See here,Tan Hongsheng’s face,It also reveals an indescribable excitement。

After all, now,What should I do,In fact, Tan Hongsheng’s heart,Already has a comprehensive plan。
As for the next,What do you need to do,at this point,Really a problem。
And Tan Hongsheng,Not in a hurry。
“What to do next,You should be very clear。”
Others see it,All with Tan Hongsheng。
Actually now,Follow Tan Hongsheng’s side,Be safe。
At this moment,For the moment,Wang Teng has completely seen this in his eyes。
But it looks like Wang Teng,this matter,Almost ready。
in fact,Wang Teng’s heart,A touch of murder has emerged。
Don’t say anything else for now,But now,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,deep in the heart,I am a little eager to try。
But for now,Wang Teng waved his hand。
“Everyone arrange in advance,Although the task this time is very important。”

(? ̄)┌┛☆ミ(ノ__)ノ?■-■

Liao Wenjie flew up a foot,Take the dust that is not existed on the legs,Serious face bright police officer,Doctor Dr. Huang said:“About this patient,The police suspect that he is related to a case,The crazy sell is stupid is to escape interview,I hope you cooperate with us.,Reviewing this trial is be crazy or false。”
Dr. Huang is very surprised,At 12 o’clock in the evening, the police in the office……
Forgiveness,Unfortunately, such a handsome face,It’s a new patient.。
Not guessed,Instead, a similar case of Cang Dynasty has witnessed,There is a patient’s manner‘I’mFBI,Interpol,Federal impression,Sin’。
What is the situation later?,Dr. Huang is not clear.,Traded news,The patient was discharged from the school.。
“It’s some late now.。”
Liao Wenjie aimed at the window,Laugh:“But that’s okay,I’ll walk you home,No matter what。”
“I rely on!”
Lyon, the street, heard of,Jumped in place,I found that ink is not,Crouch and pick up。
“I rely on!”
Lyon pointed to Liao Wenjie’s stinky:“Really there is this reason,Ajie, you have a girlfriend.,And there are several,I didn’t know what to hook a yellow doctor here.,Still in my face,I don’t put me in my eyes.。”
“Don’t say,I am single.!”
Liao Wenjie scorn:“Say others before the face,Some people should look at themselves first.,For example, you,I remember that you have friends.,More than one。”
“So what,I am handsome.!”
office,Dr. Huang contact the police station,Verified the identity of Liao Wenjie,Confirm that he is a policeman,Not a new hospital today,Nod promise to assist in interrogation,Judging the mysterious man is really crazy or stupid。
Dr. Huang flocks,Ask a man in the desk:“Tell me,Remember your name??”
“Hydrogue,Secular names have long been light,I don’t say a name,Just like it.。”
Grass:“Demon,It is better to be a poor skill.,Be captured by your demon,No matter how to say。nowadays,You have two masters to help,I know how to escape.,To kill kill,Have to be embarrassed,No need to fake, say some nonsense。”
“here we go again……”
Dr. Huang Liao Wenjie looked at an eye,Quite a headache:“Have a lot of time,I am not Shi Shi,Not a demon,I am your attending physician,You can call me Huang Dr.,Can also call meGigi。”
Liao Wenjie lesks on the door,Heard this name,Almost at the foot slippery。
“Ager,You also feel very strange,Right?”
Lyon small channel:“I have always feel that she is surnamed Huang.,Not surnamed big or small,Otherwise, the name is even again,No problem, there is a problem.。”
“Even the last name is normal,Single is this English name is also very courageous.。”
“嘿嘿 嘿……”x2
She is very suspected of the information review of the police there.,Because,People who can play together with senior patients,Brain is not normal。
White Liao Wenjie,GigiContinue asking:“Grass,You say that I am Shi.,I said that I am a demon.,Do you grow like these two people??”

Good name.,You are also Zhaojia Village?”

Yes,Now I heard that Zhaojia Village has been very good.,And there is also a pig farm,Vegetable greenhouses,People in the village are not far from the households.,Just work is more comfortable than any village.。”
Liu Dafu heard this,It’s also laughing.。
“Hey-hey,to be honest,My wife is also Zhaojia Village,It seems that we really have a feasible.。”
Although I don’t know what Liu Bifu means this.,But Zhao Yan always feels that the other party is not so simple。
But she just came.,Naturally, you can’t get sin.。
Although she also knows Yang Li,How do you dare?,But her heart is still instinctive, I don’t want to find trouble for Yang Li.,I don’t want to use Yang Li.。
“Don’t you have a fate??
Our family Yang Li is also working with Li boss.,You also follow the boss of Li,Just, I will follow you again.,Let’s not stop this.,Still it?!”
Zhao Yan’s words said,Liu Dafu is also a glimpse,At the same time, it is also the horse to feel that Zhao Yan is not simple.。
This is reminding him,Yang Li can be followed by Li Hui,If he is there, he wants to think,Yang Li and Li Hui’s relationship do not say,I said that Yang Li himself is also enough for him to drink a pot.。
“Hey-hey,Right,Still the younger brother understanding!”
Say,He is also slowly parked the car in the factory in the factory.。
At the same time, I also arranged a packaging work to Zhao Yan.。
Originally, he still think about a little idea.,But after hearing the other party’s reminder,He also knows those ideas compared to their own money.,Still don’t have good。
Zhao Yan has just arranged this side,Li Hui’s side is also directly to Yang Li to find Jin Xijie.。
“Yang Da Ge,Now you understand?”
“Um,understood,Sometimes people don’t necessarily,The more you pay, the more likely, it should be。”
I heard this,Li Hui also laughs:“Hey-hey,It seems that Yang Da Ge really understands a lot.,That line,I will talk to the gold boss.,Let him take you,You will handle the rest of the thing.。”
Although I don’t know what the rest is.,But Yang Li Mingbai,Affirmation is not simple,But he also knows,It should be a test to him.。
If it is qualified,So the previous position is still his。
If it is unqualified,Very likely that he will continue to do under Jin Xijie。
Just now, he is no longer looking for the other party.,After the village is in the village,He also understands,Only the distance from the people in the village kick off enough,So can you let them have some unnecessary ideas。
Li Hui also didn’t expect him to say anything.,Yang Li nodded and agreed。
However, since each other is so happy, I promise.,I want to come to a lot of things.。
“Hey-hey,Yang Da Ge is so hurting,Not afraid that it is a sinner?”
“Defend people have sinned people,I am afraid I am still sitting in my position.。”
Yang Li is now understanding that many proverbs are not,It is extensive experienced。
“Row,Since Yang Da Ge is so confident,Then I will rest assured.。”
When I found Jin Xijie,Jin Xijie is also collected by people under construction.。
I saw that Li Hui Feng took Yang Li.,Jin Xijie first,Then it is also the reaction.。
“Lee Boss,Yang Da Ge,Congratulations,This time, it must be returned again.?”
Hear Jin Xijie,Yang Li is also a burst of embarrassment。


Crocodile teeth,Cleanly bit the panicked murray!
The black teeth clamped tightly on this smooth fish monster,The crocodile dragon jumped up from the water excitedly,Throw the loot high out of the water,Show off his hunting results to Zhu Minglang on the plank road bridge!!
“Haha,We succeeded!!”I wish Minglang a happy smile on his face。
Although I have slaughtered ancient monsters before,Destroyed the troll,But I don’t know why the killing of a little spotted murray made me even more excited.。
Maybe this is the change。
Under the long gloom,A trace of light ignites hope。
same,I have expectations in my heart,Even if it’s just a little change,Will be involuntarily surging。
First16chapter Nan Lingsha
Know the pattern of the sloth fish monster,Coupled with the power of the crocodile dragon,It has become a matter of time to eliminate the spotted lazy fish monster。
Disperse first,Raid again,After breaking down one by one,Turn the wise fish school into a group of stupid fish panicking,The rest is pure chase hunting,After all, the spotted blue fish monster is inherently unable to compete with a race like the crocodile dragon。
Trainee appointment completed,Zhu Minglang received that grain of sand。
To reward the little crocodile dragon,I wish Minglang deliberately to Fengdi Town,I plan to go to Sangnon to buy some fresh and high-quality big silkworm。
And buy some fresh nectar by the way,Look at Xiaobaiqi’s ice pupa,It shouldn’t have been many days since it broke the pupa。
“Yeah,How did you crawl out of the lake for half a month?”Qiaotou,Said the peach girl with rye skin。
Zhu Minglang looked at her,The smile on his face gradually brightened:“You still owe me a basket of peaches,Girl。”
The peach girl froze for a while,I found that Zhu Minglang really had an academy badge on his chest。

“20,000 want to open a shop too?It’s about the same as opening a small hotel,If you want to be a photography shop,Small scale,Tired again,No income,Not as good as a part-time job。”Yang Yong laughed。

258 Don’t want to mix with her
“It’s ok,I’ll ask for a little more at home,My parents will definitely support,And I’m partnering with a friend,He has money。”Cen Cheng gets more excited as he speaks,Those classmates are also a little excited。
“Congratulations on becoming a boss。”Yang Yong didn’t expect it,Xia Shuyue was hospitalized only today,Cen Chengcheng is starting to turn back,It doesn’t matter if you want to go it alone,But if you want to dig people, it’s a bit unreality。
“Ha ha,Thank you,I want to do the same as Xia Shuyue,Training class plus photography shop,Interdependence。”Cen Cheng even stopped his chopsticks and said。
“Your idea is good,But it costs a lot of money,If there is no strong capital to guarantee,Hard to do,You have to think about it。”Yang Yong said seriously。
“in fact,I am also hesitating。”Cen Cheng hesitated,Because he doesn’t know how much Boss Ye can pay。
Her knowledge of Ye Boping is limited to knowing that he is the owner of the house,The two only met when the real estate business was engaged in activities,Haven’t communicated before,and so,She doesn’t know anything else。
“What you want to do from now on is one thing,But before you leave、Before I found the shop,I should do my job well,We come early,Do some preparatory work,I think our promotion is not limited to the store entrance,We may want to promote in the community or school,Do business for the training class。”Yang Yong said。
“Ok,I think so,To lay the foundation for opening a store in the future,Learn a little experience。”Cen Cheng said。
“Brother Yang,to be frank,We don’t even know how much our salary is,No contract was signed。”A girl pouted and said。
“This is easy to handle,I will help you ask,Everyone worked hard,Got results,Salary should not be low,We are now in the admissions stage,You are all from art school,Soon, it should focus on leading students,It’s not so hard。”Yang Yong said to everyone。
“We are teachers?”The eyes of the little girls are shining,Watching Yang Yong。
Yang Yong nodded,“Yes indeed,Xia Shuyue told me,Say you are all art school students,You can teach basic things,I won’t hire another teacher,In the future, you only need to invite a famous teacher to lead the team。”
Everyone finished,Cen Cheng waved to the boss at the cash register,“Bill, please。”
The boss came over with a smile,“What you eat is beef noodles,A bowl of three yuan five,Seven bowls twenty-four five,I’ll take you twenty-four,50 cents will not be collected,Give you another pack of tissues,Remember to patronize my business next time。”
Yang Yong laughed,“Boss, you really know how to do business,50 cents and a pack of tissues want to buy us?Hahaha,it is good,Come to your house next time。”
The boss took the money from Cen Cheng,Refund,Said with a smile,“Small business,A bowl of noodles earns a few cents,It’s not easy to make money now,Are working for the landlord boss。”

Who knows that Huang Tiansheng stopped suddenly at this time。

“This wine is so expensive,Wouldn’t it be a waste to give me this old man?,”Uncle Huang was shocked,Sighed again。
“What is waste,Only for those who understand wine,It seems this wine is precious,”Qin Hao took the opportunity to praise Huang Tiansheng。
“Hahahaha,You guy can really talk,Not bad。”
“But I have to say,This is a hundred li,I think I know wine,If i was second,No one dares to say that he is number one。”
A conversation with Qin Hao,Huang Tiansheng gradually got in touch with Qin Hao,I also seem so casual while speaking。
The atmosphere in the whole house is very good,Very harmonious。
While chatting,Qin Hao also understood the situation of Huang Xiaoding’s family。
This made Qin Hao more determined to completely resolve Huang Xiaoding’s worries.。
And the biggest trouble in their family is his sister’s illness。
“Cure illnesses,Rescue the wounded,Is the duty of a doctor,Now activate the genius doctor system,Task one,Treat Huang Xiaoding’s sister,Reward 100,000 merit points。”
An ancient book suddenly appeared in Qin Hao’s mind,It says the secrets of the magic hand rejuvenation sacred hand。
“Puff,”A light directly awakened Qin Hao。

Even before, I also urge Li Hui Feng to get a vegetable factory.,Come to build a pig farm。

But now it seems,Sometimes it is so good to develop and build and don’t imagine it.。
“Xiao Li,That if you are county head,How would you lead our counties??”
Li Hui, listen to this,Rapid:“Hey-hey,uncle,I don’t dare to say this.,And you are the county,Your own heart is definitely available.,You let me say,This is not good.。”
“Hahaha, your kid, the bend around you,Hurry,Uncle is not blame you,After all, I also want to listen to the opinions of young people.,You look at our people,The youngest is Xiao Shen.,It’s already 35.?”
Shen Tianzi heard this and said。
Li Hui Feng is also your own idea,But in the development of a county, he is really not so much ideas.。
After all, a village has developed enough to him.,He did not have a big ambition。
But if you want to develop a county,Then it is not a single place to develop.。
Although county land,But flat up to your personal body,Not much,Maximum is full enough,A little surplus。
But such a situation is not satisfied with the wind.。
Although the country has cooperative medical care,But there is no five insurances in the countryside.。
It is always guarding the village.,It is too difficult to want to go out.。
If there is no inheritance,He is now afraid that it is in the countryside.,Never go out。
Even if you go out,At least three generations, people want to be tired。
The parents have made a lifetime, and they will buy a house to the child.。
Kids married loans are used in the city。
The whole family is working hard to make money and loan,Borrowed debt。
Have a child,Children’s clothing and food,School,Counseling class various expenses,Even the most basic climbs between children,Li Hui, thinking that it is a weakness.,Even a sad。
Is the rural people do not work hard??
Is the rural people not play??
Is the rural people don’t suffer??
The answer is that most rural people are hardworking.,Suffering hard,Expensive,You can also give birth to money。
But is it really earned??
Can you rooted in the city??
It’s just a root, I am afraid it is marginalization.。
Li Hui, Li Hui, such a problem,Some sighs in my heart,At the same time this moment,He feels that it seems to have some selfishness.。
Should not be limited to Lianhua Village。
And since there is a inheritance,So you have to change,It should not be changed to Lianhua Village,Should do our best to help more people。
Think here,Li Hui also did not hesitate,I directly start to say my own opinion.。
“Hey-hey,uncle,Then I will be welcome.,This is, you let me say,I said, you don’t say that I am selfish.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Songshimin is also a very curious。
After all, things from the beginning to the end seem to have never been with self-contained。
They are all hello to suffer,Others have never been done。
“Hahaha,Despite it,If you are private,Then we don’t have anyone.。”
“Hey-hey,it is good,My thoughts are actually very simple,That is the construction of lotus village,Then gradually expand around,Of course, the lotus village will be developed around us.。”
“But when the Lotus Village,I will also go to the village around the village.,After all, some of the most basic things must be followed.。”
“Close to the village of the mountain,So, develop things about the mountain,Eat mountains!”
“Not close to the village of the mountain,Can develop other,Just let me suddenly from the village to the whole county,I have no more plans in my mind.,Just there is a probably contour。”

I haven’t waited for Li Hui to speak.,It is a feeling of being a soft in his arms.,His single thin,It is also inevitable in the face of such a soft heart.。

Especially the familiar taste of the other party,Let Li have a bitter laugh in his heart.。
“breeze,help me。”
Feel your own body is getting tight and tightening,Li Hui also gently patted the arnils of each other to let the other party relax.。
“Cuihua sister,You first come to me,You can’t protect you this way.!”
“breeze,But my sister feels good.,Really hot” Feeling Li Cuihua, the beautiful body began to hurt,Li Hui also knows that things seem to be a little。
This is obviously excessive drugs。
I immediately picked up each other.,Then go straight to the bathroom,Open the faucet and flush the other side below with cool water.。
Zhou Jian looked at Li Hui and Li Yingying. When he was in his face, then it was directly entering the bathroom.,Also a glimpse。
But it is anger。
“I said, why is I not willing to wait for me?,Originally waiting for you outside?!Do you know that I don’t know the last one of this emperor.?”
Li Huihe heard Zhou Jian outside the outside,Directly cold and looked at each other。
“Boy,What do you see??
I don’t believe that a phone is now disappeared from the emperor tonight.。”
This week, Zhou Jian is not a joke.,What’s more, he is also a well-known director.,People who have two people in the black and white,Packed up a unknown child is naturally the hand to come。
What’s more, Li Hui Feng this dress,What do he look at a township?。
“Do not believe,Of course, you can call now,Otherwise, you will have no chance for a while.。”
Li Hui’s calm look,Thoroughly let Zhou Jian are annoying。
“Boy,Don’t don’t know,I am a good mood now.,Hurry and disappear from this door,I can have not been there.,Otherwise, I will not only abolish your third legs tonight, but you will always lose your light forever.,Of course, you have to blame yourself.。”
“Have more nonsense。”
After that, Li Hui is directly punched in the belly of the other side.。
Just a punch, let Zhou Jian face difficult to look,Then it is a bite of yellow water.。
“Child, you are waiting for me.。”
Say,Zhou Jian wants to pick up the phone call。
And this time,Li Cuihua is rushing from the bathroom.。
“Circumstances,Don’t call,do not want,I promise you,You put a small wind.,How do you say tonight?,How to play。”
Others don’t know Zhou Jian’s power,Li Cuihua is clearly known。
She can’t swear tonight,The reason is because when Li Hui is disappointing her dirty,When she left the lotus village,She decided to be a clean woman.。
One year in this circle,Although she is also oil,But it is necessary to say that it has never been there.。
For Zhou Jian’s style, she is known.,But she is too confident tonight.。
Otherwise, I will not drink the other party’s drink.。

“Isn’t this just buying men publicly??”Yunzhonghe finally couldn’t help but say。

“You can understand it this way,But if you don’t make this plan,No need to show up,We won’t tie you up。”
I wish Minglang a bitter smile。
Now he has a more thorough understanding of the system of female superiority and male inferiority。
Men have no choice,Only quietly waiting for the feminist bid here。
Even if there is a girl you like,If the woman is not willing to bid,I had no choice but to serve the powerful women。
Embarrassing,Think about it,Pretty exciting。
First225chapter Wannian Feiyu
Dragon Girl Palace,There are really many high-quality blue dragon scales。
Zhu Minglang is in their collection attic,Take some soul and dragon balls on hand,In exchange for some。
But Canglong scales are just basic materials,Also need a flexible dragon feather,Tough dragon silk,And some skins with black patterns that can strengthen mystery。
Walking in this collection,Zhu Minglang suddenly saw a gorgeous tail,Spread on the wall like a peacock。
At first, Zhu Minglang thought it was a beautiful dragon standing by the wall,I just found out,Those tails that swing gently like reeds,It’s actually dragon feathers woven together。
“what is this?”Zhu Minglang finger these feathers,Asked。
Accompanied by Zhu Minglang here,It’s that sexy sister Ding Yan,She smiled slightly:“I wish you a good eye,This is the treasure of our Dragon Girl Palace,Please look carefully。”

Chen Yueqin watched the two brothers gradually talk and laugh,So nervously, I started dinner。When everyone just finished eating,Wang Youdao’s special car has reached the entrance of the village。Wang Youcai has something in his heart,So an excuse that he won’t leave tonight。

The family sent Wang Youdao to the gate,It didn’t go forward。Wang Youdao disappeared into Ye Dad as soon as he turned around,Wang Degui couldn’t help but sighed and said:“It’s so cold in the heights!”
The night is like ink,Black out of sight。Wang Youcai raised his head,Took a look at the clouded sky,It feels like it’s going to rain heavily。At this moment, he is standing under a big tree on the east side of the village,He is waiting for Meizi’s call。
It’s already eleven o’clock,This woman has no response,Is she playing him??Wang Youcai thought of this,I couldn’t help but surge up。
He was severely blackmailed by this woman this time,As for money, it doesn’t matter to him,The key is that he can’t swallow this bad breath,So he has to make money from this woman。
He also did some research on this issue,He found that plum is a watery flower,The mother is the master if you have milk。As long as you have money and power,Let her do anything。The dragging him into the water this time fully proved this point。
So he has to take advantage of Meizi’s weakness,To ruin her too,So that his heart can be balanced,His 20,000 yuan is not in vain。
When Wang Youcai was thinking about this problem,The phone vibrated。Wang Youcai Yixi,I’m sure Meizi sent a message。He turned on the phone and took a look,It really is plum information“The door is not locked,You nudge in,Everyone else in the house is asleep”
After reading this message,Wang Youcai was excited,He looked around,So he touched Meizi’s house。This time in the countryside,Most people have fallen asleep long ago,Maybe a few young people,Maybe still watching TV。
Anyway, when Wang Youcai passed through the dark alley,Did not meet anyone,I haven’t seen anyone whose lights are still on。I feel that the whole village is creating conditions for him and Meizi to rendezvous。
Meizi’s door is hidden,Wang Youcai gently pushed,The door opened,He twisted and got in。
Wang Youcai tiptoedly touched the west room where Meizi lives。The whole compound is dark and quiet,Wang Youcai felt that he was walking very carefully,But he still seems to be able to hear his own footsteps。
Finally entered Meizi’s door,He just went in。Mei Zi inserted the door backwards。No lights in the house,And light a candle。It seems that this plum is very cautious,After all, what she did was shameful。
Wang Youcai didn’t say a word,He hugged the plum,He pressed her on the edge of the kang,A strong collision,Which ball in the body*All vented,Then he fell to the side panting heavily。