Just destroy Zhou Guo,The world is not far from the unity.。After the wealth of the west,I have passed for more than two hundred years.。There are too many people died in the dead,Historical wheel forward and reverse,Many people repeatedly rolled。

It’s time to end all this.。
Now the autumn harvest has ended,I am going to work immediately.,It is when it is soldier.。Start now,Going to the spring of next year,It is the first one“Small climax”。
If you can win Yushu City,Then you can carry out the following stages,That is, the whole army,Death!
This wave can not be,I don’t really say it.。Although it is said“Soldier”,But sometimes fight,Especially the feudal era,Walking people,How can you expect a wave to push the enemy??
after all,Not the ruler of every country,All kinds of bastards。Put your hopes in the stupidity of the enemy,Is true stupidity。
Royal Palace in Chang’an Palace,Yu Wenzhao just met the complimentary,Face is cloudy。Waiting for the messenger,He returned to Qiang Gu,A person sitting on the loop。
A Shi Yuz is indeed a letter to the wooden pole.,basically,Also, I wrote my own mean.。However,Turkic reply,It’s not so optimistic.。
Turkic people have decided that Yu Wenzhao demanded the requirements of Jinyang.,And think this“Nothing is not talking about”。
In other words,Wooden pole sweat feels Yu Wenyi“Make fart”。
but,Wooden pole Khan,It is very interested in horses and livestock.,And willing to improve the amount of transactions。
As for Yu Wen, let’s say that the Turks“Borrow”,Grab the plan,The other party promised to consider,Not completely said。to be honest,But I think two heads are cheap.。
Yu Wenzhao is very determined,Wooden poles will be sent,To Gao Bo Yi,Say how he wants how to,Then I don’t want how to,Then both parties must neighb their friendly。
at last,Gao Bo Yi is extracted by a material,But nothing。
Yu Wenyi feels,If you are a wooden pole Khan,Will do this,It seems quite normal。
Turkic people play,If Zhou Ruo occupies the wind in this battle,So,They don’t mind,Borrow from Guanzhong,Rely on Zhou Guo’s supply line,Hebei。
Run a wave!
If the battle is unfavorable to Zhou Guo,Even extremely unfavorable,So Turk,It will be the battlefield,Take a game here“Agent war”。
Anyway, it is crowded.,These land are not walking。Will the war will destroy this here?,Turkic people also don’t care。
Use four words summarize this behavior of Yu Wenzhen,Just call“Wolf”。
In fact,In the end of the end,Li Yuan has been doing this,So that when the Historist of the Tang Dynasty records these things,I feel that there is no light on my face.,Even awkward。
“His Majesty,Queen’s side,In a hurry。”
The closeness of the eunuch is whispering in Yuwen.。
“What urgent affairs?”
Yu Wenzhen does not ask。
“Queen,gave birth,A girl。”
The secret eunuch is very slow,Be very careful,Emperor in front of you,Recently the mood is particularly poor。
And the daughter of the Royal Palace,Actually not his kind!
“Um,I know,I,Amnesty world,Place the dead prisoner,Give them a chance to join。”
Yu Wen said slowly,Not at all,More talk about tense。
What does this toughery seem to understand?,Also perfect,He is away from death,It looks closer。
His small rumor retreat。Waiting for him,In addition to Yu Wen,No second person。This emperor stood up,Put all the items on the table,All 地!
“朕,Have to pinch a smile,Come to welcome this shame。This emperor,When it is really not easy。”
Yu Wen’s face,From the yin and silent。A sentence:Fed up,Intarate from my head。
Zhou Guo is in a hurry,It’s really not when he worried.。
What is said,To take Gao Bao Yi first,If you don’t have everything, you have no talk.。