“Is a person in the well?”

“Yes,I heard that he also lost eight hands.。”
“what!?In the end what happened,Is there a doctor in the Well??”Qi Rui,
“So many people are also not surprising,I heard that they were ambush when they arrested a family.,The lost eight players were also rescued.,And people seem to have only one man and a female two people.,This time, Jun Xiu, it’s a shame.!”Watanabe Xiongger whispered,
“How many people do it in the well??”
“Sent fourteen people,The result is dead.!It can be seen that our enemies have more fierce。”
“Do you know what they are??”
“This way, people who don’t hesitate to protect the family, should be a common party.,So this time you have to look at you.,The family should still be in the legacy,You have to find and remove them as soon as possible!Long pool,If you succeed, you will be very big.!”
“Hayi!Please give me a family information,I will go back to arrange。”
NS125chapter There is blood on the seat!(Recommend!Ask for a monthly ticket!)
Watanabe Taboo did not forget the blacklist,For a long time:“Long pool,What I want to give you a list of people I want to disappear,Don’t be robbed,You are our special high school ace,I am full of confidence in you.!”
“Hayi,Watanabe length, despite rest assured,I will take the ax helper and the people in the car.,But I need a length of the class to give me a special pass.,Because these people are the best is missing,Not all being killed in the residence。”
“Long Pool Jun said very reasonable,Through today’s things, once the murder in the concession, they will think that we do it.,With your level special pass, you must have,But you must remember,This special pass only allows you to use it yourself.,Chen Jiaying and Yamei will give them separately。”
Watanabe Xiongtao personally gives a special action certificate and special pass,With these two documents, he can freely go to Shanghai.,But this is limited to him alone,If you have a south, you should accept strict review.。
Rui Rui returned to the pharmacy,Fu Yingxue has not awake,Chen Jiaying has always guarded her.。
“Ritual,Is there any new situation??”
“Special high school is not alive this time.,The command given to me is the person who must disappear.,Especially a family of 蔚 元洲。”
“We don’t work according to the original plan.。”
“Need to change a change,Jiaying Sister is rest assured,I have a number in my heart.,Take care of Xiaoxue,These things are given to me。”
Shenghui car line
“Big brother,Situation!”Lu Zhengnian mysteriously said that Zhou Dawliang and Li Nancheng whispered,
“You come with me.。”
Zhou Dak,Li Nancheng came to Lu Zhengnian to the yard of the car,I saw the brothers of the two pulling holes and found the expression of the New World.,Asked more confused:“what happened?”
“You look at the seat。”Lu Zhengnian pointed to the scenery on the seat,
Zhou Dawiang and Li Nancheng look at the lights,Ask:“who?”
“Big brother,I have a gun battle in Fuyong Lane.,One of the men and a female two people killed ten people to save a three-person person.,The woman was injured,Later, the woman got off the bus and called the car.,After that, I changed the small Tang car.!”
“Doesn’t it say that ten people are Japanese casual clothes??Wait,This blood is the female hero!?”Zhou Da Liang asked,
“good,That a hero,Where did you know where she is going??”
“Don’t sell!Hurry!”
“Xiao Tang pulled her to the boss’s Huimin pharmacy,This woman is giving himself a hundred meters into the pharmacy.,Then there will never come out again.!”
Shenghui car line is the biggest car in the legal rental.,Almost everyone in sports cars here is this car.,Rui Rui, cultivated their habits of collecting intelligence,So these drops will record the special things.。
Today, there are several drivers to see the gun battle in Fuyong Lane.,And just that Fu Yingxue is alive when it is one of them.,Although she put on the jacket at the time,But it is still being recognized by the car.。
Especially the blood on Fu Ying snow left on the seat.,This is even more big to make the car.,So two drivers reported the matter directly to Lu Zhengnian.。
“You said that the rescued woman entered the boss’s Huimin pharmacy never came out.?”Zhou Da Liang listened to what suddenly thought,
“Yes,That woman should be a gun,At that time, she lost too much walking.,She is very strong into the pharmacy,The pharmacy is then closed.,Qi boss is in the pharmacy at the time。”Xiao Tang said,
“Who is they saved??”
“Is a family of 蔚 元洲!”