The meeting is almost here,Xiao Fan stood up and said:“All right,The main content of today’s meeting is these three parts,I only emphasize one point,Less than necessary,Try to keep a breath for the person opposite,But the main threat to your safety,No need to stay。”

Everyone said yes,Xiao Fan sat down,Tell Yiming:“Can let everyone go out first,Get ready,You and Shen Lin stay。”
Yiming tells everyone:“That’s it for today’s meeting,Everyone is gone,Go back and get ready,Shen Lin stay。”
Everyone left,Su Ran smiled at Shen Lin,So I followed everyone out,She has to go to Chu Yao to take over。
After everyone is gone,There are only three people left in the conference room, Xiao Fan Yiming and Shen Lin。Xiao Fan tapped his finger on the desktop twice。I looked up at Yiming and Shen Lin。
“Yiming,Shen Lin,This time their boss must go to the meeting in person,and so,I must explain to you clearly in advance,My brother,Although the strength is not better than us,But he is my former brother after all。”Xiao Fan felt something was wrong before he finished speaking。
Yiming interrupted Xiao Fan’s words:“boss,You don’t have to go in person,I go,Or me and Shen Lin,Two of us go。”
Shen Lin also feels something is wrong,Quickly nodded and said:“Yes,Fan,Brother Yiming is right。”
Xiao Fan smiled,See what they two say:“no need to worry,But many years ago I failed his expectations,I must return him,Otherwise there will always be an endless struggle between the two of us。”
Yiming and Shen Lin both bow their heads,They know what it means to repay,possible,Half-life will go in。
Xiao Fan stopped talking,Because he doesn’t know how to say,But this is the truth,He must solve this。He can solve it directlys,But he doesn’t want。
sWas the only one who was good to him,He also believes,sWon’t do anything extraordinary,That way,He will resist。
Xiao Fan continues to explain:“If after this time,I can’t come back in a short time,All bases and companies are handed over to you,Fan Laohui will come to help you。”
Yiming feels bad,But nodded,The same is true for Shen Lin。Xiao Fan said:“And the Lin family,My wife,Their safety is left to you,This time the matter is resolved,No one will touch them anymore。”
Shen Lin said:“Brother Fan, don’t worry,Sister-in-law, I will definitely protect it,Su Ran will go with her too,You must come back early。”
Xiao Fan nodded,He looks at Yiming,Yiming’s eye circles are already red,Xiao Fan couldn’t help laughing,Say:“Yiming,Do you think anyone in this world hurt me,and,I would be so stupid,Let him kill me。”
It seems right to think about it,No one can hurt the boss yet,Thinking so,I feel better。
Xiao Fan told them both,Let the two of them leave to prepare for this tender meeting,maybe,sWill appear at the tender meeting。