These members of the Antiques Association know how precious the yellow-glazed porcelain was during the Hongzhi period,Even if this is a porcelain with no style,Also precious。
The yellow glazed porcelain in the Hongzhi period represents the highest level of yellow glazed porcelain,Plus there are very few in existence,Once this kind of baby is in the auction,A few million is the minimum,Tens of millions are not enough to shock people。
The live broadcast room is full of admiration,It’s not easy to pick up leaks in front of so many seniors,Still picked up a big leak,It’s like making a TV show。
“666,On Jianbao,I only serve Brother Hu。”
“Baby from the palace,This time Brother Hu wants to make a lot of money。Everybody guess,How much will it be worth。”
“I guess one million。”
“Too conservative?At least ten million。”
“Ten million,Are you kidding?Tens of millions of them are national treasures, right??Even if it’s from the palace,It’s not all so outrageous, right?That plate,I think one or two million is closer。”
Just when everyone is discussing,The local tyrants Jiangnan is another ten pictures of the country,Instantly put Populus’s live broadcast room to the top of the provincial hourly list,Attract more viewers in。
“I guess between four million and five million。”Jiangnan。
Get!This big guy also participated in the guessing session?This makes those audiences more excited。
Baiyun Mountain Guild,Xiao Chen, who is guarding the Populus live broadcast room, is in a mood,I feel that a major anchor in my guild is about to appear。Just like that for two or three days,Brother Hu received two or three hundred thousand gifts,An average of 100,000 per day。
If it’s such a trend,Over a million in a month,The guild can earn more than 100,000 on Brother Hu。
This is better than benefit,Very important to their new guild。It can be said,Many guilds couldn’t support it early,Because there was no major anchor in the early stage,Almost pure investment,If the financial resources are not strong,May go bankrupt。