Beijing 2021 annual vocational skills training of demobilized soldiers in Daxing District of Internet marketing division classes

People electric Beijing November 19 November 17, the Beijing Daxing District, Veterans Affairs and vocational skills training course in Beijing dream "2021 Annual Daxing District, retired soldiers vocational skills Internet marketing trainer" in cooperation Daxing school official classes.

As the country’s first Internet marketing division to carry out training courses for retired soldiers, the first phase of trainees, the unit in charge of leadership and teaching college academic staff of nearly 50 people attended the opening ceremony by line.

Skilled personnel is an important part of national personnel, is the Societe Generale, the source of development.

With the addition of online economy continues to develop new technologies and big data, artificial intelligence, 5G and so on, "Internet marketing division," as Human Resources and Social jointly market supervision Administration, the National Bureau of Statistics official release to the public in July 2020. The new occupation, due to curriculum module settings keep up with market trends, skills training approachable and quick features, has become the 2022 vocational training hottest jobs. The Internet marketing division focused on training courses to create content – that is, all media operations division. The Internet marketing division (all-media marketing division) vocational skills training were set 120 hours, using live online teaching mode of teaching and training line combination. Curriculum system around the whole process to create Internet content production, content production related to the preliminary investigation, the planning, filming, production, post-packaging, and marketing and other aspects, specific programs, covering theory, shooting trips, training exercises and graduation examination of four parts. Daxing District, the transfer of resettlement department of Veterans Affairs Bureau Cao Yang at the opening ceremony, said: "The Internet as a marketing division is currently developing a new thing and a new era of professional trades, the training is the Bureau after much research and field trips made a deliberate decision, we hope to create a national veterans resettlement training ‘new standard’ and dreams of college. "

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