Daxiu Town launched "non-legacy performance into the countryside" activity Zhangzhou News Cangzhou Information

  In order to inherit the non-legacy culture, enrich the spiritual cultural life of the masses, November 10th, the New Times Civilization Practice Volunteer Service Corps in the Nanxun District, in Datiu Town, "Non-legacy Performance into the Country Culture Hui People’s Warm" literary performance, for the local area The masses offer a wonderful performance. The performance opened in the gongs and drums to sing "16 of Zhangzhou Civilization" and sang a civilized concept and promoted the new style of the times.

Daliu Folk Art Troupes with local China Good people, the national moral model nomination prize winner Gao Qingwang "four generations of green watch" The forest, let the round of 60,000 mu of arches become the story of Linhai, and won a burst of applause.

  The whole performance is in the south of the folk songs "Zhangzhou, a new look", and the response is very enthusiastic.

Through the field performance, the residents can not feel the unique charm of non-legacy culture, and the subtlety will guide the public to participate in the protection practice of intangible cultural heritage.

(Zhou Huiping).