As for Shen Xuan,Then, this is。

other people,This understands,Why is it possible?。
But now,Others don’t think there is any place where there is something wrong.。
Even in their look,deep in the heart,Don’t avoid much, I can’t say it.。
Such a thing,In fact, they look at them.,But it feels,Now this look,It is already coming.。
“Great,In fact, let’s,I should do this.。”
“This is of course,In fact, think about it carefully.,Now look at,It is not a bad thing.。”
“Although we are concerned about our,Of course, it’s not a bad thing.,But in other people look,They will not think so.。”
This,With those people around,You have said that I am in my words.,Don’t forget it here。
obviously,Such a thing,In the end, we should start to handle it.。
In fact, other problems,There is no good tossing at all.。
The next conscious looks at the eye,The more like this,In fact, for the current,It is even more exciting Shen Xuan.,Tangible。
“So next,Everyone is ready to prepare。”
“Tian Wu’s person,Never give up, reunite。”
When Shen Xuan in front of you said,This is to let others,Looking here。
Otherwise,Itself,In fact, it is nothing to tossing roots.。
But it is because of this,So I look at Shen Xuan,These things itself,In fact, it is not enough to consume it.。
Su Yuhong,It is even again connected nodes.。
“Yes,This is certain,otherwise,Let’s follow,What is it tangled??”
“Anyway, now,Everything,In fact, it has been completely within our control.。”
When Su Yuhong said to his eyes,The more like this,In fact, from now on,These things itself,It is already in full control.。
When Su Yuhong said,At this time, Shen Xuan looked here.,It is very lightweight.。
“In fact, now,This does not affect anything at all.。”
“Although this is the case,But I think,Let’s everyone,I can’t get too much.。”
After all, the words are now,A series of questions encountered here,In fact, Shen Xuan feels that,I can’t give up so simple.。
In turn,Prepare to start anytime, anywhere。
Then I completely solve this matter,This is the most important point now.。
if not,Always give people feel,What is it lack?。
This,Shen Xuan suddenly realized one thing。
“You said they,Will not shoot a blue protection method?”
Shen Xuan thought here,Su Yuhong put his hand。
“Will not,They don’t have this ability,And the strength of the blue big brother is very strong。”
“Their trade wants to start,Is it too small?。”
With Su Yuhong’s words,obviously,It is even more,Really realized the existence of problems。
Sudoya,Warrior of other war temple,Also think so。
But Shen Xuan,But always feel,this matter,Maybe there is no simplicity。
In short, no matter how much,Can only wait until,Wait and see。
Chapter 376 This account,I am clear with you.
Near the autumn wind building,Fly in the heart,What happens, the more I feel angry.。
After all, now,How should I handle this?。

Wind and snow,Quiet is also spreading in my heart,The girl opposite the fence is also in place.,Not because they have stopped,But……They both stunned,Drag away by the eagle。

The challenge of Koyuo to the emperor also came to the last moment.。
10,9,8……Jumping in front of Kohuma when you count。
【congratulations,Through the test of Quan Shen,Get the emperor】
The science opened his eyes.,Like a monster landing,One gets up from the hot springs,Step on the ground of the bluestone。
The hot air of the snake is sputtered on him.,Springs,A monster-like figure out,Red inflammation in the eyes。
Chapter 17 · Malgo knight
【Holy Spring:Emperor’s baptism】
Such a dialog box appears around,The sputum of the naked eye is vented from his skin.,If you apply the skin again,Live off is the two-way form of Lufei。
【Cold-resistantax,A week,After a week, it is permanent+20】
【Perfect state,Continuous a night,After a night,Asian perfection for half a year】
【All overのWins,Last half a year】 【s:This spring,I can only make it once.】
A sparkling radon is loaded in the top of the head,The words are allocated to the form of burning,A pen is like a magma cast。
What is the victory of the world?,Not clear,Anyway, it should be very powerful.!
Take advantage of this state,rush!
Kohuan took a hot spring with a hot fever.,Come to the dressing room,Deterrence of full body,Let each tempted tourist stunned,This group of people will not be completely attached to the wall。
How did this person look so fierce??
Could he really follow the rumors,In the hot spring called the emperor,I soak an hour?
Kohong came to the wardrobe,Wipe the moisture on your body with a large bath towel。
In fact, he just came out from the emperor pool.,I have been going to this distance here.,The moisture has been almost,Steam coming out of yourself,In fact, it is trace of water evaporation.。
Open the door of the wardrobe,Plan to dress up,Corona is stunned。
Pose in the wardrobe,Not the down jacket that he wandered before,But his own professional uniform,Set of inserts in a lanter pattern,Stacked like tofu。
Then the chess fan is also lying in the clothes.,Fan-tailed pendant bending out beautiful radians,As if it is carefully adjusted。
There is also a strange red scarf,And windshield。
Although the subject is in the work of the work,Eight hours of work efficiency than the vast majority of people’s twelve hours,But he will not work wildly to vacation.,Not don’t say that it will bring it into the bathroom.。
Look like,The god of quantum mechanics is still very understandable.,Know that this important place,I will definitely match a good line,And the weapon named。
The windshield is of course used to retrograde in the snow.,As for this too much-long scarf, it may be used to install it.?
Hold hardship!
Kohuma will explore the hand in the wardrobe,A pull!
It’s like gently pressing a key bit.,A Jinran suit is called on the body,Under the light,Caise can see the pattern of peach blossoms in flash,Tattoo as if the black。