Isn’t it curing people,For him,Not just a piece of cake。

If you want other treasures,Sorry,Pauper。
“I,you,This……”The fat old man really didn’t expect,Qin Feng just agreed,Follow the momentum just now,I shouldn’t have a good argument?
Say so now,He didn’t react for a while,So I can only say angrily:
“Wait,Wait until the five elders come to make a decision。”

fair enough。”Qin Feng nodded,No longer say anything。
Here,Gu worm and Wulao have already connected,So when the Gu worm unlocks Yang Yinyin’s Gu,But it sends out a unique signal。
Wu Lao Jieyin again,A cloud of purple gas floated to Yang Yinyin’s hand,The purple bug comes out immediately,And then returned to Wu Lao’s hands。
“Little girl,Your Gu has been unlocked,You look,Is your body much better?”
Wu Lao said with a smile,Under this gu,The side effects for him are actually not small,As long as Yang Yinyin died suddenly or something,His Gu worm will be weak for a while。
right now,But also solve this hidden danger。
“thank you。”Yang Yinyin’s slight gesture,Express your gratitude,Then turned and left。
This,Just a deal,The favor here,Naturally counted on Qin Feng’s body,For this old man,Naturally, no more words。

just,The relationship between the two,As if back to the familiar state。

exactly,It was Su Xuehen who showed a clear sense of resistance,She doesn’t even look at Lu Menglin,How do you start communicating??
but,How could such a small problem stump Lu Menglin?!
He tilted his head deliberately,Close the distance between the two,And then said in a faint inaudible voice:“Came back early,I didn’t have time to bring you a gift!”
“Not needed!”Su Xuehen is still watching the textbook,Didn’t even look up,Cold road。
Lu Menglin was blocked and didn’t know what to say,I had to smile。
“I have carefully reviewed it along the way,You have finished all the questions you borrowed from me,Homework is guaranteed not to be pulled down。”Lu Menglin tried another angle,Said。
“Oh!”Su Xuehen still doesn’t look up,It’s just not light or heavy。
Such a light as water attitude,Lu’s self-confidence was instantly hit by tons。
The beautiful girl sitting in front of herself,It’s much harder than the opponent in the King of Fighters tournament。
“You should take me to review before school is over?I still don’t understand some questions。”Lu Menglin asked carefully。
Actually he doesn’t need to be so cautious,But I can’t bear my guilty conscience!
Have been abroad for half a month,And they stayed with Jiang Jinghong,Although there is only one small ambiguity between the two,But when Lu Menglin saw Su Xuehen,There is no reason for it!
It seems that the three wives and four concubines in ancient times were not all right,Have no mental quality,You really can’t be a scumbag!The silent grievances in someone’s heart。
“Not available today!”Su Xuehen’s face doesn’t change color,Zhu lip spat softly。
“Then tomorrow?”Lu Menglin hit a snake with a stick,It’s so silly。
“No time tomorrow!”Su Xuehen turned her face,Gave him a fierce look。
This look,The girl’s expression is very heroic,Lu Menglin looked a little straight。

One thousand one hundred and twenty-five chapters One party

Listen to what Xiao Ning said,Everyone in Red Willow City is still a little doubtful,After all, Floating Cloud City is a force,There are Liuyunzong masters backing them,Where is it so easy to beat。
but,Lu Menglin’s subsequent command,But let everyone’s doubts go away。
Because Lu Menglin ordered,The whole army strikes immediately,Go straight to Floating Cloud City。
Those two Liuyunzong children kneeling in front of the hall,Real Huyang and General Leiyun,The two know that the situation is over,Had to surrender obediently,Address of Liuyunzong,There are sectarian secrets,Tell all,Just for a chance to survive。
Subsequently,Lu Menglin gave the two to Liu Niu’er,After they were hollowed out of all their secrets,Will be sent back to the city of steel by the guards,After sealing the power, send it to the Heino experiment,I believe the scientists over there will be very interested in studying these two living specimens。
The Red Willow City Army is divided into two,Leave the city defense army to defend the city,Taking care of the Floating Cloud City troops outside the city,But Lu Menglin carried the Guards of the Steel City and the Black Blood Cavalry,Go straight to Liuyun City。
After half a day of raiding,This army came to the bottom of Floating Cloud City。
as expected,Floating Cloud City has been two hours ago,Was taken advantage of by an army under the banner of Day Gate,Captured。
The soldiers and civilians of Floating Cloud City had no idea,When their army embarked on a journey to attack Hongliu City,Less than half a day,This strange soldier appeared outside the city。
The number of soldiers and horses is not large,And the banner is very strange,Even the military uniforms are messy,But their combat effectiveness is surprisingly strong。
And these people are simply unreasonable,A large number of forty level masters directly crossed the city wall,Easily disperse the defenders,Go straight to the castle mansion and weapons depot。
There were originally some members of the Liuyun Sect in Floating Cloud City,Regardless of the number of people,Or individual strength,They are not as good as the army that smashed into the city,After a brief confrontation,Liuyun Zongmen were killed clean,Floating Cloud City Lord’s Mansion was also captured,The entire army and civilians can only helplessly surrender。
Most of them have never seen so many masters in their lifetime,Be the forty-level strong in rows,fully armed,When charging into battle,That kind of scene is simply shocking。

“Haha!Is the taste of China。”

“Ok!I saw something familiar to me。”
“It’s the last day again!”
“Ten yuan a piece,All ten yuan a piece……”
Public screen speech in the live broadcast room,I can’t watch it at all,All the ridicule of the audience,I’m playing with flowers。
at this time,A young woman in front,Pulling an Alaskan dog,That dog is barking。
Hu Yang and others looked over,Almost laughed。I saw the booth next to me,Neatly arranged dog skins,Not husky,It’s from Alaska,Fifty yuan a piece。
“Oh my God!is that true?Too cruel。”Fang Ru couldn’t help but say。
Can see,That fur is pretty good,if it is ture,It’s almost peeled off when the dog’s fur is at its best,Everyone can guess,The dogs were probably alive then?
Hu Yang took a look,Said:“Artificial leather,not real。”
in fact,So pretty,Basically not true。Say again,There are tiger skins on the side!If this is true,Got it?I was invited by the relevant department to have tea。
but,Still scared the girl’s Alaskan dog to almost pee。
“Okay,Okay!”Lin Shaofen also patted her chest,Cause a shock。
“Want to be true?I know there is a place。”Ge Pingping said。

“If we don’t risk,Will let the machine find its destiny first!”The woman in the car is clearly mission first。

“Alive,Can say find。Now the machine is waiting,But it doesn’t know how many people we came,Wait for the limelight,When it thought we were all caught,It’s easy。”Say so,It is tantamount to giving up taking the biggest risk。
“If found by the machine first?”Woman asks。
“Even if we find our destiny from the jackpot winner,Can’t escape being caught by the machine,What’s the point?We can’t all die!That means no chance!At least there must be a few people alive guarding the fire of hope!”Persistence,The woman in the car is silent,Seems to have been persuaded。
“and also,Unless fate is found,Otherwise, I can’t contact other people。”The white face is not sure whether the machine will put a long line to catch big fish in the future。
“you’re right。In the future, I will find my destiny from a small probability。”The woman in the car made her own decision,White face did not discourage,Say:“The power of destiny completely covers the planet,That means there is only one way to discover fate——The observation information sent out compares people with inconsistent actions before and after the substance reverses,Most likely the owner of destiny。We have no support behind,Must control as many people on the planet as observation eyes,Slowly find people in abnormal conditions。”
“You use your method,I use mine。”The woman in the car is obviously unwilling to go with Bailian。
“What can you do?Even if you can meet destiny,In front of the power of the reverse movement of matter,You don’t know that you have ever met!”Feel absurd,This is not something you can do on your own。
“I will find a way。”The woman in the car still insists,Added:“You said,Not everyone can stare at one way,You are doing your way,I have to look for other possibilities。”
White face has nothing to say,There are good reasons,Actually right,Just himself,I’m just worried about her safety。
but,They are facing race、The survival crisis of civilization,They are the last hope,Doomed to risk。
car,Speeding on the road。
Two people in the car,Worried about the future,They guessed countless times,What kind of person is the master of fate,What are you doing with the power of destiny??
substance,In reverse motion……
Chen Wenjin originally lost a crooked bowling ball,Lost it again,Finally took a beautiful route。
Chen Qian sees a prize,Quite want,This is the last ball,You can get a prize if you succeed。
Chen Wenjin didn’t bother to lose the ball from the beginning,So lazily use the power of material inverse motion。
Destiny full of infinite possibilities,Here in Chen Wenjin,Turned out to be just a tool for assisted living。


Why,Since my method can get you out of the mud,Then you say how much my method is worth?
but,Massim·Verhagen secretly made up his mind:Wait to look back,Be sure to visit Mr. Fernandez quietly,Listen to what he has。
“boss,Mr. Silva visited our group today,Before leaving,He expressed his willingness to cooperate with COMAC on behalf of Embraer,I hope to visit our COMAC Group in China,And if possible,I hope the two companies can establish a good cooperative relationship。”
That night,Rosemary introduces Paul to Chen Geng·Cesar·Silva came to the United States。
Yes,Paulo, the senior vice president of Embraer·Cesar·Silva is coming to America,In addition to visiting GE according to the scheduled itinerary,Still in Rosemary and Frank·Accompanied by Robinson,Went around Robinson Helicopter Company。
Rosemary said this situation,Made Chen Geng quite surprised:“Brazilians want to work with us?you sure?”
Paul·Cesar·Silva and Embraer really want to cooperate with COMAC?Chen Geng’s mood is actually quite complicated:Buddies just want to pit Allison Power and Rawls·Royce is just a handful,But now it’s quite kind“Stocks and shares become shareholders”a feeling of?
Rosemary was a little surprised that he couldn’t understand Chen Geng,Because of Paul·Cesar·Silva’s request was taken for granted in her opinion,Her weird way:“boss,Like our COMAC,Ability to produce helicopters at the same time、Fixed-wing propeller aircraft and fixed-wing jet mainline aircraft company,Are there many in this world?
In these companies,A few more willing to cooperate with Brazilians?
When we have shown goodwill,The Brazilians are really kicked by donkeys if they don’t ask us to cooperate。”
Chen Geng slapped his head:Inherent ideas kill people!
Embraer today,It’s not the Embraer of the world’s four largest aircraft manufacturers more than ten years later,Deep in financial trouble、Can only makeEMB-120Embraer of this propeller-powered regional airliner,When looking at Chen Geng’s COMAC Group,Undoubtedly holding an attitude of looking up:Fernandez·Chen Shangfei Group can produce120Seat class jumbo jet!
Over a decade ago,120The seat is the standard narrow-body trunk technology index,Macdonald·DouglasDC-9Is the number of rides,Although the aviation industry technology continues to develop over the years,but100Seat to120seat,Can still be regarded as a mainline aircraft“beginner level”standard。
And what are Embraer’s current products??
Civil aircraft,Have19SeatedEMB-110Twin-engine propeller aircraft,Agricultural aircraft“Ibonema”、30SeatedEMB-120Twin-engine propeller aircraft;
Military aircraft,Have the biggest10Ultralight transport aircraftEMB-121“Xinggu he”And turboprop-powered trainersEMB-312“Toucan”(this“Toucan”NotEMB-314“Super toucan”).

A shout directly awakened Xin Zhao who was about to fall asleep,And then he froze there。

The voice outside is familiar,If he remembers correctly,That should be Qilin,And if he doesn’t feel wrong,There should be four people outside!
and many more,four people!
An instant,Xin Zhao feels he should change place!
The door is opened directly,Then Qilin and Qiangwei led in directly,I’m not afraid that Xin Zhao is not wearing clothes,And what surprised them was,There is only one quilt on the bed。
“Where did Xinye go??Did you know that we were coming,Then hid?”Rui Mengmeng said something blankly,Then she saw Qi Lin opened the sheets。
“Report captain,Not under the bed,complete!”
Qiangwei showed up when she saw Qilin,Direct flash,Appeared in front of the closet,Then directly open,Except for some clothes inside,There is nothing else,Let alone people。
“Did Lord Xin ran into the shoe cabinet?!”
Rui Mengmeng deserves to have the word Mengmeng,She opened the shoe cabinet,Then close。This is a bit cute,Make Qilin and Qiangwei a black thread。
“Could it be said that Lord Xin was missing?,But I just saw that Lord Xin didn’t go out!”
“You guys,I don’t know if I was played around,Xin Zhao,I invite you down,I still beat you down!”A ball of golden energy appeared in Lena’s hands。
And after Reina’s reminder,Qilin and Qiangwei looked up directly。
I saw a person lying on the roof like a gecko,Needless to say this person,It must be Xin Zhao。
Xin Zhao looks at the energy ball in Lena’s hand,And the eager eyes of Qilin and Qiangwei,Let him in this weather close to thirty degrees,Feel the cold of death。
“Sisters,I just want to have a good rest,Please let me go!”Sad voice,Make the listener sad,The listener sheds tears。
I don’t know how much wronged Xin Zhao has been.。
Listened to him,Qilin and Qiangwei lost directly,The two looked at each other,Then go out。

“What the two said,Why did you come to Heguo for the award ceremony??”

Jiro Matsushima looked up at Zhou Ziyi and Ding Sheng,The look on his face is also something worthy of fun。
Li Tianxing got up and looked at Jiro Matsushima,Helped him up very politely,In order to avoid a fixed forehead posture will make Matsushima Jiro’s waist disc protrude。
Looking at Matsushima Jiro’s puzzled eyes,Li Tianxing said with a smile:“Silly boy,Let’s participate in the award ceremony of Heguo,Just to capture you!”
Patted Matsushima Jiro on the shoulder,And completely ignored his angry face,Li Tianxing turned his gaze to Xiang Chen again。
“We don’t plan to go,Are you not full?”
Li Tianxing was not at all polite to Xiang Chen’s question。
Strange to say,Li Tianxing’s positioning of himself is a prodigal son full of copper smell,Barely counted as a businessman,The topic of family, country and world seems to have nothing to do with him,For a businessman,Great illness and disaster wars can have opportunities,Li Tianxing doesn’t want to take his family’s wealth to the next level,But sitting next to Zhou Ziyi and Ding Sheng,Li Tianxing marveled that he could feel the feelings of family and country。
Except for Matsushima Jiro’s slight sideways accident,Everyone here turned their eyes to Xiang Chen。
Ye Qingqing originally wanted to follow Xiang Chen,I can accompany him,But looking at the current posture,Ye Qingqing didn’t know what he should say to be appropriate,Especially Liu Qingmei besides him hasn’t spoken yet,Ye Qing can only remain silent。
“My name is Matsushima Jiro,Mr. Xiang。”
I found that Xiang Chen was looking at him,Matsushima Jiro was immediately introduced by Xiangchen。
“Matsushima Jiro!”
Xiang Chen smiled and nodded,Jiro Matsushima who got him bowed his head immediately,Express yourself listening。
“You saw it too,My friends are not willing to accept the invitation,And I also have a super meal ticket,So I can only refuse the kindness of your host。”
The smile on his face is rather helpless,Although I didn’t plan to accept the invitation at first,But such a high-sounding being kidnapped by morals,Still makes Xiang Chen feel a little uncomfortable。
“Mr. Xiang?”
Jiro Matsushima stared,Finally dared to look up at Xiang Chen。
“Don’t be so surprised,Who is the owner of your house??”Xiang Chen asked with a puzzled look。
Hear Xiang Chen’s question,Matsushima Jiro couldn’t help but straighten up,Then said to Xiang Chen:“My host is Zhixing Chuanyi。”

Listen to him,The two are dazzling,They all know that Wu Hao didn’t just talk about it,He is a cruel man,Speak up!

Huang Shaotian was silent,Because it’s not difficult to restore strength,But continue to improve,Difficult!Especially in places like Bairimen,We must compete with the world,Also fight with others!And still when the three of them cannot reveal their identities。
“and so,Let’s hide it first,Have a nice job!”Lu Menglin draws a conclusion to the three people’s lives,Seriously。
In the evening,Zong Huaichun is back。
His face is not so good,But when I saw the three,Still forced a smile。
In fact, he is not as good as he brags,There are so many noodles in this neighborhood,He is just a low-level guy in Aoki Club。
Since it is,Of course there will be times of anger,And the probability of this kind of thing happening is still very high。
“Are cooking!wait for me,I have a bottle of good wine that has been kept in private for many years,Today we continue to drink,Have a great drink!”Zong Huaichun saw that Miss Huang was already setting the tableware,Talking quickly,While walking towards my room。
Actually Zong Huaichun didn’t understand,How could I pick up three people back inexplicably,Keep at home。
Maybe because of loneliness!Since his good brother left the day gate,This yard is always empty,He lives alone。
And these three are from Hongliu City,Talk to them,It will inevitably make Zong Huaichun feel,It seems that the psychological distance from my good brother is a little closer。
“How is this wine?I saved for three years!”Zong Huaichun toasted and smiled。
Liu Wenzhang’s face is a bit weird,Didn’t say anything,I just swallowed the wine in my throat。
This is a good wine!Liu Wenzhang has never had such a bad wine,A weird smell。


These members of the Antiques Association know how precious the yellow-glazed porcelain was during the Hongzhi period,Even if this is a porcelain with no style,Also precious。
The yellow glazed porcelain in the Hongzhi period represents the highest level of yellow glazed porcelain,Plus there are very few in existence,Once this kind of baby is in the auction,A few million is the minimum,Tens of millions are not enough to shock people。
The live broadcast room is full of admiration,It’s not easy to pick up leaks in front of so many seniors,Still picked up a big leak,It’s like making a TV show。
“666,On Jianbao,I only serve Brother Hu。”
“Baby from the palace,This time Brother Hu wants to make a lot of money。Everybody guess,How much will it be worth。”
“I guess one million。”
“Too conservative?At least ten million。”
“Ten million,Are you kidding?Tens of millions of them are national treasures, right??Even if it’s from the palace,It’s not all so outrageous, right?That plate,I think one or two million is closer。”
Just when everyone is discussing,The local tyrants Jiangnan is another ten pictures of the country,Instantly put Populus’s live broadcast room to the top of the provincial hourly list,Attract more viewers in。
“I guess between four million and five million。”Jiangnan。
Get!This big guy also participated in the guessing session?This makes those audiences more excited。
Baiyun Mountain Guild,Xiao Chen, who is guarding the Populus live broadcast room, is in a mood,I feel that a major anchor in my guild is about to appear。Just like that for two or three days,Brother Hu received two or three hundred thousand gifts,An average of 100,000 per day。
If it’s such a trend,Over a million in a month,The guild can earn more than 100,000 on Brother Hu。
This is better than benefit,Very important to their new guild。It can be said,Many guilds couldn’t support it early,Because there was no major anchor in the early stage,Almost pure investment,If the financial resources are not strong,May go bankrupt。