Ma Baobang wrote a history,Medical advice。

He looks at your doctor’s commander。
Blood routine、Liver and kidney function、Electrolyte、CRP、Immunoglobulin、Calcitogenic、Full set of viruses,There is also a chestCT……
He doesn’t want himself to miss it.。
Ma Baobang is put on the keyboard,Suddenly glanced,Suddenly think of。
“Correct,There is also a thyroidBovertake。”
Last week, I didn’t open the thyroidBSuper delayed Liu Jinhua treatment of course,Can he still put it on your heart?。
Ma Baobang quickly puts the thyroid glandBSuper paid up,“Great success。”
“director,I am already fine here.,You have to see the doctor’s advice.。”Ma Baoybo Chapion Chen Riyuan。
“I saw it.,This open is open.……Thanks for your hard work。”Chen Riyuan looked very satisfied with the doctor’s order。
There is also a happy heart in the heart of Ma Baoyu.。
Self arrived to six disease,He has always lived in Zhou Ye.,Never get the appreciation of Chen Riyuan,Although it is just a short sentence,But his heart is still very happy.。
“Thank you Director……”He suddenly said something sweet。
He used to be the darling of Wuhan People’s Hospital infected.,I didn’t want it to be defeated by a specialist.。
Ma Baobo is always dissatisfied with Ye Ye in my heart.。
Why do he have a college student than me??
Where did I go??
Is he not lost??
Ma Baobo always feels more picky to him.。
It’s approximately a little afternoon.,Qian Wenlong’s test list and inspection unit come out。
Zhou Ye originally writes a disease,Suddenly, there is a new report of the patient in the upper right corner.,He put it in the next consciousness.。
I clicked in and found that it was the report and inspection list of Huiwenlong.。
“Big boy,Your money is coming out.。”Zhou Ye wonderful reminder to the horse big baboo on the reading information。
Horse Boxing although the mouth is slightly,But it is also a person who loves to read the book.。
For money,He also checked a lot of literature.。
Ma Baobo heard,Coldly“Um”A sound,Just point the report。
Blood routine:Red blood cell count:493 ×1012/L ;Hemoglobin:174 g/L,White blood cell count:80 ×109/L,Neutrophil939%,PLT 69 ×109/L,CReactive protein(quick):1421 g/L。ESR 24 /h。
liver function:ALT :60 U/L ,AST :91 U/L ,GGT :369 U/L ,AKP :71 U/L ,TBIL :596 uol/L ,DBIL :425 uol/L ,bsp; :8097 IU/L ,TBA :217 uol/L ,A :400 ,G :288 g/L 。
Renal function:UR :77 ol/L ,bsp; :85 uol/L,UA :615 uol/L 。
Immunoglobulin:IgM: 155 g/L ,IgG: 1084 g/L ,IgA : 304 g/L ,bsp; 106 g/L ,bsp; 029 g/L 。
Calcitogenic(PCT):6895 ng/l,FER:ap;gt;2000 ng/L,IL6 : 108 pg/l。
Full set of viruses(-),Autofein series(-)
ChestCT:Double lung texture increase,Interstitial change。Upper abdomenCT:Fatty liver。