At the end of Macau, colorful activities attract tourists at the end of Macau

  Xinhua News Agency, Macau, November 3 (Reporter Li Hanfang Liu Gang) Reporter learned from the Macao SAR Government Tourism Bureau on the 3rm that with the turning of Macau’s epidemic stabilization, many activities were held in November and December, including the 68th Macau The orchics, the 21st Macau Food Festival, visit the Australian Music Fun, 2021 Macau Light Shadow Festival and "Shuyou Macao Drone Performance Festival".

  The Tourism Bureau said, actively spread online related publicity work, promotion Macao safety, travel and "travel +" elements; and enrich passenger travel experience, introduction of passengers to the area to revitalize the economy.

  According to reports, the 68th Macau Grand Prix will be held from November 19th to 21st, the Macau Capricorn Museum held the event around the event around the event of the event of the event "Car Hand Made" parent-child workshop on Sunday, November 6th. The spread and inheritance of the big racing culture, and funded the community to organize community tourism promotion activities combined with the competition to create a racing event.

  The 21st Macau Food Festival will be held on November 19th to December 5th, 17 days in the West Wan Lake Square, Macau, to collect various special food for the public and passengers, let passengers feel the charm of Macau "Tour + Gourmet" .

  In addition, in order to actively promote the development of community tourism, visit the Australian consumption of Fun activities will be held in November 2021, including special market integration, theme layout, performance, creative workshops and interactive games, etc., enrich passengers travel experience, attract Citizens and passengers to related community tourism and consumption, promote the economic in the community tourism. The Tourism Bureau will also hold 2021 Macau Light Shadow Festival and "Shuyou Macau Drone Performance Excellence", a total of 4 Creation Teams from Macau, Hengqin, Changsha and Japan to participate in the Macau Lightshardn Festival. And arrange 5 professional teams from Shenzhen, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Beijing to Macao to carry out drone programming performances, deepen the cross-border integration of "tourism + literary", presented colorful evening entertainment, driving the night economy, help revitalization Community economy.

  The Tourism Bureau said that all types of activities will continue to be held, deepen "travel +" cross-border integration, and actively promote Macao Safety Your Tour and welcome passengers to feel the charm of Macau, enrich the tourism experience, reincarnate into the area, revitalize the community economy. (Editor: Liu Jie, Yan Wei) Share more people to see.