Willow smiled slyly,“If you are afraid of long nights and dreams,We can also go to the Civil Affairs Bureau first,But I didn’t bring the account book,You have to take me home first。”

“Although we are in place in one step,but,Your family can’t help but give a meeting gift,This is etiquette。”
“.you,You just said getting married?”Huo Yun and his mind that hasn’t adjusted the jet lag buzzed,He has seen thick-skinned,but,Thick to this degree,Really not!
“Yes,You look so handsome,I’m so pretty again,Without stamping,Out of touch。”
Yangliu is thinking of him,“and,You all this year28Years old,Never get married,Will there be fertility in a few years??Huo’s big industry,Can’t be cheaper outsiders!”
Do not,She is not cheeky,She has no shame!
If you can’t bear it, you don’t need to bear it anymore,No matter how well-trained you are, you can’t stand this kind of shameless woman!
Facial paralysis is cracked,“Miss Lu,Have you seen neurology?”
Willow winks,“.What do you mean?”
Huo Yunhe sneered,I don’t even understand this,Dare to speak out?
“Since Miss Lu can’t understand,I will make it difficult for you to popularize science,People with the wrong nerves are prone to hypothesis,Your current symptoms are。I,Huo Yunhe,Not interested in you,Not now,There won’t be in the future。”
“you,you do not like me?”Yangliu’s eyes widened,The voice becomes sharper,Said sharply:“You made it clear?”
“you,Not my type,I will never like a woman like you,Why sit here and endure your vulgarity,It’s because of the face of Huo Lu’s family relationship,Please don’t take my politeness as indulgence,OK?”
Yangliu was quite satisfied with the man’s exasperated remarks,but,To solve the trouble completely,She has to work harder。
Silence for a while,Suddenly smile,If you don’t have that oily face,Really lady,“Brother Huo,You are so handsome,I really fall in love with you,Reprimanded by you,I’m not angry at all,But think you are tooma
Lest he doesn’t believe it,Yangliu raised three fingers and swear,“Your voice is so good,I’m more than Yankong,Still voice control,Your voice is better thanZYWAlso magnetic.ZYWYou know who it is?Walking hormone!Although it’s an uncle,But his charm.Oh,Far away,I mean you are the perfect man in my heart,I am such a beautiful woman,It should be worthy of a handsome pot with education and connotation like you。”
Huo Yunhe’s etiquette since he was a child made him unable to say anything too bad,That unceremonious remark just now is his limit,Unexpectedly, this woman was not hit at all,also,also.
He doesn’t even know how he reacted!

“When did arrogance start to care about the people below?It’s incredible!”

Qin Feng couldn’t help but complain,But I can only complain,After all, for such a principal,He seems to be unable to do anything。
“Qin Feng,Why are you up so early?”
Jiang Yan originally planned to walk around,See if there is any way to help your company。Because she actually thought of other ways,That is to ask the bank for help,As long as there is liquidity,She’s not saying that she can’t improve her company’s treatment。So as to compete with the company established by Xiao Mo Group in hiring employees。
Until now,Jiang Yan is still reluctant to admit defeat easily。But when she saw Qin Feng wake up so consciously, of course she was a little surprised。
After all, Qin Feng’s ability to get up early was basically Wang Mengmeng’s wake-up service。
“Ok,To help you。”
“Help me?”Jiang Yan frowned slightly,But didn’t say anything。But she also thought of something,To know,Her grandpa is always fascinating,Although I don’t know what my grandpa does,But there must be a lot of money。
Qin Feng as his apprentice,Even if you only learn three things,these years,I must have some savings。Jiang Yan actually doesn’t want friends to suffer,the most important is,She doesn’t want to bear the debt of relationship。So deep down,She would rather the company go bankrupt than a friend to help。
But changing to Qin Feng is a little different。After all, from a long time ago,Jiang Yan thinks this residential apartment is her own industry。
But Qin Feng suddenly appeared,And showed up with her grandpa’s transfer procedures,Take away her most valuable property。so,Even if Qin Feng paid to help,Jiang Yan would treat it as guilt and want to make up for some of his compensation.。
Of course it is impossible for Qin Feng to know what Jiang Yan is thinking。After all, this time he followed the other party to deal with things,Actually deal with it with the heart to solve the problem。
However, he never thought,The two of them just left the door,The door of the unit next door is also opened,Chen Wensen looked at the probe,Then I changed a suit and followed it out。
“Qin Feng, where are you going?We are together!”
People who don’t know think Chen Wensen and Qin Feng are so familiar,How deep the relationship is。
Qin Feng knew,It’s hard for me to explain to Jiang Yan,So I didn’t explain it at all。

Xia Chenglong carefully recalled what the Great Elder and Elder Wang said,Make sure what they say is just take it,As long as it can be taken away,Move the entire pharmacy out。

In this case,Then he……
do not care,Go in first。
Xia Chenglong went to the first compartment,But want to open the compartment,Two things must be shown beside,One is the elder token,The second is to use dynamometer,Show yourself enough strength。
Take out his honorary elder token,Then freely release aura to the test machine,The compartment door is opened。
After entering, the fragrance of medicinal materials is blowing,Refreshing,See the medicinal herbs placed inside,Xia Chenglong smiled happily。
This is called getting it all effortless!
“Ephedra,Cordyceps,Hundred ginseng fruit……”
Although they are all relatively low-grade medicinal materials,But for practice“Tianyuan Index is just right。
Fortunately, he has a free storage ring,Otherwise, I really don’t know how to get so many herbs。
As for the amount,He is not the kind,People with no bottom line,All medicinal materials are directly divided into half。
One thousand beads of ephedra has disappeared in an instant,There are other medicinal materials as well。
Come out of the first compartment,Go to the second compartment,His principle is not to disappoint the great elders,Will be fine“Patronize”Medicine library。
Little change in the first two compartments,But by the third time,Xia Chenglong felt the difference。
As he goes back,The stronger the aura that needs to be injected into the door,of course,After entering, the grade of medicinal materials will be higher。
Hehe,He finally understood why the elder would ignore it,I know that the precious medicinal materials are not easy to handle,That’s why I feel so relieved??
It’s just that when you meet someone else, you may go back dejected,But something very embarrassing,The other party met him,Dignified dragon king!
In order not to delay,Xia Chenglong speeds up,Just one hour,Swept the medicinal materials in ten compartments。
(of course,I took them in half,Otherwise, the elder may be anxious,I went to Zhongyu to find him!)

“get out。”

Seeing the tattoo dragon is no longer as hard as before,Qin Feng lost interest,Waved and said。
Tattoo dragon,He didn’t expect
Qin Feng would let him go so easily。
Don’t you want something good?He isaCity boss,Wealth!
“Mr. Qin let you go,Hurry up!”
Guo Ran knew that Qin Feng missed the birthday banquet of his elders,Although I know that now I can take advantage of the tattoo dragon to be scared and blackmailed,Can only dispel this idea。
But it’s just a little regret,He immediately became full of fighting spirit,Mr. Big is here,What else can’t get!
“Yes Yes Yes,I will get out!”
With the help of my little brother,The tattoo dragon landed on one foot and ran out funny。
But no one dared to laugh,Because the tattoo dragon can’t provoke Qin Feng only,For ordinary people,Tattooed dragons still exist as gods in their eyes!
As for Qin Feng,That is a more terrifying existence than God!
Now everyone looks at Qin Feng,Full of awe。

Lu Menglin’s meaning is already obvious,He does not accept the idea of using Su Xuehen to find Hainuo Lab。After all,This Dao-chief Li and himself only met soon,It is unknown whether he is a member of the Hainuo Lab or not.,How could I help him find Su Xuehen??

But this way,There will be at least two huge forces looking for Su Xuehen。Lu Menglin is a little worried,I can really find Su Xuehen before them,And have enough strength to protect her??
Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Seven Grasp the variables
Although Lu Menglin refused,But Li Shixing doesn’t seem to care,I still taught them three more details on visualization skills,Then left。
Dialogue between Lu Menglin and Li Shixing,Both of them are very close to each other,But they left contact information with each other,Maybe when it will be used。
Lu Menglin also secretly made up his mind,Before I really become stronger,This thing will stop here for now,He will definitely not take the initiative to find Su Xuehen,So as not to be targeted,Follow the vine。
Even Li Shixing couldn’t figure out what Lu Menglin really thought.,I can’t guess that this kid gave up because his opponent was too strong,Still have another idea。
Back to Shenzhen from Hong Kong Island,Everyone waved goodbye。
Chen Jiannan has the most things,In addition to dealing with a bunch of local businesses in Shenzhen,,I have to go back to Hong Kong Island to participate in the shooting of the legendary film promo,The itinerary for the last six months has been arranged。
Fat Dun decided to continue with Master Li,Back to Wudang Mountain to learn martial arts。He couldn’t even count as an outer disciple before,Now I have finally met Zhengzong Xuanmen,How would you let it go easily。
But Lu Menglin returned to Shenzhen University alone,Back to402dorm room。

Liu Yi glanced at him silently,Smiled faintly:“You won’t know when he comes?”

“Haha!That is!Anyway, I, Gong Hu, is a pauper with nothing,It’s a big deal,Go home to farm!I’m afraid of a bird!”Gong Hu laughed loudly。
Zhang Qingtan frowned:“Even the chief instructor,I’m afraid I don’t have the right to dismiss us casually.?”
“Who said you are going to be relieved of your duties?The chief instructor is here to teach us how to fight。Don’t think about it,I’ll make peace when I see him。”Liu Yi patted Zhang Qingtan on the shoulder,Smiled。
Zhang Qingtan motionless,Lightly:“We are soldiers,Obeying orders is our bounden duty,As long as the chief teacher treats us fairly,No one thinks。”
“Zhang Qingtan,What do you mean?”Liu Yi heard the smell of gunpowder in this sentence,Make a face,Anger。
“That’s what I just said!It’s your business for your first group to flatter,As long as we big soldiers are fair。”Zhang Qingtan responded stiffly。
Liu Yi was so angry that his face turned white,Staring at Zhang Qingtan,Say word by word:“Zhang Qingtan,You kind of say it again!”
Between several groups,It doesn’t matter if you compete with each other,Fighting is normal,But Zhang Qingtan said that the first combat team was flattering,This makes Liu Yi really unbearable。
If the first combat team is considered to be based on flattery,So everyone’s usual sweat,Blood shed when performing tasks,And those companions who sacrificed in their power,Was it all obliterated by this flirty flattery??
Zhang Qingtan’s heart stunned,Knowing that Liu Yi was really angry,That look,Serious eyes,Not kidding。
at this time,No one thought,Gong Hu, who always competes with Zhang Qingtan, suddenly sneered to help.:“Zhang Qingtan is right!What we big soldiers want is fairness!If those family elder brothers think they can take us whatever they want,Then try!Big deal I quit!”
He roared,The soldiers around nodded,Especially the members of the second and third groups,It’s the first time to cooperate with an exception,Applaud together。
Gong Hu suddenly felt,Lao Tzu has a face up today,So nodded again and again,Hold your fists around and thank you。
Zhang Qingtan is better than Gong Hu,I didn’t say much when I saw it,Just sneer on the sidelines,Let Gong Hu’s asshole stand in front,Anyway, the chief instructor is really going to expel Gong Hu,He will contact the former chief immediately,Try to recruit Gong Hu into other troops。
to be honest,Whether it is Zhang Qingtan,Or Gong Hu,Even the soldiers they bring,All of them are baby bumps rushed by other troops,Not afraid to leave the Iron Lion army。
Liu Yi’s eyes stared,Wherever you look,The applause weakened immediately。

Listening to Lu Meng speaking sincerely,Zhou Min and Zhu Qiuhong have already believed most of them。

Hong Kong Islanders believe in hard work,Also believe in fortune,Both women thought in their hearts,Maybe they really met someone at this critical moment this year,Big luck!
“in fact,I will meet both of you,There is another reason。Isn’t it my little selfishness?。”Lu Menglin thought for a while,Finally said。
Zhu Qiuhong was taken aback,Raise your head,Staring at him intently。
Zhou Min lowered his head,Still calculating the gains and losses of changes in my heart,Is this new company worth following?。
“When I was in the gym yesterday,I heard you say that at Hong Kong Island Women’s University,Is there such a thing??”Lu Menglin smiled。
Zhu Qiuhong and Zhou Min were taken aback at the same time,Nodded together。
“I want to find someone,I heard she was also in Hong Kong Island Women’s University,I want to ask two sisters to help find her。but,I just want to know her current situation,Don’t want her to know that i’m looking for her。Can you help me?”Lu Menglin pondered for a moment,Finally said his purpose。
He carefully considered,If Zhu Qiuhong and Zhou Min go to indirectly contact Su Xuehen,Should be safe。
Because of knowing them,Completely accidental,This kind of random change is impossible to predict in advance,So equivalent to,Should be safe。
And if the two women sign a contract with Menglin Group,Became an artist under my own company,There won’t be any problems,Besides, everyone has personal relationships。
Try to find and contact Su Xuehen through their channel,I believe no one can expect it。
Unexpectedly, Lu Meng’s mind was to find someone,This reason undoubtedly drew the interest of the two women。
Zhu Qiuhong nodded,Smiled:“Finding someone is just a small matter,We will try our best to help you。”
“Tell me,what is her name?What does it look like?Do you have a photo?Boy or girl?what,I’ve forgotten it all,It should be a girl studying at a women’s university!”Zhou Min giggled。
“Teachers also have men’s。”Zhu Qiuhong reminded。
Lu Menglin’s heart moved,Temporarily changed,I took a photo out of my bag,Handed it to the two women。
“I don’t know her name yet,Just met,Never forget。”

“Six hours?”Lily looked at Qiao Tianyu suspiciously,Said slightly excitedly。

“Tianyu,You mean six hours later,The five major Wall Street investment banks and international hedge funds will short the yen,right?”
“Haha,Secret!”Qiao Tianyu said mysteriously,“You’ll be fine when the time comes!”
After speaking, Qiao Tianyu picked up the one he had been holding for the past two days《Three Kingdoms》,Continue to look at it with relish。
“Tianyu.”Lily wanted to take Qiao Tianyu to ask questions,Confirmed that the five major Wall Street investment banks and international hedge funds will really short the yen。
But I don’t want Lily to just say something,Qiao Tianyu mysteriously made a silent motion,Interrupted Lily,“Shaoan,Shaoanwuxiaoha,Reading,Reading。”
Seeing Qiao Tianyu no longer caring about herself,Lily raised her little mouth unhappily,Mumbled,“What’s so good about a broken book,Really!”
Then comes the long waiting time。
But Qiao Tianyu is really in no hurry,Since I picked up that one《Three Kingdoms》,Qiao Tianyu was completely immersed in the wonderful plot of the novel。
He frowned sometimes,Sometimes angry,Sometimes burst into laughter,I seem to have completely forgotten that I am still in danger。
With Qiao Tianyu“Heartless”Just the opposite,Lily is in a hurry right now。
As time goes by one minute and one second,Lily sweats profusely,Anxiously paced back and forth in the room,Glancing at the wall clock on the wall from time to time,Come every few minutes“Harass”Qiao Tianyu,Ask him why he still doesn’t see any movement。
However, Qiao Tianyu only said to Lily every time“Shaoan”,He continued to bow his head to appreciate his novels,As if the whole thing has nothing to do with him。
This also made Lily less able to understand Qiao Tianyu,According to Lily’s understanding of Qiao Tianyu in the previous life,If it weren’t for Qiao Tianyu’s real confidence,He certainly won’t be so stable!
Know well?Is it possible that Qiao Tianyu will really lead the five major Wall Street investment banks and international hedge funds to risk the world’s disastrous shorting of the yen?

If you write one or two thousand words,Isn’t it because your wrists are swollen?

“How i feel,Written by Xiao Hu,Than we see《Han Shi Post》Even better?”Master Feng said。
《Han Shi Post》,He also observes up close、Appreciated,Really amazing,But I always feel a little bit different from what Xiao Hu wrote,It seems that there is less charm than Xiao Hu wrote,A bit more rigid。
Zhang Zuo listened,Can’t help but roll your eyes:“truly《Han Shi Post》,You haven’t seen。I haven’t seen,prior to,I went to see with you,Just a copy,Of course it will look a bit dull。”
Speaking of,《Han Shi Post》’S fate is also very rough,Save till today,Not easy。
In the Qing Dynasty,This work is hidden in the Old Summer Palace,Anglo-French Allied Forces Burning Old Summer Palace,Almost ruined this thousand-year-old national treasure。
《Han Shi Post》Immediately exiled to the people,For Feng Zhanyun,Then there was a fire,Left a trace of fire。
After Feng died, he was secretly collected by Sheng Boxi,Sheng was purchased by Wanyan Pusun after his death,And sold it to the Japanese at a high price——Kikuchi Hindo。
Tokyo Earthquake,The Kikuchi family suffered disaster,The ancient celebrities’ calligraphy and paintings were almost completely destroyed,then,Kikuchi Hindo risked his life,From the fire《Han Shi Post》Rescued,A good news。
After World War II,Wang Shijie, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Nationalist Government, secretly explored the national treasure《Han Shi Post》News,When knowing,Repurchase,Return to the motherland after a thousand-year national treasure,Collection to Tai Island Provincial Museum。
afterwards,Made ten copies,Used to be collected by the internationally renowned National Museum,And exhibition。
and so,The works that everyone sees,None of them are authentic。It’s impossible to show the real thing casually,One accidentally damaged a little,All sins。
“Is that so?I said,No wonder。”
In other words,Populus this work,It’s better than the replica that was made with great effort。
Two old people are satisfied,Each got a piece of work。They plan to,Find the best decorator later,Frame the work。

Hu Yang shook his head:“Not rough,But it’s really valuable,This is a meteorite。”

More than twenty years ago,The domestic meteorite collection can be summarized as“No one knows,No one cares,No one cares,No one pays attention”,The meteorite collection is a very small circle。
later,Foreign meteorite collection fever is gradually heating up,In addition to scientific research needs,Meteorites are attracting more and more people as collectibles,And is concerned by some investors,Gradually form a mature trading market,So far, the number of participants has increased to more than 10,000,There are more meteorite collectors,The price of the meteorite being traded has also risen sharply。
The most expensive meteorite,Like the moon’s meteorite,One gram can reach a price of more than 20,000,Much more expensive than gold。
It is said that,Ranked in the unit price of international smuggled goods,The meteorite has defeated the diamond、Diao Qiu and Bing.poison,Ranked first。
“The price of meteorites is based on their scarcity、Different element content also differs,The cheap ones are several thousand yuan per gram,The current price of expensive is tens of thousands of yuan per gram。
The most expensive meteorites in the world are those of the moon and Mars.,As for how to distinguish meteorites from each planet,I don’t understand。
but,These four,More iron elements,Iron meteorite。In ancient times,The so-called meteorite,Excellent material for building weapons。
In other words,In ancient times,This is also a treasure,Even more use today。
The value of iron meteorites,Generally between 10,000 and 20,000 per gram。”
Finished,Hu Yang returned the big meteorite to Ye Ping。
Ye Ping was dumbfounded,10,000 to 20,000 yuan per gram?Her piece,Let alone weigh a pound?Over 500 grams,Millions,Even tens of millions?
Don’t talk about her,Her mother、Wah Tsai、Lao Wu and others,And the audience in the live room,All stunned。
“10,000 to 20,000 yuan per gram?My piece?”Ye Ping feels her little heart beating。
This is to be called a millionaire、The rhythm of multimillionaires!She never thought,I have such a day!Even if I met Brother Hu,She just planned,Follow to make money and spend small money。
Populus is conservative:“You,Although it’s bigger,But look at the color,Less iron。”
He took the three dollars he got,Hand over a piece,Let her weigh。