“When did arrogance start to care about the people below?It’s incredible!”

Qin Feng couldn’t help but complain,But I can only complain,After all, for such a principal,He seems to be unable to do anything。
“Qin Feng,Why are you up so early?”
Jiang Yan originally planned to walk around,See if there is any way to help your company。Because she actually thought of other ways,That is to ask the bank for help,As long as there is liquidity,She’s not saying that she can’t improve her company’s treatment。So as to compete with the company established by Xiao Mo Group in hiring employees。
Until now,Jiang Yan is still reluctant to admit defeat easily。But when she saw Qin Feng wake up so consciously, of course she was a little surprised。
After all, Qin Feng’s ability to get up early was basically Wang Mengmeng’s wake-up service。
“Ok,To help you。”
“Help me?”Jiang Yan frowned slightly,But didn’t say anything。But she also thought of something,To know,Her grandpa is always fascinating,Although I don’t know what my grandpa does,But there must be a lot of money。
Qin Feng as his apprentice,Even if you only learn three things,these years,I must have some savings。Jiang Yan actually doesn’t want friends to suffer,the most important is,She doesn’t want to bear the debt of relationship。So deep down,She would rather the company go bankrupt than a friend to help。
But changing to Qin Feng is a little different。After all, from a long time ago,Jiang Yan thinks this residential apartment is her own industry。
But Qin Feng suddenly appeared,And showed up with her grandpa’s transfer procedures,Take away her most valuable property。so,Even if Qin Feng paid to help,Jiang Yan would treat it as guilt and want to make up for some of his compensation.。
Of course it is impossible for Qin Feng to know what Jiang Yan is thinking。After all, this time he followed the other party to deal with things,Actually deal with it with the heart to solve the problem。
However, he never thought,The two of them just left the door,The door of the unit next door is also opened,Chen Wensen looked at the probe,Then I changed a suit and followed it out。
“Qin Feng, where are you going?We are together!”
People who don’t know think Chen Wensen and Qin Feng are so familiar,How deep the relationship is。
Qin Feng knew,It’s hard for me to explain to Jiang Yan,So I didn’t explain it at all。