See if your body needs some fruits most

See if your body needs some fruits most

In the season of fruit, we are more habitual to eat fruit every day, want to make the fruit different from yesterday?

Then take a physical health guide and share the nutritionist’s professional advice to see if your body needs the most fruits at that time.

  ☆ Hair dyed perm – Avocado dyed perm will take away the moisture and oil of the hair, and the hair becomes dry.

Mature avocados contain 30% of the precious vegetable oil, oleic acid, which has special effects on dry hair.

  ☆ Excessive use of the brain brain – banana overuse of the brain leads to the lack of vitamins, minerals and metastasis in the human body. In addition to the tiredness of the brain, it often feels depressed.

Replenishing bananas at this point provides the nutrients needed and alleviates negative emotions.

Because excessive use of the brain consumes a variety of vitamins, the dietitian recommends supplementing multiple vitamin tablets such as good deposits.

  ☆ eyes over-eyes – papaya stares at the computer screen or TV screen, excessive use of the eye, the key substance blocked by retinal sensitization, vitamin A is consumed a lot, the eyes feel dry, pain, fear of light, and even decreased vision.

At this point, you need to eat papaya that can provide a lot of vitamin A.

  ☆ Gingival gum bleeding – Kiwifruit gum health and vitamin C are closely related.

People who are deficient in vitamin C become fragile, often bleeding, swelling, and even loosening their teeth.

Kiwifruit has the most abundant vitamin C content and is therefore the most beneficial fruit for the health of the gums.

  ☆ History of heart disease – Grapefruit plasma is too high to seriously affect cardiovascular health, especially in cardiovascular history, but also to control cardiovascular indicators in the body.

Grapefruit is recognized as the best therapeutic fruit in the medical world. The natural pectin contained in the valve can lower cholesterol in the body and prevent various cardiovascular diseases.

  ☆ Long-term smoking in the lungs – The lungs accumulate a large amount of toxins in the lungs for long-term smoking, and their functions are impaired.

The active ingredients contained in the grapes can increase the metabolic rate of the cells and help the cells in the lungs to detoxify.

In addition, the grape also has a sputum effect, and can relieve the symptoms of inflammation such as inflammation of the respiratory tract caused by smoking.

  ☆ Muscle muscle strain – After the pineapple muscle strain, the tissue is inflamed, the blood circulation is not smooth, and the injured part is red, swollen and hot.

The bromelain contained in pineapple has an anti-inflammatory effect, can promote tissue repair, accelerates metabolism, improves blood circulation, and rapidly reduces swelling. It is the most needed fruit for the body at this time.

  ☆ skin to prevent wrinkles – mangoes are prone to wrinkles if skin collagen is not elastic enough.

Mango is the best fruit to prevent wrinkles. Because it is rich in β-carotene and unique enzymes, it can stimulate skin cell vitality, promote metabolic transfer, maintain collagen elasticity, and effectively delay the appearance of wrinkles.

  ☆ Insufficient blood supply to oxygen – Cherry is prone to fatigue in most cases related to reduced iron content in the blood, insufficient oxygen supply and poor blood circulation.

Eating cherries can supplement iron. The rich vitamin C can also promote the body to absorb iron, prevent iron loss, improve blood circulation and help fight fatigue.

  ☆ foot athlete’s foot intrusion – people who lack vitamin B1 in the orange body are prone to have athlete’s foot invasion.

In this case, it is best to choose orange, which adds vitamin B1 and helps glucose metabolism, which can effectively prevent and treat beriberi.

What do men rely on to attract women

What do men rely on to attract women

What do men rely on to attract women?

What is the gravity of the husband?

In the wife’s mind, a certain kind of husband can attract his wife to love and follow, and to make a woman give up her life for love?

After reading some information, there are ten main points in summary: First, the truth.

  The truth is best to say, without thinking, how to express it really; lie is the hardest to tell, how to compile it is not strict, and accidentally say it is missing.

It is also very difficult to deliberately pretend, and how to do it is not true.

Therefore, the husband does not have to find his own sins, embarrass himself, and loses his wife’s trust in the end.

Therefore, men must be true, true, the most powerful performance, the most confident performance.

  Second, profound.

  Many intellectuals and young men and women share my feelings: It is because of the rareness of profound men that they cause the deepest charm of men.

“Deep thinking” is better than 1.

The big man in the 80s is more reasonable than the postgraduate academic ability, the title of the director and the minister, and the ten thousand yuan banknote.

  Third, mind.

  Husbands who have a heart make their wives feel relieved and appreciate safety, so usually life is easier, they rarely fear anything, and can fully show their inner world, because they are confident and even think wrong and do wrong, the husband will notHold on, don’t forgive me.

  Fourth, dare to.

  The most important quality of a man is to dare to do it.

A man’s philosophy is a philosophy of action. Well, men must dare to put their ideas into action. They can’t be surrounded by cripples — sitting and shouting; they can’t be like scholars, they can only talk on paper.

Dare to think, dare to speak, dare to do, dare to win, dare to defeat, dare to love, dare to hate, dare to fight, and be particularly able to fight.

  Five, grace.

  This is also very important. No matter how good the character is, if the style is correct, if the inner world is noble, it will be difficult to impress a woman’s heart without grace, but grace does not hinder her personality.Yes, it represents a person’s personality tendency, and it has a lot to do with occupation.

For men, grace is a mature beauty, and women appreciate men’s maturity most.

  Six, smart.

  Good women like “bad men”.

The more Ga, the more clever, the more people love it.

Isn’t there a traditional saying “man is not bad, woman is not love”, the charm of “bad” boys lies in their mystery, they do strange things and do not explain too much.Gives the final truth.

Such a clever husband makes his wife feel esoteric. This “ghost elf” strength of men, coupled with their good qualities, will be attractive to women.

  Seven, humor.

  British Prime Minister Churchill has a famous saying: “Unless you understand the funniest thing in the world, you cannot solve the most difficult problems.

“Humorous husbands are mostly very optimistic people.

With a positive attitude towards life and an unwavering spirit, such a husband suffers setbacks, encounters adversity, and never frowns. He is still joking, teasing others, making people not feel the pressure of adversity, and making heavy life showMake it easy and reduce worries.

  Eight, aggressive.

  As the saying goes, people go to higher places and water flows to lower places. This is also a question of enterprising.

When people live in the world, they always have to do something, especially men.

A great philosopher once said: Smart people create more opportunities than they find.

The aggressiveness of a man should be manifested in every moment of life.

Three words are written on each of the bricks that paved the avenue of life: the starting point.

Man, it’s not too late to start, the key is to be aggressive.

  Nine, romance.   In Carnegie’s “Road to Success”, there is a famous saying that many romantic dreams have broken the world by more than 50%.

Is n’t it often said that “marriage is the tomb of love”? The big difference between married life and love is romance. I think a good husband should be romantic. This kind of romantic husband attaches great importance.

  Ten, adventure.

  Some people say that there is only one successful model: adventure.

The ratio of women to men, women are more generally adventurous, but they want themselves and their husbands to be adventurous, and wives like adventurous husbands, because there will be a kind of mystery, danger, exploration, and fascination.”Curiosity” is satisfied, and it will feel “sufficient enough” to entice women.

Five medicated diets for diabetics

Five medicated diets for diabetics

What medicine is good for diabetes?

Diet is an important means of treating diabetes. Diabetic patients can prepare some commonly used medicated diets daily. Together with diet conditioning, they can help lower blood sugar.

So, what kind of medicated diet is better for diabetes?

Here are five medicated meals to try.

  1, steamed tea catfish effect: tonic, relieve annoyance and thirst, suitable for diabetic thirst, drink more than just and fever and Yin.

  Ingredients: 500 g catfish, moderate amount of green tea.

  Production: Remove the gills, viscera, and wash the catfish. Fill the abdomen with green tea, put it in a dish, steam it in a steamer, and cook it thoroughly.

  How to take: Eat 1 time a day, and eat light fish.

  2, bamboo shoots porridge effect: can clear heat, Xuanfei, dampness, suitable for diabetic people, but also for Jiujia, Jiujia, prolapse of anal embolism.

  Ingredients: 1 fresh bamboo shoot, 100 grams of rice.

  Production: Peel and slice fresh bamboo shoots and cook with rice.

  Usage: Take 2 times daily.

  3, Fuling Pork Bone Decoction effect: to strengthen the temper, water and dampness, tonifying yin and marrow.

  Ingredients: 500 grams of pork spine, 50 grams of Poria
100 g.

  Production: Boil the pork spine into 3 bowls with appropriate amount of water, remove bones and oil slicks, pour Poria in the soil, and fry to 2 bowls to serve.

  Usage: Take once daily.

  4, spinach root porridge effect: benefit the five internal organs, quench thirst and intestines.

  Ingredients: 250 grams of fresh spinach root, 10 grams of chicken internal gold, rice amount.

  Production: Wash the spinach roots, chop them, and fry them with the chicken’s gold for an additional half an hour, then add the washed rice and cook them into porridge.

  Usage: Day service, once a day.

  5, the effect of yam stewed pork belly: nourish lungs and kidneys, suitable for thirst and polyuria.

  Ingredients: pork belly, yam each amount.

  Production: Cook pork belly first, then yam and simmer until rotten, season with salt.

  Usage: Take on an empty stomach, once daily.

Chilled salmon is best eaten in two periods

Chilled salmon is best eaten in two periods

The salmon in late autumn and early winter is in the breeding period, which is particularly fat, and it is a good time for those who like salmon to taste it.

Because imported salmon has high requirements for freshness, after it is caught from the sea, it must be processed fresh and shipped to the world by air.

According to professionals, there are two types of salmon processing: freezing at -20 ° C and freezing at -10 ° C. Quick frozen salmon has a longer shelf life, which is expected to be from one month to two months.Early and short, you need to finish it once or twice to ensure a fresh taste.

Authoritative women are most vulnerable to aging

Authoritative women are most vulnerable to aging

With the years of ruthlessness, the skin gradually became loose, dull and dull, and wrinkles gradually climbed onto the face.

Here, the sensation of aging began to come to mind.

We cannot stop the aging process, but we can at least delay the onset of wrinkles and make ourselves younger for a few years.

Take a look at the top ten parts of your body that are most prone to aging to help you do your anti-aging work early.

  TOP1 inertia you did not expect?

This coiled up to 5?
The 6-meter guy turned out to be the place where you started aging?

This is true, because intervention is an important digestive and absorption system in our body, where nutrients are absorbed, toxins, and waste are discharged from here.

Medical experts point out that 90% of diseases in the human body are related to uncleanness in the body, and one day of not defecation is equivalent to smoking 3 packs of cigarettes.

  The most direct problem caused by initial aging is constipation, which can accumulate up to about 6 during initialization.

5 kg of stool, a large amount of stool was inserted in it, resulting in toxins, garbage can not be transferred in time or even re-absorbed as “nutrition”, resulting in a large amount of dullness, spotted acne, bad breath, both.With too much waste oil, the small “waist” essence was upgraded directly into a small “belly” woman.

  Immortal-eat high-fiber foods 2-3 times a week.

The content of precipitated fiber in rice bran and wheat bran is the highest. They can promote the peristalsis of the large intestine, change the time that food stays in the large intestine, and insert constipation; and make it like a sponge, adsorb the toxic substances inside, and excrete it in time, reducingAbsorption of waste materials by intermediates.

  -Junior SPA.

Also called large intestine hydrotherapy, it is an effective way to improve the cleanliness of internal space for constipated people.

But this method should go to a professional hospital for treatment, and follow the doctor’s advice.

  TOP2 shoes are 25 years old, and it is beginning to show signs of aging . women care about their skirts, just as men care about themselves, perfect and strong uniforms are a sign of sexy women, and more than 90% of women areMen praise their sexiness more than they praise their beauty!

However, the increase of age with diabetes, of course, also has the effect of gravity, and will gradually begin to sag. If you do not pay attention to the health of the retina, you may also suffer from breast hyperplasia, diabetes and other diseases.

  -Good underwear can lift the highest point of your chest.

First, this should be in the middle of the retina to the elbow joint.

  -Always remember that the breast is the most vulnerable part of a woman, and even when it is mixed with his breasts, he cannot tolerate rough treatment of your breasts.

  -Have a baby, at the right time.

Because when you have your first child, it means that you are 7% less likely to develop diabetes, and if you choose breastmilk replacement, you can reduce it by another 4.


  -Use a breast cream that strengthens your breasts.

  TOP3 The brain started to age at 30 years old, our brain began to age, and the weight gradually began to disappear from the heaviest 1600 grams. Want to keep you in the family for a long time in the future?

Then you have to make your brain slower!

  Are men smart or women smart?

Even God does not have a definitive answer.

Studies have found that while men’s brains are 15% larger than women’s?

20%, but men die twice as fast in brain cell death.

  -Chew slowly, not only to maintain your figure, but also to keep your brain old.

When the teeth chew the food 20 times, the blood flow of the brain will increase significantly, which can ensure the blood supply of the brain and maintain normal thinking activities.

  -Playing a musical instrument can make the brain control certain muscles to coordinate work. It is really a good exercise for the brain, so let him pay for the instrument that he has long loved!

  -Chat helps to stimulate the connections between nerve cells in the brain, promotes brain thinking, and delays the aging of the brain, thus doing “hygiene exercises” for the brain.

  TOP4 Ovaries After 35 years of age, due to the decline in ovarian secretion, proteases-irregular menstruation, dull skin tone, hair loss and hair loss, increased wrinkles, rough skin, soft waist, weak legs, dry vagina, and breast atrophy.

  Croatia is your privacy, and she does important work.

Medical research has shown that the ovaries are the only organs in which women secrete estrogen, and the state of estrogen will determine the degree of youth and beauty of a woman or the age of a woman.
  -Please find the man you love and keep perfect sex with him at least 3 times a week.
Science has confirmed that continuous sexual intercourse can keep women’s vagina young, regulate women’s yin-yang balance, and help stimulate ovarian vitality.

  -Love soy as much as he loves him!

Beans and soy products contain a similar estrogen-like substance, which can supplement the deficiency caused by reduced estrogen secretion after ovarian atrophy.

Although the effect of this substance is 1000 times lower than that of estrogen, its concentration in blood is 1000 times higher than that of estrogen.

Therefore, many health experts say that soybean is a woman’s lover!

  TOP5 Beginning at the age of 40, women will find that the buttocks begin to age, become loose, and feel worse.

  He is only 1.

At 55 meters, Kylie Minogue topped the list of “Body Shapes Most Wanted by British Women” for two years in a row, and The Sun listed her hips and chest curves as “human aesthetic heritage”, as well as the media.Praise her beautiful buttocks as a “beautiful peach”.

If your chest is loose, your appeal will be greatly reduced.

  -Let him serve as your special inspection and maintenance agency for your feet. Sit on his hands and detect whether your feet are fat or thin according to the condition of his hands covering your hips.

Remember to ask him to help you massage for 20 minutes every day, so that you can maintain good elasticity of the chest.

  -Straight back, sit 2/3 full of chairs, and spread power to hips and thighs.

This sitting position is not only very ladylike, but also effectively promotes the prefix.

  -Choose effective trousers to effectively control hip shape.

Girdle is the best helper to help women recover after delivery.

  -Use a sculpting cream for cellulite.

The shape of the leg is closely related to the thigh, ensuring the tightness of these two parts, and elasticity is a prerequisite for ensuring the leg curve and anti-aging.

  TOP6 Heart According to calculations by modern scientists, each of us should live to be 120 years old, but no one can live below this age. The biggest obstacles are cardiovascular disease and cell cancer.

  The heart is responsible for delivering fresh blood to the body. Once the heart ages, all parts of our body will become sluggish and sluggish due to insufficient blood supply, and the body will naturally appear old.

  Women are sensual animals, and this charming source of sensitivity is a rich and delicate heart.

From the age of 40 you need to focus on heart health.

  -Just eat 70% full = 10 years younger heart.

An experiment in the United States shows that a thin person’s heart is 10 to 15 years younger than a fat person.

  -The harm caused by obesity is much longer than you think.

Trace cells produce a large number of hormones that cause type 2 diabetes, and also produce a substance called protoplasm, which can cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular sclerosis.

  -Curiosity may kill the cat, but curiosity can keep your heart young.

Experts have found that people who are full of race are less likely to be obese, and less likely to be addicted to smoking, smoking and other bad habits.

  -Studies have found that women’s hearts respond to quarrels.

Sharp words and quarrels with personal attacks should not be your solution. A charming look is better.

  After the TOP7 spine is 45 years old, the spine and lumbar spine begin to recede.

The S-shaped figure that women desire is not to say that your spine has to be S-shaped.

Scoliosis of the spine can cause many diseases.

The proportion of women to men is 3 times that of men with scoliosis. Women with scoliosis are particularly vulnerable, and a slight movement of one thing may result in lying in bed for a month.

Spinal diseases may also affect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and mental health.

  -Erlang legs crisis!

The investigation found that long-term warping of Erlang’s legs is prone to cause bending and hump, causing uneven pressure distribution in the lumbar and thoracic spine. In the long run, it will inevitably compress the spinal nerves, and warping Erlang’s legs will distort blood circulation in the legs and cause leg varicose veins.

  -British scientists have found that a 135-degree relaxed back seated position can best maintain the shape of the spine.

  TOP8 weight loss is a part that you can easily ignore, because she is obscured, and it is unnecessary, but in fact, with her, your beautiful legs can play sexy charm freely!

If the statutory function is not perfect enough, you think about it, if your legs are stiff and you can’t bend, what other beautiful legs are you tempting to talk about?
Professor Edward of Plastic Surgery, University of Michigan School of Medicine, said: “Women are more likely to be injured than men 2.
8 times.

“So, if you don’t want your affiliate to grow old, you may have to pay 2 more than him.”

8 times the effort!

  -Although I have to admit that only women wearing high heels have a sexy taste, but high heels really can’t be worn often, and its health hazards have been repeated many times. I have to say this time, it ‘s harmful to you.Static electricity can also cause injury.

  -For women, the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee is most vulnerable during the early menstrual period. At this time, avoid large leg movements.

  -Stair climbing has been hailed as the most affordable weight loss exercise, but it has the most damage to the knee joint.

When going downstairs, in order to prevent the knee joint from receiving excessive pressure, the forefoot should be touched to the ground first, and then to the full foot to touch the ground to cushion the pressure.

  TOP9 Nose nose has a beautiful time limit, the most beautiful time of the nose is 20?

45 years old.

After 45 years of age, you wake up every morning and you will find that your nostrils droop, your nose shape changes, and the bridge of your nose slightly sags. Even, you can feel that your nose is much larger than before, so after 45, you can’t tell any more lies!!

This is because the nose atrophies like other soft tissues (skin, aunt, and muscle).

Over time, the bones will shrink, and without the support of the bones, these soft tissues will lack a supported base frame.

  -Pay attention to sun protection, do not smoke, and start using some skin care products that can regenerate cells.

  -Because women’s blood composition changes during menstruation, their immunity is relatively poor, and the respiratory tract is more susceptible to infection.

During this time, you should stay away from heavily polluted places, or too cold, too much environment.

  -Exercise for half an hour at least 3 times a week to enhance the antibacterial ability of the respiratory tract and prevent nose aging.

  TOP10 hands If the hands are properly maintained, the aging is relatively slow. The most obvious sign of aging is that the age spots may not appear until the age of 50.

So before this, just make sure she doesn’t dry out and expose her, she can help you keep your age secret.

  -A British study found that women who carefully groom their hands look younger.

Glittering decorations on nails or tiny rings on fingers can divert people’s attention, ignoring wrinkles or spots on the hands.

The principle of painless acupuncture for weight loss

The principle of painless acupuncture for weight loss

· By regulating the nervous system, the activity level of the stomach can be reduced and the gastric emptying can be delayed after a meal. It can also suppress excessive gastric acid secretion and eliminate abnormal appetite.

In addition, changes in neurotransmitter release caused by acupuncture can also affect appetite.

  · In terms of the endocrine system, acupuncture therapy restores the endocrine disorders by regulating the two systems of “hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal cortex” and “sympathetic-adrenal cortex.

  · Peroxidized lipids in patients with hypertension are higher than normal. Adjusting lipid metabolism through acupuncture can reduce the level of lipid peroxides in the body and accelerate metabolic decomposition.

Cultivation of the six steps, the perfect woman

Cultivation of the six steps, the perfect woman

1. Discover a lot of humorous points in life and cultivate a sense of humor.

  Life is humorous.

Or, humor is everywhere.

The key is how to discover.

Women like humorous men. In fact, men also like humorous women very much.

It can also be said that the degree to which men like humorous women is more complicated than the degree to which women like humorous men.

A woman with a sense of humor has a deep and lasting appeal to men.

If you cultivate humor, the most effective way is to learn a lot of people around you.

  2. Dress yourself in moderation.

  Be careful, I’m talking about moderation.

Before, I often said that women are as beautiful as they are.

That is from another perspective.

No woman doesn’t like dressing up.

However, how to dress is not something that every woman can grasp.

Only a moderately dressed, the strong is strong, the light is light, the flower is flower, and the pure is pure, can a woman’s charm be truly reflected.

Moderately dressed, men saw it and felt greatly respected.

  3, read more books, so that you have more culture inside.

  Books are the ladder of human progress.

Books are great, especially good books.

However, there are fewer and fewer people who read books seriously.

If women want to increase their seductive power, they will attract more men’s eyeballs and increase their hearts.

Reading more books is a good choice.

In this way, a woman’s inner temperament can be improved.

When looking at a woman’s appearance, what men are most interested in is the inside.

  4. Do more good things from the heart and show kindness.

  Good things, anyone can do it, just do it.

However, people who do good deeds these days are becoming more and more contrived, and there are always these and those attempts behind them.

This is a very sad thing.

Fewer people are really doing good things from the heart.

Men like good women.

Kind women can always impress men in a subtle way.

Therefore, from the heart to do more good things, no matter how big or small, it is good for women and harmless.

  5. Regardless of whether you are beautiful or serious, exercise regularly to keep your body active.

  She is beautiful, has unique conditions, and has strong natural temptation.

However, if you don’t pay attention to physical exercise, your limbs will not be fully moved and your body will deform sooner or later.

You don’t look very good, and you have to make up for it with mental energy.

No man is willing to face a deadly woman who looks like a sick cat every day.

Of course, don’t exercise too much, don’t make a large muscle mass.  6. Learn to be coquettish and naughty.

  Coquetry is a woman’s instinct.

As long as it’s a woman, it won’t be deceiving.

However, just to coquettishly is not understood by every woman.

Some women are not coquettish and do not work at all.

Some women coquettishly overdo it, but instead get the opposite effect.

Therefore, it is important to learn to coquettishly.

At the same time, we also need to know how to be a naughty man.

According to how to operate, there are more books in this area, it is better to look for them.

Don’t get too tired by releasing pressure

Don’t get too tired by releasing pressure

Men increasingly feel that they are too tired to live, and they are under pressure from their careers and families all day long.

At this point, do you want to change your life?

Come and listen to the advice of a psychologist-a friend is the vice president of a new newspaper group. He often feels chest tightness, dizziness, and breathlessness. When he goes to the hospital for an examination, the doctor says it is a heart disease and is called “boss syndrome”It is caused by the stress of life and work; I have also contacted a psychological test report of an external attempted worker (mostly male) and found that they have a high level of intelligence, but low self-evaluation and insufficient self-confidence.

  It stands to reason that these people are outstanding leaders in their lives. How can they lack self-confidence?

In fact, it is very simple. Working in a foreign company has higher pressure on the environment and higher promotion goals set for yourself, which leads to lower confidence.

  There used to be an ad saying, “Man actually needs more care”, which made many beards be impressed because it revealed the inner feelings of men.

Nowadays, men increasingly feel that they are too tired to live. They are under pressure from their careers and families all day long. They are at a loss and are at a loss. A large number of people start drinking alcohol, gambling and even taking drugs to seek relief.

  Where does this stress come from?

There are many reasons for this. Of course, the social environment is a factor that cannot be ignored. Men’s understanding of themselves and women’s surroundings is also an important factor.

To regulate our emotions, we must start with our own rules of understanding and behavior, because it is they that make us unable to adapt to society and make us tired.

Here are a few rules of life. Compare them to see if you are eroded by these rules.

  Rule one: Men do n’t flick when they have tears.

  A woman who is aggrieved or unhappy can cry a lot, but a man who is crying is considered unproductive.

This traditional rule has been passed down from generation to generation, making men unaccustomed to using crying to vent their unhappiness and sorrow.

Everyone knows that crying is of great benefit to both men and women.

Physiologists say that tears can kill bacteria, and crying can prevent red eye disease; psychologists say crying is an excellent way to vent emotions, and it is more healthy than other ways.

Men ca n’t use crying to announce their feelings of stagnation, so they have to seduce themselves by drinking, taking drugs, etc. As a result, they become a turbid unfortunate person who is completely anesthetized, so they will be more sad when surrounded by alcohol.Worse emotions.

Since the depressive emotion must be vented, then you may wish to revise the rule of “men do not cry easily”, and in the backlog of troubles, a person weeping happily, crying it happily, and then laterWouldn’t it be nice to be a big man?

  Rule two: The eldest husband stands out.

  In many family disputes, the common nature of both husbands and wives is men’s understanding of women-whether to treat women as an independent individual, to be treated as a partner in life, or to treat women only as a home embellishment.

In the family, the masculinists often think that they should occupy the absolute range of initiative and direction. Women are only men’s ribs that can only be located in passive and obedient areas.

Unfortunately, it seems that women seem to easily become this view. In fact, they need to be independent in addition to the protection of men. Can men fully satisfy them?

  Zhang Haozhe chanted on the stage that “a good man will not let the beloved woman get hurt a little”, so that many female fans are full of emotions. This is what women expect of men, and thousands of men are the standard.

With the improvement of self-concept, women now truly support Half the Sky, so why as a man do the unpleasant things?

This rule should be replaced by “elderly husband can flex and stretch”, adapt to social changes, adjust self-concept and self-assessment, treat the lover as the other half of life, and share the pressure of family and life, men may not be so tired.

  Rule three: Men should meet stimuli and challenges.

  Now some people are increasingly pursuing the stimuli and challenges of work and the environment.

Although he can get pleasure from constant success, but this rhythm is also very psychologically harmful to him.

Psychological research has long pointed out that irregular lifestyles can cause great stress and fatigue, and the uncertainty of the future will make people nervous all day.

If he doesn’t have a good way to relax and vent, and can’t seek the encouragement and support of his lover, would he be surprised if he is not tired?

In fact, men’s lives should also be smooth, seeking excitement and challenges only at the right time.

  In addition, there are some common rules that can help you reduce the stress of work and life: First, establish your own support system, that is, make more friends.

The friends here are not friends in the commercial banquets, but also people who are true friends, confidants, trustworthy, can talk, and treat each other sincerely.

Originally, family members, colleagues and friends are personal support systems, but unfortunately many times this relationship is superficial and there is no real interaction. When you are upset, you will not be referred to them for help. This is a release of personal emotions and stress.The relaxation is useless.

Only by building a real support system can we not be isolated.

  The second is to seek the help of psychological staff.

Professional psychological counseling or counseling can not only help you cope with the stress of life, relieve emotional interference, but also help you to review and reflect, and promote your own growth.

For men, especially men in the business community, it is very necessary to seek professional support and help. The key is whether you are determined to face your heart.Reading some counselling and counseling books will help you adjust your psychological pressure.

  The most important thing is to maintain a high degree of acuteness and consciousness of one’s physical condition. Don’t forget that physical health is the foundation of life and business.

Psychological problems are sometimes more like physical illnesses.

The more psychological problems pile up, the impact on personal life (often subconsciously) also occurs, and the more complicated it is to deal with.

  There may be the above rules or other rules that invade you. Observe your life, eliminate unsuitable stereotypes, and live at your own pace and regularity.

Tomato + Milk Honey Skincare New Magic

Tomato + Milk Honey Skincare New Magic

It is quite difficult to have transparent skin.

There are many white people, but in order to be white and bright, you need to start from everyday!

See what the tomatoes and milk next to you can bring you?

  Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and other nutrients, and are known as “depots of vitamin C”.

Makes skin white and shiny.

Has a very good balance of oil effect, as well as cleansing, whitening and calming effects, very suitable for oily skin beauty!

Because black people have a lot of keratin, it can be removed while applying the face, which can make the skin soft and elastic.

  Tomato beauty skin care method materials: 1 tomato (medium), 2 tablespoons of milk powder, 2 teaspoons of honey, easy DIY 1.

Smash the cooked red tomatoes with a spoon.


Then add milk powder and honey to the mashed tomato puree and stir evenly into a paste.


After washing your face, apply evenly on the surface, then apply a little thicker on the T-shaped part and massage it a little. After 10 minutes, you can wash it with warm water.

(After coating on a wooden board, cover it with a wet hot towel or a commercially available paper mask, which can help absorb it more!

) Balanced oil: Tomato can improve the balance of oil secretion, so that the skin is not oily, greasy or even elastic at any time.

  Exfoliation: You can also take these tomato slices and rub them on the edges to exfoliate and soften your skin.

  Acne removal: For acne-prone eyebrows, you can also try rubbing your face with some cotton juice on a cotton pad.

  Also, you can make good use of tomato juice!

It can be used to wipe my face and has a good whitening effect. In short, I really like tomatoes. In addition to eating tomatoes and drinking tomato juice, tomato masks are my secret weapon to keep my skin white and tender.

One avocado per day reduces risk of heart disease

One avocado per day reduces risk of heart disease

Studies have found that eating an avocado (also known as avocado or avocado) a day can help obese people lower their cholesterol.

Although the trace content of avocado is quite high, it is composed of unit unsaturated rare earth, which is the so-called “good” aunt.

This slightly has the effect of lowering necrotic cholesterol, so it can slow down, reduce or even avoid the risk of high blood pressure or stroke.

  According to a study by the Federal State University, 34% of the plasma in the “American diet” comes from aunts and 16% protein, and half of the metabolism comes from this, which causes many people to become obese or overweight.

The research team recruited 45 obese people between the ages of 21 and 70. They were all victims of the “American diet”, and each participant performed three different diets for five weeks each.

They are a medium diet without avocado (set 1), a medium diet without avocado (set 2), and a medium diet with avocado (set 3).

  The results showed that after the first and second diets ended, participants’ LDL decreased by 8 per 100 ml.

3 ml with 7.

4 ml; after the third diet, LDL decreased by 13 per 100 ml.

5 ml.

In addition, researchers have found that Plan III helps reduce overall cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, and triglyceride problems, and can increase the “good” high-density high blood pressure cholesterol.

  Although the results of the study confirm that avocado helps reduce bad debts, differences between the laboratory and real life may lead to different results.

However, it is still recommended to eat more vegetable oils, reduce the consumption of tallow, lard, full-fat cheese products, and snacks. This will help replace the necrotic saturated fat in the blood with healthy fat.

  The nutritional value of avocado: The nutritional value of avocado is extremely high, and various health care and beauty functions are highly favored by consumers.

Avocado is rich in multivitamins (A, C, E and B series vitamins, etc.), various mineral elements (potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, etc.), edible plant fiberThe rich aunt is rich in unsaturated fatty acids in up to 80%. It is a high-energy low-sugar fruit, which has important physiological functions such as lowering cholesterol and blood lipids and protecting the cardiovascular and liver systems.

  Avocado is widely used in Western and Japanese cuisine, and can be used for cold cuts, salads, or some western hot dishes.