Not a high eye,It is really not suitable.。”

“This era,If you are married,I can only pay my own,So I am so cautious.,Seriously considering the things between Mu Ziyi and what I am。”
“But only what I think about it.?
Mu Ziyi is too pursuit of perfection.。”
What is the Mu Zi’s Hold?,She understands。
Le Yu’s side,Laughing and looking at Blue Xin,This gimmick,Sleeping for half a year is still very beautiful,Lu Hao Cheng,I really love her as treasure.,Woman finding such a man,Really happy。
Blue Xin also looked at her smile,“so,Mu Zi Hon is very stupid,Want to give up such a good woman,I am unfortunately。”
He has been trying to chase,Will give him such a big blow on the occasion of success,I really have to make Mu Zizi’s can’t work.。
Le Yu smiles:“Say no。”
“Mummy,Uncle Mu will regret,For Mommy,If he does not work hard,Continued tires are not as good as。”
Of course sit behind,Smile。
Le Yu, a smile, laughing:“Correct,Our baby said,If he is like this,It’s really just a passer in my life.,I don’t mind more he.。”
Le Hao said so,I am actually very painful,She has been giving Muzi Hohuan,But Mu Zihao also wants to give her a chance.,Only she keeps a chance,And that person refuses to come,There is no way。
Blue Xin didn’t speak,Have a chance to have a chance?。
Several people arrived at the mall,Le Yu goes to stop,Blue Lu Jun pushes Blue Xin,The mother and child went to the mall to wait for Le Yu。
Impact,Just enter,I met Jiang Jing and Gu Ai’an.。
See the two,Blue Xin is also puzzled,These two are unhappy in the Lu Group,Now I am walking together.。
The three people saw these two women.,Instantly vigorously,Brothers and sisters are protected by mom in the middle。
“Yo!Jiang Lan Xin,I haven’t seen it for a long time.,I thought you were dead.。”
Jiang Jing is sarcasm,The face is mortic。
Lan Qiqi:“You died, my mother is living well.,Bad woman,One day you will get a retribution。”
She never allows others to bully her mother,Especially in front of her。
Jiang Jingyu and Gu Anan see each other,Gu Anan gave her a combo’s eyes.。
Blue Xinyi,The heart is dark,These two women are together,No good things。
The two stopped in front of Blue Xin,Looking at her is,“Jiang Lan Xin,You are from Little Singno,I didn’t expect to have a daughter but so like tooth.,If you have been like this,Maybe eat less bitterness??”
“Ha ha”Blue Qiqi suddenly laughed,Hand chest,Lift,A pair of clear stars and ginger,“Can Phoenix and chicken??
A pet,A loud,Are you Jiang Jing, is it very expensive??
One is no ,Old hens who only bullied people,I also dare to come out to shame。”
Blue sister, listen to my sister, see my sister, the king of this poisonous mouth,I can’t help but I’m.,Really, no one can make blue Qiqi。
“soy Mujer,Your mouth is really bad。
”Jiang Jingyi is going to the handsome。
Blue Xinyu,At that moment she put down in her hand,“Ginger,You dare to move my daughter try it.?”
Ice-cold voice,Let Jiang Jing, this slap is not hit.。
Gu Anan looked at Jiang Jing.,A cold,This ginger is also a bluff。
Jiang Jing, smiled and looked at Blue Xin:“Jiang Lan Xin,You think that there are Lu Haocheng to protect you.,I don’t dare to take you??
Don’t forget,You are bullied from small people。”
Lan Wei is gloomy,This moment,Like a sharp look at Lu Hao Cheng:“You should be grateful for my mother’s kindness,Did not drive you to kill,Finally, staying in your home.,Let your food, food, no worries,If I am my mother,hehe”He smile coldly,“Will not let you be so easy。
Don’t be so proud to bully my mother,If it is in a bad year,I can also let you sleep tomorrow.。”
How can Jiang Jing 晗 believe a child??