Li Hui said with the wind.,Let Miao Xiaoxue on the side。

Soon four dishes and one soup, another bottle of five grain is back。
See the bottle of five grain fluid,Shen Tian Si is also a sweethen。
“Lee brother,Fortunately, I have to go.,Otherwise, I feel that I have to be swallowed by you.。”
“Shen Da Ge,You can don’t joke.,Where can I have any sugar-coated shell??”
For the discourse of Shen Tian Si,Li Hui is also a glimpse。
He doesn’t know how the other party will suddenly say this.,After all, he has always been to develop mountain villages.。
Even with Shen Tiansi from the beginning to the end, there is no such thing as a bribe.。
“Your bottle of five grain,Say less than one thousand pieces?
This table is not your bottle of wine.,You said this is not a sugar-coated shell.?”
“Forehead,Shen Da Ge,I didn’t expect you to care about it.,I have not intended,And this is not me.,It is the boss to give me a boss.,I know that you are so expensive.,I am not got.。”
“certainly,Drink with Shen Da Ge,It is the general five yuan, I can drink 50,000 bottles.。”
Li Hui said with the wind and said that he gave it to Shen Tianzi.。
Shen Tiansi heard that Li Hui Feng this,I am also very happy in my heart.。
“Lee brother,You change enough to change enough.,In the past, you never said these words of the words.,What is this now??”
“Hey-hey,These but there is no meaning in Apheric,I said before,You may feel that I am smothering the horse.,But now you have to take it.,What I naturally say?,And I am talking now.,You will not have some other feelings.。”
“Hahaha, I said, but you,Your kid, this mouth is getting more and more powerful.,Let’s drink a cup first.。”
I heard Shen Tiansi.,Li Hui also touched a cup.,Drink all。
Day night,Li Hui Feng did not mention the tea half word,Shen Tian Si is not mentioned,Both people discuss future development issues。
Shen Tian Si gave Li Hui Feng a lot of suggestions,Step-by-step development,Synchronization,Don’t worry too much。
Li Hui also nodded。
But he actually doesn’t think so.,He also wants to develop his hometown early.,Go to Qin Su Ya early,Although Qin Su Ya disappeared,But things you know from ginger too,He feels that ten eight nine is really。
Every time I think of the other party,His heart will always be inexplicably painful。
To say the favorite woman,He is afraid that he will choose Qin Su Ya.。
After all, he did not inherit before.,In fact, I have an inexplicable love for the other party.。
But at that time he didn’t know.,Later, the situation of the other party was in the same way.。
after that,Still the opponent’s initiative,He dares to take that step。
Recall now,He feels that he really is weak.。
I will let a woman confess。
How much courage is that。
If everything can come back,He will not be the same。
Day night,Shen Tian Si is also a few things,That is, he will have a good development.,Go to Shen Tian Si to build a investment,After all, this year’s investment promotion is a big problem.。
And a place wants to develop,No investment promotion is not feasible。
For these,Li Hui is all agglomerated one by one.。
After drinking a bottle,Shen Tianzi said nothing.,Instead, I have been chatting with Li.。
Talk directly at 10 o’clock,He decided to leave。

Zhao Haiyi followed in the car,Yu Shi told him to call her if he needs help。

In the night,The ambulance with the red light disappeared at the street corner,Take away Zhang Xiaoxue,Also took away the past grudges。
Even if she is vicious,Should not pay the price of life。
Yushi still hopes she gets better,Lead a normal life。
“Poetry,Let’s go!I’m so hungry,Really want to eat。”
“it is good,Go back and cook braised pork!”
“Let me do it,you take a rest!”
“it is good!”
The two embraced into the villa,Happy figure reflected on the French windows,Really good-looking。
That night,Zhao Haiyi sent a message,Zhang Xiaoxue’s life is not in danger,I can be discharged tomorrow。
After Ji Yunfeng left,Because thinking about what Zhang Jinpeng said during the day,Toss and turn,Didn’t sleep well all night。Afraid Ji Yunfeng is worried,She didn’t tell him about it。
She didn’t know if she went to see Ji Wenchang rashly,But to find out the truth,There is only one way。
the next day,Yushi strengthens the spirit,I went out after a meeting at the company。Carnival Property is not far from Hengneng Property,It takes half an hour to drive。
She doesn’t know if Ji Wenchang is here,Can you see her,But her eager mood no longer allows her to delay even one minute and one second。
As soon as Yu Shi walked into the lobby on the first floor of Carnival Estate, she was stopped by the receptionist,You can’t see Ji Wenchang casually without an appointment。She took out her business card,Xu was surprised by her identity,Xu felt that the general manager of Hengneng Real Estate came to see their chairman to discuss important matters,The receptionist made an exception and called the chairman’s secretary。quickly,Yu Shi was invited in。

“I have already answered you.,She is very strong,I have no idea,However, every place in each of them has a common feature.,That is where there is a congenital auction.,Or there is a large capital place。”

Li Hui Feng looked at the pale blue eyes under the mask,The eyes did not lie to him.。
Immediately, I nodded.:“Ok,You ask your question.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,The other party is also very satisfied。
I took out a small jade bottle in my hand.,Laugh:“I want to know where the life of the life you said is coming.,Because this is basically the same as Qin Miss,But your effect is more powerful.。”
“Ms. Qin Niri is a spring water of the martial art.,Tens of drops will be dropped every year,You should be right.?”
The opposite thing is finally the mystery of Li Hui’s heart.。
“I am not,But my secret is also my secret.,I am afraid I can’t tell you.,Because I take it every time I also take the danger of nine deaths.,There is a powerful monster guard。”
I think we can work together.,To flatten the original liquid you have,how do you feel?”
With the breakthrough of purple hair men,The other two people tied to take the breakthrough, let him understand,Li Hui’s life is completely enhanced their overall strength.。
If the overall strength is improved,So what is the problem that the gang of the White Palace is not a problem?。
He can fully control the resources of the whole country,Even resources around the world must fall into his hands.。
I think that he is excited.。
Chapter 151
“This is afraid that it will not,After all, the place belongs to the top secret place.,The most important thing is that you also understand the importance of life.,Nothing makes me unable to resist the conditions,I may not agree。”
Li Xiangxi thought about it or refused.。
After all, he also thought about letting these people to go to the Bermuda triangle.,But it is not allowed to have gone.。
These people can not look at ordinary people.。
“If I offer you the place where the next Qin Ming appears??”
“The next time she appears, I can find themselves.,But if you provide me,I can give you a bottle of life.。”
Li Hui’s words allow the other party’s pupil to shrink directly.。
In an instant, he even wanted to solve the problem with violence.。
Just thinking that Li Hui Feng has some metamorphosis,He decided not to have no need to give each other hard.。
“Row,I will take the initiative to find you.,But the life of life is really trying to cooperate with you.。”
“I hope you can think about it.,As long as you can agree,I can even let you become the largest capitalist of the United States.。”
“Even the highest striions you see is not to let you come to a Chinese man.。”
Li Hui listened to this, laughing directly。
“City owner,I think you are wrong.,You feel this level of this level,Will this identity care??”
Be said by Li Hui,The other party is also a glimpse.。
After all, Li Hui said that it is really not wrong.,At their level,How much is it?,It seems that it is really a favor.。
“plum!Although you are right,But you should also understand,If we go out, it is also alive with ordinary people.,If we expose our capabilities,The result will definitely be destroyed by the law enforcement team.。”
“And your Huaxia has its own law enforcement team,If you are evil,They will definitely do not pay。”
“so,Some of the conditions I give,You should think about it.,After all, some people can’t reach that height for a lifetime.。”
Li Hui Feng did not expect that the country also has a so-called law enforcement team.。


Hurry over,Do you want myself to unlock the belt??”
I heard the urgency of hairy,Cai Qiuyu has some trembling slowly sitting next to the long foal,Then slowly kneel down。
Going back to Xu Kun in the second floor, some lost mobile phone,A Zhang Sheng Live in Cai Qiuyu in the mobile phone,Every life photo is a little bit of his life.。
When he saw the message of Cai Qiuyu,The whole person is stunned.。
“Akun,I love you,I really love you so much,But I don’t take me with them.,They will definitely kill you.,You must save me,I may be long-haired,You see the boss,The boss will save me.,Akun,Can I meet you more?,Just look at you.,I am worse.,I have no face, see you.。”
Information content is very short,But the meaning of expressing, but Xu Kun is still surprised and scared.。
For a time, he even has some messages.。
I think that the long hair is going to take the hand in Cai Qiuyu Waist.,He also understands immediately,The long hair started to start a bad idea。
Think of a scene with Cai Qiuyu,Think of the other person’s smile。
Think of the beautiful people like each other,Can returning to the countryside with him,He feels that it is for each other.iEverything is worth it.。
immediately,He is also riding a motorcycle, and rushed toward the cottage outside the village.。
Li took the wind at this time, just happy with two people.,At the same time, it is also ready to let the old man move to the second floor.。
But how do he persuaded?,The two old people don’t seem to have the heart.。
Just when he thought, he gave two old people to re-cover this tamah house.,Outside the door, Xu Kun took an anxious voice with a cry.。
Chapter 771 Conditions
“Little girl,Helpful,Little girl”I heard Xu Kun’s anxious voice.,Xu Ruzhen and Li paid with the wind, there were also Xu Dashan, which was quickly got up.。
Xu Kun saw Li Hui Feng’s moment,There is no two words directly Peng’s place.。
Then, it is Peng Pepeng’s hoe.。
“Brother,I beg you to save autumn rain.,As long as you can save the autumn rain,I am willing to give you this life.。”
Looking at Xu Kun, the forehead has begun to bleeding,Li Hui is also a glimpse,He feels that this time does not seem to make a fake.。
What do you stand up first?,I don’t understand what you said.。”
Xu Kun heard this,Also hurry up,Quickly tell things,At the same time, the information sent to him by Cai Qiuyu allowed Li Hui to see it.。
Li Hui Rong and Xu Ru Wei see the content of the information is also directly opposite.。
Li Hui can see that Xu Ru is not to bear,I want to save Cai Qiuyu。
“You are waiting here first.,I will call Jin Xijie.,Let them put people first put it again。”
Jin Xijie received a call from Li Hui,It is also true that people are looking for people.。
Chang Hair is comfortable to close your eyes.,In front of a brother,Want to hard up for a while,As a result, as a ringtone ringing,But it is directly that he can’t hold it again.。
When I received a call,His face is ugly。
At the same time, it is also evil-looking to Cai Qiuyu.。
“Calculate your luck,You get off,remember,Our matter is not finished,I will find you in the next day.。”
Finish,Let people open the door directly,Put Cai Qiuyu。
Cai Qiuyu’s face after getting off the bus,The taste of the mouth makes her feel disgusting。
But I heard the words of the long hair.,She feels that her life has seen the sun.。
She suddenly had a kind of impulse。

suddenly,Bai Xiaoru asked Xia Jian about the topic:“Why did you come here for coffee?Not shopping!”Bai Xiaoru said,Looked at the place where Xia Jian sat。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Came in after passing。What happened,Do you want to buy you a dress?Still have some time,If it doesn’t work, I will accompany you around,Right to thank”
“cut!The consumption in this place is very high,I can’t afford to be a poor reporter”Bai Xiaoru sighed and said。
Xia Jian hesitated and said:“Let’s go!Now that we are together,Choose your own clothes,I’ll pay for the money,how about it?”
“not very good,You are not my boyfriend,Why buy me clothes”Bai Xiaoru gave Xia Jian a white look,He lowered his voice and said with a smile。
Xia Jian:“Ah!”Said:“You helped me so much,What happened to the clothes??Moreover,Even if you didn’t help me,But we are still friends,Can you say no。If you admit,Let’s start now”Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。
Although he is just a poor township head,But for money, he really has no shortage。So Xia Jian also figured it out,It has to be spent when it should be spent。To know,He hardly spends money on women,If he is like Wang Youcai,The women around are all a few miles away。
Bai Xiaoru hesitated,So he stood up and followed Xia Jianchao outside the cafe。
Try to figure out what a woman thinks,Xia Jian still has some experience。He took Bai Xiaoru directly to the sports brand store on the sixth floor。Walked a few steps,So I chose a store and walked in。
Bai Xiaoru is satisfied with the clothes in this store,I can see that she still loves money。Watched several sets,I haven’t decided on a set。
Xia Jianxin Yiheng,To the female clerk:“Which dark green one to take down,Let her try”
“No need to,too expensive,More than 800?My salary for a month is gone”Bai Xiaoru hurriedly said。
Xia Jian ignored Bai Xiaoru,But let the female clerk bring him which suit,Then he just pushed Bai Xiaoru into the fitting room。

“Nothing,What we do,Without breaking the law and discipline,I’m afraid they won’t make it。Stay calm about this,I see who this person is”Xia Jian said calmly。

Xiao Xiao thought about it:“We run the factory,The dust has settled。So you are willing to stand up,Can’t dodge anymore”
“Also,you are right,I can’t play anymore and disappear,Otherwise, it’s a bit too much.。I want to visit Hu Huiru in the provincial capital”Xia Jian said,Suddenly the topic changed。
Xiao Xiao frowned,Asked a little displeased:“What are you looking for?This woman is an old fox。Our entrepreneurial group is giving her a good deed”
“Hu Huiru is a bit snob,But she is not bad-hearted。I want to leave the building of the factory to her people,One is that their team is sure to have this ability,Second, I want to ask her for help,Work first and then pay”When Xia Jian said this,,Serious face。
Xiao Xiao heard what Xia Jian said,Can’t help but froze。She thought for a while before she said:“I’m afraid she disagrees,If she can do that,We don’t have to worry about our funds”
“I can talk to her about this,If profitable,She can do it。Also you know,These builders in Bucheon,One is that I don’t believe them,The second is to advance so much as soon as the construction starts,Most people really can’t do it”Xia Jian gave his reason。
Xiao Xiao stood up,She walked back and forth in the room twice and said:“Maybe you are right。There is no permanent enemy,No friends forever。Hu Huiru, this woman only has money in her eyes,She is the real businessman”
“You have agreed,That’s it。I will go to the provincial capital to do these things tomorrow,You have to hurry up。Set the start date,Then estimated the progress of the project,Speak with data。You do these jobs,Let Lin Wei do it”
“and also,It’s almost the end of the year。How much blood do we get,Give me a Spring Festival condolences or something。Good relationship,Our later work will progress smoothly”Xia Jian said with a smile。
Xiao Xiao nodded and said:“Ok,I will discuss this with Miss Jin。Don’t worry!It is best to go back to Pingdu when you have time”
“Ok!I’ll go down and prepare”Xia Jian finished,Finish the tea in the teacup,So he got up and went downstairs。

The boy took a look at Liyun before going to bed,Is actually a reminder and warning,If Li Huo doesn’t wake up again,He won’t give him any chance。

This warning will actually cause two completely different results,Lihuo will choose to resist in the end or repent?
Juvenile estimate,The latter is very unlikely,But if he chooses to resist to the end,Will produce new variables,Will even push the brother away from home to a dead end,It will also force the boy to retreat。
And at this special moment,Teenagers can’t choose either,Elder Hao must save,Dongfang Ruiqing must die too,Not clear this obstacle,Even if Li Tan wanted to talk,The boy didn’t have any chips and graspers to fight against Brahma.,This is the cruelty in front of me。
The boy really fell asleep,Even snoring,The people sitting around the bed are still silent,Their mood is quite complicated,The elders are most in favor of juvenile opinions,But the consequences are too serious,He can’t bear it,So choose silence。
Elder Qi is most opposed to juvenile impulse,But he is also very contradictory,Just watched Elder Hao slowly die in pain after being skinned and cramped?Let Dongfang Ruiqing ride on everyone’s head and shit?Let the coalition forces wipe out the Five Elements Island little by little?He can’t do the same,But we are very different,It won’t help to catch the life of a teenager,How to choose?
Elder Yi was originally a hot temper,I naturally agree with the coping of young people,But it is also not optimistic that the teenager can defeat Dongfang Ruiqing,Of course you can’t gamble if you have no chance,How to resolve the immediate crisis,Save Elder Hao,He has nothing to do。
Elder Jin’s attitude is the most calm,Even with half-dangling eyes,Like meditating,No one knows what he is thinking,No one really wants to explore what he is thinking about,Because Elder Kim never gives opinions on major issues,Even to say,And the last to be forced,So in the elders,His presence is the lowest。
Only Liyun sweats profusely,Sitting like a needle,He naturally understood the look in the boy’s eyes,But I didn’t expect that young people would be so unrelenting,Life is hanging by a thread,If stubborn resistance is a dead end,He is just such a brother,How can I stand by?
“Is it uncomfortable to leave the manager??”Elder Qi is right beside Liyun,I can see clearly his restless state。
“Okay,Okay,It’s just that the minor injuries from the day before yesterday have been repeated。”
“Oh,Treat the injury if you have an injury,I’m waiting here,You can rest assured。”
“Not get in the way。”
“Don’t force it。”Elder Yi also persuaded,“Young palace lord does not know when to wake up from this sleep,It’s not like everybody takes turns,The old man is here first,Rotate after two hours,Just follow our seat order?Heal the injury before leaving the manager。”
Everyone has no objections,Too many things on the island,Also guard against coalition forces,Some boil it,Not nurturing the spirit,Can’t hold it。
Three elders filed out,Li Yun hesitated for a moment,In the end, he left the study without saying anything。
The teenager turned over,A sigh,Then went to deep sleep,Elder Yi seems to feel,But after thinking about it, he shook his head,He speculated that there might be something unspeakable in Liyun,But I never dared to think about Lihuo。
Several elders on shift,Until the next morning,But never saw Liyun,Everyone only needs to rest when his injury relapses,Didn’t think deeply,His name was listed symbolically during the schedule,But didn’t really take it seriously。

Lock the car,Xia Jian looked back at the third floor。This look,Only Xia Jian knew,What is he looking at。

In Luo Yi’s own words,She grows up,This is the first time I saw snow。She took Xia Jian’s arm,He Xia Jian returned home happily all the way。
“Ouch!Come back early when you see snow,I’m really worried”Sun Yuejuan pulled Luo Yi over,Lightly slap the snow on Luo Shang’s body with your hand。
Xia Zecheng quickly opened the door of the stove,The flames in the furnace burst out immediately。In fact, there is a saying that is true,That’s not cold when it snows。
Luo Yi couldn’t stay in the house at all,She put on a pair of shoes,Ran into the courtyard and piled up snowmen。
Look at Luo Yi like a child,Sun Yuejuan couldn’t help telling Xia Jian:“Jianer!Mother think,This kid has a great personality,And my special way”
“is it?You haven’t seen her when she lost her temper”Xia Jian smiled,Whispered to my old lady。But he was right,Miss Luo has a temper,He has already learned。
Xia Zecheng standing by the side smiled:“See what you said,She is a rich lady,It’s not good if you don’t have a temper”
“What are you talking about?Xia Jian!Come help me build a snowman”Luo Yi in the yard,Snow all over my body。She was busy,But the snowmen are still not piled up。
Xia Jian was infected by Luo Yi’s joyful appearance,He took off both of his coats,Then rushed into the heavy snow。 Soon,A cute little snowman is piled up。
Xia Jian made some styling for the little snowman,Looks very realistic and cute,Make Luo smile。The two had a snowball fight in the yard,Happy like two kids。
The heavy snow fell till night,Snow covered people’s feet,Walking is a little hard。When it gets dark,Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu ran in through the heavy snow。
Two of them,Two bottles of wine in one hand,One raised a few catties of cooked beef。Chen Erniu walked in,Shouted loudly:“Xia Shu!You can fix these beef,Let’s have a good drink tonight”
“Your aunt stewed mutton soup,Now there is beef again,Really all alive”Xia Zecheng took the beef from Chen Erniu and walked towards the kitchen。
Sun Yuejuan is adding condiments to the pot by the fire,She smiled and said to Xia Zecheng:“You put it on the chopping board,I’ll mix it with you when I’m done”
“do not!We just want to eat the beef mixed with Xia。His cold beef is a must in our Xiping Village”Chen Erniu said with a big smile。

Bang,The right side of the Jinbei car has hit the side of the van,Then there was a very harsh metal rubbing sound,Liu Yongzhi left the co-pilot position long ago,despite this,It was still thrown onto the windshield by huge inertia,Due to pre-protection,Although the windshield has a big hole,He was not thrown out,It’s just that the whole person doesn’t look good anymore。

The few people in the carriage were basically thrown into ground gourds,Ji Xuejun picks the best position,But personal ability seems the worst,After falling directly into the passenger seat from the middle of the car,If it’s not the back of the chair against his body,,I believe he can be thrown out directly。
An Yongxiang is not okay,Smashed head and bleeding,The only advantage is that there is a meat pad,No further harm,His mat is Ji Xuejun。
Although Wen Feng’s appearance is not good,But hidden,I have two brushes,He actually pulled off the guard on the back of the chair with one hand,Two somersaults,Unscathed。
of course,Tao Meng is the most resistant,He is the only one who didn’t fall,Hold the back of the chair in front of you with both hands,Actually bent the backrest,The damage caused by this hard resistance is also great,Severe pain in both arms,Muscle strain,Really helpless,His responsibility is heavy,Must always pay attention to external hazards,Keep watching Wen Feng。
at this time,Except Tao Meng,The only sober person is Old Gu,Although he was blown up by the airbag with blood on his face,But the hand does not stop,Quickly re-engage,Repeatedly hit the left and right directions,Try to get rid of the contact between the front right face of the car and the opponent,His movements are very skilled,The car left the other side after a few errors,Soon,He immediately hit the throttle again,The broken Jinbei car rushed to the left green belt。
No one knew why Lao Gu did this,Only Tao Meng stared at the whole process,It can be said that Lao Gu saved everyone on his own,Because the Cummins behind suddenly accelerated and charged up,Although a head is on the back of the Jinbei car,But the opponent’s two cars flanked back and forth,The conspiracy to squeeze the Jinbei car into scrap has been shattered。
The Jinbei car that has been severely damaged was so topped,Plus its own speed,Direct thrust barrier,Rush to the opposite lane,The huge inertia cannot be controlled at all,Unfortunately, it collided with a car on the opposite side,The Jinbei car was hit and turned around,Then turn down the roadbed,That car is even worse,The front face almost disappeared。
The roadbed is not high,The drop is about three meters,The surrounding area is basically wild land overgrown with weeds,But even so,The Jinbei car was also deformed,Reclining on the wasteland。
Tao Meng was the first to crawl out of the car window,After another impact,He was also injured,I don’t even know where the pistol I was holding fell.,Fortunately, there is a spare,He rolled and crawled towards the driving position,The first thing I saw was Old Gu,Blood on his face,Gasping with open mouth,
“Old Gu,You are so?”Tao Meng shouted loudly,Stretch out the door,It’s a pity that the doors and windows were broken and deformed,Can’t open at all。
Anxious Tao Meng ran to the other side again,He didn’t even see his comrade Liu Yongzhi,Tao Meng’s mind was immediately stunned,So the probe looks inside,Not far away is An Yongxiang’s big face,Round eyes,Almost lifeless。
“How can you catch your breath??”Tao Meng feels anxious,Fortunately, although the co-pilot’s door is deformed,But the corner of the door is turned outward,He tried to calm himself down,Observe the door handle carefully,Stretched his hand twice,Just take out the pistol,A shot at the keyhole。

Hundred sword light circulation,Disorder,Each handle is divided into ten,Hundreds of handles are more。

Red ray crossing,Weaving into a huge fire network sword,In a red shroud,The flame is covered with,The kettlements in the canyon continue to ablate,The body is rigid to make black smoke,The next second is steamed to smoke.。
“Mullion,Dare to fierce!”
Ghost will be cold,Remove the long bow behind,Two long arrows catch the bow strings,Waiting for the bow,Two black arrows,One shot from Yan Chixia and Liao Jie, respectively.。
Liao Jie supports the red roll,Blocking the arrows from the chest,the other side,Yan Chi Xia is rushing to the ghost,The palm continues to take the palm of the palm。
Concert of pupil,Yan Chi Qixia is unlucky,The big sword is in the hand straight ghost。
Manager,Then, it’s more better than anywhip.。
Not him,Swordway,He has always been!
Chapter 209 Montenegro
Sword gas,Smash,Ghost will look up to Yan Baxi,Abandon bow sword。Accompanied by a humming,His hands long sword eagle,Pounds of the sword,Mighty,After the first arrival arrived in Yan Bixia。
Yan Chixiao,Painted sword,Block the fierce blow,Border,Big,Far from the boulder。
“Swordsman,See your swordsman,Before living, there must be less people in the world.……Dare to report your name?”
Yan Chung Qixia Face,Hipster,Have you know,Ghost people are right,Pounds of swordsmanship,How much is better than Xiahou?,He is a little bit of this battle.。
“Birth premise,After the death is just an nameless ghost,I am the dead city army,Yan Chixia,Hand your head!”
Ghost will raise your hand on the horse,Border,Black lightning disease,A distance to dozens of feet,Raise your hands,Ghostless long sword straight to Yanshan Bixia’s throat。
Jianfeng finger,Wind thunder。
Feel the ghost to strong swords,Yan Biai does not dare to have slightly slow,Fully urgent Jin Guangjian Net,Step forward,Direct hit。
Two big swords,Both swords are condensed in this hit,Air 嗡,One of the water curtains,Centered on two people,Rapid spread。
Ghost,Ghostless long swords collapsed,More than ten steps after a connection。
Yan Bixia back three steps,Long sword,Stop the shape of the back,Faces come back and forth between the blue white,Horn angle overflows blood red。
“Although you have the benefits of the gods,But after all, the flesh,The enemy is not dead,This battle,It’s me.。”Ghost will revitalize the sword,Wind and thunder,Pastility is like a river,In the continuous sword stroke of Yan Chixia circle。
Yan Biai reluctant,Several breathing will be restored,Jin Guangjian is getting up,Layer layer stacking down the sword。
Sword,Two people shot each time,I am so fast to find the naked eye.,gradually,Yan Biai fell into the wind。
“Yan Chixia,You are not my opponent,Negative angiitance is just a delay time,Now plead guilty,I am planning to ask you in front of Montenegro.。”
Yan Bianshi sword sword,Take more than 10 meters,Sword。
“how,You finally surrendered to death.?”
“Daylight,I have a good time.,Why do you want to kill?!”
Yan Bixiahhis,Acknowledge:“You said my physical fungus,Be right,I am indeed a fairy.,Bleeding,Be tired,But you don’t have to be too early.……”
“Your sword will win me.,But it is more than I live for a few years.,As for your unexpected body,Clever,Dao Ye, I am in addition to swordsmanship,The so-called dead body。”
“Sword,The wind is like a law!”
Will be actions,Yan Chixia throws a long sword,Gold light differentiation,With his big hand,Rainpoints fall from the sky。
霎 time,Full sword,With endless potential,Shrouded in the sky sky。
Jin Guanglu,璀璨 眼,Torrel is too much。
Ghost will hold the sword,Batting golden plum,Seeing the number of flying swords is too amazing,A sword is unable to compete in hand,Mask overflowing black smoke,The body is a three,At the same time, it is rushing in three directions.。
“Unknown,Sun and moon!”