It can represent the style of an era, leading an era of atmosphere.

When the TV drama creators of the new era, when the "two big political", the heart is "the big" country ", take the initiative to take the mission, write history for the state, for the national statue, and cast the soul for the time.

This is the first point revelation of "merit" creation.

  On September 29, 2019, the national medal and national honorary title were held.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the award ceremony: "Advocating the hero will produce heroes, strive to be heroes" "We use the highest specifications to praise the hero model, it is to carry forward the loyalty, perseverance, and simple character of them". " . The image of the TV series "merit" appears in the era model to integrate personal integration into the pioneers of the party and the people’s career, vividly interpret the personality charm and social value of contemporary hero, carry forward and stimulating the family, let the audience In the bottom of the heart, the Chinese people are ambiguous, bone, and incentive, and inspire the Chinese people to continue to struggle for the great future prospects of the Chinese nation. History proves that the party’s leadership is the fundamental guarantee of socialist literary development. The party has always attached importance to strengthening and improving the leadership of literary work. On the one hand, on the one hand, the party has relied on the majority of literary and art workers, and on the other hand, they fully respect and follow the literary law, and promote the emerging of literary boutiques in different periods. A series of main melody play is successful in creating and broadcasting, once again showing the system advantage of the Party ‘s literary and cultural cause. Active topic, organize the creation, rapidly assemble the domestic first-line creation team and production class in the short term, strongly combined, achieve optimized configuration of resources and productivity factors, providing strong organizational guarantee and talent protection for works. Under the strong leadership of the party, literary and art workers should grasp the tutaneous pulse, to undertake historical mission, create more ideological and artistic quality, so that the main melody is created in the new era, in order to achieve the great revival of the Chinese nation Provide strong spiritual power. It is a promising nation that there is no hero without a hero, a promising country can’t have a pioneer.

"The Chinese nation is a hero, a hero, a hero, a nation, and a heroic feelings in peace age.

The heart is welcoming, the souvenir records the hero story, shaping the hero image, so that the hero’s image is more deeply rooted, and the heroic spirit is wide. This is the second point of "merit" creation. The height of a typical figure is the height of cultural works and the art height of the times. Only a typical person who has left it, leaving, and the work can have sufficient attractive, infectious strength and vitality. This is especially true for the shaping of the hero. "Gong Xiang" vividly shaped Li Yannian, Yu Min, Huang Xuhua, Zhang Fuxing, Shen Jilan, Sun Jiandong, Tu, Yuan Longping 8 English models, there is no fear of sacrifice, Baofu’s battle hero, there is a significant contribution to the motherland There is also a national labor model for new Chinese women to actively fight for labor rights. Every merit is a banner, and every person has a unique flash point and memory point. The show exhibits these heroes for people, parents, husband and wife, highlights the highlights of their lives, integrating ordinaryness and transcendence, let hero’s lofty faith has a more strong infection Force and summoning force. Zheng Xiaolong, the general director Zheng Xiaolong, the truthful merits, and the solid pre-period interviewed to shape a typical nutrients.

In order to shoot the "Can Weilong Wu Li Yu" unit, the main creation went to Guangxi and recalling his sacrifice together with the old hero. In order to shoot the "silent Zhang Fuxing" unit, the main creation of Zhang Fuxi residents and learned its debut from the neighbors.

The enthusiastic response to the play is a hundred, one thousand, but the most fundamental or rooted people, rooted life.

Treat real life, creators not only have to end, but also to enter, love. Only from the hot life, understand the personality realm, try to figure out the inspiration of the creative, in order to shape the flesh and fat, fresh and smart people’s image, can really let the roles are resonate with the audience. The consolidation of the quality concept beliefs in a good story, and the roots of life are measured in a era.

China has a vivid story, the key to the ability to talk about the story; there is no shortage of epic practices, the key to the ambition of the creation of epic. The TV series workers must be forged, and they need to put "find the topic, tell the story, take out the boutique", and externalize the row. In fact, those with noble spiritual beliefs have hidden in the daily drip of the hero, see if the creator has skill and wisdom to perform it in a good story. This is the third revelation of "merit" creation.

  In terms of the theme and content, the drama has focused on the narrative art of the TV series, concentrated on the real life experience of contemporary English model, with high-level personality, and efforts to achieve prototype human authenticity and artistic creation Harmonious blending, seeking young expressions in the context of the times, wrapping ideological themes with wonderful elements such as youth, ideals, growth, emotions.

In the "unknown hero" "Tu Yu’s gift" and other units, delicate individual narratives and emotional interactions are deeply moving, and the audience has achieved a common situation, which in turn will move the power of faith into the depths of the audience.

The data of the three video platforms shows that the young audience of "merit" accounts for the mainstream, the 18-39-year-old audience accounts for 67%, the audience is active, praise, 3 platform crash, "tribute" "Tears" "Good-looking" "Have a textured" slider screen, the admiration of the hero, love for the people of the motherland, and struggle for the biggest convention for the beautiful era. " In terms of structural and production, the drama is paved in units of cells, and each unit 6 episodes, short and delicate, compact, compact, compliance with the current trend of boutique short dramas. The picture of the movie feeling, the unique detailed detail, highly reduced scenes, clothing, props, etc., all highlight the aesthetic texture and innovation of the work. In order to take a good heroic deed that Li Yannian will take the team to recover the highlands, the crew spends a month in Yanji to restore the battlefield of the year.

"Sun Jiadong’s Tiandao" crew, almost a more than one reduction of Dongfanghong satellite, pipeline and screws. Shen Jilan’s story background is the countryside of the 1950s and 1960s. At that time, the village scene is now hard to find, and the crew is transformed. "Merit" excellence in "software" and "hardware" will have a demonstration and leading role on film and television creation. The great era calls for great works, and great works are all of the great age.

Artists continue to enhance the ambitions of writing new era, the historical achievements and historic changes, and climbed to the peak of ideology and culture, the main melody creation will rejuvenate. (The author is the secretary general of the China TV Art Committee): Zhao Yuxi "People’s Daily" (20th Edition, 2022).