“‘Heat sword(heat b1ade)’!”

Six high-fever air flow like six bullets,Whit to fly in the direction of the girl,Airflow has passed a vague trace in the air,It looks very dangerous。
“Danger!”Yumu Meiqin saw a moment of six hot swords,Crazy warning,Her heart is very clear,Being hit by this thing,The next is quite unhappy。Think of this,Her hands fiercely,Suddenly,A large amount of current is collected in front of her.,Intangible magnetic surge,Constructing a solid shield in front of her。
next moment,The sword of the heat hit the magnetic shield,But,There is no imagination of dramatic sounds,Even the surface of the magnetine shield has no shake half point,“Heat sword”I will disappear directly.,嗤 嗤,Form a white water vapor in the air。
“Eh……”Tea girl is slight,What suddenly reflects?,Look up,The boy who has a faint smile has already disappeared,Suddenly,The hearts of Meiqin are not from the inexplicable feelings.。
“Qing Palace——Summer!”
Gun,Send season, Code Conan
(This chapter is over)
NS46chapter The daily day of fools
Another year,Also for students,Every week’s most painful,Qing Palace is deeply appointed。
Whether it is the past or now in the school city,Every Monday,It’s all after two days of lazy.,I have to leave my comfortable and idle nest.,Come to the sleepy class to listen to teachers, those courses comparable to hypodegenesis。Sometimes the Qing Palace is even,Every week, the pain seems to be God’s punishment to oneself.。
Hearing hout into the classroom,Just caught up with the first ten minutes of the class bell。At this moment,A sound strange Kyushu cavity directly from the corner of the classroom。
“what,Qing Palace?How does it seem to have a spirit??”A gold short,Wearing a green white striped shirt in a blue suit uniform in the ink blue,Face with a pale blue sunglasses,There is a string of gold necklaces on the neck.,The most careful,If the tone is in“Meow”Okiminy is a lovely girl,This may not lose a cute point for her.,But this strange olete is coming from a height of one meter.,Look at the boy and mouth like the rogue in the corner,Can only make people feel weird?
“Say,When can Soil doors can change your strange olete?。”Qing Palace exaggerated sigh,“Every time you talk, I work hard to make your voice fantasy into a Chu Chu pitiful big breast.,But after each time you open your eyes,Defrieg is only heavier.。”
“Feed!What is the poor cute girl?,At this time, it is foul.!”The boy called the soil gate of the Dikou, the strange Kyushu cavity is dissatisfied.,“I am clearly concerned about you.,But how can it be affected by such unfair treatment??”
This one of this gold,The teenager who is a strange Kyushu is also the classmate in the Qing Dynasty.,Soil Yumun Yuanchun,It is also the neighbor of the upper and Qing Dynasty.,Always like to take“Meow”Olegus,It seems that the surface is a stupid student.,But the Qing Palace knows,Can he be as simple as ordinary students?。
The Qing Palace with the past memory,The true identity of the Soil Gate is“Necessary evil church”Magician,Magic side spies who have sneaked into the urban city,Change the angle,He is also the spy from the school city to the magic side.。He was originally a quite high-level yin yang in Japan’s local magic forces.,After the ability of the ability, the magic use is limited.,But still can’t deny that he is a powerful figure.。
But the Qing Palace doesn’t care so much.,He also has a dark part,He made a friend only looked at this guy.,Other things he will not take。to some extent,He is the same as the upper strip,Also a stupid。
perhaps,Stupid and idiots will attract each other?
wrong!I am not idiot!Upper strip is!
“Apush!”The upper strip of the window is dozing to dozing, and the Siki can’t hurt it.。
“Hey?Qing Palace?”Sleeping is fascinating, blinking,Looking at the Qing Palace,“How is the spirit so bad??”
“You are really no problem with this guy who sleeps into this appearance.?”The Qing Palace turned over white eyes,“If you are chasing a whole three streets by a girl who likes to 放 放 放,You will also like this。”
“Wow!You will also be chased from three streets in the Qing Dynasty.?”
“Wow!Girl who likes to 哩 放 放?”
“…Is the attention point is not the same??”The Qing Palace can’t help but hug,I want to pretend that I don’t know them.。
The first talk is naturally the soil door,The second voice is a guy of a blue earrings.。
The guy is the class leader in the Qing Palace.,Although the Qing Palace has been curious, he is going to work.,Although in the feeling of the Qing Palace,This guy is very strong,What is the extent?,I haven’t hit the light, I feel that he is also hard to feel.,Because this guy is always laugh, there is no normal,Sprinkle every day,Even the Qing Palace has never seen his ability to use。The Qing Palace even doubts that he is the hidden six dolls.,But there is no evidence,Moreover, in the Qing Palace,Although the school city is1eve1 5Most of you don’t normal,But not there is a metamorphosis such that there is no exercise。Start him also doubts about this guy,But then I often forget this.,Slowly, you don’t put it on your heart.。
However, his ability is not said,The roughness of his voice is really enough to take this position.(How is the class long is a big voice??),The Kuanxi Guanxi, who is fake, has always been to pretend to be himself.,More importantly,His body has a unimaginable width tolerance for women,Use his words,He is not“only”Like little girl,Yes“even”Little girl likes。And this is the palace of the Qing Dynasty, the Tu Yigong, is considered to be just simple metamorphosis.。
“Hey,It’s unfortunate.!”The Qing Palace intentionally mimes the upper tone.,Then go to the upper line,I took my hand and took it on the back of the upper.,“fine,Have a strip of you.,I am very lucky to meet you.,You can take all mymium streets……”
“Give me a bastard!It is because I have such a guy, I will become more unfortunate.!”Fried in the last,Originally, his head of the hedgehoo was even more fried.,It looks more like a big hedgehog。
“Um,Think about this, think about it.,Ah, you are still very useful.……”Soil door。
“I don’t want to let my sister wear a woman’s servant.!”
“How is the sister?!”The Soil Gate This sister controlled the late guy heard this sentence immediately stood up and refused.,“How is the maid?!Maid is a man’s justice!Looking at girls, women, women, is the right of men.!”
“cut!”The Qing Dynasty and the upper strokes did not express the declaration of the Soil Denger’s unhautical rescue.。