and so,Lu Youshan and his wife deliberately avoided the issue of college entrance examination results,They resisted and did not appear at the gate of the school where the college entrance examination was released。

“Go,Go!Go see how many points you got。I guess neither of us,At least have a companion!Have you there,My dad won’t be crazy on the spot。Just help me!”Wang Shaoxiao pushes and pulls,Finally pulled Lu Menglin to the gate of Liufang No.1 Middle School。
now,The publicity column in front of the school gate has been enclosed by the inner three floors and the outer three floors.,The students and parents craned their necks desperately,Try to find yourself or your child’s name on the list。
When Lu Menglin and Wang Shaoxiao appeared in front of the bulletin board,There are a few students who are quitting,Seeing them two change their colors,All showed an incredible look。
When Wang Shaoxiao saw his classmates,,Suddenly I shook my heart,Open mouth:“Don’t know how I’m the bottom!Otherwise, why are they all looking at us like seeing ghosts?”
Lu Menglin smiled casually:“You think too much。Those who fail the exam will not be on the list。Besides, I have graduated,Who cares if you are the bottom?”
“Heartbroken!Old iron!You will lose me if you talk like this!”Wang Shaoxiao said with a smile。
This fat guy is actually quite open about the college entrance examination,Because he has found confidence elsewhere,He firmly believes that he is a business genius,A small thing like failing the college entrance examination can’t defeat yourself at all,The reason why I have to drag Lu Menglin over,Just to divert attention from good friends。
After all, Su Xuehen, the squad leader who looked like a fairy, suddenly went abroad,Nobody feels upset,Not to mention Lu Menglin, who went shopping with her hand in hand。
“I crossed the key line,Yay!”There was a scream from the crowd,It seems to be the study committee member in the next class,She shouted,People around
Envious eyes。
Lu Menglin and Wang Shaoxiao took advantage of this opportunity,Finally squeezed to the top of the list。
Wang Shaoxiao starts from the end of the list,While watching,Sighed while shaking his head:“See!I said you are like me,No show!”
Talking,The students watching the list all around suddenly became quiet,As if only hearing this fat man’s broken thoughts。
at last,Wang Shaoxiao also realized something was wrong,His eyes drifted past most of the list,I looked at the top of the list with a little disbelief,Then my breathing became heavier immediately。
“Oh my God!This,What the hell is this?Am i dreaming?Ok,I must be dreaming,I’m still in bed。”Wang Shaoxiao stared at the top of the list,Muttering,wrong,Should be incoherent。
Because he saw,The three words Lu Menglin are at the top of the list。