Zhang Ying nodded,Echo:“I think we can actually conduct a confirmatory ignition test tomorrow,If tomorrow’s confirmatory ignition test is fine,Let’s invite the leaders to visit,Ensure that the ignition link is foolproof。”

What is experimental ignition?
To put it plainly is a fool,Let the engine ignite tomorrow,Make sure the engine is ok,Invite the leader again,Then wait until the leader arrives before proceeding“Official first ignition”,Actually everyone has done this all the time,Otherwise in case the ignition fails,The leader is angry,The big guy’s face is even more lacklustre,Who will bear the responsibility then?
Huang Wenqing、Wang Dazhi and some other leading comrades immediately nodded frequently,Obviously they also agree with Zhang Ying“Experimental fire tomorrow,And then officially fire according to the time of the leader”Suggestion,All of them looked at Chen Geng eagerly。
Chen Geng laughed dumbly。
Encounter a slightly decent event,The event organizer will definitely find ways to invite several leaders to attend the opening ceremony、ceremony,The leader invited is more important,Event organizers have more face,And if you fail to invite the leader,Not only the event hosting is not good,People who participate in the event will also beat the drums in their hearts:Why didn’t a decent leader come?,Is this project not being taken seriously by the leaders??Is this event okay??
Huang Wenqing、Meng Haibo、Wang Dazhi and others came from an old state-owned enterprise,The body naturally has a strong imprint of the characteristics of the times,Not to mention people still have an administrative level,Like this kind of strong Annunciation invitation,In their opinion, the more leaders they can invite, the better。
In addition,The reason why they mentioned it to Chen Geng at this time,Actually, it also meant that Chen Geng personally invited:Based on the relationship between Mr. Chen Geng and the leaders,If he personally invites the leaders,The leaders will definitely save face?
He understands Huang Wenqing、Thoughts of Wang Dazhi and others,But facing this request,Chen Geng shook his head:“Not necessary。”
No one thought Chen Geng would say that,Everyone is dumbfounded,I was speechless for a while:Not necessary?What the hell is this??
Zhang Ying was the first to react,He hurriedly explained to Chen Geng:“Chairman,You can’t think so,Although our project is focused on by the chief executive above,But now south……Ok,Also went well,If we don’t show up in front of leaders often、Let the leaders know our progress,Maybe it will be bad for us。”
So called south,It’s actually the magic city。