If the temperature suddenly drops, the person who has died suddenly increases the surface health.

If the temperature suddenly drops, the person who has died suddenly increases the surface health.

When it comes to sudden death, many people will feel panic, but as long as they are seriously considered and actively prevented, it can reduce the death rate.

Such as regular physical examination of the heart, young, middle-aged people work tight, fast pace of life, work and life pressure is also prone to coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and other diseases.

Excessive fatigue and mental stress should be avoided, and the working rhythm and working time should be controlled. It should not be too fast and too long. Regular physical examination and early examination should promptly discover the disease and treat it early to reduce the risk of sudden death.

For several days, the number of patients who did not have a fever and fever increased. In addition to the smog weather in Nanjing, the number of patients with cough and asthma increased gradually, more than three times that of the usual emergency.

What is even more amazing is that due to the increase in temperature difference, every day, the emergency department of Nanjing Chinese Medicine Hospital can treat 1-2 patients who died before the hospital. When there are 120, there are no vital signs, which makes the accompanying family unacceptable.They think that their loved ones are very good, how can they suddenly say no?

Case: 60-year-old man went out in the morning and wandered in the afternoon. Mr. Zhang, who was just 60 years old, went out early in the morning. Many acquaintances met and said hello. As usual, at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Mr. Zhang suddenly fell to the ground, consciousness.Blurred, shortness of breath.

I was stopped by the 120 Nanjing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine on the way to the emergency. After 45 minutes of rescue, the breathing was weak, and the aorta pulsation disappeared. The pupils of the eyes were scattered. After asking about the history of hypertension, I felt that I was afraid of cold and other discomfort in the afternoon.

But who knows, there will be no one at all, and Mr. Zhang’s lover is particularly unbearable.

This is usually a good person, I think there is no more?

Coincidentally, Mr. Yang is 52 years old. He has been exercising physically, and his body is also very good. He usually goes to work normally. He will ride a car with friends on weekends to exercise. But after eating dinner yesterday, there will suddenly be confusion and no breathing.After 120 arrived at the hospital, he failed to save his life and was diagnosed with sudden cardiac death.

The family is very painful and difficult to let go.

Experts: It seems that health is actually a big increase in labor temperature. Sudden death may follow. The reporter learned from the major hospitals in Nanjing that there are many patients with cerebral hemorrhage in the hospital recently, and the peak has been maintained since the National Day holiday.

The deputy director of the hospital encephalopathy department said that the recent treatment of cerebral hemorrhage patients has a tendency to become younger. Many of them seem to be very healthy in appearance, but the onset is often more critical.

Moreover, these people tend to think that their bodies are healthier and will not cause normal health care. Once the overwork is heavy, and the weather changes, it causes heart and brain dysfunction, increasing the possibility of sudden death.

The brain surgeon said that a cold autumn rains and the temperature difference between day and night is increasing.

It feels warm at noon during the day, but the temperature difference between morning and evening may be 10 degrees. Patients with a history of high blood pressure do not monitor their blood pressure. Once the blood pressure suddenly rises, causing the microvascular rupture in the brain and causing bleeding, unpredictable consequences may occur.
It is worth noting that the sudden death of cerebral hemorrhage is generally a seemingly healthy person, because of the sudden onset or deterioration of a potential natural disease.

It also coincides with the end of the end, staying up late, working overtime and other unhealthy living habits and work pressure, so that cardiovascular disease appears quietly in a large number of young adults.

Data: Nanjing Hospital received 1-2 pre-hospital death patients every day. The reporter learned from Nanjing Chinese Medicine Hospital that since the temperature has cooled down in the past few days, the hospital has been able to receive 1-2 pre-hospital patients.

The director of the emergency center told reporters that in September this year, the 120 emergency treatment center in Nanjing City received a total of 330 ambulance patients. From October 1 to October 29 this year, the number of first-aid ambulances soared to 385 趟.

In the last year, in September 2012, the Nanjing 120 Emergency Center issued a first-aid 360 baht, and in December, the 120 emergency medical center in Nanjing City reached a total of 389 急救.

According to the doctor, too many people have discomfort such as coronary heart disease, especially in the acute phase of myocardial infarction. During the recovery period and the chronic process, the risk of cardiac arrest is higher.

Clinically, the potential risk of cardiac arrest accounts for 20% of the 72 hours of acute myocardial infarction.

During the recovery period of myocardial infarction, there will also be a sudden history of ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation, and the risk of cardiac arrest is the greatest.