Although others may not have discovered,But Xiao Fan could find out at once,Everyone regards a child’s emotion as it is, and it goes away quickly,So I didn’t explore one of his emotional changes in detail。

But Xiao Fan is a careful person,So he can see many things very clearly,And he thinks such a child will be very easy to discipline in the future。
Because he can understand what you are talking about,Can also understand that you are for his good,So it’s not easy,He is so young now that he can understand what an adult says。
Xiao Fan really looks forward to the future of Xiaonian Gao,After everyone returned to the hotel,Xiao Fan said let everyone take a rest,Because the whole morning is a short trip back and forth。
Everyone may need to rest,After the break,There are some other activities in the afternoon,Xiao Fan said that when the time comes, they will definitely let them experience everything here。
Let them go back without regret,I’ll have experience when I come again,Everyone is very happy,Because they think it’s really not easy to have such a time。
It is really rare for them to take time out of some trivial things in life to experience the beauty of nature.。
Chapter five hundred and seventy four Back to hotel
When everyone has a good meal and just want to go out for a walk,Found that I had returned to the hotel,They can also go back to the hotel to rest。
To say so long,Everyone is really tired。
But?Although this is physically exhausting,But this is psychologically and spiritually satisfied。
Just come out this time,Don’t mention how happy everyone is。
Xiao Fan arranged some other activities for them in the afternoon,They can come out to play at any time if they want,But if you feel tired, you can stay in the room to rest。
Because there is still some time,They are not in a hurry anyway,I want to stay here for a few days,As long as there is nothing unexpected to deal with,Then they can play here for a few more days。
After all, it was hard to come here,If you come here to spend a lot of time, you have to have fun,At least Xiao Fan thinks so,And he found that everyone seemed to like it,Let’s not refute everyone’s interest and let everyone have fun。
So many things he arranged are also very clever,As long as everyone wants to go,Will experience a very happy game,Or some other entertainment facilities,And some beautiful scenery。
And everyone wants to go back to their room and rest,Because no matter what,They also want to change clothes,Then adjust the state,To meet this wonderful travel experience again。
Everyone is still excited,It’s just a little tired physically,I still want to have a better state to play,I don’t want to drag my tired body here and there。