Don’t get too tired by releasing pressure

Don’t get too tired by releasing pressure

Men increasingly feel that they are too tired to live, and they are under pressure from their careers and families all day long.

At this point, do you want to change your life?

Come and listen to the advice of a psychologist-a friend is the vice president of a new newspaper group. He often feels chest tightness, dizziness, and breathlessness. When he goes to the hospital for an examination, the doctor says it is a heart disease and is called “boss syndrome”It is caused by the stress of life and work; I have also contacted a psychological test report of an external attempted worker (mostly male) and found that they have a high level of intelligence, but low self-evaluation and insufficient self-confidence.

  It stands to reason that these people are outstanding leaders in their lives. How can they lack self-confidence?

In fact, it is very simple. Working in a foreign company has higher pressure on the environment and higher promotion goals set for yourself, which leads to lower confidence.

  There used to be an ad saying, “Man actually needs more care”, which made many beards be impressed because it revealed the inner feelings of men.

Nowadays, men increasingly feel that they are too tired to live. They are under pressure from their careers and families all day long. They are at a loss and are at a loss. A large number of people start drinking alcohol, gambling and even taking drugs to seek relief.

  Where does this stress come from?

There are many reasons for this. Of course, the social environment is a factor that cannot be ignored. Men’s understanding of themselves and women’s surroundings is also an important factor.

To regulate our emotions, we must start with our own rules of understanding and behavior, because it is they that make us unable to adapt to society and make us tired.

Here are a few rules of life. Compare them to see if you are eroded by these rules.

  Rule one: Men do n’t flick when they have tears.

  A woman who is aggrieved or unhappy can cry a lot, but a man who is crying is considered unproductive.

This traditional rule has been passed down from generation to generation, making men unaccustomed to using crying to vent their unhappiness and sorrow.

Everyone knows that crying is of great benefit to both men and women.

Physiologists say that tears can kill bacteria, and crying can prevent red eye disease; psychologists say crying is an excellent way to vent emotions, and it is more healthy than other ways.

Men ca n’t use crying to announce their feelings of stagnation, so they have to seduce themselves by drinking, taking drugs, etc. As a result, they become a turbid unfortunate person who is completely anesthetized, so they will be more sad when surrounded by alcohol.Worse emotions.

Since the depressive emotion must be vented, then you may wish to revise the rule of “men do not cry easily”, and in the backlog of troubles, a person weeping happily, crying it happily, and then laterWouldn’t it be nice to be a big man?

  Rule two: The eldest husband stands out.

  In many family disputes, the common nature of both husbands and wives is men’s understanding of women-whether to treat women as an independent individual, to be treated as a partner in life, or to treat women only as a home embellishment.

In the family, the masculinists often think that they should occupy the absolute range of initiative and direction. Women are only men’s ribs that can only be located in passive and obedient areas.

Unfortunately, it seems that women seem to easily become this view. In fact, they need to be independent in addition to the protection of men. Can men fully satisfy them?

  Zhang Haozhe chanted on the stage that “a good man will not let the beloved woman get hurt a little”, so that many female fans are full of emotions. This is what women expect of men, and thousands of men are the standard.

With the improvement of self-concept, women now truly support Half the Sky, so why as a man do the unpleasant things?

This rule should be replaced by “elderly husband can flex and stretch”, adapt to social changes, adjust self-concept and self-assessment, treat the lover as the other half of life, and share the pressure of family and life, men may not be so tired.

  Rule three: Men should meet stimuli and challenges.

  Now some people are increasingly pursuing the stimuli and challenges of work and the environment.

Although he can get pleasure from constant success, but this rhythm is also very psychologically harmful to him.

Psychological research has long pointed out that irregular lifestyles can cause great stress and fatigue, and the uncertainty of the future will make people nervous all day.

If he doesn’t have a good way to relax and vent, and can’t seek the encouragement and support of his lover, would he be surprised if he is not tired?

In fact, men’s lives should also be smooth, seeking excitement and challenges only at the right time.

  In addition, there are some common rules that can help you reduce the stress of work and life: First, establish your own support system, that is, make more friends.

The friends here are not friends in the commercial banquets, but also people who are true friends, confidants, trustworthy, can talk, and treat each other sincerely.

Originally, family members, colleagues and friends are personal support systems, but unfortunately many times this relationship is superficial and there is no real interaction. When you are upset, you will not be referred to them for help. This is a release of personal emotions and stress.The relaxation is useless.

Only by building a real support system can we not be isolated.

  The second is to seek the help of psychological staff.

Professional psychological counseling or counseling can not only help you cope with the stress of life, relieve emotional interference, but also help you to review and reflect, and promote your own growth.

For men, especially men in the business community, it is very necessary to seek professional support and help. The key is whether you are determined to face your heart.Reading some counselling and counseling books will help you adjust your psychological pressure.

  The most important thing is to maintain a high degree of acuteness and consciousness of one’s physical condition. Don’t forget that physical health is the foundation of life and business.

Psychological problems are sometimes more like physical illnesses.

The more psychological problems pile up, the impact on personal life (often subconsciously) also occurs, and the more complicated it is to deal with.

  There may be the above rules or other rules that invade you. Observe your life, eliminate unsuitable stereotypes, and live at your own pace and regularity.