China Mobile: Maximous Mobile practical

Recently, Anhui Mobile conscientiously implemented the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and under the unified deployment of the Anhui Provincial Communications Administration and the guidance of China Mobile Corporation, take the initiative to actively carry out special actions such as "broken card" "Tmall", with large Data, machine learning, etc. 35 people, the results of the achievements, and effectively safeguard the legitimate interests and property safety of the people. The smart park is a smart city’s composition unit, and it is also a reduced version of smart cities, which is responsible for the heavy responsibility of my country’s industrial transformation and upgrading. In recent years, Anhui Mobile actively exerts information technology, digitizing the daily work scenes of the park, intelligent treatment, greatly enhances the integrated service capacity of the park.

In order to promote the construction of smart campus, help students better adapt to the campus life.

Anhui Mobile has given full play to communication technology advantages, and continuously explores the application of 5G technology in smart campus, providing students with comprehensive, meticulous and efficient campus information solutions. When you come to Huangshan, at the airport, you can easily use "Gigabit 5G" business, China Mobile Anhui Huangshan Branch focuses on 5G demonstration airport, realizing the terminal building, security check channel, international and domestic flights Waiting room and other areas 5g full coverage.

In recent years, medical standards in the grassroots area have been significantly improved, but there are many rural populations, and the risks of the masses are "due to illness". In order to help the government enhance the level of medical services in rural areas, provide the masses with convenient, high-quality medical services, Anhui Mobile and Boatsu News Flying Complete the "Zhixian Assistant Platform", and raising the people’s happiness in people’s livelihood projects.

In Huaibei, Anhui Mobile provides 5G transformation upgraded technical support for the mining industry, helping the mining industry to "unmanned, intelligent", and to practice "I do practical things for the masses" practice, improve the masses of the masses, Happy, safe.

Since this year, Anhui Mobile actively carried out the practice of "I do practical things for the masses", establishing a rural "smart pension" project to help the elderly intelligent into the intelligent era of information life.

Anhui Mobile played the technical expertise and operational capabilities in network, digitized, intelligent, and launched the practice of "I do practical things for the masses", starting from the hub district traveler, WiFi network in Hefei South Station, 5G network full coverage, full-scale signaling equipment, and enhances passengers in crowd intensive indoor communication feelings.