Not a high eye,It is really not suitable.。”

“This era,If you are married,I can only pay my own,So I am so cautious.,Seriously considering the things between Mu Ziyi and what I am。”
“But only what I think about it.?
Mu Ziyi is too pursuit of perfection.。”
What is the Mu Zi’s Hold?,She understands。
Le Yu’s side,Laughing and looking at Blue Xin,This gimmick,Sleeping for half a year is still very beautiful,Lu Hao Cheng,I really love her as treasure.,Woman finding such a man,Really happy。
Blue Xin also looked at her smile,“so,Mu Zi Hon is very stupid,Want to give up such a good woman,I am unfortunately。”
He has been trying to chase,Will give him such a big blow on the occasion of success,I really have to make Mu Zizi’s can’t work.。
Le Yu smiles:“Say no。”
“Mummy,Uncle Mu will regret,For Mommy,If he does not work hard,Continued tires are not as good as。”
Of course sit behind,Smile。
Le Yu, a smile, laughing:“Correct,Our baby said,If he is like this,It’s really just a passer in my life.,I don’t mind more he.。”
Le Hao said so,I am actually very painful,She has been giving Muzi Hohuan,But Mu Zihao also wants to give her a chance.,Only she keeps a chance,And that person refuses to come,There is no way。
Blue Xin didn’t speak,Have a chance to have a chance?。
Several people arrived at the mall,Le Yu goes to stop,Blue Lu Jun pushes Blue Xin,The mother and child went to the mall to wait for Le Yu。
Impact,Just enter,I met Jiang Jing and Gu Ai’an.。
See the two,Blue Xin is also puzzled,These two are unhappy in the Lu Group,Now I am walking together.。
The three people saw these two women.,Instantly vigorously,Brothers and sisters are protected by mom in the middle。
“Yo!Jiang Lan Xin,I haven’t seen it for a long time.,I thought you were dead.。”
Jiang Jing is sarcasm,The face is mortic。
Lan Qiqi:“You died, my mother is living well.,Bad woman,One day you will get a retribution。”
She never allows others to bully her mother,Especially in front of her。
Jiang Jingyu and Gu Anan see each other,Gu Anan gave her a combo’s eyes.。
Blue Xinyi,The heart is dark,These two women are together,No good things。
The two stopped in front of Blue Xin,Looking at her is,“Jiang Lan Xin,You are from Little Singno,I didn’t expect to have a daughter but so like tooth.,If you have been like this,Maybe eat less bitterness??”
“Ha ha”Blue Qiqi suddenly laughed,Hand chest,Lift,A pair of clear stars and ginger,“Can Phoenix and chicken??
A pet,A loud,Are you Jiang Jing, is it very expensive??
One is no ,Old hens who only bullied people,I also dare to come out to shame。”
Blue sister, listen to my sister, see my sister, the king of this poisonous mouth,I can’t help but I’m.,Really, no one can make blue Qiqi。
“soy Mujer,Your mouth is really bad。
”Jiang Jingyi is going to the handsome。
Blue Xinyu,At that moment she put down in her hand,“Ginger,You dare to move my daughter try it.?”
Ice-cold voice,Let Jiang Jing, this slap is not hit.。
Gu Anan looked at Jiang Jing.,A cold,This ginger is also a bluff。
Jiang Jing, smiled and looked at Blue Xin:“Jiang Lan Xin,You think that there are Lu Haocheng to protect you.,I don’t dare to take you??
Don’t forget,You are bullied from small people。”
Lan Wei is gloomy,This moment,Like a sharp look at Lu Hao Cheng:“You should be grateful for my mother’s kindness,Did not drive you to kill,Finally, staying in your home.,Let your food, food, no worries,If I am my mother,hehe”He smile coldly,“Will not let you be so easy。
Don’t be so proud to bully my mother,If it is in a bad year,I can also let you sleep tomorrow.。”
How can Jiang Jing 晗 believe a child??

“Damn!So sleepy,I have not got up yet“Xia Jian lowered his voice and said,He is on someone’s kang,In case it is heard by Zhao Hong’s parents in the front yard,How bad is that。

Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“are you idiot!It’s past eight now,Sleeping in the sun will really get your ass。Hey!its not right!Your voice is so small,Where are you?“
Ouyang Hong of the ghost spirit seems to have found something,Suddenly asked such a question,But this time,Zhao Hong turned over,Bai Rulian’s arm came over,Then he kissed Xia Jian on the cheek。
“Xia Jian!you’re so boring,Actually listen to me,I tell you,Pingdu Daily,There are also a few small local newspapers that are all about you,I’m afraid this is a bit troublesome“Ouyang Hong shouted angrily on the phone。
Xia Jian hurriedly pushed Zhao Hong in his arms,But this woman is like chewing gum,Stick to him,No matter how hard he tried,She just won’t let go。
Ouyang Hong shouted impatiently on the phone:“Are you listening“
“I am listening,I was thinking,It’s a new year,They don’t have a good New Year,Why can’t you make it to me“Xia Jian facing the phone,Said hurriedly。
Ouyang Hong paused and said:“Things are already like this,Just let him go!The most important thing is to let the wounded recover as soon as possible,Don’t let the villagers have opinions on you,The rest,Let’s talk about it when I officially go to work!”
Ouyang Hong finished,Hung up the phone,Xia Jian still wants to say something,But it’s too late。Zhao Hong lying in his arms,Suddenly opened his eyes and asked:“Shall we go to the hospital today?”
“you’re awake?”Xia Jian asked in surprise。
Zhao Hong turned over and sat up,Talking while wearing clothes:“I woke up long ago”
Xia Jianyi listen,Dumbfounded,This woman really has her,She just pretended to be,Let him make a fool of himself in front of Ouyang Hong。Woman’s heart with needles,Really unpredictable。
What happened on the fourth night,Quickly faded by the taste of the year,The villagers are busy visiting relatives and friends,Few people mentioned it,But Xia Jian knew,This matter is not over yet,Should have just started。
First0197chapter East wind is coming
The eighth day of the first lunar month,General administrative units work on this day,Ouyang Hong is no exception。
Just finished the morning meeting,Assigned work tasks,When Ouyang Hong was preparing to call Xia Jian,Secretary Li of the town committee opened the door and walked in。

“Xia Jian!Did something happen to your friend??You can tell,Although Auntie said she took sick leave,,But after all, I have worked in the provincial capital for many years,I still know two people“Li Lan said with a serious face。This is the first time she asks to do things for others,Qin Xiaomin was also very surprised。、

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Thanks auntie!This is the little thing,I can do it myself“Xia Jian finished,One turn,Walk away。
In the detention room of the Provincial Public Security Bureau,Xia Jian met Xie Xiaoya。Xie Xiaoya at this time is no longer the beautiful and charming Xie Xiaoya in the past。Her face is haggard,Malaise,Especially the dazzling pair of handcuffs on her hand,Looks distressed。
“Sorry!I didn’t listen to you,I sent myself in。Almost brought you*bother,But this matter is finally resolved“Xie Xiaoya doesn’t wait for Xia Jian to speak,He said first。
Xia Jian asked in one breath:“What the hell is going on?Didn’t they say they couldn’t find you?Why do you appear in this place“
“I am not dead,They can’t find me to show their incompetence。But last night I received what they released,Only then did they know that they had killed you,I can only choose to surrender,Only in this way,To save you,Or I won’t forgive myself in my life“When Xie Xiaoya said this,,Already full of tears。
Xia Jian just understood,No wonder the police suddenly appeared last night,It turned out that Xie Xiaoya surrendered to the police。
Non-vegetation, ruthless Practice makes perfect,Xie Xiaoya has a deep love for Xia Jianyi,Xia Jian is not wood,How can he know。Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Surrender,Remake the regret in it,Come out again“
“Ah!I know,Before i go in,Have a small request,Don’t know if you can promise me。If you can promise me,I will cooperate with the police to explain the problem,Otherwise, even if I die,I won’t say another word“Xie Xiaoya said,Winked。
Xia Jian asked quickly:“any request,You speak first!“
“After i go in,Come and see me when you have time“Xie Xiaoya looked at Xia Jian expectantly,She seemed to be afraid that Xia Jian wouldn’t agree。
Looking at Xie Xiaoya with a pitiful look,Xia Jian nodded and said:“I promise you,I will come to see you when I have time“Xia Jian finished,Got up violently。Then a sharp turn,Walked outside。Xie Xiaoya cried bitterly behind him。
Great time,Was buried inside like this,Who do you say is not heartache。Xia Jian is a tough guy,But today I don’t know why,He is sad too,Two lines of tears flowed down without holding back。
From the Public Security Bureau,Xia Jian didn’t have any energy sitting on the big ben。He really can’t figure it out,Among the women he knows,Two have passed away,Obviously I learned something to save people,But he can’t save them。This is what he finds the most uncomfortable。
There are Lu Wanting and Xie Xiaoya,They are young but have to spend their great years in the high-wall compound,what is this?If there are no grievances in the world,The temptation of money without power,This world won’t have these things happen?Xia Jian can’t understand,His head hurts a little bit。
Lie down on the big ben for a while,Xia Jian drove to the convenience hotel,Xia Jian met the manager in the lobby,He asked if Yao Junli was in the hotel。The manager told him,Mr. Yao is in her office。
Xia Jian got on the elevator,Came straight to Yao Junli’s office。She didn’t knock on the door,But just opened the door and walked in。Yao Junli who was on the phone saw Xia Jian rushing in,Her surprised look。

Sun Yuejuan whispered behind her back:“I really have a daughter-in-law and forget my mother”Sun Yuejuan’s voice is a bit small,But Xia Jian still heard it all。

In the office of the village committee,Ma Yan is dealing with a thick pile of tables alone,When she saw Xia Jian,Then his eyes changed and asked:“What are you doing?”
“Let me see my wife!”Xia Jian laughing,Hurried over。
Ma Yan’s little mouth turned up,I gave Xia Jian with a fan,She asked coquettishly:“Who is your wife?There is not a single stroke”
Xia Jian pricked up his ears and listened,Found no one next door,So he boldly kissed Ma Yan on the face。Ma Yan was a little shy and white, Xia Jian said:“Tell me something!”
“Oh!I’m going tomorrowGZBusiness trip,It may take a few days to come back,So come back and report to your wife”Xia Jian joked。
Ma Yan was slowly amused by Xia Jian。She took a breath and said:“For the sake of your business trip tomorrow,I can forgive you this time,I won’t be so lucky next time”
“it is good!I know”Xia Jian said with a serious face。Actually he doesn’t even know where he is wrong。Since women are used to coax,Then he coaxed her。
Ma Yan is in a good mood,She smiled and said:“Since you are going on business tomorrow,I’ll leave for you tonight。My dad is not here,Mother is the only one at home,I asked her to prepare the dishes and put them in my room,Let’s go back and eat”
Seeing Ma Yan so happy,Xia Jian didn’t dare to talk nonsense anymore。So he smiled and said:“Then I call home and say”
Ma Yan has a lot of things on hand,Xia Jian sat on the edge and waited for her,She was busy until more than eight o’clock in the evening.。When two people walked out of the village committee together,It’s completely dark。
Ma Yan took Xia Jian’s hand,Happily leaned his head on Xia Jian’s arm。The two of them walked towards Ma Yan’s house without saying a word。
Ma Yan’s mother saw that Xia Jian was here,Appear very enthusiastic。After she spoke a few words with Xia Jian,And went back to the room。
The old man arranged the food and went back to his room with interest。Ma Yan asked Xia Jian to take off his shoes first,And forced him to wash his feet,This gave him a new pair of slippers。
Wait till these things are done,Ma Yan closed the door and said:“Why don’t you drink some wine for you?,dont you agree?”
“Don’t blow,From a woman,Can you have any wine”Xia Jian smiled,Eat chopsticks。Actually he is hungry at this time。
Ma Yan didn’t say much,Took out a box from under the bed and opened it,My darling,Six bottles,And this wine is not bad。

At this time,Suddenly someone laughed:“Life meets everywhere,I didn’t expect to see Xia Zhen here!We are really destined”Wang Youcai came over with a big smile,This made Xia Jian very surprised。

First1672chapter Encounter at a hot pot restaurant
Xia Jian looked at Wang Youcai,Asked coldly:“Why are you here?”
“Come out for a meal with brother,Unexpectedly, which ladies have to eat hot pot”Wang Youcai said,A few people sitting not far away。It turned out to be Tian Wa and Wu Wu,One of them is Xu Lihong,Another person is Feng Yan。The other with the kids is Julan。
Xu Lihong and Feng Yanxiajian have met,As for this Julan, of course he has never seen it。Tian Wa and Wu Wu had more than one chance to meet。
What’s terrible is when Xu Lihong saw Wang Youcai talking to Xia Jian,She also ran over。Remember the Spring Festival that year,Xu Lihong was taken to Xiping Village by Wang Youcai for the New Year,She met Xia Jian,And said something for a while。
“Yo!It’s you, President Xia!Haven’t seen you for a long time,But getting handsome”Xu Lihong has two beautiful big eyes,Sweeping on Xia Jian,There was a hint of charm in her laugh。
Xia Jiangang is going to speak,Wang Youcai rushed to say to Xu Lihong:“Don’t talk nonsense if you can’t speak,He is the mayor now,What summer and winter”When Wang Youcai said this,,Luscious eyes glanced at Tong Jie who was sitting next to Xia Jian。
Tong Jie has long heard of what Wang Youcai did,When she found out that Wang Youcai looked at her,She deliberately turned her face to the other side。This makes Wang Youcai a little embarrassed。
After all, Feng Yan is a woman who has seen the world with Hu Huiru,She didn’t move where she was sitting,I just nodded to Xia Jian,If you don’t pay attention,Can’t find it for a while。
“Hey!Which one with the baby is your wife??How did it change so much,I don’t even know each other”Xia Jian said this deliberately,He is just looking for words,Deliberately attacking Wang Youcai,Because he really doesn’t want to see this person。
Xu Lihong,Suddenly couldn’t help but smile:“His wife ran away with someone”
“Stinky girl!Get back,Are you talking here??”Wang Youcai sank his face pretending to be angry,Xu Lihong spit out her tongue at Xia Jian,Really ran back。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Boss Wang!You really have a womanhood”In Xia Jian’s words,It’s a bit of a satire of Wang Youcai。Don’t look at this guy’s chubby silly look,But the brain is not stupid,He heard it right away。
“Hi!Mayor Xia and I are nothing compared to that。These women brought by Wang Youcai,It’s all broken flowers and willows,And the woman next to Mayor Xia is not only beautiful,And not always a cadre,I’m so envious”Wang Youcai said,Laughed presumptuously。
Xia Jian is afraid that Wang Youcai’s words will be nonsense,So he lowered his voice and said:“Ok, boss Wang!You should go back,Otherwise they will wait,Some of the time we talk”
“What is she,I don’t hesitate to take care of them。But Mayor Xia is different,It’s hard to see the previous side。I come today,I want to say thank you,I want to ask,Does Pingyang Town have any good investment projects?,?”Wang Youcai said,Twisted butt,Sat in the empty seat beside Tong Jie。
This guy is really a plaster,Post it up,It’s not easy to send him away。Xia Jian and Wang Youcai grew up in a village,What kind of person is he,Xia Jian knows best。

“Let him in”

The attendant opened the goalkeeper Wang She invited in。
“Uncle Gan,Wang She came to see you”
Wang She handed a few gifts,Not yet in the house,Shouted。
“Why do you think of coming to me today?”
Willing to raise his hand,The king’s house put the gift aside,Find.
Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen:Arrived in Minglin,World trend
Fuming has changed into a suit,The face is still Ye Ming’s face,Waiting quietly in front of Wang’s door。
Wang She appeared outside alone,I saw Fuming when I went out,With a red crystal ring in his left hand,Take the lead,Slowly keep up。
“Mr. Ye,You don’t have to say anything,Just step on the teleportation array!”
Fuming nodded slightly,Came to Gan Xin’s office。
Gan Xinyi raised his head,And looked at each other with a calm face,Not going to see。
“Come with me”
Gan Xin leads the way,Take the two to a secret room,There is a person in the room with a strange light.

Li Haihu thought to himself:“Incapable,These grandsons don’t even know how great the ancestors are!”

His name“grandson”It’s really not a curse。
Said to Luming:“Lu Ming,The scream on the tree outside is annoying,Chop it to me!”
Lu Ming understands what Li Haihu means,More deliberately,Lightly,People are already floating in the yard,Li Zexuan was stunned,Rubbing his eyes vigorously,I just thought I was dazzled。
Luming walked to the tree,Straight off,Right hand down,Turn upside down;But he pulled his left hand up,Take advantage of the waist,Uproot that green poplar tree。
That green poplar tree is more than ten meters high,Waist thickness,Without roots, it’s more than ten thousand catties,Can’t be lifted easily with a crane,Not to mention manpower! “puff!”
Li Zexuan himself is kneeling on the ground,Kowtow and shouted:“Li Zexuan, the 28th generation grandson of the Li family, pays homage to the ancestors!”
Kowtowing even more,Is knocking on the floor“boom、boom……”Direct sound,Li Haihu laughed even more,Proud of:“A mortal, I said I can’t shock you!”
“okay,Get up。”
Li Haihu raised his hand,Li Zexuan only felt that an invisible force supported him,Can’t help myself,The waves in my heart are more shocking than seeing Lu Ming。
Li Jiacheng was naturally delighted when he saw that his grandson could make an exception to join the fairy sect,Even more:“I saw the true face of our ancestors today,It’s my father and son,I am willing to spend one billion……Do not……Ten billion,Spend 10 billion to establish a Lee family clan director fund,Let everyone who lives outside the Li family have books to read、Everyone Practices,Provide more qualified children for our Li Family Zhengtong!”
“it is good!”
Li Haihu is even more overjoyed,In this way,I also have more information on the clan assembly,Said with a smile:“What else you have come from a long way today will be mentioned together,I did it, you do it!”
Li Jiacheng hastened to thank you,Tell me about the conflict between Li Zekai and Chen Xiu again。
In addition to the ancestors of each family in Shennongjia, Chen Xiu,Others don’t know Chen Xiu’s real name。
Li Haihu didn’t take it seriously,I thought that Chen Xiu was just a son of a family,Said to Luming:“You send a disciple to follow Jiacheng back to Hong Kong Island,Kill that person。”
Lu Ming responded。

Blue Xin is shocked,I didn’t expect Lu Hao to appear here.,Is he reading a book at home??

And when she came out,Someone is still like a dried child,Poorly follow her,I want to go back early.。
“Blue,Are you OK!”
Lu Hao is very sinking,Concentrated care。
Blue Xin smiled slightly:“If you don’t appear here?,I really have an accident.。”
Blue Xin looks at the table corner,Heart has a lust。
Lu Haocheng looked at Lin Zikai after Blue Clouds.,Essentials have a touch of color,Time,Another moment is like winter warm sun,“Then I came here.。”
Be a joke,Faceless but very bad。
Blue Xin station,Look at it,I watched it back and glanced.。
Lin Ziwu,Just like a person who is fine.,The eyes are calm, the more,Looking obsessed with Lu Haozheng。
“Haojia brother,How are you here??”
Gu Ai’an smiles a gentle opening。
Who is the man in a suit from Lu Hao??
Gu An’an’s eye discovery,at this time,Put a pair and Lu Hao Cheng’s very familiar expression。
Lu Haocheng looked at her,Not talking,But look at Blue Xin,Temperature temperature and:“have you eaten?”
Blue Xin:“Um,I have eaten with my aunt.。”
Lu Haozheng,Slightly,Blue Xin, I saw his backward man standing in a handsome man wearing dark suit.。
Lu Haocheng introduced the road:“Li total,This is my fiancee, Blue Xin。”
Blue Xin:“”Everyone:“”Lan Xin did not think that Lu Hao became this introduction to his friends.,This is also the first time,Lu Haocheng said in front of him, she is his unmarried wife.。
Torn the vest,Blue Xin has some small helplessness!But when she heard this sentence ,Her heart does not exclude,Instead, there is a joy that has never been seen in the heart.。
Li Guanghe looked at Blue Xin,See her long hair,A pair of water spirit,Transferful brilliance,The whole person has a clean and beautiful breath.。
No wonder Lu Hao Cheng will like this girl,indeed,Such girl,It’s a man who wants to have,The spirit of the clear spirit on her body,Let her not be like a live man,A breath of fireworks that do not eat people。
He has seen a beautiful woman,But the first eye saw this girl’s feelings,very good,I really want to feel very strong with her.。
“Blue Xin Miss,Hello,I am a friend of Lu,Li Guanghe,nice to meet you!”
Li Guanghe is a pair of land and Luhaocheng,I am laughing at Blue Xin。
Lu Haozheng is the golden single male in Jiangyou.,Everyone said,He hate a woman,I have never been a woman around,I don’t know how to have a unmarried wife.,I don’t know how many people have been playing.。
Blue Xinhong face,Looking at Li Guanghe and smiling:“Li is good!”
Li Yina is looking at Lu Haocheng.,Rest assured,She looked at Lu Haozheng:“Continental,Since you come,I still have something,Just step by step,Blue is handed over。”
She still has a meeting to open.,Time is tight。
Lu Hao Cheng:“Teacher Li is slow。”

“Is a person in the well?”

“Yes,I heard that he also lost eight hands.。”
“what!?In the end what happened,Is there a doctor in the Well??”Qi Rui,
“So many people are also not surprising,I heard that they were ambush when they arrested a family.,The lost eight players were also rescued.,And people seem to have only one man and a female two people.,This time, Jun Xiu, it’s a shame.!”Watanabe Xiongger whispered,
“How many people do it in the well??”
“Sent fourteen people,The result is dead.!It can be seen that our enemies have more fierce。”
“Do you know what they are??”
“This way, people who don’t hesitate to protect the family, should be a common party.,So this time you have to look at you.,The family should still be in the legacy,You have to find and remove them as soon as possible!Long pool,If you succeed, you will be very big.!”
“Hayi!Please give me a family information,I will go back to arrange。”
NS125chapter There is blood on the seat!(Recommend!Ask for a monthly ticket!)
Watanabe Taboo did not forget the blacklist,For a long time:“Long pool,What I want to give you a list of people I want to disappear,Don’t be robbed,You are our special high school ace,I am full of confidence in you.!”
“Hayi,Watanabe length, despite rest assured,I will take the ax helper and the people in the car.,But I need a length of the class to give me a special pass.,Because these people are the best is missing,Not all being killed in the residence。”
“Long Pool Jun said very reasonable,Through today’s things, once the murder in the concession, they will think that we do it.,With your level special pass, you must have,But you must remember,This special pass only allows you to use it yourself.,Chen Jiaying and Yamei will give them separately。”
Watanabe Xiongtao personally gives a special action certificate and special pass,With these two documents, he can freely go to Shanghai.,But this is limited to him alone,If you have a south, you should accept strict review.。
Rui Rui returned to the pharmacy,Fu Yingxue has not awake,Chen Jiaying has always guarded her.。
“Ritual,Is there any new situation??”
“Special high school is not alive this time.,The command given to me is the person who must disappear.,Especially a family of 蔚 元洲。”
“We don’t work according to the original plan.。”
“Need to change a change,Jiaying Sister is rest assured,I have a number in my heart.,Take care of Xiaoxue,These things are given to me。”
Shenghui car line
“Big brother,Situation!”Lu Zhengnian mysteriously said that Zhou Dawliang and Li Nancheng whispered,
“You come with me.。”
Zhou Dak,Li Nancheng came to Lu Zhengnian to the yard of the car,I saw the brothers of the two pulling holes and found the expression of the New World.,Asked more confused:“what happened?”
“You look at the seat。”Lu Zhengnian pointed to the scenery on the seat,
Zhou Dawiang and Li Nancheng look at the lights,Ask:“who?”
“Big brother,I have a gun battle in Fuyong Lane.,One of the men and a female two people killed ten people to save a three-person person.,The woman was injured,Later, the woman got off the bus and called the car.,After that, I changed the small Tang car.!”
“Doesn’t it say that ten people are Japanese casual clothes??Wait,This blood is the female hero!?”Zhou Da Liang asked,
“good,That a hero,Where did you know where she is going??”
“Don’t sell!Hurry!”
“Xiao Tang pulled her to the boss’s Huimin pharmacy,This woman is giving himself a hundred meters into the pharmacy.,Then there will never come out again.!”
Shenghui car line is the biggest car in the legal rental.,Almost everyone in sports cars here is this car.,Rui Rui, cultivated their habits of collecting intelligence,So these drops will record the special things.。
Today, there are several drivers to see the gun battle in Fuyong Lane.,And just that Fu Yingxue is alive when it is one of them.,Although she put on the jacket at the time,But it is still being recognized by the car.。
Especially the blood on Fu Ying snow left on the seat.,This is even more big to make the car.,So two drivers reported the matter directly to Lu Zhengnian.。
“You said that the rescued woman entered the boss’s Huimin pharmacy never came out.?”Zhou Da Liang listened to what suddenly thought,
“Yes,That woman should be a gun,At that time, she lost too much walking.,She is very strong into the pharmacy,The pharmacy is then closed.,Qi boss is in the pharmacy at the time。”Xiao Tang said,
“Who is they saved??”
“Is a family of 蔚 元洲!”