Xia Jian glanced at him and said:“Anyway,Wang Laowai was after a fight with your brother,Died without even moving the place,Do you think it can be cleared away?Don’t keep thinking that someone wronged your brother。If the dead man is your brother,What do you think?”

Xia Jian is more angry,He really wants to push Wang Youdao out of his bedroom。How come their old Wang family are like this。
Wang Youdao, who has not spoken all the time, suddenly stood up,He smiled and said:“Xia Jian!The relationship between our two families just eased,I didn’t expect that your phone call last night would be worse。I wanted to give you a chance to make peace with us,But you don’t care,forget about it”
“thank you for your kindness,please!”Xia Jian did not expect,Things have reached this point,Wang Youdao still has to play with him,It’s so damnable。
Wang Youdao saw that Xia Jian gave him an order to evict him,I’m not embarrassed to stay,But when he walked to the door,Suddenly turned around and said:“Xia Jian!You can remember,Our old Wang family will hate you forever”
Sun Yuejuan standing in the yard heard Wang Youdao say this,She immediately responded:“You hurry up!Be a mayor at your level,Really go home and hug the baby!”The old man’s two words are very plain,But it’s really patience to listen。
Because I was busy with Wang Lao’s things all night,Xia Jian didn’t sleep all night。And Zhao Hong is the same,So as soon as they finish their lunch,The two went to sleep separately。
It was a very lively Spring Festival,It was diluted by Wang Lao’s unintentional death。No one in the village even fired a firecracker,Occasionally someone who’s tricky kid will steal one or two from the adult,Sounds unusually deserted。
From this incident, Xia Jian found,Although Xiping Village has developed economy,The villagers basically lead a prosperous life,But everyone still retains that invisible simplicity。
At night,Chen Erniu is here,He responded to Xia Jian about the funeral of Mr. Wang。What Xia Jian hates very much is that no one in the old Wang family is willing to come forward to discuss with Wang Laowai’s son。It seems that their family has a high profile,A little bit too much。
“Remember,At the funeral tomorrow,I also called me up,I also give this Wang Laowai。Although he always followed the old Wang family when he was alive,But he is from our Xiping Village after all,And are there any co-ops without credit and hard work??”Xia Jian patiently told Chen Erniu。
In fact, he wanted to tell these things to Zhao Hong and the two elderly people in the family。
“okay,Stop giving us politics lessons,Tomorrow inconvenience you have to go,Hong will also follow Wang Lao’s grave。After all, you are all village officials。But I remind you,Lao Wang’s affairs are best left unattended”Sun Yuejuan said coldly to Xia Jian and Zhao Hong。
Chen Erniu snorted coldly:“Their family is really not human。Actually Wang Laowai’s son is not a good one,He was waiting for someone to come and talk to him,It’s a pity that the old Wang family didn’t see him at all”
“All right,Don’t talk about it anymore”Xia Jian interrupted Chen Erniu a little unhappy。Because what Wang Youdao said when he left just now,Makes him feel particularly uncomfortable。
He’s not afraid of Lao Wang’s,But don’t understand why the people of the old Wang family hate him?

“If you would help me,I’ll take care of you”Xia Jian said softly。

Luo Yi looked at Xia Jian for a while and said:“A lot of people can help you,Why are you looking for me?You may not know,I am a very lazy person”
“Do not make jokes,This is yours。If you fix this about me,I’ll pay you back your ticket。If this is messed up,Airfare money will be waived”Xia Jian said,Ha ha smile。
Luo watched Xia Jian amused with her one by one,Can’t help but smile。She smiled and said:“You want to shame!I have to pay for the ticket,If you want to shame,I’ll go to your house,See how your parents clean up you”
The two people talk more and more,More happy。Luo Yi said she grew up this way,Haven’t seen snow,Xia Jian smiled and said,Then I invite you to see the snow in the north。
All joking,But Xia Jian’s last words,Luo Yi is serious。She put away her smile,Suddenly asked Xia Jian softly:“Can you take me there?”
“sure!It just won’t work this time,Wait for next time!Or I will go ahead,Rush over by yourself,I will pick you up at the airport”Xia Jian said that he was so generous because he knew Luo Yi would never go。
Unexpectedly,Xia Yi shook her head and said:“Going,I will go with you tomorrow,It’s boring for me to go alone”
“what!Maybe not tomorrow!You haven’t bought your tickets yet!”Xia Jian said in surprise。
Luo smiled and said:“Kidding you,I just want to try,Will you take me there?,Since you said that,I’m relieved”
“What is this,I’ll take you to see the snow?Although my house is not as good as yours,Can’t eat,But I promise not to let you sleep on the road and starve”When I heard Luo Yi was joking with him,Xia Jian said two more big words。
Luo Yi heard Xia Jian finished,Then he said with a smile:“All right!rest early!After you just went out,I asked Ali to buy something,Packed in your suitcase。Do you mind moving your box?!”
“Yo!You’re welcome,I have nothing in my suitcase,Whatever you want”Xia Jian said,Just rush upstairs。
Luo Yi got up from the sofa,Shouted to Xia Jian who was about to go upstairs:“You get up at seven tomorrow,Let the driver drive you over。If I can get up then,I will also go to the airport to see you off”
See Luo Yi in such a good mood,Xia Jian can’t refute her interest。So laughed:“OK!You Luo beauty see off,That’s a happy thing”Xia Jian was joking,Rushed upstairs。
Back to the room,Xia Jian checked his things,I didn’t expect it all installed,And there are a lot of things in the suitcase,It’s all some southern specialties。

“All by the lady,I just do”at this time,Xia Jian can only go downhill。

Ali smiled and said:“now it’s right。Since Miss let me take you home,Naturally have her arrangements。You as a man,I have no courage”
“you are wrong,Am I afraid of things?I don’t want to embarrass your lady,You should understand the truth”Xia Jian said solemnly。
Ali raised her head and said:“I do not know,I only know you are ruthless,LeaveGZ,Don’t remember us”Seeing Ali was upset again,Xia Jian had to shut up,Pretend to be asleep。
When Ali took Xia Jian back to the Luo family’s villa,,It’s already past eight o’clock in the evening。What Xia Jian didn’t expect was,Luo Yi and her dad Luo Jun are here。
There are more than ten hot and cold dishes on the dinner table,I also put a bottle of good wine。When Xia Jian walked into the living room,Luo Jun and his daughter Luo Yi are busy with Zhang Luo,When he saw Xia Jian,Said with a smile:“Wash your hands quickly,Everyone eat together,It’s this time,Must be hungry”
Xia Jian hasn’t come to speak yet,Luo Yi walked over,Smiled at him and said:“Don’t stand silly,Hurry up!”
When Xia Jian came out,,Everyone is seated。Ali smiled and said:“Uncle Luo!I didn’t expect your craftsmanship to be so good,It seems I should go back to my hometown”
“nonsense,Back home,This is your home。These dishes are all cooked food bought in the supermarket,We just heated it up”Luo Jun said,Pour Xia Jian personally。
Xia Jian can’t sit still,He grabbed the bottle and said:“I’ll pour。Luo Yi have a drink too?”
“All up,Ali drink too,Rare to get together”Luo Yi said with a faint smile。Luo Yi’s unnaturalness,Xia Jian felt it,He just pretended nothing happened。
The first drink for everyone,No one speaks,Because it’s not easy to say。Pour the second cup,Luo Jun raised the glass and said:“Xia Jian!I’m sorry for you”
“Mr. Luo!I basically know everything,I won’t mention the past。Since we are sitting together tonight,Drink happily,Nothing sorry”Xia Jian raised his glass and touched Luo Jun gently,And then die。
After drinking this glass of wine,Xia Jian didn’t wait for Luo to raise a glass,He laughed and said:“Hurry up!I can’t wait”It’s really big after eating。He was really hungry,Secondly, he was to resolve the embarrassment in front of him。
Xia Jian’s nonchalant,Let the three people sitting down slowly relax,Sanjia picked up the chopsticks。A bottle of wine,Four people come to drink,Really can’t help drinking。Unconsciously,Ali took out another bottle。Of course,Alina,Luo Jun must have hinted at her。
Have a drink,Something I don’t want to say,Just say it。Luo Jun grabbed Xia Jian’s hand,Took a long breath and said:“Xia Jian!Uncle Luo didn’t want to do this this time,But things in our group are more complicated,If i give up,Then our Luo family will follow”
“Luo Yi can only give up his happiness,Come to perfect everyone,I think you can understand”Luo Jun said this,Apology。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“can!People alive,Sometimes I can’t just live for myself。But I believe,Luo Yi will be happy in the future,Because she is a good person”
“shut up,Don’t say good things about me from now on。Come!Drank this cup,Everything is in the wine,Don’t mention the past,Who dare to mention again,Don’t blame me for turning my face”Luo Yi’s face changed,Raised the glass。

One hundred and sixty years,It’s not too long for the material plane,And it’s even short-lived in the God Realm of Life,Nothing big happened in the entire life god realm。

The three refined the soul gold beads and amethyst separately,The soul is greatly benefited。
Especially Wright,With the Panlong Ring,Finally, tens of thousands of amethysts were refined,The soul has been replenishing to a very strong and strong level,Then gradually saturated。
of course,Whether it is amethyst refined by Wright,Or the golden beads refined by Cecilia and Elek,I bought less。All Elek went to Yanyu Castle and bought a lot。But the amount of refining Elek and Cecilia is much smaller,Refined more than 500 and 100 soul gold beads respectively。
Wright guess,This is the special place of his mutated soul。The limit of his soul power absorption,Should be ten times the normal upper god,A hundred times the median god。And Elek is a god refiner after all,The soul is weaker in nature。Of course no matter how weak the soul is,Absorbed more than 500 gold crystals,The power of the soul should not be inferior to the average upper god。
And the power of the soul grows,The speed of deduction is faster。Except that Elek, who refines the godhead, has not made the slightest progress in the law and mysteriousness,The other two have improved。
Wright’s practice,Mainly in the law of water system【Round soft mysterious】And the law of the earth【Power esoteric】Fusion。Create defensive marksmanship【Earth water·Torrent】
There are similarities between the two profound and profound,The speed of fusion is still fusing【Round soft mysterious】with【The Mystic Explosion】Above。
Of course the fusion of these two profound things,The improvement of Wright’s strength is not too great。After all, Wright is【Round soft mysterious】with【The Mystic Explosion】The integration aspect has created【Water and fire】Such a physical attack trick。Have to say,The fusion of these two profound mysteries has more advantages in marksmanship defense,And it will help the future fusion of the three mysterious。
Law of the earth,Wright Fusion will【Power esoteric】Feel the limit bottleneck,And respectively with【Pulsating Mystery】with【Power of life】Fusion part。But this fusion can only be said to prepare for the fusion of the four profound mysteries of Wright’s perception of the law of the earth,The improvement of his own strength is not much improved。
And Cecilia’s two profound mysteries have already been integrated.,Now I am comprehending the third kind of mystery,But the integration of this third profound is very difficult,Only just getting started。
As for Elek,At the beginning, I was patient and researched some weapons,Even asked Wright for some source stones,Go to Yanyu Castle to buy some weapons。
In the first ten years,Also researched out the best way to control the death puppet,Under the control of Electra,The death puppet can also play extremely fast,The attack is also very sharp。
But after figuring out the right way to fight,Elek couldn’t bear the nature,Often wandering in the city。
Anyway, Jiuhe City is also very big,Elek wandered little by little,I also found a lot of interesting things。
To know,Jiuhe City,The biggest deal is in Yanyu Castle,Followed by trading Baita,But not just these two places。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Ouyang Hong is the deputy mayor in charge of agriculture,I come to Pingdu to invest,Most of the projects invested in agricultural projects,This is also known to everyone。We have more frequent contact with each other because of the business relationship,I don’t know where to start?”

Hu Huiru looked at Xia Jian,Suddenly laughed,She smiled like a quaver。Even laughed out of tears,It took a long time for her to calm down,I just heard her breathe out:“Everyone only looks at the surface phenomenon,Some things are only clear to the parties,But this hat is a bit big”
“Everyone is just guessing,Politics in Ouyang City,I am in business,You said how do we go together?”Xia Jian asked Hu Huiru back。
Hu Huiru nodded and said:“you’re right,Unless Mayor Ouyang gives up her great future,Otherwise, it’s really hard for you to go together。Hey!A question,This part of the park,How did you think of such a good plan”
Xia Jian is a smart man,He has heard what Hu Huiru said。So he smiled and said:“Hu always thinks too much,Ouyang Hong in charge of agriculture,She never asked about this。Why do I have such a good plan,Because i amGZDid this project when,It should be said that there are successful cases first”
“what!You still hereGZMake a project like this?”Hu Huiru asked in surprise。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Of course it was not done by our startup group。I worked in Guangzhou a few years ago,I helped a company do this project,Very successful”
“Oh!I remembered,No wonder which license plate you are driving。I’ll understand this when you say this,Because most people don’t think about this”Hu Huiru said,Chong Xiajian gave a thumbs up。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Everything is people-oriented,Pingdu is just such a leisure place,I hope you can give the citizens a good explanation”Hu Huiru looked at Xia Jian,I can’t help but nodded。
First1155chapter Struggling woman
Warm water dragon。
Wang Youcai’s arrested horses were released after three days,Wang Youcai didn’t expect this。He thought,Even if such a thing is no longer pursued,I have to wait for ten days and a half to release people。
When Wang Youcai received Wu Wu’s call,So happy that I almost jumped up,He also escaped,The heart that I held these days just let go。
Ni Xiaoli, who was basking in the sun on the balcony, gave a white glance and asked Wang Youcai:“You won the jackpot?See how happy you look,Be careful“
This woman has changed a lot in recent times,But she started talking to Wang Youcai,Still weird,An upset look。Don’t be afraid of Wang Youcai,He just likes her,If you don’t trouble him,This marriage goes down slowly like this,After all, Ni Xiaoli’s belly is carrying his seed。
If this woman doesn’t know what to do,Wang Youcai is not easy to mess with,Even if it’s a bloodshed,His marriage is also divorced。
Look at Ni Xiaoli like this,Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“You can get something to eat later!I want to go out,Meet a few people,Maybe go back to the mine at night“
“up to you,I give you freedom,Otherwise you will divorce me again,I’m scared now“When Ni Xiaoli said this,,Crying。Look at her like this,Wang Youcai feels a little sad,He walked over,Opened his phone。

A total of five people came,Including a very famous scientist。The attitude of the five people towards Li Ming is also very polite and respectful。

But the purpose makes Li Ming uncomfortable,One is to propose to buy the research imperial crocodile,It’s nothing,Anyway, this monster also promised Da Silva to kill。And it’s too much trouble to ship back to China across the Pacific.。Li Ming is only planning to get some body parts of the crocodile and wait to go back.。
But want to recruit myself,This group of South Americans are too arrogant, right?。Just these few small broken base cities?I really don’t know where the confidence comes from。
Drove these people away with a stinking face。
Waited a few days,Da Silva also survived smoothly from Ruins No. 9,Although I lost an arm,But also got a black god suit。
“congratulation,Da Silva!”Li Ming said with a smile。
“I guess your gains must be greater!”Da Silva said with a wry smile:“I don’t know if I changed my arm for the Black God suit,But you,Can actually kill all the Emperor Desserts,The harvest must be great。”Da Silva didn’t ask Li Ming for any information.,Since he passed the trial,Naturally, I also know most of the useful information obtained in the ruins,Can’t leak。
“Since you came out too,I also hunted down that king monster,Then I won’t stay longer。”
“You really didn’t intend to stay in our base city of Sao Paulo?”Da Silvalho asked jokingly。
Li Ming waved his hand,no answer,But Tissot left here in an instant。
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The boss’s arms rattled,It turned out to be unbearable and broke directly,Sweating all over,Gradually soaking clothes,Yes……Ah screamed out。

Ah Chong catches up and kicks the boss in the heart,The blackness in front of me fainted directly。
Amao plucked the big steel knife on the ground,Hand up and down,The blood splashed him and Ah Chong all over their faces,Neither of them blinked,The boss’s head is slowly getting out。
The bounty hunters onlookers all gasped.。
One was shocked by the fact that two little kids in a small mountain village chopped off a master of Nine Stage Great Perfection。
Another shock is that these two kids really didn’t blink when they killed someone.! The old man who fights with Danielitwo、The third child has always been suppressed,The boss’s head rolled to the third’s feet,He screamed out,Underfoot,Daniel took the opportunity to step forward,Push it down,Brain plasma、Old blood splatterediBoth faces are。
Mainly because this blood still carries body temperature、Sticky,Seeing two brothers die more miserable than the other,Where does he have the courage to fight against Daniel,Jump over the crowd and run away。
“come back!”
Chen Xiu,Puppetry directlyiTwo pulled back from the air,Big hands hold the oldiSecond staying power,Immobile。
Originally used Chen Xiu’s current puppet skills to fuckiIt’s no problem to control one or two hundred catties。
But it’s not enough to capture a third-rate master,So he can separate the oldiI caught it back,Mainly oldiThe second is being scared。
“Rao……forgive me!”

Ma Baobang wrote a history,Medical advice。

He looks at your doctor’s commander。
Blood routine、Liver and kidney function、Electrolyte、CRP、Immunoglobulin、Calcitogenic、Full set of viruses,There is also a chestCT……
He doesn’t want himself to miss it.。
Ma Baobang is put on the keyboard,Suddenly glanced,Suddenly think of。
“Correct,There is also a thyroidBovertake。”
Last week, I didn’t open the thyroidBSuper delayed Liu Jinhua treatment of course,Can he still put it on your heart?。
Ma Baobang quickly puts the thyroid glandBSuper paid up,“Great success。”
“director,I am already fine here.,You have to see the doctor’s advice.。”Ma Baoybo Chapion Chen Riyuan。
“I saw it.,This open is open.……Thanks for your hard work。”Chen Riyuan looked very satisfied with the doctor’s order。
There is also a happy heart in the heart of Ma Baoyu.。
Self arrived to six disease,He has always lived in Zhou Ye.,Never get the appreciation of Chen Riyuan,Although it is just a short sentence,But his heart is still very happy.。
“Thank you Director……”He suddenly said something sweet。
He used to be the darling of Wuhan People’s Hospital infected.,I didn’t want it to be defeated by a specialist.。
Ma Baobo is always dissatisfied with Ye Ye in my heart.。
Why do he have a college student than me??
Where did I go??
Is he not lost??
Ma Baobo always feels more picky to him.。
It’s approximately a little afternoon.,Qian Wenlong’s test list and inspection unit come out。
Zhou Ye originally writes a disease,Suddenly, there is a new report of the patient in the upper right corner.,He put it in the next consciousness.。
I clicked in and found that it was the report and inspection list of Huiwenlong.。
“Big boy,Your money is coming out.。”Zhou Ye wonderful reminder to the horse big baboo on the reading information。
Horse Boxing although the mouth is slightly,But it is also a person who loves to read the book.。
For money,He also checked a lot of literature.。
Ma Baobo heard,Coldly“Um”A sound,Just point the report。
Blood routine:Red blood cell count:493 ×1012/L ;Hemoglobin:174 g/L,White blood cell count:80 ×109/L,Neutrophil939%,PLT 69 ×109/L,CReactive protein(quick):1421 g/L。ESR 24 /h。
liver function:ALT :60 U/L ,AST :91 U/L ,GGT :369 U/L ,AKP :71 U/L ,TBIL :596 uol/L ,DBIL :425 uol/L ,bsp; :8097 IU/L ,TBA :217 uol/L ,A :400 ,G :288 g/L 。
Renal function:UR :77 ol/L ,bsp; :85 uol/L,UA :615 uol/L 。
Immunoglobulin:IgM: 155 g/L ,IgG: 1084 g/L ,IgA : 304 g/L ,bsp; 106 g/L ,bsp; 029 g/L 。
Calcitogenic(PCT):6895 ng/l,FER:ap;gt;2000 ng/L,IL6 : 108 pg/l。
Full set of viruses(-),Autofein series(-)
ChestCT:Double lung texture increase,Interstitial change。Upper abdomenCT:Fatty liver。

He has always been working hard to press the patient.。

finally,existICUThe doctor arrived at the doctor……Zhou Ye is confused,What is the slight shock?。
“The patient’s heartbeat is back.!”Zhou Ye shouted。
Everyone in the emergency resuscitation is also loose.。
at this time,After a long-term persistent pleural pressing,Zhou Ye has been tired of being。
Do not know why,At this time, Zhouwei felt his body and mind.,But the brain is active。
He recalled when he was intern.,Also in this emergency room,He didn’t know how many times participated in the rescue.。
“OK”Li Ru Ji did not pay attention to the Wilde of the fall.,Come and ask。
“of course!”Zhou Ye 勉 strongly lifts the right hand,Take a chest。
“Cough and cough cough”After the shoot,He can’t help but cough again.。
Zhou Ye looks at him,Li Ru Ji looked at Zhou Ye,In such a serious atmosphere,The two people have laughed together.。
“Oh,It seems that you are fine.”。Low voice。
Zhou Ye looks up at it,It is Chen Riyuan andICUDoctor on duty。
Zhou Ye looksICUdoctor,Very happy,But cough is not stopped,You can only smile:“Just a good risk,The patient almost gone。”
He lick his mouth and continued:“Prescribe10minute,You will restore your autonomous rhythm.。”
ICUDoctor on duty Xu Wei and Zhou Jiwu are also a little.,After all, Lin Ping Hospital is too small.,Some anxious in a few months。
Xu Wei looked at this a little thin teenager in front of him.,Suddenly I don’t know him.。
Still remember,When I was just coming in Wino,Although it is comparable to the peers,But in fact, there is still a bit crash.,I don’t know if I have a little in an emergency.……
“Eat in the evening.!”Zhou Ye is looking forward to。
at this time,Everyone looked at the orderless waveforms in electrocardiography.,I have a long breath.。
Zhou Niwu,Also immediately evaluated Xu Tianfu,Bilateral pupils have shrunk,Not expand,This is a good thing。
If the rescue is unsuccessful,The patient’s pupil will be large。
The pupil of death is fixed by the patient.,Take a look at blood pressure,At this time, the blood pressure is high.,190/110Hg!
It is estimated that adrenaline is used。
Time is a little bit。

Poisonous sand palm belongs to a general statement,Just like“Volts”Same,Shaolin has less Lin Fuhu、Wudang has Wudang Fun、Qingliang Temple has five mountain volts……

And when using toxic and quenching,Often some people try varies,Therefore, we must detoxify,Either there is strength、Either there are more ulnight,It is difficult to match the drug,Unless you know the poisonous palm formula,Or what is a famous doctor carefully diagnosed、Underworld,Otherwise it is difficult to solve。
“Life and death,Cough……Yue child, you don’t have to worry about the poor.,only……Cough……Today’s things,Labor,When I live in Nanshan in the future,Pass back。”One of the kings is licking。
But the Chu Deiren heard the words,Silenced a while,Look at the king、Take a look at Yang Tiexin……The heart of the dead bald figure I saw during the day……
In the end, Chu Deirers sighed.:“Wang Dao is in front of Wu Kang’s banquet,Can see Pingxi Wangfu,And other masters?”
“Cannot!They must now react now,Cough……Guess the injury of the poor,If you go to the court,Didn’t spread!”The king is busy,I touched the injury for a while。
“Is there still no?”Chu Deirers frown。
Guo Jing replied at this time:“In addition to three of the day,There is also a young son,Claim……What is the little master of White。Chu Hexia is going to force Yu Zhenzi to give medicine?I am also going to you.!”
Chu Deirers heard a mouthful:“force?Think more,I just watched the jade realist poisonous sand palm is not completely practiced.,At least you should prepare poisonous drugs,See if you can steal some。”
More complex poison,The more difficult it is used to practice,Can steal toxic medicine,More than half can also distribute auxiliary drug。
“You have determined that in addition to them,Just have a white hill, a young owner and Wu Kang, it’s right.?No other……weirdo?”Chu Deirers again confirm。
“Absolutely no。”Guo Jing continued his head。
Chu Deirers he smelled his breath——Sure enough, the Oriental is unbeaten as Wu Sangui’s partner,It is disdainful to“child”Thing。
Otherwise, the king can only wait for death.,Chu Deirers help him receive a corpse、Pass a speech。
Chu Deirers Shen Yichang:“I walked a Pingxi Wangfu……”
“I……”Guo Jing and Yang Tiexin are open together。
“Shut up!Not enough for you to add?”Chu Deirers directly repeated,After that, he said:“I am looking for a chance to go to the jade realist practice.,you……Write a letter to me,I will help you send it to her room.,About a time meeting is,I see her is not as forbidden.,I really want to see you.、Or want to walk with you,Meet each other!If you don’t want,You just have made a mistake,Do not act,Take a break!”
The Chu Deirers said, although they are welcome.,But Yang Tiexin is very moving,I am busy:“Chu Daxia,Yang……Ming sensation!”
Chu Deee rejected everyone’s peers request,And to protect the king,Temporarily live in Guo Jing。
Be in the body、Light power,Chu Deirers single alone,But the most secure。
In addition to jade and king’s things,Natural Chu Deirers also be greedy——The treasure snake in the original Zhongliang,But good things,Not only can improve the internal force、Further combing the meridians,And the Chu Debone is lifting the Tiantong,Usage perhaps better……
Chu Deirers drift out of not far away:“come out。”
I saw Huang Rong transferred from the corner of the street.,A smile:“Chu brother is so fast!If it is true all the way to Wangfu,I am afraid that I can’t keep up.。”
Chu Deirens have long guessing Huang Rong——Even if you are not good at listening to people,But I know that in addition to the king of him and the serious injury in the inn,The highest light power is Huang Rong。
“Smart people also have no people……”Chu Deer White Road。
“Do not,Smart people know not to add,I follow, I can help you.。”Huang Rong is a matter of course。
“Oh?How can you help me??”
“‘Chu Hexia’Why do you want to run this??”Huang Rong asked。
“Urgency、Gao Jie proud、Daytime……”Chu Deirers are very chest,Said that I still stop going to adjective。
“Appearance?”Huang Rong added。
“I……”Chu Deiren welcomed the eyes of Huang Rong as if it would laugh.,A little ambly:“By the way, I also want to。”
Chapter 181 Small props
“Are you not very afraid of Pingsea??Why do you want to explore him??”Huang Rong deliberately asked。
“Afraid?joke,You ask Wu Sangui,He dares dare not tell me?I let him hands、Feet!”Chu Deer said straightforward。
Why is the Chu Debu??
The king is in one point of life,After all, he and the Chu Deirers are just“Some sex”,Different to the extent to the extent,Chu Deirers don’t owe him?;Yang Tiexin’s thing accounts for one point,The same is nothing to do with the Chu Deirens.,That is, the degree of good day;Baisu accounts for three points——This can make the Chu Debans,Strong growth skills and qualifications!
The internal force of the dream is very smooth,Body……Even afraid of salty fish drunk crabs,Improve qualification,Also still practice slow、Dependent,and“Treasure snake”Not only equivalent to a large number of epicewood,Treasure snake itself、if it is possible,Chu Deirers are also ready to make snakes,Maybe you can also be equivalent to a lot of drunk crabs。
There is also five points because Chu Demen also has a one-time“Base card”,Most more than half of the occasion,this time……If the situation is urgent,It is not not possible to use it.,The same is to change the treasure snake。
Ninety,That is because Guo Jing said,Not see“weirdo”,Let Chu Deer have decided!
“What are you talking??Before I still said that Wang Chang and Guo Jing have come to home??”Chu Deirers asked。