Little Chang’e chewed it so crumbly,Two plump cheeks,It’s so cute that you want to pinch it。

“Let’s go see Mubang,See if there are any good rewards?”I wish Minglang have nothing to do,Plan to find some work。
Zhu Minglang is not a person who is good at governing cities,What’s more, there are so many subordinates right now,If they don’t go busy for this city, do they have to run errands for the city owner himself??
same,Lai Yunzi has no interest in the management of the city。
She is only responsible for taking down the city,Develop a strategic direction,The rest is the affairs of the officials of this city。
Hu family brothers and sisters are naturally better at rebuilding this Runyu City than them,And they are in high spirits,As if to be reborn,Haven’t slept for several nights。
“OK,The smell of blood is everywhere in this city,It’s good to go out,I’ll call sister。”Nan Yusuo has been too idle for a long time。
Fight in the city,She was not involved at all。
I was in the Zulongcheng Gang,Nan Lingsha and Nan Yusuo are in charge of the Nan clan,Basically live in how to train your dragon,They are more concerned about college matters,The affairs of the Nan family,They don’t even bother to take a look。
The wooden list of Runyu City is actually quite special。
It’s not just a reward from Runyu City,It’s the appointment of all the countries in the entire Tawny Earth、The reward will be hung out,Many of them are worth hundreds of thousands,Even a huge reward of more than one million。
On the one hand, I wish Minglang need to take Fang Niannian to other countries to purchase dragon grains,On the other hand, saving money is consuming rapidly,Considering that there are only four dragon pets now,I should reserve more milk powder!
Runyu City is in an extremely chaotic stage,There are still many people in the city,Relying on different skills to make a living,Now has a clear attribution,And there is an order,You can see that the number of people walking around in the city has increased significantly。