Everyone divided the smoke,Few more packages。

Just ask if there is a redhead:“Didn’t Abao say you don’t interfere with this matter??”
“Yes,Friendship over there,They can’t make peace,I can only help each other。As for Ami,I have to cover。”When Chen Wenjin said,Deliberately deliver a,The look everyone should understand。
Everyone sees Xiao Xiao meets Amei,I originally suspected it was because of this,At this time, Chen Wenjin’s expression seemed to prove to them。
Fairy like Xiao Xiao,Even if it’s still not sure,It’s normal to help。
“Why!Leopard!How did you promise me?That bitch bullied me and bullied me for nothing?”Li Xiang shouted angrily。
“Jin didn’t say to take Ami away,The matter with Wang Shuai is resolved in a while,Besides, how can I pay the debt that May owes you?。”Abao,And said to everyone:“I have a few words with Huang Jin alone,Come in a while。”
Everyone just thinks they are talking about Li Xiang and Amei,Just smoke and drink and chat,The topic revolves around Xiao Xiao,I was really surprised by her。
Chen Wenjin and Abao walked away,He saw a pile of weapons placed under the stairs,Basically all tools,Just ask Abao:“You want to kill something big?”
“You said that the two don’t help each other!”A leopard smoking a cigarette,Unhappy in his expression,I clearly think Chen Wenjin is helping Wang Shuai as a lobbyist。
“That’s why I told you this!I thought you wanted to win Wang Shuai’s money back。You killed him,You’re done too,You went in,Li Xiang will wait for you?She changes her boyfriend and you become a fragment of memory,Is it useful to keep the money in your account for your parents??Buy them drunk every day to face the pain of losing their children?”Chen Wenjin’s series of questions。
“I know Li Xiang is not worth it,I’m not for him。I won’t kill Wang Shuai,Can get the money back?”Abao knew it was impossible,if so,Of course he doesn’t want to be out of control。“Would he really bet against me where the fights are great??”
“I thought you were serious about making this request,I didn’t expect to just talk casually。If you want to win, Wang Shuai will definitely not admit it,You change conditions,Pay him for car money and money for breach of agreement,Erase the 200,000 lost。Wang Shuai also knows what’s driving you,He would definitely agree。”Chen Wenjin thinks this is more appropriate。
“Win all if you want!”Leopard is very upset,And pay 400,000 to Wang Shuai?He is not willing to give a dollar now。
“How do you decide,You choose。I only talk about ideas that I think are appropriate,You hit the car,You signed the agreement,This money changed you,I won’t accept letting others go wrong,You don’t know how to feel, reason and face,Same with Wang Shuai;Qiangwei’s gambling agreement is made later,You force the start to win back,Wang Shuai will take this step to end the matter,Give up the two hundred thousand。It is unrealistic for any of you to win unilaterally,Wang Shuai will definitely not recognize it and let you win all,You won’t admit to losing。”Chen Wenjin finished,Pass Xiao Xiao’s phone number and car key to Abao and say:“You take it。”
“……no need,Don’t return it to Xiao Xiao。”A leopard smoking a cigarette,Considering Chen Wenjin’s suggestion,But still unwilling。“I beat him before thinking!”
Chen Wenjin won’t say anything about it。

No wonder Liang Chongzhi is so excited,Because just now,He received a call from Comrade Wang Shoukun of the East China Military Region,That he has reliable information,Jiangnan Province is one of the candidate provinces for the auto parts industrial park project that Chen Geng is going to invest in。

Of course he knows that American billionaire Chen Geng intends to establish three industrial parks in China,Also know that the aviation industry cluster project settled in Jinmen,Annual output20Ninety-nine percent of the car project of 10,000 passenger cars will be in the capital,As for the auto parts high-tech industrial park project that brings together the top international auto parts giants,I heard that the biggest possibility is Guangdong Province,but now,Comrade Wang Shoukun actually said that Jiangnan Province is also one of the provinces considered by Chen Geng……
Liang Chongzhi can’t calm down at all:Such a big thing,I do not know how?!
First799chapter Pie in the sky
To say that Liang Chongzhi did not know the three projects that Chen Geng was planning to invest in China,That’s nonsense,These three industry clusters,Any one can bring tens of billions of annual output value to the local area after completion,Count the surrounding service industries、The pull of upstream and downstream related industries,Tut……It’s just a diameter50Mi’s super cash cow,How could Jiangnan Province not be moved?
But heartbeat is one thing,Take a look at what kind of provinces and cities are interested in these three projects of Chen Geng:capital、Magic city、Jinmen、Guangdong Province、Qilu、Liao Senior Official An、Rongcheng……These provinces、city,Which one is no better than the poor Jingnan Province?
Looking back at Jiangnan Province,Except for coastal provinces,Whether it’s road traffic or intellectual resources,No one can keep up,Some time ago, I heard that the chief intends to discuss with Chen Geng、See if we can put one of the projects in Guangdong Province,To promote the reform and opening up of Guangdong Province……Listen to,Listen to,What’s the matter in Jiangnan Province?
But when Jiangnan Province was almost hopeless,News came suddenly,Liang Chongzhi’s first reaction was not“Fucking!Sent!Pie in the sky”,But“Fucking!Is this news fake??”
“Comrade Chongzhi,”Wang Shoukun increased his tone:“Can this be a joke??”
Silent for a moment,Liang Chongzhi nodded silently:indeed,This is really not a joke,And Wang Shoukun’s East China Military Regionbossidentity of,It’s also destined that he can’t use this kind of thing to joke with himself。Just this way,The problem is coming:“that……Ok,But Pharaoh,How did you know this?”
You Wang Shoukun is a comrade in the military,It is said that this kind of thing is even if there is wind,I should know it first,How could it be you Comrade Wang Shoukun told me?This shouldn’t be。
Wang Shoukun also knows this is a bit weird,It’s really not in line with common sense:“It’s a long story,Mr. Chen Geng has relatives in China……”
Without waiting for Wang Shoukun to finish,Liang Chongzhi suddenly remembered:“You are talking about Comrade Chen Hongjun?”
Of course, the deputy director of a small ordnance repair shop in the East China Military Region would not be able to gain the vision of a powerful official in frontiers.,But if the deputy director of this small ordnance repair shop is still related to American tycoon Chen Geng,That’s another matter,It’s hard for Liang Chongzhi to have no impression of Chen Hongjun and his wife。
It’s just that the movement on the magic city is too fast,I haven’t waited for Jiangnan Province to react,Chen Hongjun was poached by the Demon City……Because of this,At that time Liang Chongzhi lost his temper very much:All the comrades in the magic city know the importance of comrade Chen Hongjun,Why did our comrades in Jiangnan Province not expect to be able to pass the bridge of Comrade Chen Hongjun?,Attract Mr. Chen Geng to invest in Jiangnan Province?!
But late is late,Even if Liang Chongzhi loses his temper, it won’t help,Comrades in Jiangnan Province can only watch Chen Geng’s investment in the magic city land,Then I kept patting my thighs and gritted my teeth, regretting……


End of greetings with the executives in the circle,Chen Geng was impatient to Gary·Kilidare、Gordon·Bell and James·Nicholas·Gray asked:“Gentlemen,Has the system’s stability test passed??”
“boss,All the testing process is over,”Gary·Kiredale said to Chen Geng while leading the way:“No problem,I can’t guarantee that there will be no problems with this system after the official release,But I dare to assure you that there will be no major and stability problems when pairing。”
“That’s good,”Chen Geng smiled and nodded:“I can not wait any more。”
Gary·Kilidare:“please follow me……”
See here,You readers have already seen it,Data research company launched a new operating system。
Yes,Yes,The data research company has indeed developed a new operating system:Windows 2.0。
Since there is still2.0,Naturally1.0。
1.0It is the pseudo-operating system with a graphical interface that is essentially an application program launched by the data research company.,withWindows 1.0same,Windows 2.0Is also based onCP/MOperating system,But compared toWindows1.0,Windows 2.0Improved a lot,Not only upgraded from the original single user single task to single user multi task、Added to French、Italian、Japanese、German、Spanish、Portuguese etc.50Language support in multiple countries,And compared to the ones that need to be drivenWindows 1.0,Windows 2.0“Native”Added support for the mouse。
In addition,compared toWindows 1.0,Windows 2.0The improvements and upgrades are also huge、obviously,Windows2.0Not only a set of native16Bit operating system、And can simulate32Bit operating system function,This is also the first set of80386This one just released this year32Bit processor operating system。
Secondly,Windows 2.0The biggest improvement isWindows 2.0Significant improvements and upgrades have been made to memory management technology,At the same time, support for virtual device drivers was added for the first time,This greatly improves the scalability of the system,Because it means all useWindows 2.0Of computer users no longer have to bother to verify whether their hardware can be supported by the system,He can completely install another driver。
As for other improvements,Such as re-optimized graphical interface、Enhanced support for graphics functions、Enhanced support for communication capabilities between applications、Can be used quickly with key combinationsWindowsFunction of……Etc., etc,Means as long asWindows 2.0The stability of the pass,This will once again become a hot product under the data research company。
Chen Geng attaches great importance to the inheritance of products in terms of user experience,inWindows 2.0At the beginning of the project,One of Chen Geng’s request is“anyWindows 1.0Of users can transition toWindows 2.0”,Plus Chen Geng pairWindows 1.0Already cooked too long,Entering the laboratory through numerous security checks、Start the one that is on standby、Already installedWindows 2.0After the computer of the system,With a series of operations,Chen Geng’s surprise discovery,Except for some new features, just adapt,In terms of operational difficulty alone,Gary·Kirydale they did do it“anyoneWindows 1.0Users can easily useWindows 2.0”Requirements。
“well!very good!”
After asking the tester to demonstrate all the improvements and new features to himself,Chen Geng is finally determined,Gary·Kilidare is Gary·Kilidare,Bibil’s half-hearted water is really bullishXToo much,Although this setWindows 2.0Many things are based on Microsoft’sWindows 3.0Proposed,But the stability of the system is better than the originalWindows 3.0Don’t know how strong it is。
Nod in satisfaction,Chen Geng turned his head and asked Dolucy:“Dorothy,Your marketing departmentWindows 2.0What is the market judgment of?What is the price range?How many sets can be sold?For publicity and promotionWindows 2.0,How much do you think is needed for publicity?”
“based onCP/MwithWindows 1.0Has achieved a good reputation and market share in the market,We believe that as long as it is properly promoted,Highlight things like‘Windows 2.0Is the world’s first support32BitCPUHow many operating systems’Wait for selling point,Windows 2.0Objective market prospects,Count the amount provided to microcomputer manufacturersOEMversion,I think if the price is set at90to100Between dollars,Should be sold in one year100Million sets。As for the promotional expenses……”
Say here,Dorothy·Kirydale for a bit,Looked up at Chen Geng,Then said cautiously:“Want to achieve the above sales effect,I think roughly800Wanzhi1000Ten thousand U.S. dollars。”

“how,Figured it out?”

“Figured it out!”
The old man alone smiled:“Now that you want to understand it, do it,As long as you abolish the cultivation base,Obediently walk out of the canyon,I promise my children and grandchildren will not hurt you。”
“Want us to surrender,very sorry,You are not qualified!”
Makino’s domineering return,Blood sword coming out of the soil,Point directly at the old man Duying。
“Damn,The temper is not small,I have heard of your little baby’s reputation,it is good,very good,Fangzheng staying alive may be a scourge,I’ll solve you guys today!”The old man Lone Eagle looks indifferent。
Chapter five hundred and ninety three Strong appearance
Man of few words,The two sides started to charge each other in an instant!
On the surface,Except for the other side’s saint martial artist,The realm of other subordinates is lower than that of students。
But they are better than people,So whoever wins is not necessarily。
As for the victory of the battle,After all, it depends on the battle at the highest level,If Muye can’t stop the old man with eagle,Everything is nonsense。
Makino took the lead,The heavy blood sword in that hand didn’t even affect the opponent’s speed at all,The whole person turned into a blood-red shadow,Shuttle between those。
Just one sword,Those guys from Wanliumen were cut off,The whole person didn’t even have a chance to cry。
The old man Lone Eagle saw the figure rushing over,Not only admired,It really came from the inner courtyard,This is definitely not what ordinary people can do。
“it is good,Today, let me see how good the students in the inner courtyard are?”
The old man Lone Eagle moved,He moved like a goshawk flying towards,Same speed,at the same time,A grey aura collides with a red spiritual power。

I naturally thought of Zhu Zhengkang,He seems to have no suspicion,It’s like the last murderer。Even if there is no evidence pointing to Zhu Zhengkang,The most critical honeymoon period in Zhu’s Li’s family,He doesn’t need to do these little moves,But Li Tianxing recalled the process Xiang Chen told him,Recalling these people I met,I still think Zhu Zhengkang is the most suspicious。

It’s just a pity that there is no key evidence,Li Tianxing can only defend passively。
“I am going home first!Stay with you,Everyone bothers looking at each other!”
Got up to leave,No matter if my guess is correct,Since someone wants to do something to themselves,Li Tianxing naturally has to make some preparations。
&;Get up and leave,But Xiang Chen, who had only finished healing, stopped him。
“I didn’t tell you to come here to inform you,Don’t get me wrong!”
Xiang Chen brought Li Tianxing back to the sofa in the private room,Looking at the smile on Xiang Chen’s face,Li Tianxing feels that there is a bigger conspiracy waiting for him。“You don’t want to kidnap me too?”
A weird smile appeared on Li Tianxing’s face,But after seeing Xiang Chen nod in praise,Li Tianxing instantly became expressionless。
“Didn’t you really plan like that??”
Li Tianxing slumped on the sofa。
Almost everyone in the Li family knows that they are with Xiang Chen now,Li Tianxing also believes,As long as my family wants to check,After all, you can find a lot of clues,When the time comes, all the spearheads will be directed at Xiang Chen,How does this guy accept the trick??
“No worries about lice,I’m not itchy when I get too much debt,Don’t worry about my business!”
Xiang Chen seems to know what Li Tianxing is thinking,Just what Li Tianxing said“There are too many lice,No worries about debt”after that,Xiang Chen’s face is slightly embarrassed。

Just when Qin Feng was wondering,Another car drove behind them,The same doorman glanced at the invitation letter,Pointed him a different way from himself。

“Boss……”Zhang Dong is a bit more nervous than Qin Feng,Doesn’t seem to pay much attention to these,I thought Qin Feng parked the car here。
“Nothing,Let’s go。”Although I don’t know what medicine is sold in this gourd,But Qin Feng seemed to feel,This birthday party seems to be somewhat targeted。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifteen Stop praise
“Wow,Boss,Don’t blame them for choosing this place,Isn’t it too grand here?,I always feel something different here,Say it is style,Not tacky。”
“It’s not just using the style of real money piled up,But without losing the ostentation and dignity,It just gives people a very comfortable feeling。”Zhang Dong started from coming in,Praise that never stops。
“indeed,It seems that the owner of the manor is very careful,I definitely did not spend less time。”Qin Feng also has the same feeling as Zhang Dong,But these are not what Qin Feng cares about now。
What he cares about at the moment is,Why are you here for the banquet?,The guard must read the invitation first,Then there will be two different paths,What does it mean?
Qin Feng still doesn’t understand,And it’s been a while since I came in,Not seeing anyone other than them,This has to make Qin Feng doubt。
“Boss,You said it’s this time,Why hasn’t anyone come yet?,I didn’t see anyone from the Hua family。”After Zhang Dong praised the manor,,I think something is wrong。
“Wait a minute,You take Auntie to find a place to sit,I go out to see。”Qin Feng doesn’t plan to wait here and want to go out to see what the Hua family is up to。

Tong Lei was shocked on the spot,Completely confused。

Not to mention Brother Zeng,Even the eyes are straight。
Li Bingting was surprised,Reach out to cover your mouth,Directly into a dull state。
Even Wang Shaoxiao is dumbfounded,Staring at the sports car in a daze,Then I looked at the beautiful girl who looked like a fairy,The admiration of someone in the heart is so simple that it cannot be added。
Cool!So fucking cool!Wang Shaoxiao feels like a galloping horse at this moment,And he is like riding at the forefront of the horses,To be that heroic and incomparable man。
At this moment,From Porsche4SThe store’s sales brother, Xiao Li, ran up to Lu Menglin,Smiled:“Brother Lu,The car has been repaired!It cost the insurance company more than 300,000 yuan!I put all the documents in the car for you,Be careful next time,Don’t bump again!”
“Ha ha!But it doesn’t matter,You are happy!You’re not bad for this money anyway!”Xiao Li thought for a while,I add another sentence without thinking。
At this moment,The people around you noticed,This guy still has a Porsche shop badge on his chest!
At this moment,Everyone understood in an instant,This supercar,And this super beauty,All belong to the college boy in front of me。
And what the staff in the Porsche shop just said,Everyone heard it too,Tong Lei’s red BMW,It’s probably worth the money for repairing a car!
After Xiao Li finished,Ready to take a taxi and leave,As a result, Lu Menglin seemed to remember something,Raised his hand to stop him。
“Xiao Li,You wait a moment。”Lu Menglin ordered。
Xiao Li obediently stood still,Others are stupid
Standing in place。
Lu Menglin turned and asked Wang Shaoxiao:“Fat man,Do you have too much luggage?This car seems too small,Can’t fit it?”

Time may not quickly make one forget someone and some time,But work will be fine!

Walked back to his office gently shaking,Xing Tao has confidence in himself……
Fenglin Night Inn,Xiang Chen, who had been in a coma for a long time, finally woke up,And supported by Xiangyang,Can perform simple walking。
To celebrate Xiang Chen’s recovery,Fenglin decided to close the shop for one day。So far,The core staff of the inn saw Xiang Chen who had lost a lot of weight,I finally know how badly he was hurt。
Actually does not need too much explanation,Mo Mo removed the traditional Chinese medicine,The smell in the air makes people have a certain imagination of Xiang Chen’s injury。
Because of Xiang Chen’s recovery,Xiangyang is also in a good mood,The new iron rooster in the inn also plans to bleed himself,Although the last account is Xiang Chen。
The depressed atmosphere finally survived,Everyone breathed a sigh of relief quietly。
“How does it feel to see the sun again?”
Yao Yao specially bought a pink wheelchair for Xiang Chen,Not asking for the most expensive,But for the most dazzling。
Xiangyang is behind Xiangchen,Push the wheelchair slowly,Just like an old father with all his daughters taking care of a stroke。
“As if!”Xiang Chen replied lightly。
The sun is still a bit dazzling,But can see again,That’s great。
“Play your life,Must be played by you,I may not be able to save you every time!”
Mo Mo on the side looked at Xiang Chen,Serious eyes warning。
Xiang Chen smiled,Signaling that I won’t mess up again,Mo Mo just let him go。
“Xiang Chen, you don’t know,When I cleaned you up,You were hung on the bed,Like a little movie of two people!”Xiang Yang whispered in Xiang Chen’s ear。
Hear Xiangyang’s comment,Xiang Chen couldn’t help but frown,Shen Sheng said:“Watch less movies that are not suitable for children in the future!”
“Xiaoxiao and the others watched it,I just follow it to appreciate!”
Xiang Yang defended and said,But in exchange for a chestnut from Xiang Chen。

and so,Lu Youshan and his wife deliberately avoided the issue of college entrance examination results,They resisted and did not appear at the gate of the school where the college entrance examination was released。

“Go,Go!Go see how many points you got。I guess neither of us,At least have a companion!Have you there,My dad won’t be crazy on the spot。Just help me!”Wang Shaoxiao pushes and pulls,Finally pulled Lu Menglin to the gate of Liufang No.1 Middle School。
now,The publicity column in front of the school gate has been enclosed by the inner three floors and the outer three floors.,The students and parents craned their necks desperately,Try to find yourself or your child’s name on the list。
When Lu Menglin and Wang Shaoxiao appeared in front of the bulletin board,There are a few students who are quitting,Seeing them two change their colors,All showed an incredible look。
When Wang Shaoxiao saw his classmates,,Suddenly I shook my heart,Open mouth:“Don’t know how I’m the bottom!Otherwise, why are they all looking at us like seeing ghosts?”
Lu Menglin smiled casually:“You think too much。Those who fail the exam will not be on the list。Besides, I have graduated,Who cares if you are the bottom?”
“Heartbroken!Old iron!You will lose me if you talk like this!”Wang Shaoxiao said with a smile。
This fat guy is actually quite open about the college entrance examination,Because he has found confidence elsewhere,He firmly believes that he is a business genius,A small thing like failing the college entrance examination can’t defeat yourself at all,The reason why I have to drag Lu Menglin over,Just to divert attention from good friends。
After all, Su Xuehen, the squad leader who looked like a fairy, suddenly went abroad,Nobody feels upset,Not to mention Lu Menglin, who went shopping with her hand in hand。
“I crossed the key line,Yay!”There was a scream from the crowd,It seems to be the study committee member in the next class,She shouted,People around
Envious eyes。
Lu Menglin and Wang Shaoxiao took advantage of this opportunity,Finally squeezed to the top of the list。
Wang Shaoxiao starts from the end of the list,While watching,Sighed while shaking his head:“See!I said you are like me,No show!”
Talking,The students watching the list all around suddenly became quiet,As if only hearing this fat man’s broken thoughts。
at last,Wang Shaoxiao also realized something was wrong,His eyes drifted past most of the list,I looked at the top of the list with a little disbelief,Then my breathing became heavier immediately。
“Oh my God!This,What the hell is this?Am i dreaming?Ok,I must be dreaming,I’m still in bed。”Wang Shaoxiao stared at the top of the list,Muttering,wrong,Should be incoherent。
Because he saw,The three words Lu Menglin are at the top of the list。

“Why did you take me out?”

Xiang Chen turned over and lay down beside Bai Lu,Both of them kept panting。
Bai Lu keeps moving forward with heavy burdens,And Xiang Chen is also because of Bai Lu’s wrong way of bearing,Now the injury is added to the injury。
Long journey,Both Xiangchen and Bai Lu are physically exhausted,This is also an opportunity for two people,Can take a short rest。
After a while,Bai Lu spoke:“Flee without you,Could it be that you were caught by the police??”
Bai Lu said something of course,Made Xiang Chen a wry smile,I don’t know if I should tell Bai Lu,The police were called by themselves。
“Where are you going to take me now?”Xiang Chen lying on the ground,Boringly asked。
“Where else to go,Of course to take you to the hospital!Can’t you see how badly you hurt yourself?”Bai Lu gave Xiang Chen a strange look,Knowingly,Bai Lu suspects that Xiang Chen was saving herself,My brain was broken。
“Have you ever thought about?Although it was troublesome for me to be taken away by the police,But in that case,I can get treatment right away,Just by your current state,I’m afraid there is no way to take me to the hospital at dawn。”
Bai Lu looked at Xiang Chen a little at a loss,This is indeed the truth,It’s just an emergency,I didn’t think of this relationship。
Bai Lu was a little silent,Don’t know what to say,But I didn’t expect Xiang Chen to add another sentence,“I called those policemen!”
“You called the police?”Bai Lu turned to look at Xiang Chen in doubt,Some accident,How can a murderer contact the police??
“if not?Do you really think the police are supernatural,We are fighting here,They received the message?Think about it,Does it look like there are enthusiastic citizens around??”
Xiang Chen sighed,Get up slowly。
“Why are you hurt so badly?”
When Xiang Chen got up,Bai Lu let out an exclamation,Looking at Xiang Chen’s bloody back,Bai Lu covered her mouth,I do not know what to say。
“Next time you drag my hand,What is uncertain about this situation is my ass。”
Xiang Chen said with a smile,Then got up and did a warm-up activity slightly。
Bai Lu is silent,Obviously, I am also aware of my operating mistakes。