Xia Jian glanced at him and said:“Anyway,Wang Laowai was after a fight with your brother,Died without even moving the place,Do you think it can be cleared away?Don’t keep thinking that someone wronged your brother。If the dead man is your brother,What do you think?”

Xia Jian is more angry,He really wants to push Wang Youdao out of his bedroom。How come their old Wang family are like this。
Wang Youdao, who has not spoken all the time, suddenly stood up,He smiled and said:“Xia Jian!The relationship between our two families just eased,I didn’t expect that your phone call last night would be worse。I wanted to give you a chance to make peace with us,But you don’t care,forget about it”
“thank you for your kindness,please!”Xia Jian did not expect,Things have reached this point,Wang Youdao still has to play with him,It’s so damnable。
Wang Youdao saw that Xia Jian gave him an order to evict him,I’m not embarrassed to stay,But when he walked to the door,Suddenly turned around and said:“Xia Jian!You can remember,Our old Wang family will hate you forever”
Sun Yuejuan standing in the yard heard Wang Youdao say this,She immediately responded:“You hurry up!Be a mayor at your level,Really go home and hug the baby!”The old man’s two words are very plain,But it’s really patience to listen。
Because I was busy with Wang Lao’s things all night,Xia Jian didn’t sleep all night。And Zhao Hong is the same,So as soon as they finish their lunch,The two went to sleep separately。
It was a very lively Spring Festival,It was diluted by Wang Lao’s unintentional death。No one in the village even fired a firecracker,Occasionally someone who’s tricky kid will steal one or two from the adult,Sounds unusually deserted。
From this incident, Xia Jian found,Although Xiping Village has developed economy,The villagers basically lead a prosperous life,But everyone still retains that invisible simplicity。
At night,Chen Erniu is here,He responded to Xia Jian about the funeral of Mr. Wang。What Xia Jian hates very much is that no one in the old Wang family is willing to come forward to discuss with Wang Laowai’s son。It seems that their family has a high profile,A little bit too much。
“Remember,At the funeral tomorrow,I also called me up,I also give this Wang Laowai。Although he always followed the old Wang family when he was alive,But he is from our Xiping Village after all,And are there any co-ops without credit and hard work??”Xia Jian patiently told Chen Erniu。
In fact, he wanted to tell these things to Zhao Hong and the two elderly people in the family。
“okay,Stop giving us politics lessons,Tomorrow inconvenience you have to go,Hong will also follow Wang Lao’s grave。After all, you are all village officials。But I remind you,Lao Wang’s affairs are best left unattended”Sun Yuejuan said coldly to Xia Jian and Zhao Hong。
Chen Erniu snorted coldly:“Their family is really not human。Actually Wang Laowai’s son is not a good one,He was waiting for someone to come and talk to him,It’s a pity that the old Wang family didn’t see him at all”
“All right,Don’t talk about it anymore”Xia Jian interrupted Chen Erniu a little unhappy。Because what Wang Youdao said when he left just now,Makes him feel particularly uncomfortable。
He’s not afraid of Lao Wang’s,But don’t understand why the people of the old Wang family hate him?