Easy 5 style weight loss exercise 18 days waist

Easy 5 style weight loss exercise 18 days waist

Core Tip: Only with a scientific training method, will not quit halfway, and ultimately achieve the purpose of weight loss.

Below, Xiaobian recommended a set of weight loss exercises for you. She concentrated the essence of body exercise, completed 2 times a week, only 20 minutes each time, 18 days can help you lose weight quickly.

  1, shrug legs shrug, lift dumbbells exercise parts: hips, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, back.

  Need to avoid: leg stretching, hip and back stretching, quadriceps flexion and calf upset or muscle stiffness.

  Specific steps: A: Straight straight, legs apart and shoulder width, put the dumbbells parallel to the feet; kneel, hands grasp the dumbbells inward, step on the micro-bow, and then stand upright, complete 2 times.

  B: After the legs are upright, pad the heels, touch the ground with the toes, and lift the shoulders, then return to the original shape and repeat four times.

  2, the dumbbells are pressed down, the hips are quite exercised: chest, shoulders, triceps, chest, abdomen.

  Need to avoid: shoulder upturn, chest compression and triceps stretching.

  Specific steps: A: Grab the dumbbells with both hands, and lay the upper part of the back on the steady ball. The legs are wide and shoulder-width apart, and the alignment is bent at 90 degrees to make the trunk parallel to the ground; the center of gravity is placed on the shoulders.The palm is facing inward and the elbow is facing the ground; from the bottom, the top is raised and the palm is facing the leg.

  B: Lift the description of the panoramic follow-up diagram, lower it forward, and move it forward 4 times.

  3, Soviet-style stepping exercise parts: quadriceps, hamstrings, buttocks, abdomen.

  Need to avoid: the lower jaw and forehead of the body, press the leg in the opposite direction.

  Specific steps: A: Place the left leg on a sturdy bench. The height of the chair should not exceed the height of the alignment. The left and right palms each grab a dumbbell and the palms are inward.

  B: The left leg is stepping on the bench, the right leg should not lean forward, the right leg should be pushed forward as far as possible, and then the right leg will be put back to the ground after completion, repeat 10?
12 times, then exchange legs.

  4, one-arm rotary exercise parts: hips, shoulders, biceps, abdomen.

  Need to avoid: stiff arms, reverse swing arms, biceps flexion and leg tilt.

  Specific steps A: Hold the dumbbell in the left hand, cross the legs, the right leg is in front, the knee is bent; the bow body, put the right hand on the steady ball, the brake is close to the ground; the left arm is inclined to the ground, the palm of the handInside.
  B: Lift the left hand to the chest rib, drive the body to turn forward, repeat 5 times, then switch to the other side, the left and right sides are 1 group, do 8?
10 groups.

  5, single leg folding exercise parts: legs, buttocks, quadriceps, buttocks.

  Need to avoid: stepping, heel up, leg stretching and push forward.

  Specific Step A: Support the body through the forearms and toes (the elbows are below the shoulders), so that the body forms a straight line from head to toe and lifts the hind legs off the ground.

  B: Lift up and slant upwards, do 2 times; then try to lift the left leg up, the head sag, make the torso and right leg form a V shape, repeat 2 times back to the beginning; then exchange legs, repeat practice 12?
16 groups.

Weekly walking fitness fat burning fast

Weekly walking fitness fat burning fast

Summer is the best time to burn fat and lose weight. Start planning your exercise now.

Let’s start with one of the best ways to walk.

Walking fitness is a good way to burn fat and lose weight, and quickly add walking fitness to your exercise plan!

  Walking is the most basic form of exercise for human beings.

I have had a heart rehabilitation at Ohio State University Hospital. After a heart bypass surgery, the most basic recovery for a patient is walking.

When a patient can walk more than 20 minutes in the hallway of the ward, it is a healing victory for us, and a monument to the disease.

  Although walking is not as much energy as jogging, it can last longer.

And the chance of walking injury is less than running.

If a person who does not exercise regularly starts walking for 20-30 minutes per week and persists for a few weeks, his health level may increase substantially.

  Walking can be very boring People living in big cities can often walk to save traffic time.

Nowadays, the traffic jam is getting more and more serious. When you go to work, you can step into the car and you can achieve the goal of fitness and avoid the trouble of traffic jam.

Of course, I don’t deny that some people will think that walking on a continuous walk will be very boring, so it is much better to walk with your companions or bring your Walkman.

  The sports equipment needed to make clothes comfortable to walk is simple.

When you walk, your clothes are soft and elastic.

In addition, during walking fitness, the body temperature will rise and the body will sweat. Therefore, it is best to wear clothes in several layers to facilitate the increase or decrease at an appropriate time.

More important is the shoes.

  The basic requirement for walking shoes is that the sole should be flexible to reduce the impact on the joints.

In addition, the sole is more flexible than the running shoes, because the back pedaling force of the foot during walking is also equivalent.

Since the heel is the main force for shoulder weight while walking, the heel portion needs to be stable and strong.

If you are going to walk on dirt roads and gravel roads, it is best to choose shoes with deeper teeth and shoes that protect your toes.

If you walk often, the elasticity of your fitness shoes will be lost faster. I suggest that you should change your pair of walking shoes a year.

Walking is not as simple as you think. If you don’t believe you go to the street, you will just find out how many people are lying on their backs and heading down.

This walking posture is a low back pain, a close comrade of cervical spondylosis.

When you walk, you should look up and stand up straight, that is, the spine is in a natural state, leaning forward and backward, tilting outward, abdomen, relaxing the buttocks, relaxing on both sides of the body, when the heel is on the ground, then to the soles of the feet and toes.

  Walking on foot is very short and easy to walk. At the beginning, you should pay attention to the following points: gradually extend the walking time: you can start from 3 times a week and 20 minutes, and gradually increase by 2-3 minutes after one week, until you can go 30-45 minutes.

The walking speed is increased faster, and the speed is gradually increased, and the effect will be better.

You can also add a few 2-3 minutes of quick walks to a normal speed exercise, which will increase your average strength and get a better workout.

Add some uphills or steps, etc. This will increase the difficulty and make you use more displacement.

Research and Practice on Health and Fitness Effect of Yijinjing Lateral Bodywork

Research and Practice on Health and Fitness Effect of Yijinjing Lateral Bodywork

The white cranes of the sideways exercise method used to practice the tendons to wash the marrow. When they did not care too much about this Yijinjing sideways exercise, they felt super simple. However, after nearly two years of research and customs, they changed their views.

I once wrote an article saying that an action to practice this exercise cures the frozen shoulder.

In fact, at that time, the practice was still “unlawful”. I didn’t realize the essence of the details. It was according to the plan, and I had more research and experience. I found that there are many mysteries in the simple, among them, the opening of the bow and the egg,It is not simply to push the right pull to the left, the effect is too bad, but combined with the start of the previous action, do the action of expanding the twisting rotation, and then push it out, the other hand uses the front puller action, cooperate withWrapped around the head, the result is that the use of “easy tendons” is the principle of ribs and bones, so that the left and right sides and shoulders of the meridians are cleared!

The key is to get exercise from the five internal organs!

Really, the body is getting into the dantian, and the sideways exercises are like the five internal organs!

One by one, the way of yin and yang.

Sure enough, I practiced it and completely dredged my left shoulder. I once wrote that the left shoulder is very cold. The right shoulder is very hot, because the left shoulder is impassable, afraid of cold and fear of the wind, and directly affects the heart and estrus, and the large intestine.After all, I feel that it is easy to lose my temper and my stomach is easy to fill the wind.

Finally dredging, a heat flow can reach the shoulder from the waist through the waist, and now it is about to pass the elbow, and soon has reached the palm of your hand, the other side will soon reach the back of the hand, it will be completely solved.

No longer afraid of air conditioning.

At the same time, when I was always in the rainy weather, I was not in a bad mood. The difference in blood and blood all affected my mood, good!

Self-testing is it suitable for surgery to lose weight?

Self-testing is it suitable for surgery to lose weight?

You may not know that for surgery to lose weight, some people are too fat, so before the operation, you need to adjust the diet and exercise under the guidance of a doctor. Some people are not fat enough. At this time, the responsible doctor will tell them that they are coming.Said that surgery to lose weight more harm than good.

  In the United States, where the medical level is developed, except for a few specific weight-loss centers that can perform surgery for minors under the age of 18, adults are generally required to undergo surgery.

  Surgical weight loss is significant, but not everyone is suitable.

Although the doctor finally decides whether you can undergo surgery to lose weight, but there are a few basic questions?


You can also judge yourself.


Your BMI index is greater than or equal to 40 (BMI = weight Kg / height cm2)?

In the onset of the disease, you have some life-threatening diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, double apnea, etc. Losing weight makes you healthier.

  ?You have tried and tried to lose weight for more than two years and have not succeeded.

  ?Have you been suffering from high blood pressure for many years (at least three to five years)?

You are an adult, can you decide your own thing, and follow the doctor’s instructions?

Are you eager to lose weight and want to get a healthy posture?

You have no addiction or alcohol addiction?

You don’t smoke, or have you decided to quit?

If you are under the age of 65, if you meet these conditions, then you may be suitable for weight loss surgery, of course, you need to consult a doctor.

How should the elderly care?

There are four inferior health care for the elderly

How should the elderly care?
There are four inferior health care for the elderly

Nowadays, people’s lives are getting richer and richer. Many elderly people have mastered health knowledge. In fact, health care is also a kind of learning. Elderly people should pay attention to details, and should avoid some common health misunderstandings.

  So how should the elderly be healthy?

What are the four things worse?

  First, running is worse than walking. We know that regular exercise is good for your health. It can achieve longevity and prevent a variety of diseases. However, the elderly should do their best and not run blindly. Running is a kind of power exercise.It will cause the body to consume a lot of physical strength, and there will be short-term symptoms such as shortness of breath and hypoxia. Especially the elderly themselves are prone to chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease. When running, it is more likely to cause cerebral hemorrhage.And unexpected risks such as myocardial infarction.

Therefore, for the elderly, the best way to exercise is to take a walk. In the usual place, you can take a walk in a place with fresh air, and you can twist and shoot these activities when you walk.

  Second, it is better to sing a lot of people have a good habit of listening to music. Old people often listen to some of their favorite songs to arrange the whole program, but the best way is to sing out, often singing loudly can enhance lung capacity, and can improveCardiopulmonary function can improve memory and enhance thinking ability.

Singing often can alleviate the emotions of the elderly, such as anxiety and depression, which can make the life of the elderly more happy and enrich the life of the elderly.

  Third, the medicine supplement is better than the food supplement people’s living standards have improved, many elderly people will pay attention to health care, but many elderly people have entered the misunderstanding of health care, will often eat a variety of Chinese medicine, sometimes life and donkey-hideTonic, in fact, we know that there is a three-point poison in medicine. Although the replacement of traditional Chinese medicine is relatively small, there are certain substitutions, and traditional Chinese medicine should also be treated symptomatically. If the medicine is not symptomatic or overdose, it will not be able to maintain health care.The role, but will lead to some harm to the body.

Therefore, the elderly can usually adjust their body through the method of diet therapy. They should maintain a balanced nutrition, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and also add protein and various vitamins needed by the body.

  Fourth, eating more is better than sleeping and eating better than sleeping. It means that eating well is not as good as long-term sleep. The health care effect is good, because with the increase of age, the quality of sleep and sleep time will decrease, so it should be takenEffective measures to promote sleep, usually should guarantee eight hours of sleep time, but can not exceed 10 hours of sleep time, should be ready to sleep at 22 o’clock every day, can drink a cup of hot milk one hour before going to bed, can promote sleep.

  Although it is a little older, don’t go into the wrong area of health care. You should master the correct health care knowledge so that you can bring health benefits and achieve longevity.

Love temper?

The liver is “dead” fast

Love temper?
The liver is “dead” fast

People often regard temper temper as a person’s personality traits. In fact, from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, people with bad temper and easy to get angry and angry often have liver dysfunction and even organic disease.
Traditional Chinese medicine will be classified as “liver fire.”
  ”Liver fire” can be divided into “virtual” and “real”.
“A real fire” means that the liver is flaming, mostly due to long-term depression, emotional uneasiness, liver qi stagnation, and depression and fire.
   In addition to irritability and irritability, it often manifests as dizziness and pain, red face, red mouth, mouth and mouth dry, or flank pain on both sides of the chest, constipation, short urine, poor sleep.
  ”Virtual fire” refers to the normal yang of the liver, but the yin and blood deficiency, so that the liver and yang are relatively strong.
This is often caused by anger and injury to the liver, qi stagnation and fire, burning heat and liver and kidney yin blood, or due to excessive sexual intercourse, old liver and kidney yin deficiency, liver yang hemiplegia.
In addition to the symptoms similar to “real fire”, there are also signs of yin deficiency such as waist and knees, top-heavy and light feet.
  ”Liver fire” is easy to make people angry, and anger is very serious to the body.
Foreign scientists have done an experiment, put the white mouse in the gas exhaled when the person is angry, and found that the white mouse soon died of poisoning!
  So how can we improve this situation?
  First of all, you must adjust your emotions.
  Emotions are closely related to “liver fire”. Bad emotional stimuli can cause liver damage, and liver damage can increase emotional imbalance.
Therefore, in order to fundamentally correct this situation, we must learn to adjust our emotions autonomously, treat people and things around us with a tolerant and peaceful attitude, and actively respond to the hardships of life.
  The second is to form a good living habit, to sleep enough, and to sleep well.
  Some people think that as long as 8 hours of sleep is enough, in fact, more important is the sleep time and quality.
In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the working hours of the liver are from 11:00 in the evening to 1 in the morning. If you do not sleep at this time, it will make the workload too large, and damage the liver over time.
  The third is to eat properly.
  Eat more protein foods such as eggs, milk, chicken, duck, fish, shrimp and fine meat, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins; drink should be a variety of fresh juices, yogurt, corn juice, etc.It is good for the liver, and all kinds of alcohol should be as little or as little as possible.

How to maintain health in the summer festival, keep in mind the four taboos

How to maintain health in the summer festival, keep in mind the four taboos

How does Lixia maintain health?
Lixia is one of the twenty-four solar terms, and it is also the first solar term in summer. The summer festival is coming, indicating that summer is coming. This time is changing seasons. The weather is very varied. If you don’t pay attention to health care, it is easy to cause various diseases.So how does Lixia live?
Are you ready for the arrival of Lixia?
Everyone knows that summer is the season with the highest temperature in the year. The metabolism of the human body is very strong. Many people often have general malaise, loss of appetite, easy to get angry and depression in the hot summer.
How to deal with hot summer days?
Let’s take a look at it together.
  What should be done for Lixia health care First, the thought should be quiet. Summer is hot and hot, people are prone to sultry and sleepy irritability.
Therefore, we must first calm down our thoughts, and be refreshed and calm.
  Second, the diet should be light. The summer diet should be light, soft, easy to digest, eat less high-fat and spicy and spicy.
A light diet can clear heat, prevent heat, sweat, rehydration, and increase appetite.
The lack of fresh vegetables and fruits can not only meet the required nutrients, but also prevent heat stroke.
The staple food is rare, such as mung bean porridge, lotus porridge, lotus leaf porridge and so on.
You can drink some refreshing drinks, such as sour plum soup, chrysanthemum tea, etc.
However, cold drinks should be moderate, and you should not be biased towards cold and cold products, otherwise you will hurt your body and damage your body.
In addition, eating some vinegar can not only stimulate the appetite, but also inhibit and kill the bacteria and prevent gastrointestinal diseases.
  Third, the house should be cool. In the morning and evening, the windows should be opened to allow the room to be ventilated.
At noon, the outdoor temperature is too high, so it is recommended to close the doors and windows, pull up the curtains, and block the hot air outside.
This will help keep the room cool and will help us sleep more comfortably.
  Fourth, the leisure should be quiet. Summer can not travel long distances, should be near to find quiet.
In the morning, the first light of the dawn, the three breaths fresh, can go to the lush gardens to walk and exercise, spit the new.
In the evening, when the sun goes down, you can stroll along the riverside and the lake. The cool breeze will make you feel like water and eliminate the fatigue of the day.
  Lixia health misunderstanding
Drinking more beer can solve the heat. On a hot day, drinking a beer is no better.
However, although beer is very difficult to covet.
If you drink more, it will not only make us feel the coolness, but will cause us to have a fever and increase the thirst and sweating.
The sooner the morning exercise, the better. Many people think that the sooner the summer morning exercise, the better.
In fact, before dawn or when the sky is bright, the air is not fresh, which is not conducive to fitness.
According to experts, before 6 o’clock in the summer, the pollutants in the air are the least likely to spread, which is the peak of pollution.
In addition, before sunrise, there was not much fresh oxygen around the green plants because there was no photosynthesis.
Too much practice in the morning is easy to catch a cold, causing joint pain, stomach pain and other diseases.
Therefore, the morning exercise time in summer should not be earlier than 6 o’clock.
Air conditioners should be kept at a constant temperature Many people are used to setting the temperature at a certain value when using air conditioners in summer.
In fact, constantly adjusting the temperature of the living room can make people’s physiological body temperature regulation mechanism often in a “tension state”, thereby improving people’s ability to adapt and protect themselves, so as not to suffer from colds or other room diseases.
Of course, when the air conditioner is used for adjustment, the temperature change range should be controlled between 3 degrees Celsius and 5 degrees Celsius; after half a month, the amplitude can be gradually increased to 6 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius.
Do not change the temperature too suddenly, and adjust it to 1 degree Celsius to 2 degrees Celsius per adjustment.
  4.The darker the glasses, the more they protect the eyes. Most people have a misconception that the darker the lenses of sunglasses, the more they protect their eyes.

In fact, on the contrary, the darker the color of the lens, the more the lens will be damaged.

and so.

We recommend that the lenses of sunglasses be gray or green.

Eating spicy at dinner can easily affect sleep

Eating spicy at dinner can easily affect sleep

Many people love to eat spicy or even no spicy, although spicy is good, but spicy is not good for sleep.

Eating well and sleeping is the basic standard for preventing human happiness, and it is the primary indicator for personal health.

However, for modern people who have a tight working rhythm and a huge pressure on their lives, it is not easy to take care of both.

In addition to the “normal sleepless nights” work routine is difficult to sleep, and the seemingly ordinary habits are easy to make people lose sight of each other.

Studies have shown that spicy dinner affects sleep “eat spicy affects sleep” is not alarmist.

A team of Australians recently monitored a group of young healthy men and found that the boys had a significant change in sleep patterns after eating a spicy dinner flavored mainly with jalapeno sauce and mustard.

Brainwave monitoring showed that the duration of their fast-wave sleep and slow-wave sleep changed, which meant that most of the sleep time, as well as the insertion time, turned to the opposite side.

In addition, the researchers also found that after people absorb more spicy food, the body temperature will rise during the first cycle of sleep, which will also lead to a decrease in sleep quality.

The researchers said that a variety of reasons can explain the impact of spicy dinner on sleep, the most obvious one is the stimulating effect of spicy food on the stomach.

How do you add food to the elderly?

How do you add food to the elderly?

Because the activity of the elderly is greatly reduced when younger, the absorption and peristalsis are slower, and the digestion and absorption function is also healthy. Therefore, it is not appropriate to absorb too much food at one time, otherwise it must continue to bear the sudden increase of load, which may cause discomfort such as food accumulation.

  If three meals a day, Dunton eats less, it will inevitably lead to insufficient types and quantities of food intake, thus affecting the nutritional balance of the elderly.

Therefore, nutritionists generally believe that the elderly should be appropriate meals.

  There are two points to pay attention to when adding meals. One is the choice of time, and the other is the choice of food and the control of quantity.

Old people usually get up early, breakfast and lunch are very long, and you can add a meal between the two meals.

In addition, after a nap, it is more appropriate to add a meal before dinner.

  The amount of food for the elderly must not be too large, otherwise it will affect the intake of the meal.

  About, if you drink yogurt when you add a meal, it is better to use 125-250 ml at a time. If you eat snacks, do not exceed 50 grams at a time.

In addition, the spleen and stomach function of the elderly has been improved, to avoid eating too much extra food; pay attention when adding food, do not take out the yogurt or fruit from the refrigerator and eat it immediately, put it back in the room, at room temperatureEat again.

Dietitian recommends healthy eating schedule

Dietitian recommends healthy eating schedule

A scientific diet plan should consider both what to eat and what time to eat.

Marcy Anderson, a registered dietitian in Cambridge, Massachusetts, says that if you want to reach the goal of being awake in the morning, excited during the day, and sleepy at night, learn how to choose food.

  7:00 am goal: eat full.

  Eating breakfast within 1 hour after waking up can help improve your metabolism and improve your health.

Research from the University of Missouri in the United States shows that breakfast should pay attention to a small amount of protein and protein balance, such as adding some peanuts and substitutes in oatmeal, and also eating whole wheat bread, dairy products and fruits.

  Early 9 o’clock goal: to improve work focus.

  Drinking a cup of coffee at this chip can increase your excitement and increase your concentration.

If you want to take a drink with a reduced caffeine content, green tea is a good choice. It also contains antioxidants that promote brain cell production, improve memory and improve learning.

In addition, chewing gum can also achieve a certain refreshing effect.

  11 o’clock?
12-point goal: alleviate obesity.

  Anderson suggested that you can drink a low-fat yogurt at this time, which contains 15?
20 grams of protein will make you feel full, then choose a suitable lunch.

In addition to the combination of staple food and vegetables, it is recommended to eat spinach, zucchini, etc., which contains vitamin B6 to help the brain generate stable emotional neurotransmitters, reduce stress; you can use magnesium leafy vegetables to relax blood vessels and muscles.

  3 pm target: prevent physical fitness decline.

  At this point it is recommended to eat a little nuts (such as almonds, walnuts or walnuts) or energy bars made from whole grains.

Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that eating nuts in moderation can also cause a slight decrease in body weight.

  5 pm?
7-point goal: Provide exercise energy.

  If you want to exercise after work, it is best to eat some digestible proteases around 5 o’clock to quickly replenish energy and prevent obesity, such as a cup of yogurt and substitutes.

If you have dinner normally, you should control the energy absorption of the dinner. You can add a little dried chili or pepper to the dinner to increase the conversion and burning.

Research from Purdue University in the United States shows that the heat produced by capsaicin accelerates metabolism and controls appetite.

  10 pm goal: help to sleep.

  If you always feel that you are having difficulty falling asleep, first ask if you have a sense of drought before going to bed. If so, it is recommended to drink a cup of soy milk before going to bed.

It contains vitamins that promote the production of tryptophan, which helps sleep.

In addition, the calcium contained in the soy milk relaxes the blood vessels and therefore reduces additional sedation.