“how,Figured it out?”

“Figured it out!”
The old man alone smiled:“Now that you want to understand it, do it,As long as you abolish the cultivation base,Obediently walk out of the canyon,I promise my children and grandchildren will not hurt you。”
“Want us to surrender,very sorry,You are not qualified!”
Makino’s domineering return,Blood sword coming out of the soil,Point directly at the old man Duying。
“Damn,The temper is not small,I have heard of your little baby’s reputation,it is good,very good,Fangzheng staying alive may be a scourge,I’ll solve you guys today!”The old man Lone Eagle looks indifferent。
Chapter five hundred and ninety three Strong appearance
Man of few words,The two sides started to charge each other in an instant!
On the surface,Except for the other side’s saint martial artist,The realm of other subordinates is lower than that of students。
But they are better than people,So whoever wins is not necessarily。
As for the victory of the battle,After all, it depends on the battle at the highest level,If Muye can’t stop the old man with eagle,Everything is nonsense。
Makino took the lead,The heavy blood sword in that hand didn’t even affect the opponent’s speed at all,The whole person turned into a blood-red shadow,Shuttle between those。
Just one sword,Those guys from Wanliumen were cut off,The whole person didn’t even have a chance to cry。
The old man Lone Eagle saw the figure rushing over,Not only admired,It really came from the inner courtyard,This is definitely not what ordinary people can do。
“it is good,Today, let me see how good the students in the inner courtyard are?”
The old man Lone Eagle moved,He moved like a goshawk flying towards,Same speed,at the same time,A grey aura collides with a red spiritual power。