Poisonous sand palm belongs to a general statement,Just like“Volts”Same,Shaolin has less Lin Fuhu、Wudang has Wudang Fun、Qingliang Temple has five mountain volts……

And when using toxic and quenching,Often some people try varies,Therefore, we must detoxify,Either there is strength、Either there are more ulnight,It is difficult to match the drug,Unless you know the poisonous palm formula,Or what is a famous doctor carefully diagnosed、Underworld,Otherwise it is difficult to solve。
“Life and death,Cough……Yue child, you don’t have to worry about the poor.,only……Cough……Today’s things,Labor,When I live in Nanshan in the future,Pass back。”One of the kings is licking。
But the Chu Deiren heard the words,Silenced a while,Look at the king、Take a look at Yang Tiexin……The heart of the dead bald figure I saw during the day……
In the end, Chu Deirers sighed.:“Wang Dao is in front of Wu Kang’s banquet,Can see Pingxi Wangfu,And other masters?”
“Cannot!They must now react now,Cough……Guess the injury of the poor,If you go to the court,Didn’t spread!”The king is busy,I touched the injury for a while。
“Is there still no?”Chu Deirers frown。
Guo Jing replied at this time:“In addition to three of the day,There is also a young son,Claim……What is the little master of White。Chu Hexia is going to force Yu Zhenzi to give medicine?I am also going to you.!”
Chu Deirers heard a mouthful:“force?Think more,I just watched the jade realist poisonous sand palm is not completely practiced.,At least you should prepare poisonous drugs,See if you can steal some。”
More complex poison,The more difficult it is used to practice,Can steal toxic medicine,More than half can also distribute auxiliary drug。
“You have determined that in addition to them,Just have a white hill, a young owner and Wu Kang, it’s right.?No other……weirdo?”Chu Deirers again confirm。
“Absolutely no。”Guo Jing continued his head。
Chu Deirers he smelled his breath——Sure enough, the Oriental is unbeaten as Wu Sangui’s partner,It is disdainful to“child”Thing。
Otherwise, the king can only wait for death.,Chu Deirers help him receive a corpse、Pass a speech。
Chu Deirers Shen Yichang:“I walked a Pingxi Wangfu……”
“I……”Guo Jing and Yang Tiexin are open together。
“Shut up!Not enough for you to add?”Chu Deirers directly repeated,After that, he said:“I am looking for a chance to go to the jade realist practice.,you……Write a letter to me,I will help you send it to her room.,About a time meeting is,I see her is not as forbidden.,I really want to see you.、Or want to walk with you,Meet each other!If you don’t want,You just have made a mistake,Do not act,Take a break!”
The Chu Deirers said, although they are welcome.,But Yang Tiexin is very moving,I am busy:“Chu Daxia,Yang……Ming sensation!”
Chu Deee rejected everyone’s peers request,And to protect the king,Temporarily live in Guo Jing。
Be in the body、Light power,Chu Deirers single alone,But the most secure。
In addition to jade and king’s things,Natural Chu Deirers also be greedy——The treasure snake in the original Zhongliang,But good things,Not only can improve the internal force、Further combing the meridians,And the Chu Debone is lifting the Tiantong,Usage perhaps better……
Chu Deirers drift out of not far away:“come out。”
I saw Huang Rong transferred from the corner of the street.,A smile:“Chu brother is so fast!If it is true all the way to Wangfu,I am afraid that I can’t keep up.。”
Chu Deirens have long guessing Huang Rong——Even if you are not good at listening to people,But I know that in addition to the king of him and the serious injury in the inn,The highest light power is Huang Rong。
“Smart people also have no people……”Chu Deer White Road。
“Do not,Smart people know not to add,I follow, I can help you.。”Huang Rong is a matter of course。
“Oh?How can you help me??”
“‘Chu Hexia’Why do you want to run this??”Huang Rong asked。
“Urgency、Gao Jie proud、Daytime……”Chu Deirers are very chest,Said that I still stop going to adjective。
“Appearance?”Huang Rong added。
“I……”Chu Deiren welcomed the eyes of Huang Rong as if it would laugh.,A little ambly:“By the way, I also want to。”
Chapter 181 Small props
“Are you not very afraid of Pingsea??Why do you want to explore him??”Huang Rong deliberately asked。
“Afraid?joke,You ask Wu Sangui,He dares dare not tell me?I let him hands、Feet!”Chu Deer said straightforward。
Why is the Chu Debu??
The king is in one point of life,After all, he and the Chu Deirers are just“Some sex”,Different to the extent to the extent,Chu Deirers don’t owe him?;Yang Tiexin’s thing accounts for one point,The same is nothing to do with the Chu Deirens.,That is, the degree of good day;Baisu accounts for three points——This can make the Chu Debans,Strong growth skills and qualifications!
The internal force of the dream is very smooth,Body……Even afraid of salty fish drunk crabs,Improve qualification,Also still practice slow、Dependent,and“Treasure snake”Not only equivalent to a large number of epicewood,Treasure snake itself、if it is possible,Chu Deirers are also ready to make snakes,Maybe you can also be equivalent to a lot of drunk crabs。
There is also five points because Chu Demen also has a one-time“Base card”,Most more than half of the occasion,this time……If the situation is urgent,It is not not possible to use it.,The same is to change the treasure snake。
Ninety,That is because Guo Jing said,Not see“weirdo”,Let Chu Deer have decided!
“What are you talking??Before I still said that Wang Chang and Guo Jing have come to home??”Chu Deirers asked。