“Check again!Still some time before delivery,Try to make our first order perfect。”

Ling Yun looked over and over again,And then record some of your thoughts,Wait until the query can be modified,Will communicate with Meng Bo。
It took a month for the studio to receive the first order,Although it’s not particularly exciting,But it’s better to live without opening for a month。And the first punch must be beautiful,Ling Yun knows such things。
“Ling brother,You are with the boss,Think about it and recruit me a beautyUI?Otherwise, I’m a special effects artist again,Art again,The work intensity in the studio is too great!”
Meng Bo raised his head,Make no secret of the fantasy in my eyes。
Maybe as a part-time job at a university,I really shouldn’t have illusions,But life is to have a dream after all!What if it happens!
I am now earning several thousand yuan a month,It’s so young and rich, right??Mong boYYThinking of。
“Recruit another person,Your monthly salary will be reduced, brother!”
Ling Yun laughed,At this time, Xiangyang also came in with something to eat。
“Start eating!Long live to the boss!”
Meng Bo sees Xiangyang,Especially when I saw the food Xiangyang carried,Feeling cordial。
Just take the food to the rental house,Xiangyang doesn’t need to worry about other things,Everything is arranged properly for Meng Bodu。
“Are you thinking about your beauty design again?”
As soon as Xiangyang entered the house, I saw Meng Bo looking fascinated,Xiang Yang knew that this guy was dreaming about working with the girl in his heart again。