The sharp reference is because of the fifth, this Canadian caught the attention of Chinese netizens …

Reference message network reported on December 4 (Text / Tang Lixin) 23:10 on December 3, a memorable moment.

At that moment, the Chang’e VIE took off from the moon and successfully sent a sample-carrying an episode to the scheduled ring moon.

This is our first time to take off.

Record this moment, don’t just pay attention to the Chinese people in the No. 5 dynamics, as well as friends on the other side of the ocean.

At 23:11 last night, the No. 5 episoding just took off, and many media’s news has not yet been issued, a Canadian netizen named Skot Tili has announced on the twitter: launch! How did he get the message so quickly? It turns out that Scott is a hobby of amateur radio, often uses the equipment in the home to detect signals from space, and the No. 5 is the focus of his recent observation. Every step in the No. 5th, Skot will follow up.

After the No. 5 episodes entered the booking track, Scott also sent a blessing again. Just sent a child to school, I saw the beautiful moon sunrise, congratulations on the success of the moon! He wrote in the congratulatory essay.

Many of the overseas netizens who care about the No. 5 are also relay in the comments, thank you and blessings: ▲ good! Wonderful moment! ▲ Scott is well done! Thank you so much! ▲ The task is completed! thanks for sharing! Scott’s twenty has also been concerned about domestic netizens. Some people forward his congratulations to Weibo, netizens also rejoiced.

Suddenly, if this world is so friendly. A netizen touched the scenery, and there was a feeling of this.

People who pay attention to the universe, the eyes and patches of seeing things are different.

Another netizen said. Indeed, when the No. 5 meter successfully successfully landed on December 1st, the Russian NAST is responsible for the head of international cooperation affairs, congratulations on this, and wishing China to successfully return to the moon. On the same day, the European Space Agency also expressed congratulations to China on social media. This is the performance of friends and patterns of netizens.

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on December 2, the spokesman Huaming Ying also pointed out in response: From the beginning, the Chang’e No. 5 detector probe is widely concerned and supported by the international community.

The European Space Agency has given this task for social media for 3 consecutive days and expresses the success of the task! See you! All countries such as Russia, the United States, Canada, France, are highly concerned with China’s probe mission, and it is considered that this task will be opened automatically in the moon and bring the sample back to the earth. The new chapter has revolutionary significance to increasing humans on the history of moon. She emphasized that China has always been committed to peaceful use of outer space, actively carrying out international exchanges and cooperation and sharing the development of aerospace development.

China will continue to promote international cooperation with the spirit of all mankind, to promote international cooperation with open inclusive gestures to promote outer space exploration and utilization.

Let us look forward to, 嫦娥 5 detectors are safe to go home! All works that are indicated "Source: Reference Message Network" are not allowed to be reprinted, extracted or used in other ways.