The old man should not believe in the illusion of letting profits

The old man should not believe in the illusion of “letting profits”

“My mother is very soft and often believes what outsiders say.
Some false advertising campaigns have caused her to spend a lot of money and exchange a lot of various treatments, health products and so on.
Every time we tell her that these are useless, she will be unhappy, and it seems that we are not filial to our children.
I don’t know what to do?
An enthusiastic reader said this.
It is not uncommon to see a situation like this.
To this end, psychologists suggest that children should be more persuaded and more companioned by their parents, gradually changing their suspicion of others.
  After retirement, the elderly have their own life circle and friends.
Because the children are usually busy, the time spent with their parents is not much, and the feelings between the old partners are very close to a certain extent.
Some businessmen are eyeing this consumer circle.
These unscrupulous businessmen often use the “letter” illusion to confuse the elderly.
  An old man who had just attended a free tour organized by a seller of air purification equipment told the reporter: Before the departure, the staff took her “Auntie Auntie Short” and kept saying that it was free to travel and eat.Visiting the scenic spot; arriving at the destination, listening to the health lectures for half a day, and visiting the scenic spots for a long time. Although it was very tired, it was a lot of knowledge, and people also gave a lot of discounts. Many of the old partners of the same group finally bought them.This air purifying device.
The reporter saw in the mall that a well-known brand purifier with the function of the old man sold 700 yuan, while the old man bought 1,300 yuan.
  In many communities, people come to the clinic from time to time.
Lin Laotai said that she often attends a free clinic and receives equipment treatment. It feels very good. After using it for a few times, she can’t help persuading her to buy a home.
“The introduction of the people is detailed, and there is a certificate of certification. It will not be fake.
Moreover, I also gave me a discount.
For the health of your family, why not buy it?
And an insider revealed to reporters that this kind of salesman, which is known as “authority and low discount”, is a lot of jokes. In the sales promotion activities organized by an organization in Henan, the experts invited are fake, and the cost of health care products sold.Very low, such as deep sea fish oil, velvet and other boxes cost only 10 yuan, the price of a box of 100 to 200 yuan.
They use the form of giving, discounting, etc. to create the illusion of “give profit” and stimulate the desire of the elderly to buy.

How to use ginseng to maintain health

How to use ginseng to maintain health

Shengmai San is the ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus and Schisandra.

  A better use of ginseng is to make wine.

You can use two raw sun-dried ginseng, put it in 50-degree white wine, and drink it in two months.

The ginseng’s potency will continue to dissolve, and after the wine is finished, you can add some more wine.

  Ginseng wine is suitable for people with qi deficiency. This kind of person always feels no strength, white complexion, suffocating, easy to sweat.

If the yin deficiency is obvious, put 50 grams of Ophiopogon in it to correct the medicinal properties of ginseng.

Ordinary people can also drink ginseng wine as a health drink.

  Drinking is good for health. Many centenarians drink alcohol, but they only drink a small amount every day. They don’t drink much every time. They only drink a small amount and insist on it for a long time.

This shows that wine can promote blood circulation and collaterals, which is good for people’s longevity.

  Another usage of ginseng is a simple recipe called Shengmaiyin.

Shengmaiyin, also known as Shengmaisan, is in the Qing Palace. Since Emperor Qianlong, the emperors of all ages have taken ginseng, of which Qianlong took the most, sometimes almost every day.

  However, the average person taking ginseng is easy to get angry. Why does Qianlong serve ginseng every day without getting angry?

It turns out that Qianlong is very particular about taking ginseng. The recipe he uses is Shengmai San.

The group is ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, and Schisandra.

  Shengmai San was founded by Li Dongyu, one of the four members of the Jinyuan.

Li Dongxuan used ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus and Schisandra in many prescriptions, especially in the drug addition and subtraction of “Spleen and Stomach”. He said: “Heat injury, ginseng, Maimendong, Schisandrapulse.

The pulse, the vitality, the ginseng’s sweetness, the vitality, the diarrhea and the heat; the bitter cold of Maimendong, the source of hydration and clearing the dry gold; the schisandra acid to purify the fire, make up the gut and lung gold.

This passage explains the original intention of Li Dongjun to create this formula.

  After the creation of this formula, it was widely spread.

Now, in many pharmacies and hospitals, you can see Shengmai Oral Liquid and Shenmai Injection.

In some treatments for heart disease, Shenmai preparations have a great effect, which can quickly replenish the heart and stabilize the condition.

  This medicine is not just for emergency use. When Li Dongzhen founded this recipe, he thought that if the summer days are too hot, it will hurt people’s heart and heart, and it will be both yin and yin. At this time, use this formula to supplement qi and yin.Body recovered.

  Therefore, in the hot summer days, if you feel upset and thirsty, limbs are weak, sweating is not limited, you can go to the pharmacy to buy a box of Shengmai drink, drink a little according to the instructions, can have a good health care effect, usually the symptoms will soonRehabilitation.

  Need to be reminded: there are two kinds of Shengmai drink, one is made with ginseng, usually red ginseng, the drug is slightly larger, the effect is better, mainly when the symptoms are serious; the other is made by CodonopsisIt will be marked on the kit, and the medicine is gentle and can be used for health care.

  In addition to heat injury, in addition to summer, in other seasons, if the labor is excessive, the heart is hurt, the heart is upset, the mouth is dry, the limbs are weak, the sweat is sweating, the complexion is white and other symptoms, this is also the heart of the yin and burnedLarge, many are caused by excessive labor. At this time, you can also take a little Shengmai drink to replenish it.

  The Emperor Qianlong may also be like this. He is very diligent. He gets up very early every day and has a lot of things to deal with. So the doctors gave him a new pulse in time. Among them, Ophiopogon japonicus is cold, causing the heat of ginseng. Schisandra canConvergence, while filling the lungs and large intestine.

After Qianlong took this formula, it worked very well and was taken all the year round.

Sometimes, he used the recipe to remove the Schisandra, using only ginseng and Ophiopogon.

  According to Qianlong’s doctor, this prescription is not a cure or a health care. According to the Qing Archives, Qianlong has been adopted all the year round, especially when he is old, and he is taking it every day, becoming the longest-lived emperor in history.

Although he has many reasons for longevity, he did do a certain job in health care.

Liver disease patients diet contraindications liver disease what to eat

Liver disease patients diet contraindications liver disease what to eat

In patients with liver disease, ordinary healthy people, seemingly problem-free diets can also cause disasters.

A good diet can alleviate the symptoms of the disease, and of course, improper diet will accelerate the deterioration of the disease.

So what are the dietary contraindications for patients with liver disease?

For patients, what is good for liver disease?

Dietary contraindications for patients with liver disease 1, avoid alcohol and alcohol directly through the liver metabolism, can directly damage the liver, which is aggravated by the liver disease patients whose liver function has been impaired, so patients with liver disease should avoid alcohol.

2, avoid spicy, irritating food, liver disease patients are mostly damp-heated, and spicy, stimulating hot food can help damp heat, the most adverse condition after eating, so patients with liver disease should eat chili, leek, lamb, dog meat, pepper and so on, spicy, irritating food.

3, avoid frying, fried food fried, crushed food is high fecal food, not only difficult to digest and absorb after eating, but also easy to get wet and heat, is also extremely unfavorable for the recovery of disease, so liver disease patients should dietAvoid fried, fried foods.

4, avoid high cholesterol foods because cholesterol needs to be metabolized in the liver, liver function patients with the worst liver function after eating is also extremely unfavorable for the recovery of the disease, so liver disease patients should avoid egg yolk, animal liver, pig’s trotters, pig water, etc.High cholesterol food.

5, avoid high-protein food liver disease patients with liver function metabolism has been the weakest, a large number of high-protein foods into the blood ammonia increased, insulin inability to rapidly convert blood ammonia into urea, which is easy to induce liver coma and other toxic reactions, so liver disease patientsEat high-protein foods such as beef, prawns, sea cucumber, black-bone chicken, and goat liver.

What is good for liver disease?

1, banana banana is a very low but very nutritious fruit, many people like to eat, banana contains some potassium, accumulation of fiber and other good ingredients, can help the regeneration of liver cells and improve immune function.

2, lemon lemon can liver and detoxification, often eat is very beneficial, help protein synthesis, enhance the function of human liver cell regeneration and repair, but must be eaten in moderation, especially for some hyperacidityPeople.

3, Wumei is known as “acid into the liver”, which has the medical value of tonifying the liver and converging the liver. It not only has the effect of “hepatitis, nourishing liver and blood”, but also strengthens the detoxification ability of the liver, promotes digestion and absorption, and longThe stick achieves the effect of regulating the liver, nourishing the liver and protecting the liver.

4, kiwifruit is known as “super fruit”, rich in calcium, VC, VE, essential amino acids, minerals and other active ingredients, often used to regulate, liver, cancer, beauty.

5, Lychee “Compendium of Materia Medica” has records, lychee has the effect of strong liver and health, it is rich in protein, vitamins, traces, citric acid, pectin and phosphorus, iron and other beneficial ingredients, and even timely replenishmentThe body needs, but also has the effect of promoting smooth blood circulation, nourishing yin and nourishing the liver.

A little bit of insight, I hope everyone can pay attention, in life, patients with liver disease must pay attention to their eating habits, life routines, do not stay up late, this is not good for the liver.

How do you choose a formaldehyde fan to enter the market?

How do you choose a formaldehyde fan to enter the market?

Recently, the Benxi police in Liaoning destroyed a black processing point for a poisonous fan. The degree of dirtyness on the scene is horrible!

The fans were soaked in a pool filled with formaldehyde, and the police also seized a large amount of industrial chemicals.

This black processing point has produced 20 tons of poisonous fans.

As a must-have fan of hot pot, its quality and safety must be recognized, and for consumers, how to buy safe fans?

How do you choose a formaldehyde fan to enter the market?


Choose the distance from the supermarkets in shopping malls and shopping malls to buy large-scale stores, and the stricter the purchase.


Pay attention to observe whether the packaging is strong, neat and beautiful packaging should be marked with the name of the factory, the site, product name, production date, shelf life, ingredients and so on.


From the appearance of the product quality beans fans, the mung bean fans the best quality, its color is white and smooth, silvery under the direct sunlight, translucent; corn, sorghum made of cereal fans, vermicelli, colorLight yellow; potato vermicelli nostalgic color, dark and opaque; sweet potato vermicelli color strips yellow, dull, unfiltered gray rust; potato fans slightly yellow; cassava fans grayish white; hawthorn fans are natural light gray.

  Feel: Good product feels flexible, elastic, uniform thickness, no draw, no crisp.

Smell of smell: Take the smell that the sample smells directly, then soak the fans or vermicelli in hot water for a while and smell the smell.

Good fans, the smell and taste of the noodles are normal, without any odor.

For poor quality fans, the noodles often have musty, sour and other exotic flavors.

Taste: Poor quality products have a “gum” feeling when they are chewed, that is, there is sand.

Demystifying women’s common mistakes in weight loss

Demystifying women’s common mistakes in weight loss

If you want to lose weight healthily, you should avoid the slimming mistakes!

Below, let the experts tell you that some slimming mistakes are the most common mistakes women make when they lose weight. Then how can you avoid these misunderstandings and help you to get healthy and fast?

  Misunderstanding 1: Eating laxatives, single food most injured According to the latest survey of 100 pharmacies, 60% of the pharmacists have encountered people’s mistakes in weight loss, 90% of them are women aged 25 to 44, often taking intense weight loss such as laxatives.Under 25 years old, often buy weight loss health food, 44 years old or older often eat meal replacement, men often eat a single food such as apples, and many people have purchased diuretics and other drugs to reduce weight, wrong weight loss method is easy to regain weightOr start from diet, exercise.

  Obesity increases the chances of suffering from chronic diseases and cardiovascular diseases. However, if the way to lose weight is wrong, or if you lose too much weight, it will hurt your health. It is recommended to lose 0 per week.

1 kg is healthier.

The Pharmacist Association survey found that 25% of the public would go online to check the weight loss information, but the concept was wrong. It is recommended that the public consult the doctor first, and adjust the diet and exercise habits to reduce weight.

  Misunderstanding 2: I often take laxatives and induce vomiting. According to the investigation of the Pharmacist Association, many people use a laxative to eat a single food such as apples and induce vomiting to reduce weight.

Eating laxatives, vomiting may damage the health of the gastrointestinal tract, eating a single food is easy to nutrition, and these wrong ways can not last, as soon as you stop, you will immediately become fat.

  Misunderstanding 3: The drug abuse survey also found that many people even buy diuretics, hypoglycemic drugs, antidepressants to reduce weight, thereby replacing water, inhibiting sugar absorption and promoting metabolism, but the improper use of these drugs will be seriousThe consequences are not caused by insomnia, dehydration, or even death.

  Misunderstanding 4, eat too oil to take medicine if the regular diet is greasy, consult a physician to consider using legal diet pills.

Use diet pills for up to 2 weeks, so as to avoid nutritional imbalances, pregnant women should avoid using diet pills to avoid harming vitamins.

  Should do this: 1, record the contents of the three meals for the average person, calculate the daily inconvenience, it is recommended to start from the record of three meals, while getting up every day, each time before going to bed, each weight, and then the weight and daily dietIn contrast, you can get a clearer understanding of the weight gain of some foods and avoid duplication.

  2, the inverted triangle diet should eat low-oil, high-fiber food, and it is recommended to use an inverted triangle diet, that is, the most abundant breakfast, moderate amount of noon, light taste, dinner as much as possible to eat green vegetables, 4 hours before going to bed do notEat.

  3. The evacuation segmentation exercise is exercised for at least 3 days per week for 30 minutes each time.

If you can’t get the time, you can exercise 10 times each time?
20 minutes, 2 or 3 times a day, you can walk more if you really have time.

  4, try to sleep enough Foreign studies have found that the less sleep time, the more likely to gain weight, which may be related to endocrine disorders, it may be that when you do not sleep, you will find something to eat, it is recommended to develop regular sleep habits, sleep every day7?
8 hours.

  Physicians say that the purpose of weight loss in re-education is to be healthy and to avoid suffering from various chronic diseases in the future. However, many people are only pursuing a good body weight loss, so they use various methods of weight loss and must re-educate.

  Experts say that you should not listen to the rumors that there are many secret recipes for weight loss, but basically there is no evidence, and there is no scientific basis. It is recommended that people do not listen to rumors, or start from diet and exercise.

15 magical effects of salt

15 magical effects of salt

With salt as the basic taste, many flavors can be prepared. Therefore, salt is also known as the “ancestor of Baiwei”. It can be used for cooking various alternatives. Do you know its other uses?

Today, the editors share the magical effects of 15 salts for everyone, so that you can be a caring person.

  Magical use: acne with salt Sometimes beauty can be an inexpensive thing, its cost may be minimized, just like the ordinary fine salt we usually eat, it is also a beauty recipe.

  For the “sickness” of acne in front, salt is also useful.

After bathing, let the body warm enough. After the pores are opened, apply some salt to the back and wipe all the corners.

Massage with a bath brush for 1 minute, don’t use too much force, just let the salt between the skin and the brush move, then use a sponge to rub the light flour, stick it on the back for 10 minutes, and wash it with water.

  Magical use 2: salt control oil for the t-parts that secrete strong oil, even in autumn, the “oil production” of many oily skin is still a steady stream.

For local areas, apply fine salt to the pre-aligned skin, gently massage for 3 minutes, then use the middle finger to make a squeeze massage from the bottom to the upper part of the nose.

  Magical use 3: Wash the wound with salt. If you accidentally scratch the skin, the wound is not too big. Add a little salt with cold water, wash the wound with salt water, then sprinkle some anti-inflammatory powder and wrap it in gauze.

This treatment reduces the wounds from inflamed infections and can heal quickly, and leaves no scars.

  Wonderful use four: brush the teeth with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, salt salty, kidney, teeth for the bones, kidney and bone, so salt can stabilize the teeth.

When you brush your teeth, put some salt on the toothpaste, which has a very good anti-inflammatory effect, making the teeth stronger and whiter.

  Magical Five: Wash fruits with salt. When cleaning fruits, remember to wet the fruits, rub the salt, and rinse thoroughly. It can remove the dirt on the surface instead of removing some residual pesticides.

  Magical use six: use salt to sterilize newly bought clothes and towels. You can soak them in salt water and then wash them. You can reduce the fading of clothes. The towels are often boiled with salt. Once you can prevent the mold from being moldy, you can giveTowels are sterilized.

  Wonderful use seven: use salt to remove dirt, to taste the salt can be used to remove the dirt of the baffle, and to disinfect, remove the smell of fish.

Kill the fish, wash your hands with salt and then wash your hands with soap to remove the smell.

  Magical use 8: Put a little salt in the plants raised in the water of the plants in the salt (do not put more), so that the plants can grow better and the flowering period is shortened.

  Wonderful use nine: to taste the bitter melon, radish and other vegetables with bitterness and astringency, cut and add salt, filter the juice to boil, can reduce bitterness.

  Magical use 10: Wash your hair with salt washing head, which can remove dandruff and prevent hair loss.

  Wonderful use of eleven: Qingrejiedu Chinese medicine believes that salt has the effect of clearing heat, cooling blood and detoxification.

According to the “Compendium of Compendium of Materia Medica”, salt can “reconcile the organs, eliminate the objects, and make them strong.”

Therefore, drinking a cup of light salt water on an empty stomach after getting up in the morning is conducive to lowering the fire and kidney, keeping the stool smooth, and improving the digestion and absorption function of the stomach.

  Magical use 12: When the ribs are cramped and chilled, the salt can be sizzled, wrapped in cloth and rubbed back and forth several times in the limbs.

  Magical use 13: Treatment of acute and chronic rhinitis will smash the scallions, wash the nasal cavity with salt water at night, and then put the cotton ball into the nose to treat acute and chronic rhinitis.

    Wonderful use of fourteen: to the tea scale glass cups can also be scrubbed with salt, the decontamination effect is very good.

  Magical use 15: Wash vegetables and vegetables with salt and buy them in a light salt water. You can remove the insects inside, and then use water or soak in the rice water to remove some pesticides.

Elderly breakfast food, not greedy

Elderly breakfast food, not greedy

The elderly have a decline in their spleen and stomach function, and are often accompanied by chronic diseases. Therefore, the elderly’s breakfast should be paid special attention.

  Professor Li Yuehua, director of the Xiyuan Hospital Geriatrics Center, reminded that when you wake up in the morning, the nighttime yin is not removed, the indoor and outdoor temperatures have not risen, and the muscles and blood vessels in the body are in a contracted state. At this time, eat iced milk, ice milk, cold buns,The first-class cool food is too different from the body temperature, resulting in more severe contraction of various systems in the body, poor blood flow, gradual stimulation of the implant, increasing the burden of digestion and digestion, reducing digestive function, causing functional dysfunction and causing the gastrointestinal tract.Disease, damage to stomach, constipation, diarrhea, cold, fatigue and other symptoms, and even worsen the symptoms of cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, digestive tract disease.

  Chinese medicine believes that “the stomach is warm and aversion to cold”, eat hot food for breakfast, to protect the stomach, add yang, such as milk, soy milk, hot porridge, hot buns, wolfberry, tofu brain, etc., you can also add some lotus seeds in the porridge, red dates, yam and other products to nourish qi and blood, promote spleen and stomach function.

In addition, the elderly receive appropriate amount of warm boiled water after morning, and then eat after moderate activities, for constipation, neurasthenia, indigestion and other diseases, also have the role of adjuvant therapy.

Beautiful tableware is an invisible killer that is harmful to health.

Beautiful tableware is an invisible “killer” that is harmful to health.

Are your bowls, chopsticks, spoons, plates, and pans “healthy”?
Perhaps you still don’t know that beautiful tableware can easily become an invisible “killer” that is harmful to health. Let us uncover the hidden dangers behind these beautiful tableware.
.hzh {display: none; }  陶瓷:拒绝内壁彩绘多新买餐具醋里泡  健康威胁:陶瓷餐具内壁上的彩绘虽然色彩鲜亮,但彩釉中含有铅、汞、镉等重金属元素.
Among them, cadmium and lead are prone to liver or other visceral poisoning, and mercury can cause liver and kidney sclerosis.
The more glaze of ceramics, the brighter the color, the more compounds such as lead and cadmium.
  Health Advice: Choose ceramic tableware and don’t pay too much attention to the pattern, especially don’t use the painted dish on the inner wall.
Newly purchased tableware can be soaked in vinegar for 2~3 hours to dissolve harmful substances in the glaze.
In addition, do not put the porcelain in the microwave.
  Stainless steel: Keep away from strong acid and alkali foods and need to be replaced in time. Health threat: Stainless steel is made of iron-chromium alloy and other metal elements.
It is very metallic and more resistant to rust than other metals.
However, if it is used improperly, the metal elements in the stainless steel will accumulate slowly in the human body, and when it reaches a certain amount, it will endanger human health.
  Health Advice: Be especially careful when using stainless steel cutlery. Do not hold strong acid or alkaline foods for long periods of time.
Stainless steel utensils should not be used to torment Chinese medicine.
Once the stainless steel tableware is found to be deformed or the surface is damaged, it should be replaced in time.
  Aluminum pan: excessive intake of aluminum can cause memory loss. Health threat: Aluminum is an element of intellectual aging, which can lead to memory loss and slow thinking response.
Excessive aluminum is not only an important cause of senile dementia, but also detrimental to children’s brain development.
Most of the aluminum in food comes from the pollution of cooking utensils (pots and shovel), especially iron and aluminum (such as iron pan aluminum shovel or aluminum pan shovel). Due to electrolysis and displacement, aluminum can be dissolved and the body can be increased.The intake of aluminum.
  Health Advice: Do not use aluminum pans for a long time. Do not mix cookware and tableware made of aluminum or iron.
  不粘锅:杜绝干烧不煎炸释放毒性损身体  健康威胁:不粘锅使不少家庭主妇摆脱了油锅难洗的困扰,但不粘锅的涂层在高温下会裂解,并释放出Two toxic substances, one is chlorofluorocarbon and the other is carbon trifluoride.
The former is harmful to the body tissues of animals and will accumulate in the body; the latter is toxic and can also damage the human body.
  Health advice: cooking in a non-stick pan, burning soup, etc. generally does not cause harm to the human body, but if used to fry food, there will be certain harm.
Because some people like to cook the pot after cooking, burn red and then add oil, so the temperature inside the pot must exceed 260 °C.
Therefore, when using a non-stick pan, it is necessary to put an end to this habit.
  Plastic: Plastic bottles should not be used as oil bottles. Health threats: The grease contained in plastic containers will produce chemical effects, which will decompose harmful substances and endanger human health.
  Health Advice: When selecting plastic tableware, try to choose colorless and tasteless, and the words “PE” (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) are marked on the product.
Normally, the oil should be avoided in ordinary plastic bottles.
  Bottle: See the brand’s small logo to get rid of the colorful flower pattern. Health threat: Some unscrupulous traders use scrap to make inferior bottles containing a lot of toxic substance bisphenol A.
Bisphenol A can cause dysplasia in the baby’s reproductive system and brain.
In addition, low-molecular compounds in inferior bottles can be dissolved even at room temperature of 20 °C, causing damage to organs such as the respiratory tract and lungs.
  Health advice: Inferior plastic bottles generally do not have manufacturers and brand small logos, the scale on the bottle is not accurate, the bottle is not transparent, there are spots of white impurities.
At the same time, it should be noted that there should be no color pattern inside the bottle to avoid the pigment being dissolved in milk or water.
  筷子:不要青睐油漆筷选用越天然越好  健康威胁:涂了油漆的筷子外表美观、耐用、好洗,可是油漆中含有铅、镉等有害物质,其中的苯更是公认的致癌物,颜色太After long-term use of chopsticks with deep or heavy paint coatings, heavy metals and harmful organic solvents in paints can cause chronic damage to the human body.
  In addition, even if it is a qualified chopstick, the surface will become rough and the surface will become rough. Many small grooves will appear, which will easily leave bacteria and detergent. If it is not disinfected or replaced in time, it will provide a breeding ground for bacteria.。  Health advice: Choosing chopsticks should not choose to paint. In addition, chopsticks should be washed and disinfected when they are bought home. After cleaning, they should be air-dried in time. At least one change of chopsticks should be done once a year.
Even between family members, chopsticks should not be mixed to avoid spreading bacteria.

What are the stages of Qigong practice?

What are the stages of Qigong practice?

For a person who wants to learn Qigong, in the face of a variety of Qigong exercises and different requirements for breathing, posture, and ideas, often do not know where to start.
Or although I have been practicing qigong for a long time, but the progress is not great, no matter what I study, there is a basic process, that is, I don’t know how to understand, I know how to understand, I don’t know much, I am not skilled, and I am proficient.
The same is true for practicing Qigong. Generally, it is necessary to go through the three stages of getting started, mastering, and being skilled.
In fact, these three stages also follow the rules of practice, understanding, practice, and recognizing.
  For a person who intends to learn Qigong for medical treatment, before he decides to study, he always hears or sees some introductions about Qigong, has a little understanding of the concept and function of Qigong, and then looks for a teacher.Or qigong books and periodicals, begin the theoretical study and exercises in the initial stage, this stage is the primary entry stage.
Although the exercises at this stage can know some essentials, it is still difficult to meet the requirements.
The muscles of the body are difficult to relax and appear stiff.
Spiritual excitement, it seems that the more you want to be quiet and distracted.
Feeling heavy in the shoulders during practice, it is difficult to practice for a long time.
  After a period of exercise, there will gradually be new experiences and understandings, and it is possible to enter the intermediate level.
This stage is characterized by the fact that the muscles can relax completely under the control of self-consciousness, and the spirit can also enter a state of restlessness that seems to sleep, sleep, and wake up. Subjectively, you can feel the whole body comfort, feel comfortable, and objectivelyIt can cause the functions of various systems of the whole body to be coordinated, so as to play a role in fitness prevention and treatment of certain diseases.
And thus a further understanding of Qigong.
  The third stage is the advanced stage of Qigong exercise. After repeated training in this period, the practitioners have been able to enter the static state with skillfulness. The physiological mechanism is that a new conditional reflection is established.
As long as the conditions are given in the practice, they can enter the static state immediately.
  In particular, this stage can play an conscious initiative, so that the sense of meaning can be followed, so that the feelings generated in the body exercises can be asked to appear or run to the site of the lesion, the name is “qi to the disease.”
  The key to achieving the above three stages is repeated practice, that is, persistence in practice.
Without the arduous process of forging, fishing for three days, and drying the net for two days, it is impossible to experience the mystery of Qigong, and it is impossible to have a clear understanding of Qigong.
On the contrary, Qigong exercise must have the correct qigong theory as a guide. The practice without correct theoretical guidance is not only blind, but also impossible to make the practice stage go deeper. If it is not good, it may even cause practice deviation and cause practice.Qigong not only failed to cure the disease, but increased the consequences of a Qigong disease.

This one dish, one flower, one fruit, heat and dampness to nourish liver and kidney!

Summer health

This “one dish, one flower, one fruit”, heat and dampness to nourish liver and kidney!
Summer health

Speaking of the health of this period, it covers all aspects of clothing, food and shelter.

Today, we will focus on the aspect of “eat”.

Often eat “one dish, one flower and one fruit”, heat and dampness to nourish liver and kidney!

One dish: There are three dishes of bitter vegetables, one of which is the bitter dish show.

It means that in the small full day, bitter vegetables grow prosperous and gleaming, and they also have small yellow flowers.

Bitter vegetables, also known as borage, bitter leeks, is a kind of edible and edible wild vegetables (drug name sorrel).

In fact, from the point of view of eating goods, the bitter vegetables of the small full season have blossomed and seeded, a bit old, and the taste is not the best.

However, although the taste is almost the same, but after eating a bitter dish, it is good for the body.

Since the beginning of summer, the temperature in various places has gradually increased, and it is easy for some people to have appetite and lack of energy.

At this time, eating bitter vegetables with bitter taste and bitterness can prevent problems before they happen: First, bitter food can stimulate bile, secretion of gastric juice, increase appetite, help digestion and absorption; second, bitterness can be refreshing; third, Chinese medicine believes thatBitter taste has the effect of clearing heat and removing trouble.

In this sense, it is simply bitter vegetables. When you are young, you can eat some vegetables with bitterness in a broad sense, such as bitter gourd, cilantro, etc. It is also a good choice.

Note: bitter taste food is cold and cold, and those with bad stomach should not eat more.

One flower: When the flowers are small, the flowers are exhausted.

In addition to the strong ornamental, fragrant and pleasant, it is also a kind of health care products with the same medicine and food.

Silk flowers, bitter taste, slightly cold, have been considered by the doctors of the past to “cool blood to medicine”, have the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, cooling blood and moistening the lungs, and reducing blood pressure.

For example, the steamed fish, the home-cooked dish, has the power of heat and dampness.

Note: When the flower is open or the flower bud is formed, it is harvested and dried.

The former is called “槐花” and the attachment is “槐米”.

Here are 2 recommended 槐花养生方.

槐 饮 饮 原料 原料 原料 原料 原料 原料 原料 原料 原料 原料 原料 原料 原料 槐 槐 槐 槐
15 grams of practice: add boiled water for 30 minutes, on behalf of tea.

Health effects: This drink has the effect of clearing heat, cooling blood and stopping bleeding. It can be used as an auxiliary implant for blood in the stool, blood in the urine and blood stasis.

槐花清肝 Drink ingredients: 槐花 (or glutinous rice), Prunella, chrysanthemum each 10?
15 grams of practice: add boiled water for 30 minutes, on behalf of tea.

Health effects: This drink has the effect of clearing the liver and improving eyesight, clearing away heat and purging fire, and can be used to assist in the treatment of redness and swelling caused by liver fire and dizziness and headache.

One fruit: Cherry is in full bloom in early summer, and cherry is on the market.

It is not only rich in nutrients, but also a good medicine. It is one of the “small full three fresh”.

Chinese medicine believes that cherry is sweet, slightly acidic, and warm, with benefits such as spleen and stomach, nourishing liver and kidney, phlegm and rheumatism, and phlegm.

According to modern nutrition, cherries can supplement iron and contain iron in the first place. It is suitable for women and patients with iron deficiency anemia.

Note: 1.

Cherry can not eat too much, it is recommended to consume no more than 150 grams a day, which is equivalent to the amount of an adult hand.


Cherry is warm, too hot and too hot, should not eat too much, otherwise it is easy to nausea and vomiting, get angry, there will be symptoms of nosebleeds.

In addition, diabetic patients are also best not to eat, hot sexually transmitted diseases and those with fever and cough should not eat.


Cherry can not be put for a long time, very afraid of heat, it is best to put the cherries in the refrigerator for storage, fresh cherries can generally be stored 3?7 days.

In addition to eating directly, cherries can also be made into desserts.

Cherry Longyan soup ingredients: 10 grams of longan meat or 15 grams of fresh longan, 10 grams of hazelnuts, 30 grams of fresh cherries, white sugar amount of practice: wash longan meat, wolfberry, add water, put in the pot to cook fullySwell; add fresh cherries to boil, add sugar to taste.
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