How can you be a little more than a thin person?

How can you be a little more than a thin person?

Excessively thin people want to be full of emotions are often as urgent as dieters.

How can I have a full body?

  Moderate exercise, body and body, the first step is not suitable for sports?

The gym instructor who has a fitness body and body skills believes that the thin person participates in moderate exercise and has a great interest in the body.

To make the body full and full of charm, thin people may wish to choose swimming, aerobics, push-ups and other sports.

In addition, the ladies do not hinder the adoption of two other effective body movements at home: chest exercise and stomach exercise.

  The coach of the chest exercise gym thinks that the chest exercise is repeated with the arms on the chest, and the tension is the main one. It can exercise the muscle lines of the chest part, and it can also help the chest to be firm and firm.

  Exercise 1: Lift your head and chest, hold two dumbbells or two water bottles filled with water in the left and right hands, and extend your arms straight to the chest, horizontally with your shoulders, then move horizontally toward the left and right sides.Until the angle is 180°, return to the original position and repeat 5 times.

  Exercise 2: On an empty stomach, on the bed, the legs are naturally straight, and after taking a deep breath, bend your knees up and hold your legs with both hands so that the thighs are as close as possible to the abdomen.

After a few seconds, relax your legs and change back to the original condition, doing it 5 times.

  Skillful eating, for the body to help make the thin body become healthy and plump is the beauty of thin women.

Some people mistakenly think that it is quite wrong to make “skinny” into “fat”, that is, to achieve the beauty of the body, so blindly eating a lot.

Many women not only do not have “beauty”, but instead suffer from chronic diseases because they “eat too much.”

  What is the correct diet?

Nutrition experts and gym instructors agree that thin women can follow the following dietary methods to help the body look good.

  Eating less and eating more is an important way to gain weight.

The thinners are mainly weak in the stomach and intestines. Eating too much at a meal often causes gastrointestinal indigestion.

You can increase the number of meals to 4, 5 or more, but it must be moderate, so as to avoid excessive weight gain and suffering from obesity, it will not be worth the loss.

  When you are eating rich nutrients, you don’t have to be as jealous as obese people. Choose a nutritious food to satisfy your appetite: Eat more protein, traces, vitamins and minerals such as lean meat, fish, dairy products.Vegetables, fruits, soy products, honey, nuts, etc.

But be careful not to eat too much crude fiber food.

The fiber contained in the food will swell and swell during the passage through the digestive tract, increasing the volume of the food and slowing down the speed of the upper digestive tract and the small intestine, so it is easy to cause satiety and reduce food intake.

A woman with a thin body drinks a cup of orange juice at rest, which helps the stomach to provide more stomach acid and effectively promotes digestion and absorption of food.

Do not do housework or work immediately after using the meal. You should sit down or lie down for a while, at least half an hour before you can start working.

  Enjoy the joy of snacks In addition to the distance, the thin women still eat some snacks and enjoy the joy of snacks.

Usually, you can put some snacks containing certain concentrations, such as biscuits, jellies, potato chips, mung bean cakes, sausages, whole milk powder, chocolate, etc., in the place where you can reach them.

When you eat orange, orange and other fruits, and add juice in the whole milk powder, it can help the body to deliver more content.

  During the nighttime eating, some short-term storage of fat is taken at night. Because of the weak ability of the body to break down during sleep, eating cakes before going to bed, high-protein snacks such as ice cream and sesame cake are better than eating food during the day.

Nutritionists reminded that it is not appropriate to eat too much at night, otherwise it will increase the burden on the stomach, which is not conducive to health and sleep, and has no side effects for the body.

  Sleeping a good quality body for a thin person, a reasonable sleep is conducive to the beauty of the body shape.

The sleep stage is an important period for the formation of human energy, and it is also a period of abnormal growth of “growth hormone” that promotes muscle growth. Guaranteed sleep quality at night is a prelude to full bodybuilding.

  How can I sleep a good quality body?

Before going to sleep, you may wish to drink a cup of milk or eat a boiled egg, so you can calm your nerves and nourish your sleep.

After going to bed, you can slowly take a few deep breaths, and gradually turn the brain’s chaotic and active thinking into calm.

In addition, taking a hot bath or soaking your feet with hot water before going to bed can also relieve sleepiness, help the human body to smoothly enter the dream, and make necessary preparations for the body.