Rizhao: Adhere to the two-handed two incorrectly to win the epidemic prevention and control and re-indiration double victory

November 8th, November 8th, November 6th to 7th, the Secretary of the Rizhao Municipal Party Committee Zhang Hui, the deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and the mayor Li in Wu’s work in Wu Lian County to prevent the epidemic prevention and control and the company’s completion.

Emphasize that the current five lotus epidemic prevention and control has achieved phased important results. Next, we must resolutely overcome paralysis ideas, loose emotions, and fully consolidate the difficult epidemic prevention and control situation, safe and orderly promote complex production, rehabilitation, and ensure that both hands are caught, two incorrect. On the afternoon of November 7, Zhang Hui and Li arrived at Wuji Group and Apex Tool Company, from November 7th, which has reached the replenishment from November 7, of which the number of compounds of Wuji Group has reached More than 2,000 people, stamping workshops, environmentally friendly equipped workshops, coating workshop production lines have been fully opened; Apex Tools Company has reached 1,500 people, and capacity utilization is 70%. At present, the order of two enterprises is sufficient and is adding horsepower production.

Zhang Hui, Li, Wu came to the production workshop, carefully inspected the production site, and in-depth communication with the person in charge of the enterprise, hoping that the enterprise is doing a good time to prevent and control, the premise of production safety, open the horsepower, and the loss of the loss of the epidemic return. At the same time, we must accelerate the improvement of enterprise innovation, and strive to create a new product with high added value and strong market competitiveness. The city should firmly establish a consciousness of the same boat and share the awareness of the wind and rain, and actively help enterprises to solve the utilization of the employees, funds, raw materials supply and product transportation, and strive to create a good environment for the production and operation of the enterprise. Since November 6th, 4 large supermarkets in Wulian City have resumed business, and other commercial supermarket stores in urban areas will also resume business.

Zhang Hui, Li, in Wu, I went to the Wulian Store of New Mart Shopping Center. Outside the supermarket, the masses queued in turn, registered in the scan code, and measured in the supermarket after the body temperature, the order in the supermarket, the goods are full. Zhang Hui, Li, in the military and supermarket, in-depth exchange, carefully ask the epidemic prevention and control, source protection, commodity prices, etc.

At the same time, actively organize the supply of goods, resolutely put quality, and effectively let the people restore consumption, safe consumption. Zhang Hui, Li Yu Wu also surveyed in the investigation of the anti-epidemic material transfer station in Wulian County, fully affirmed the important role of the transfer station in protecting materials supply, requiring further stepwise workflow, using big data, etc. More scientifically and efficiently do a good job in material security.

Zhang Hui, Li, who specializes in the anti-vloys, and represents the municipal government to fought in the Red Cross staff of the Municipal Party Committee, I hope that everyone will continue to carry forward the spirit of the Red Cross and Volunteers, and have good management. Each donation material is aware of the rectification of the Red Cross and volunteers in the actual actions.

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