Resource-based cities to build the digital transformation of Tongchuan city in Shaanxi do it!

Original title: Building the digital transformation of resources city Tongchuan city, Shaanxi do it! Western Network (Reporter GAO Guan Tao) today (July 6) morning, the Shaanxi Provincial Government Information Office held a "struggle for centuries the road sail on a new journey" series of press conferences.

At the meeting, deputy secretary of Tongchuan City, Wei four new introduction, in 2020 GDP growth of 5% in Tongchuan City, fixed asset investment growth%, major economic indicators for 30 consecutive months, the province ranks first phalanx. Adjust the industrial structure to achieve new industry of "zero" breakthrough as coal, limestone and other resource-rich city of Tongchuan coal production once accounted for 70% of Shaanxi Province, the cumulative contribution to the country more than 600 million tons of coal, more than 200 million tons of cement. In the new era, the city adhere to the new development concept for the lead, to lay the adjustment of industrial structure "combination punches."

Wei introduced four new, around the coal, cement and other traditional industries, focus on upgrading to achieve quality and efficiency.

Coal production capacity to a total of 11.88 million tons, cement companies decreased from 36-6, the gold corner Jidong, Yao Bai advanced tons of cement clinker production line, built in Shaanxi Construction Engineering (Tongchuan) New Materials Industrial Park, the traditional industry is to high-end, intelligent, green. High-end equipment manufacturing, traditional Chinese medicine and other alternative industries, focus on the extension of the chain strong chain, and expanding the amount of efficiency. Built a Delta hub, Te Bike brakes and other auto parts manufacturing project, and further to do real "manufacturing Shaanxi Tongchuan support." Sun Ssu keep a good brand of Chinese medicine culture, the introduction of the Ark of more than 50 pharmaceutical companies in the pharmaceutical and research institutions, Tian Qin Kun, the resource advantages into industrial development advantages. Meanwhile, Tongchuan grasping industrial layout to achieve optoelectronics, aerospace technology, the digital economy and other emerging industries "zero" breakthrough.

Accelerate the creation of the National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, the introduction of Electronic Science and Technology Jingwei United States Jun 20 Yujia Guang electronic enterprises have settled down, built space station test operation control center Tongchuan, Jingdong chi cloud (Tongchuan) Digital Economy Industrial Park, State Yiu Industrial Park and other data.

The first to achieve full coverage of school bus safety for four consecutive years, "China’s happiest city" "Thirteen Five" period, a total of Tongchuan implementation of primary and secondary schools, kindergartens new construction, renovation and expansion projects 211.

To stimulate the vitality of the school, the implementation of public elementary and secondary vocational kindergarten teacher performance pay reform. In the province to achieve a warm, rural teacher housing turnover, the township-run kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in rural school bus full security coverage, "drink drinking water, wash the hot bath" became the standard. In addition, Tongchuan create three hospitals in Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other clinical seventh, affordable housing projects to solve the more than 20 million low-income people in housing problems.

Promote the "sharp Project", four rural counties materialized achieve comprehensive management center operation; the introduction of Tongchuan good man, moral and exemplary awards help "Implementation Measures", to promote civilized behavior "Regulations" moral model, list the amount ranks around good guy forefront of the country, for four consecutive years, "China’s happiest city." Hayashida-depth implementation of landscape lake grass ecological conservation and restoration project, to lay the blue sky, clear water, the Pure Land Battle. 91 embodiment the city energy saving demonstration projects, cement production line to achieve desulfurization and denitrification, 2020 superior air quality up to 286 days. Urban black-odor water body has been fully eliminated, the forest coverage rate reached%, the number of crested ibis "Tongchuan membership" over one hundred.

More than 20 enterprises have settled down to build industry head digital transformation of resource-based cities city adhere to the development of the digital economy as the industry’s first and leading engineering, Tongchuan lead in setting up regulatory agencies in the province to establish policy system, built carrying platform, built the province’s first a "5G + optical network" dual Gigabit commercial city, attract Jingdong, iFLYTEK more than 20 enterprises have settled down industry head Tongchuan, digital economy, market players has reached more than 600, e-commerce transactions exceeded 20 billion yuan.

Wei four new that Tongchuan rely on a complete industrial chain optoelectronics research and development, integrate applications, create a national integrated optoelectronics industry base; the full implementation of the "cloud Tongchuan" project, use 2–3 years to complete the city’s focus on enterprise digital workshop, intelligent plant modifications let Tongchuan manufacturing into "Tongchuan Chi-made."

Currently, Tongchuan to the western industrial port numbers, Jingdong chi cloud Industrial Park, Industrial Park optoelectronic applications, the digital economy industrial park as the core of the "four in one" dislocation development pattern has been building, and explore the formation of a "scene industrial projects + + application platform economy "complementary digital multi-track economic development" Tongchuan mode ", the digital economy growth index for three consecutive years ranked the forefront of the province. " ‘Or fifteen’ period, we want to create ‘national resource-based cities digital transformation model city’." Wei four new said it would build hundreds of digital scenarios, to build the province’s leading public service digital Huimin system, so that the digital economy Tongchuan quality through the whole process of transformation.

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Taiwan Defense Department: 6 People’s Liberation Army military machine entered the southwest airspace in Taiwan yesterday

  [Global Network Report Reporter Yin Yanhui] According to Taiwan’s "Central Society" Track and monitor "cloud cloud. The photo report of the PLA 歼 -16 fighter panel released by the Taiwan Defense Department said that according to the Dynamics of the Air Force on the 15th evening 7:50, 1 shipment-8 electrician, 2 歼 -11 fighters, 2 歼 歼 – 10 fighter, 1 shipment-8 remote machine on the 15th "invading" Taiwan Southwest "Air Defense Identity". "Central Society" claims that according to statistics, 38 "common harays" on October 1st, 10 of whomy 16 fighters deep into Taiwan and southeast airspace; 39 October 2nd; 16 October 3; October 4th, 56, and the defense department has announced the most since the "instant military dynamics" since September 17 last year.

  For the military operations around the People’s Sea, Zhang Chunhui has previously stated that Taiwan and its affiliated islands were part of the sacred indivisible in China’s territory. The Chinese army war preparation cruise is completely legal, which is for the current Taiwan Safety Corner and Maintain the necessary actions taken by national sovereignty.

Zhang Chunhui emphasizes that the warband forces have a determination. It has the ability to defeat all "Taiwan independence" split activities, resolutely defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and resolutely maintain peace and stability in Taiwan.

The Enlightenment of TV Series "Merit"

"Merit" poster.

"Great" stills, "Can Weilong Wu Li Yu" unit. "Great" stills, "Yuan Longping’s dream" unit. Core reading China has a lot of vivid story, the key to say good stories; there is no shortage of epic practices, the key to creating epic.

TV Series workers must consume boutiques, they need to put "find the topic, talk about the story, take out the boutique", and externalization, since the row, the main melody TV drama is more favorable. After the "Mountain Hairy" "Awakening New Year", after the broadcast of "Cross the Duck Green River", it describes the "Merger" of the "Medal" of the Republic, "merit", once again igniting the enthusiasm of the audience, and triggering a wide focus of society.

The play is broadcast in four Satellite TVs and 3 video platforms. The audience plays a high score in the scoring website. Look at "Gong Xiang", learn "merit", reverence hero, the era of praise, let "merit" have become a cultural hot and social phenomenon that is worthy of attention from literary work. Combing "merit" creation production process, you can "find a top question, tell the story, and shoot the boutique", tell the story of the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese People ‘s story.

  The heart is "the big man" of the country, and the truth of the country is the horn of the times. It can represent the style of an era, leading an era of atmosphere.

When the TV drama creators of the new era, when the "two big political", the heart is "the big" country ", take the initiative to take the mission, write history for the state, for the national statue, and cast the soul for the time.

This is the first point revelation of "merit" creation.

  On September 29, 2019, the national medal and national honorary title were held.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the award ceremony: "Advocating the hero will produce heroes, strive to be heroes" "We use the highest specifications to praise the hero model, it is to carry forward the loyalty, perseverance, and simple character of them". " . The image of the TV series "merit" appears in the era model to integrate personal integration into the pioneers of the party and the people’s career, vividly interpret the personality charm and social value of contemporary hero, carry forward and stimulating the family, let the audience In the bottom of the heart, the Chinese people are ambiguous, bone, and incentive, and inspire the Chinese people to continue to struggle for the great future prospects of the Chinese nation. History proves that the party’s leadership is the fundamental guarantee of socialist literary development. The party has always attached importance to strengthening and improving the leadership of literary work. On the one hand, on the one hand, the party has relied on the majority of literary and art workers, and on the other hand, they fully respect and follow the literary law, and promote the emerging of literary boutiques in different periods. A series of main melody play is successful in creating and broadcasting, once again showing the system advantage of the Party ‘s literary and cultural cause. Active topic, organize the creation, rapidly assemble the domestic first-line creation team and production class in the short term, strongly combined, achieve optimized configuration of resources and productivity factors, providing strong organizational guarantee and talent protection for works. Under the strong leadership of the party, literary and art workers should grasp the tutaneous pulse, to undertake historical mission, create more ideological and artistic quality, so that the main melody is created in the new era, in order to achieve the great revival of the Chinese nation Provide strong spiritual power. It is a promising nation that there is no hero without a hero, a promising country can’t have a pioneer.

"The Chinese nation is a hero, a hero, a hero, a nation, and a heroic feelings in peace age.

The heart is welcoming, the souvenir records the hero story, shaping the hero image, so that the hero’s image is more deeply rooted, and the heroic spirit is wide. This is the second point of "merit" creation. The height of a typical figure is the height of cultural works and the art height of the times. Only a typical person who has left it, leaving, and the work can have sufficient attractive, infectious strength and vitality. This is especially true for the shaping of the hero. "Gong Xiang" vividly shaped Li Yannian, Yu Min, Huang Xuhua, Zhang Fuxing, Shen Jilan, Sun Jiandong, Tu, Yuan Longping 8 English models, there is no fear of sacrifice, Baofu’s battle hero, there is a significant contribution to the motherland There is also a national labor model for new Chinese women to actively fight for labor rights. Every merit is a banner, and every person has a unique flash point and memory point. The show exhibits these heroes for people, parents, husband and wife, highlights the highlights of their lives, integrating ordinaryness and transcendence, let hero’s lofty faith has a more strong infection Force and summoning force. Zheng Xiaolong, the general director Zheng Xiaolong, the truthful merits, and the solid pre-period interviewed to shape a typical nutrients.

In order to shoot the "Can Weilong Wu Li Yu" unit, the main creation went to Guangxi and recalling his sacrifice together with the old hero. In order to shoot the "silent Zhang Fuxing" unit, the main creation of Zhang Fuxi residents and learned its debut from the neighbors.

The enthusiastic response to the play is a hundred, one thousand, but the most fundamental or rooted people, rooted life.

Treat real life, creators not only have to end, but also to enter, love. Only from the hot life, understand the personality realm, try to figure out the inspiration of the creative, in order to shape the flesh and fat, fresh and smart people’s image, can really let the roles are resonate with the audience. The consolidation of the quality concept beliefs in a good story, and the roots of life are measured in a era.

China has a vivid story, the key to the ability to talk about the story; there is no shortage of epic practices, the key to the ambition of the creation of epic. The TV series workers must be forged, and they need to put "find the topic, tell the story, take out the boutique", and externalize the row. In fact, those with noble spiritual beliefs have hidden in the daily drip of the hero, see if the creator has skill and wisdom to perform it in a good story. This is the third revelation of "merit" creation.

  In terms of the theme and content, the drama has focused on the narrative art of the TV series, concentrated on the real life experience of contemporary English model, with high-level personality, and efforts to achieve prototype human authenticity and artistic creation Harmonious blending, seeking young expressions in the context of the times, wrapping ideological themes with wonderful elements such as youth, ideals, growth, emotions.

In the "unknown hero" "Tu Yu’s gift" and other units, delicate individual narratives and emotional interactions are deeply moving, and the audience has achieved a common situation, which in turn will move the power of faith into the depths of the audience.

The data of the three video platforms shows that the young audience of "merit" accounts for the mainstream, the 18-39-year-old audience accounts for 67%, the audience is active, praise, 3 platform crash, "tribute" "Tears" "Good-looking" "Have a textured" slider screen, the admiration of the hero, love for the people of the motherland, and struggle for the biggest convention for the beautiful era. " In terms of structural and production, the drama is paved in units of cells, and each unit 6 episodes, short and delicate, compact, compact, compliance with the current trend of boutique short dramas. The picture of the movie feeling, the unique detailed detail, highly reduced scenes, clothing, props, etc., all highlight the aesthetic texture and innovation of the work. In order to take a good heroic deed that Li Yannian will take the team to recover the highlands, the crew spends a month in Yanji to restore the battlefield of the year.

"Sun Jiadong’s Tiandao" crew, almost a more than one reduction of Dongfanghong satellite, pipeline and screws. Shen Jilan’s story background is the countryside of the 1950s and 1960s. At that time, the village scene is now hard to find, and the crew is transformed. "Merit" excellence in "software" and "hardware" will have a demonstration and leading role on film and television creation. The great era calls for great works, and great works are all of the great age.

Artists continue to enhance the ambitions of writing new era, the historical achievements and historic changes, and climbed to the peak of ideology and culture, the main melody creation will rejuvenate. (The author is the secretary general of the China TV Art Committee): Zhao Yuxi "People’s Daily" (20th Edition, 2022).

The 6th Hebei Provincial Travel Service Key Project Construction Advances Promoting the Fusion Characteristics

People’s Daily News (Yang Wenjuan) On August 14th (Yang Wenjuan) At the beginning of the festival, he visited the Dongshan Range Rover Pavilion in Hebei Province. He overlooks the Qingxi River under the mountain, a giant color rice field painting exhibition in the theme of "Female Flying" is now in front of him. This rice field covers an area of ??more than 600 acres, consisting of green, yellow, purple, white and other color rice, plus the surrounding background, more than 1800 acres, looks magnificent.

This is one of the important landscape nodes of the 6th Hebei Provincial Tourism Industry Development Conference ("Provincial Travel General"). It is reported that after more than a month, the provincial travel conference will be kicked off.

So, what is the preparations for each node now? What is the progress of key project construction? …… Today, let us walk into the 邯郸, a peek.

Look at the red look at the industry: key projects such as Chi Chung, Tuanxian Park, stepping up the construction of the county is the revolutionary old area, with rich red tourism resources; also tourism county, ecological county, with national 5A scenic spots 娲 娲 娲 娲 娲 娲 娲 娲 娲 娲 娲 娲 娲 娲The former site of the Mr. One or Section, the Taihang Wuzhu Shan Scenic Area, Han Wang Jiuzhai Scenic Area, was rated as "National Ecological Demonstration County".

On August 13th, at the construction site of the Chi Lank, the project promotion person in charge of the staff is working hard, welding, handling, tipping bricks with workers, and many machinery are busy with the hanging pile, transport materials, and the site work is tight. . It is understood that the Chi Lings Park is the opening ceremony of the conference, located in the center of the eighth year of the Eighth Route, covering an area of ??more than 50,000 square meters, from a martial art memorial area, on-site teaching area, activity area Three parts composition.

After the park is completed, it can not only improve the visibility and influence of the memorial, but also meet the needs of daily education, patriotism education, and promote the development of red tourism, promote the economic transformation and upgrading of the old district. "The Chi Lings Park project is tight, the task is heavy.

Since starting, we are basically 24 hours stationed in the construction site. "Teacher Weining said that the overall progress of the current project has completed 93%, and it is expected to be built at the end of August.

Among them, the red flag sculpture completed 65%, which is expected to be completed on August 25; the overall completion of the square completed 90%, and the overall is completed on August 20; Shengli Road completed 85%, and the overall is expected to be completed on August 15; greening completed 75%, expected Finished on August 20.

The sharp reference is because of the fifth, this Canadian caught the attention of Chinese netizens …

Reference message network reported on December 4 (Text / Tang Lixin) 23:10 on December 3, a memorable moment.

At that moment, the Chang’e VIE took off from the moon and successfully sent a sample-carrying an episode to the scheduled ring moon.

This is our first time to take off.

Record this moment, don’t just pay attention to the Chinese people in the No. 5 dynamics, as well as friends on the other side of the ocean.

At 23:11 last night, the No. 5 episoding just took off, and many media’s news has not yet been issued, a Canadian netizen named Skot Tili has announced on the twitter: launch! How did he get the message so quickly? It turns out that Scott is a hobby of amateur radio, often uses the equipment in the home to detect signals from space, and the No. 5 is the focus of his recent observation. Every step in the No. 5th, Skot will follow up.

After the No. 5 episodes entered the booking track, Scott also sent a blessing again. Just sent a child to school, I saw the beautiful moon sunrise, congratulations on the success of the moon! He wrote in the congratulatory essay.

Many of the overseas netizens who care about the No. 5 are also relay in the comments, thank you and blessings: ▲ good! Wonderful moment! ▲ Scott is well done! Thank you so much! ▲ The task is completed! thanks for sharing! Scott’s twenty has also been concerned about domestic netizens. Some people forward his congratulations to Weibo, netizens also rejoiced.

Suddenly, if this world is so friendly. A netizen touched the scenery, and there was a feeling of this.

People who pay attention to the universe, the eyes and patches of seeing things are different.

Another netizen said. Indeed, when the No. 5 meter successfully successfully landed on December 1st, the Russian NAST is responsible for the head of international cooperation affairs, congratulations on this, and wishing China to successfully return to the moon. On the same day, the European Space Agency also expressed congratulations to China on social media. This is the performance of friends and patterns of netizens.

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on December 2, the spokesman Huaming Ying also pointed out in response: From the beginning, the Chang’e No. 5 detector probe is widely concerned and supported by the international community.

The European Space Agency has given this task for social media for 3 consecutive days and expresses the success of the task! See you! All countries such as Russia, the United States, Canada, France, are highly concerned with China’s probe mission, and it is considered that this task will be opened automatically in the moon and bring the sample back to the earth. The new chapter has revolutionary significance to increasing humans on the history of moon. She emphasized that China has always been committed to peaceful use of outer space, actively carrying out international exchanges and cooperation and sharing the development of aerospace development.

China will continue to promote international cooperation with the spirit of all mankind, to promote international cooperation with open inclusive gestures to promote outer space exploration and utilization.

Let us look forward to, 嫦娥 5 detectors are safe to go home! All works that are indicated "Source: Reference Message Network" are not allowed to be reprinted, extracted or used in other ways.

The anchor "Doll"

  Xinhua News Agency, Yinchuan November 20th, Qiqi "Dolls", the management of the Xinhua News Agency Ki, the 6-year-old boy is looking at the father’s plan to practice the eyes … Recent time, "Alternative" Non-adult is repeatedly exposed, triggering the popular discussion of public opinion.

  Recently, the National NetTrago Office will draft the "Internet Live Marketing Information Content Service Management Regulations (Draft for Comment)", "" Live broadcast marketers or live broadcast operators should be 16 years old. " Visitors believe that the comment on the protection of minors provides legal compliance, while ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of minors, but also need parents to reflect on their values, and the joint efforts of the school, platform, government departments.

  Live, "Dolls" on the short video, in recent years, live broadcast, short video platform, the anchor increased more increasingly, they attract eyeballs such as selling Meng, performance segments, sunshine skills, some minors anchor even become parents’ money tool.

  In addition to the "Net Red" Penqi, expect, some minors take the initiative to choose when "net red".

For example, on a short video platform, it is a 12-year-old boy with a two-class funny segment. Its family said that all short video is Selfie from the child, as long as he completes the operation on time, home and However more intervention.

Cao Hui, a psychological counselor, Tianjin Anti Hospital, Tianjin, said that the children’s idols are changing from singers, stars, and transform them into game anchors, "net red".

Some young children even use this as their own career plan.

  The reporter also saw the figure of the child mode on some short video platforms. Such as the short video account of a child mode, the fans exceed 1.87 million, the account signature is attached to the "a certain mother", the WeChat "personality signature" is "a certain – a boy model". Up to now, the short video released by the account is more than 210. Minors anchor "Do everything possible" to go to the eye, some legal professionals are concerned about this.

Lawyer, Li Jiaze, Sichuan French Law Firm, believes that short video and live broadcast are fresh things, relevant legal norms are still not sound enough, coupled with live exemplary, once the society is a "performance" of Xia Peiqi, the minor The anchor "I can’t blame", may cause a larger range of minors to protect the loss.

The introduction of the comment shows is very necessary and timely.

  The business behind "Nethong" is behind some parents to find ways to make children become "net red", and most of the economic interests are driven. In general, the main model of the anchor profit is currently the goods, commercial cooperation, fans "brush gift", etc., the premise must have enough popularity, so it is inevitable to bring over "development". – Belt.

Many accounts of many minors will bring goods such as "commodity window", some accounts will also indicate that "there are same clothes in the window". At the same time, some minors anchors play a "drainage" role, and some short video accounts are also attached to the goods, such as sales toothpaste, tea, etc., have also built group purchase group. –Business Cooperation. Some of the accounts of some minors have a contact information of business cooperation, and if you want to add a business partner micro-signal review, some accounts also require the other party to provide the company name, otherwise it will not pass. Business cooperation can be divided into online and offline, online cooperation is mainly advertising implants, with goods, etc., and the next is a child mode, performance, etc. For example, a 4-year-old "net red", a 4-year-old "net red", a 4-year-old "net red", recently, and the little girl also participated in a variety show.

  - Fans "brush gift". Minors anchor primarily primarily to post short video, but live fans will bring them income when streaming. In addition, short video account fans reach a certain amount, the account can be traded, the reporter saw, some anchor is selling short video accounts with a certain amount of fans in a friend circle. Multi-Party Guarantee Legal Rights Experts said that the anchor of minors was over "developed", which not only violated the growth law of minors, but in the past, the child or the parents were resentful, and they grew it in the contradictory mentality; over-exposure children’s life It will make it excessively dependent on others’ attention and praise, hinder its integration into real life.

Safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests requires the whole society to work together.

  First of all, parents should reflect on their values, can’t be fame and fortune, let the children are exposed, forced to perform, and even harm the child’s physical and mental health. Song Wei, the assistant researcher, the Assistant Researcher, the Assistant Student of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that the industry association and the competent department must strengthen supervision, clearly regulate the relevant shooting time, places, content, etc., which is strictly forbidden to force children to treat children, and prevent children. Adverse economic behavior, earnestly maintain legitimate rights and interests of children. Second, play the power of the school.

Cao Hui and others suggest that schools and teachers should promptly recognize short video, live broadcast on minors, and guide minors to win attention and acquire friendship.

  Again, increase the audit for minors to participate in live broadcast and clearly supervise responsibility. Yan Sanzhong, Vice President of Jiangxi Normal University Political and Law, believes that minors participate in live broadcasts, platforms are obliged to conduct corresponding audits, and should take a title measures for the rating of legitimate rights and interests of minors.

If the platform listens to the obvious violation of the principle of child protection, it should be seriously investigated. Finally, government law enforcement departments should undertake responsibility to protect the rights and interests of minors. Li Jiaze and others believe that in addition to strengthening industry legislation and supervision, cultural authorities, minors should be intervened in time, do not give space for a live broadcast of the legitimate rights and interests of minors.

Rizhao: Adhere to the two-handed two incorrectly to win the epidemic prevention and control and re-indiration double victory

November 8th, November 8th, November 6th to 7th, the Secretary of the Rizhao Municipal Party Committee Zhang Hui, the deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and the mayor Li in Wu’s work in Wu Lian County to prevent the epidemic prevention and control and the company’s completion.

Emphasize that the current five lotus epidemic prevention and control has achieved phased important results. Next, we must resolutely overcome paralysis ideas, loose emotions, and fully consolidate the difficult epidemic prevention and control situation, safe and orderly promote complex production, rehabilitation, and ensure that both hands are caught, two incorrect. On the afternoon of November 7, Zhang Hui and Li arrived at Wuji Group and Apex Tool Company, from November 7th, which has reached the replenishment from November 7, of which the number of compounds of Wuji Group has reached More than 2,000 people, stamping workshops, environmentally friendly equipped workshops, coating workshop production lines have been fully opened; Apex Tools Company has reached 1,500 people, and capacity utilization is 70%. At present, the order of two enterprises is sufficient and is adding horsepower production.

Zhang Hui, Li, Wu came to the production workshop, carefully inspected the production site, and in-depth communication with the person in charge of the enterprise, hoping that the enterprise is doing a good time to prevent and control, the premise of production safety, open the horsepower, and the loss of the loss of the epidemic return. At the same time, we must accelerate the improvement of enterprise innovation, and strive to create a new product with high added value and strong market competitiveness. The city should firmly establish a consciousness of the same boat and share the awareness of the wind and rain, and actively help enterprises to solve the utilization of the employees, funds, raw materials supply and product transportation, and strive to create a good environment for the production and operation of the enterprise. Since November 6th, 4 large supermarkets in Wulian City have resumed business, and other commercial supermarket stores in urban areas will also resume business.

Zhang Hui, Li, in Wu, I went to the Wulian Store of New Mart Shopping Center. Outside the supermarket, the masses queued in turn, registered in the scan code, and measured in the supermarket after the body temperature, the order in the supermarket, the goods are full. Zhang Hui, Li, in the military and supermarket, in-depth exchange, carefully ask the epidemic prevention and control, source protection, commodity prices, etc.

At the same time, actively organize the supply of goods, resolutely put quality, and effectively let the people restore consumption, safe consumption. Zhang Hui, Li Yu Wu also surveyed in the investigation of the anti-epidemic material transfer station in Wulian County, fully affirmed the important role of the transfer station in protecting materials supply, requiring further stepwise workflow, using big data, etc. More scientifically and efficiently do a good job in material security.

Zhang Hui, Li, who specializes in the anti-vloys, and represents the municipal government to fought in the Red Cross staff of the Municipal Party Committee, I hope that everyone will continue to carry forward the spirit of the Red Cross and Volunteers, and have good management. Each donation material is aware of the rectification of the Red Cross and volunteers in the actual actions.

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