Liver disease patients diet contraindications liver disease what to eat

Liver disease patients diet contraindications liver disease what to eat

In patients with liver disease, ordinary healthy people, seemingly problem-free diets can also cause disasters.

A good diet can alleviate the symptoms of the disease, and of course, improper diet will accelerate the deterioration of the disease.

So what are the dietary contraindications for patients with liver disease?

For patients, what is good for liver disease?

Dietary contraindications for patients with liver disease 1, avoid alcohol and alcohol directly through the liver metabolism, can directly damage the liver, which is aggravated by the liver disease patients whose liver function has been impaired, so patients with liver disease should avoid alcohol.

2, avoid spicy, irritating food, liver disease patients are mostly damp-heated, and spicy, stimulating hot food can help damp heat, the most adverse condition after eating, so patients with liver disease should eat chili, leek, lamb, dog meat, pepper and so on, spicy, irritating food.

3, avoid frying, fried food fried, crushed food is high fecal food, not only difficult to digest and absorb after eating, but also easy to get wet and heat, is also extremely unfavorable for the recovery of disease, so liver disease patients should dietAvoid fried, fried foods.

4, avoid high cholesterol foods because cholesterol needs to be metabolized in the liver, liver function patients with the worst liver function after eating is also extremely unfavorable for the recovery of the disease, so liver disease patients should avoid egg yolk, animal liver, pig’s trotters, pig water, etc.High cholesterol food.

5, avoid high-protein food liver disease patients with liver function metabolism has been the weakest, a large number of high-protein foods into the blood ammonia increased, insulin inability to rapidly convert blood ammonia into urea, which is easy to induce liver coma and other toxic reactions, so liver disease patientsEat high-protein foods such as beef, prawns, sea cucumber, black-bone chicken, and goat liver.

What is good for liver disease?

1, banana banana is a very low but very nutritious fruit, many people like to eat, banana contains some potassium, accumulation of fiber and other good ingredients, can help the regeneration of liver cells and improve immune function.

2, lemon lemon can liver and detoxification, often eat is very beneficial, help protein synthesis, enhance the function of human liver cell regeneration and repair, but must be eaten in moderation, especially for some hyperacidityPeople.

3, Wumei is known as “acid into the liver”, which has the medical value of tonifying the liver and converging the liver. It not only has the effect of “hepatitis, nourishing liver and blood”, but also strengthens the detoxification ability of the liver, promotes digestion and absorption, and longThe stick achieves the effect of regulating the liver, nourishing the liver and protecting the liver.

4, kiwifruit is known as “super fruit”, rich in calcium, VC, VE, essential amino acids, minerals and other active ingredients, often used to regulate, liver, cancer, beauty.

5, Lychee “Compendium of Materia Medica” has records, lychee has the effect of strong liver and health, it is rich in protein, vitamins, traces, citric acid, pectin and phosphorus, iron and other beneficial ingredients, and even timely replenishmentThe body needs, but also has the effect of promoting smooth blood circulation, nourishing yin and nourishing the liver.

A little bit of insight, I hope everyone can pay attention, in life, patients with liver disease must pay attention to their eating habits, life routines, do not stay up late, this is not good for the liver.