“Haha!Is the taste of China。”

“Ok!I saw something familiar to me。”
“It’s the last day again!”
“Ten yuan a piece,All ten yuan a piece……”
Public screen speech in the live broadcast room,I can’t watch it at all,All the ridicule of the audience,I’m playing with flowers。
at this time,A young woman in front,Pulling an Alaskan dog,That dog is barking。
Hu Yang and others looked over,Almost laughed。I saw the booth next to me,Neatly arranged dog skins,Not husky,It’s from Alaska,Fifty yuan a piece。
“Oh my God!is that true?Too cruel。”Fang Ru couldn’t help but say。
Can see,That fur is pretty good,if it is ture,It’s almost peeled off when the dog’s fur is at its best,Everyone can guess,The dogs were probably alive then?
Hu Yang took a look,Said:“Artificial leather,not real。”
in fact,So pretty,Basically not true。Say again,There are tiger skins on the side!If this is true,Got it?I was invited by the relevant department to have tea。
but,Still scared the girl’s Alaskan dog to almost pee。
“Okay,Okay!”Lin Shaofen also patted her chest,Cause a shock。
“Want to be true?I know there is a place。”Ge Pingping said。