“Where are you?,Tell me the address。”

No challenge in summer,There is also a gain between the look.。
Since Ling Xiong speaks more,That is definitely true。
Otherwise,He http://www.rosefamily.cn is impossible to use‘Surround’To describe the situation in this moment。
“We are in the northern suburbs of Canbia,Anyuan who originally rented a local resident……”He quickly reported the address,Originally want to explain what,But I hang up the phone immediately in the summer.。
Hang up,Summer is looking at the gang member searching in that explosion,Reverse conversion orientation avoids them。
Soon arrived at the initial place,I got a car immediately,Step on the throttle to gallop。
About 40 minutes,He came to the suburbs of Canbia。
Then press the address to。
But I have to stop going to stop.。
The front has been sealed by the sand head.。
And summer is also known,More people in Ling Xiongou……What does it http://www.2dgh.cn mean?。
In front,Dense,Three layers outside the third floor,All is people。
Look at it,There are thousands of。
These people all wear unified dress,One fierce,Holding a knife in his hands,Reflecting the soul of the sun in the sun。
If you look down from high altitude,These people will enclose an unclear collar into iron buckets.。
More than this。
Hundreds of people in the prime layer,Radiant gun。
This time, not only a pistol,There is also a rifle and micro-rush。
It is worth mentioning.,In front of the yard,Then standing more than a dozen of intensive multi-service armed。
They all empty the energetic,People don’t dare to close。
Beside them,Take a woman standing。
Women do not wear camouflage,Instead, wear a woman in a suit.,It seems to be practiced。
It’s just a woman’s face.,The eyes are http://www.tyblwd.cn sputtered in the eyes of the heart.。
At this moment, her face is increasingly impatient.,Rushing a caucasian man with a camouflage,“Walker,What are you waiting for?,Turn your hands,We have so many people with you,What are you afraid?!”
White man named Walker,The face is downs to the extreme,“Don’t act rashly,I am looking for a way,Just now, we have died a few brothers.。”
Women snort,“You have always been self-evident in Cambia’s most powerful mercenaries.,Why is so afraid of death?!”
Walker’s face suddenly became ugly。
And his belongings are also a non-good look.。
First2098Chapter I will give me a minute in a minute.

http://www.xiyueshan.cn “‘Heat sword(heat b1ade)’!”

Six high-fever air flow like six bullets,Whit to fly in the direction of the girl,Airflow has passed a vague trace in the air,It looks very dangerous。
“Danger!”Yumu Meiqin saw a moment of six hot swords,Crazy warning,Her heart is very clear,Being hit by this thing,The next is quite unhappy。Think of this,Her hands fiercely,Suddenly,A large amount of current is collected in front of her.,Intangible magnetic surge,Constructing a solid shield in front of her。
next moment,The sword of the heat hit the magnetic shield,But,There is no imagination of dramatic sounds,Even the surface of the magnetine shield has no shake half point,“Heat sword”I will disappear directly.,嗤 嗤,Form a white water vapor in the air。
“Eh……”Tea girl is slight,What suddenly reflects?,Look up,The boy who has a faint smile has already disappeared,Suddenly,The hearts of Meiqin are not from the inexplicable feelings.。
“Qing Palace——Summer!”
Gun,Send season, Code Conan
(This chapter is over)
NS46chapter The daily day of fools
Another year,Also for students,Every week’s most painful,Qing Palace is deeply appointed。
Whether it is the past or now in the school city,Every Monday,It’s all after two days of lazy.,I have to leave my comfortable and idle nest.,Come to the sleepy class to listen to teachers, those courses comparable to hypodegenesis。Sometimes the Qing Palace is even,Every week, the pain seems to be God’s punishment to oneself.。
Hearing hout into the classroom,Just caught up with the first ten minutes of the class bell。At this moment,A sound strange Kyushu cavity directly from the corner of the classroom。
“what,Qing Palace?How does it seem to have a spirit??”A gold short,Wearing a green white striped shirt in a blue suit uniform in the ink blue,Face with a pale blue sunglasses,There is a string of gold necklaces on the neck.,The most careful,If the tone is in“Meow”Okiminy is a lovely girl,This may not lose a cute point for her.,But this strange olete is coming from a height of one meter.,Look at the boy and mouth like the rogue in the corner,Can only make people feel weird?
“Say,When can Soil doors can change your strange olete?。”Qing Palace exaggerated sigh,“Every time you talk, I work hard to make your voice fantasy into a Chu Chu pitiful big breast.,But after each time you open your eyes,Defrieg is only heavier.。”
“Feed!What is the poor cute girl?,At this time, it is foul.!”The boy called the soil gate of the Dikou, the strange Kyushu cavity is dissatisfied.,“I am clearly concerned about you.,But how can it be affected by such unfair treatment??”
This one of this gold,The teenager who is a strange Kyushu is also the classmate in the Qing Dynasty.,Soil Yumun Yuanchun,It is also the neighbor of the upper and Qing Dynasty.,Always like to take“Meow”Olegus,It seems that the surface is a stupid student.,But the Qing Palace knows,Can he be as simple as ordinary students?。
The Qing Palace with the past memory,The true identity of the Soil Gate is“Necessary evil church”Magician,Magic side spies who have sneaked into the urban city,Change the angle,He is also the spy from the school city to the magic side.。He was originally a quite high-level yin yang in Japan’s local magic forces.,After the ability of the ability, the magic use is limited.,But still can’t deny that he is a powerful figure.。
But the Qing Palace doesn’t care so much.,He also has a dark part,He made a friend only looked at this guy.,Other things he will not take。to some extent,He is the same as the upper strip,Also a stupid。
perhaps,Stupid and idiots will attract each other?
wrong!I am not idiot!Upper strip is!
“Apush!”The upper strip of the window is dozing to dozing, and the Siki can’t hurt it.。
“Hey?Qing Palace?”Sleeping is fascinating, blinking,Looking at the Qing Palace,“How is the spirit so bad??”
“You are really no problem with this guy who sleeps into this appearance.?”The Qing Palace turned over white eyes,“If you are chasing a whole three streets by a girl who likes to 放 放 放,You will also like this。”
“Wow!You will also be chased from three streets in the Qing Dynasty.?”
“Wow!Girl who likes to 哩 放 放?”
“…Is the attention point is not the same??”The Qing Palace can’t help but hug,I want to pretend that I don’t know them.。
The first talk is naturally the soil door,The second voice is a guy of a blue earrings.。
The guy is the class leader in the Qing Palace.,Although the Qing Palace has been curious, he is going to work.,Although in the feeling of the Qing Palace,This guy is very strong,What is the extent?,I haven’t hit the light, I feel that he is also hard to feel.,Because this guy is always laugh, there is no normal,Sprinkle every day,Even the Qing Palace has never seen his ability to use。The Qing Palace even doubts that he is the hidden six dolls.,But there is no evidence,Moreover, http://www.hrblqsxz.cn in the Qing Palace,Although the school city is1eve1 5Most of you don’t normal,But not there is a metamorphosis such that there is no exercise。Start him also doubts about this guy,But then I often forget this.,Slowly, you don’t put it on your heart.。
However, his ability is not said,The roughness of his voice is really enough to take this position.(How is the class long is a big voice??),The Kuanxi Guanxi, who is fake, has always been to pretend to be himself.,More importantly,His body has a unimaginable width tolerance for women,Use his words,He is not“only”Like little girl,Yes“even”Little girl likes。And this is the palace of the Qing Dynasty, the Tu Yigong, is considered to be just simple metamorphosis.。
“Hey,It’s unfortunate.!”The Qing Palace intentionally mimes the upper tone.,Then go to the upper line,I http://www.mobi-x3.cn took my hand and took it on the back of the upper.,“fine,Have a strip of you.,I am very lucky to meet you.,You can take all mymium streets……”
“Give me a bastard!It is because I have such a guy, I will become more unfortunate.!”Fried in the last,Originally, his head of the hedgehoo was even more fried.,It looks more like a big hedgehog。
“Um,Think about this, think about it.,Ah, you are still very useful.……”Soil door。
“I don’t want to let my sister wear a woman’s servant.!”
“How is the sister?!”The Soil Gate This sister controlled the late guy heard this sentence immediately stood up and refused.,“How is the maid?!Maid is a man’s justice!Looking at girls, women, women, is the right of men.!”
“cut!”The Qing Dynasty and the upper strokes did not express the declaration of the Soil Denger’s unhautical rescue.。

After reading Xia Yueshu,Head is big,I must have known this result,It’s better not to make the 50,000 yuan,Now I have to vomit what I eat,I don’t know how to pay for the loss。

She put down the newspaper irritably,I do not want to see,The more I watch the more annoying,But let it go for a second and can’t help but pick it up again。
Read it many times,Restless heart,Zhang Siwei is still busy,Xia Shuyue waited for two hours。
“I’m done working,Let’s go。”Zhang Siwei came over and patted her on the shoulder。
“Forget it,Si Wei,I don’t think I will go,It might be useless,Also wasting your time,I think you are so busy。”Xia Shuyue http://www.epkn.cn thinks everyone has issued a statement,The loss of money will definitely not get away。
Xia Yueshu showed Zhang Siwei the newspaper,Zhang Siwei took a look,Laughed,“You are really going to be famous,In the newspaper again,Ha ha。”
Zhang Siwei pulled her together,The two walked out of the company side by side,Got in Zhang Siwei’s car,“okay,The sky hasn’t fallen yet,Your sad look,Be happy,listen to me。”
No matter how Zhang Siwei enlightens,Xia Yueshu didn’t open her brows,Like a body without a soul。
She just followed Zhang Siwei mechanically,Zhang Siwei get off,She followed,Zhang Siwei gets on the elevator,She followed,The brain is completely blank。
Arrived at the front desk of that company,“I’m looking for your boss, Mr. Zhu,Please inform me。”Zhang Siwei took out a business card and handed it to the front desk。
Nodding at the front desk,“Ok,Miss,Please wait。”After talking with the business card, turned and walked away。
Xia Yueshu is familiar with this place,She signed the agreement in this reception lobby。
I was so excited when I signed the agreement,Write your own name,Hands are shaking,I don’t even know how I earned the 50,000 yuan。
“Miss Zhang,Hello there,Our boss invites you in。”Not too long,The front desk came out,Smiling and led Zhang Siwei and Xia Shuyue into the company,Go all the way to the chairman’s office。
Xia Yueshu observes this company all the way,Looks bigger than Zhang Siwei’s company。
The front desk knocked on the door,Open the door and go in,Zhang Siwei and Xia Yueshu walked in,Zhang Siwei smiled and greeted the man in the boss chair,“Uncle Zhu,Hello there。”
“What wind brought you to me today?”Chief Zhu stood up,Walk next to Zhang Siwei,Greet her warmly,“sit,sit。”
“It’s been a long time since I saw Uncle Zhu,Just come and see you,You are still the same,Spiritual。”Zhang Siwei smiled and sat down,Xia http://www.asevia.cn Shuyue also smiled at President Zhu,Sit down。
The front desk made them two cups of tea,Zhang Siwei nodded and smiled。
“thank you。”Xia Yueshu took a cup of tea and said,The front desk just smiled and went out。

Interface,Su Ying has amended。

Before she judged from temperament,The people should be rich in Jianghu、But the old boys of the male and http://www.aqmprs.cn female emotional,So just put a simple Chu Chu pity girl。
And now because of doubting him is a metamorphosis,So fix the people——Slightly,But still maintain a pure nature……
This can turn it anywhere,And to metamorphosis,婊 Some more communication efficiency。
“No way?The girl looks still, the cloud is not married.,That Wei has no tooth,Also a person who is defraud……”Chu Deirers said unbelievable。
Su Sakura:……
Su Ying did not think,This actually said this……Is he really a right??Will it be wrong with it?
And I didn’t think,He can still see that he has not been personally——Why do you practice this skill??
“elder sister,Chulang must be a set of her words.……”Pity star appeases a sentence,Solve you sister directly to kill。
Invitation moon continuous faceless。
“Do that kind of thing,There are still http://www.maxotv.cn many other people who can do.!”Su Sakura is a bit bite tooth。
However, this emotion is perfect.、In the dissatisfaction of the roots of Chu Deirers,Do not appear。
Chu Deiren did not expect,Su Yaku is so ready to go out——Originally, please,Just to look for yourself、More good deception。
certainly,Su Sakuo is obviously in order to solve himself,Significant Wei’s no teeth。
Not too much no tooth,But he cultivates Su Sakura,That is, she is inviting the month“Handle”,To this end, it is particularly raised in this beautiful place.,Usually do not wish other disciples to disturb,Even when contacting other unexyless doors,Make it under one person、Status respected,Take this to cultivate a clean high-quality。
In this case,How can Wei no teeth may have anything to her??
As for the proud of it……
Chu Deirers don’t http://www.gsp12580.cn know,This is the characteristics of Su Sakuo.,Did nototh no teeth,Also……This is the case, the moon in the invitation without teeth?
After all, Wei’s no teeth were invited to abolish the month.,But in the invitation month to know the things before Jiang Feng。
Specifically,Chu Deirers are ready to find an invitation moon is good.……
“Cough,I am gone,Girl don’t want to see……So, you and the Wei’s no teeth are not a guy.?”Chu Deirers have already believed。
“Do you have not believed??Do you want me to show you evidence??”Su cherry blossoms,Three points are the grievances of Chu Deirers,Seven points is self-resentment。
“Don’t have to……Anxious。”Chu Deiren refused,Not completely refused。
Su Sakura:……
“Oh,In the 10th Wusheng Zhou North Army!”Chu Deirers introduced themselves。
Su Sakuo didn’t look out,Didn’t see him with lying,but……But I really didn’t hear this name.!
But she is not involved in the rivers and lakes.,It’s all the top of the rivers and lakes.,Although I feel“Ten Wusheng”This name is some awkward,But there is no more suspicion。
After all, I really want to fake identity.,Don’t choose such a arrogance?
Especially the Chu Deirers also carry a sword with a sword.,“Ten Wusheng”It is more convincing.……
perhaps……This is a martial arts,But,Suspension Rivers and Lakes,Already depressed、There are still some guys。Maybe it’s recent days to open、Martial arts improvement,So all aspects have more thought,More than a curious,Preparing to take the opportunity to recruit the floral landscape,To assassinate the righteous father,Name high——Su Ye has a psychological side write to Chu Deirers.。
Chapter 976 Mid
“Zhou Big Brother,You still don’t want to go to the devil very horror!Not only good at the machinery and poison,And still raised many mugs in the old nest,Dare to invite the main palace master to come,He must also be a grasp”


Two 鬟 鬟 鬟 鬟 鬟 鬟 一,I understand the door。
Yunfu is quite a kind of anti-customer main momentum。
“it is good!”
You,I am also on。
Niu and Su Yuqing sit down,Unfair,Silently drinking tea。
The three people hi-fangs,The other side of the grass is very heartless。
“儿 没 事?”
Finally, Mrs. Yun can’t stretch it.。
“Yaner?Do you think she is like now??”
“You should advise her to go with me.!I won’t hurt her.!”
Yunchang has always been to say that these,But why everyone didn’t believe her。
Especially uncle couple。
Yunchang can’t break the two people,Will ask for safe。
Enless them,There will be new breakthroughs。
“Why do we believe you??Can you protect yourself in the same year??”
“Different from this time!”
Yunchang was evacuated in the past memory,Face is http://www.thlcz.cn also a little unspeakable,
“I can have a law to protect her.!”
“Still relying on your so-called county king??It is better to rely on our own!”
“You have no way to tell them!Even if you don’t have the emperor’s eyes,It is also the royal person,Your business is doing,Also a merchant!”
Niu Niu dials the tea cover,A unhappy look。
“although,Although I can’t make it perfect for the child.,But I will make her a better place.!”
“When Mrs did never thought of pulling them??After all, you have the favor of prince.,Shouldn’t it be a letter??”
“Back home,not that simple!If I have a way,I have been too clean, I have been.!”
Yunchang face frustrated。
I am from all over the part.,I can’t find anything.。
If you are not your own,I am afraid http://www.solerose.cn that it will only feel that it is a coincidence.。

Narrate,Miyou stood up,Gong,“Yes,metropolitan。”

She nodes in summer,Immediately sit down。
Summer is also reported to smile……But he still noticed,The palace is full of death。
There are also gates in the hall.,Many people have noted the same as the face。
All is envious and embarrassing。
Especially Yunfan’s expression,Yinshiwater,Gaze,Teeth。
Summer is dark。
Could this two cave fields……a lot of?
if not,How can someone else’s expression?。
He doesn’t know,The preciousness of Dongtian is more than http://www.riguangfadian.cn his imagination。
Now now,Qingquanzong also has many people disciples without a piece of cave.。
Interrogate,Yafei, who has been smiling, suddenly said,“aunt,Equivalent also has credit.,I also want to be the field。”
Ningrong 黛 眉 蹙 蹙,Look at it,“what are you going to do?”
“I am also a farm.。”Yafai is granted,“But I want to be with the summer brother’s Dongdian.。”
Ningron is crying,Follow it,“All right,Then I will also assign you two cave fields.,Add to Palace Yu。But let’s talk about it first.,When you leave,Dongda I want to recover。”
Merely,Look at around,“Everyone has no opinion.。”
“Yafei sister is a purple force,It is reasonable to give her well。”
“right,Yafu sister is also a semi-disciple of Qingquan,Fang also has a great effort,There are not many cavefields。”
Two cavefields can be found in summer,These people may be imbalance,Envy and extreme。
But for Yafu,They are very tolerant。
It is too much that her identity is.。
Her mother is Dong’an Xing’s star,Aunt Qingquan Zongzong Lord,It is a real purple force。
She is not the first time to come to Qingquanzong,I’m not interested in growing in the past。
I can see it now.,She is clear,It is to give your two cave fields to the summer.。
Everything is properly,Everyone spread。
A beautiful woman repair,With summer and Yafu,Go forward360Cave。
Four cave fields there,It is assigned to them.。
They quickly left the Zongmen,Recompass the mountainside platform,Continue to climb up。
It’s far away,Women’s http://www.wanwan998.cn repairs are pointed to a short mountain.。
“Xia Shi brother,Yafei sister,The little mountain belly is360Cave,You have passed it yourself.,Have a dedicated personnel,After you go,The people who guards will leave,There is yours in it there.。”
“okay。Thank Xie Luan。”
Yafu is full of joy and jump。

Do he not know,I am not happy at the time.,Kill those people,Then put the body in the water,The same can be done, I don’t know the ghost.。

Or simply drown in the water!
“I am the gushan of Chang Guangwang.。Chang Guang Wang recently fascinated a pair of sisters who surnamed Xue,This time I want to send me to Guangwangfu,Struggle!”
Lu Lingyi said faintly,Just like it is talking about it.。She still feels that it should be exposed to shocking Gao Bo Yi.。
Saved you,Then you go back to wait for my biggest enemies in bed.。
Gao Biyi took a deep breath,Found http://www.v0457.cn yourself for the girl,Is going to the enemy bed。
He feels that this world is deeply malicious to him.。
Reply to the book
Because the account does not send a comment,So just open a single chapter to reply。lt;/Pgt;
Book friend back dog blood,Here I want to thank this book friend to my support.。Writing is a very subjective thing,I can only work hard to write a story.,Specific dare not promise。lt;/Pgt;
If your book friends have any suggestions for the plot, you can talk to the group.。lt;/Pgt;
This book is in the plot, Lu Niang will not write,Or this book has no real female master,Will not surround the people of a female primary class,But Lu is a very important line,Other female characters that appear are,This book will definitely not insert unrelated characters for the sate。lt;/http://www.shiliuzhuang.cn Pgt;
These pavies are not written,It’s awkward behind it.。lt;/Pgt;
Qizhou is the protagonist father-in-law,In the late stage,The pre-paving is not saved,The plot should be very compact,Will write extra plots。lt;/Pgt;
I wrote this book or want to try to show some real historical events.,Or restore the true character contradiction。The people of this era,It’s all pen to govern the country.,Composite talents who go to horses,The protagonist wants to go,Also get off,The short feel is not good at the end,The protagonist should be prepared in advance to transition。lt;/Pgt;
The second volume will also write some of me.,Slowly see。lt;/Pgt;
More sentence here。Some book friends are illusory plots,But I think it is good.,Repeatedly scrutinize。Different people’s knowledge,Different understanding of historical details,The conclusion obtained may be the same as。I can only try to restore that era as much as possible.。Whether it is not good, then the problem of pen,Unrelated to the attitude of my book。lt;/Pgt;
Now this book has not been placed,Whether the book friends like still don’t like,I dare to shoot bad chest,Write now,I don’t have a word in a confused reader.。Used to excavate the details of the history,Check the time,More time than the codeword。No http://www.santianyang.cnmatter what,I am definitely this attitude,This book is over,Not bad, no waist, plot,This is my commitment。lt;/Pgt;
As for others,Some things are difficult,I can only sorry here.。lt;/Pgt;
NS125chapter Small non-gentleman

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Chicken,Run a chicken farm,Scale development,Should be able to be bigger now”

“Chicken?This idea is really good,But this is technical,We’re afraid we can’t do it,It’s not like raising chickens in a greenhouse,In case of a disease,What a blink of an eye,It’s all over”Zhao Hong said with some worry。
Song Fang glanced at Xia Jian,Said slowly:“That’s missing,Run a chicken farm in our hometown,Already started,Actually, http://www.jllongda.cn there is nothing wrong,Without technology we can invite others,You can also send someone out to study,Slowly”
Xia Sanhu shook his head and said:“This is a bit boring,Anyway, I don’t think it is reliable,Talk about growing a greenhouse,This has something to do with farming,But this raises chickens…”
“Then what will you raise?”Xia Jian interrupted Xia Sanhu。
Xia Sanhu scratched his scalp,Hehe smiled and said:“It’s okay to raise pigs or cattle,A few years ago, the pigs in our family were well raised.,And two big scalpers sold,All good!”Xia Sanhu said,Full of confidence。
“it is good!Listen now everyone,I will set the task right away,From today,Zhao Hong is responsible for vegetable greenhouses in Xiping Village and Zhangwang Village,Song Fang immediately went to the south to study,Ready to be the director of a chicken farm,Xia Sanhu is http://www.bowill.cn the director of the cattle farm,Chen Erniu is the director of the pig farm”Xia Jian said,Also took notes。
Everyone,Silly face suddenly,I didn’t expect Xia Jian to do it,And also assigned tasks。Mo Yan on the side,Seeing that everyone has done something,She asked urgently:“President Xia,Then what am i doing?”
“Your job is not light,You will take care of everything from the village“Xia Jian said without thinking。
Mo Yan laughed:“Then I am a brick of the revolution,Where to move“Mo Yan’s words,Made everyone present amused。
Heavy topic,Suddenly became relaxed,Zhao Hong frowned and said:“Once these projects are launched,,Where does our money come from?Although the greenhouse is now profitable,But it’s almost the end of the year,The villagers’ rent and dividends can’t be delayed,There is a loan of 5 million,It’s almost time to pay the http://www.xssbq.cn interest“
Xia Jian just remembered,Su Yiman seems to have told him,Interest from this bank,At the beginning, it was paid every six months,I didn’t expect it to be so fast,Money ah money,This is a big problem“
“Isn’t it like a village meeting to vote?,After all, it’s the whole village”Xia Sanhu suddenly said。
Xia Jian waved his hand and said:“Not urgent,When the discussion is almost done,A meeting is still necessary”
“I don’t want it,Let the villagers vote,Can vote for a fart,The delay is almost the same,Such a good project,If it’s late,Was preempted by other villages,Why don’t we be too busy”Chen Erniu rushed to say。
Song Fang also followed,Xia Sanhu didn’t object anymore,And Zhao Hong didn’t say a word,Xia Jian thought for a while,I think what Chen Erniu said makes sense,But please tell Ouyang Hong that it should still be possible,Just when he was thinking about it。

“Leaf old,Your investigation ability is surprising!”Lin Fengnan also stared at Ye Tiancang,He really wants to know what this Ye Tian Cang also investigated.。

“I am also in the last century.40A military big coffee age,In that war age,Have a lot of things。”Ye Tianzi:“I want to investigate things,Basically, it is impossible to escape my eyes.。”
When you say this, Ye Tiancang’s tone is a bit proud.。
“Leaf old,Really。”Lin Feng really served this moment.,indeed,This Jihe’s old president is very sensitive.,But still in Xianggu Station.。
“All http://www.lampdrive.cn right,You don’t have to doubt my judgment。”Ye Tian Cang looked at Lin Feng Road:“Since I stand in you,And join you as a league,I will not regret it.。”
“it is good!”Lin Feng heard the words:“Leaf old,You and I all of my,I won’t let you suffer。”
“I believe you。”Ye Tian Cang’s refreshing road,His hand pinching between talking,A airflow flying out,Several words in the ground。
“You are listening!”
“What’s the meaning?”Lin Feng looked at these words frowned,He draws a few words directly.。
“Do you want me to crack??”Ye Tiancang suddenly draws a few words again.。
“Take off your clothes,coat!”Ye Tiancang can draw a few words directly。
Lin Feng heard the words,I haven’t hesitated,He took off the coat directly on the ground.,Ye Tiancang took Lin Feng’s clothes,He took a rope directly from Lin Feng clothes.,Do not,Can not be said to be a rope,Slightly thicker http://www.jiuxiyangsheng.cn than hair。
Probably three or four centimeters long。
Like the line rope that is pulling from Lin Feng clothes。
“This?”Lin Feng is wondering,Is this not the line rope on him??
“Be awkward!”
Ye Tiancang pulled this rope directly,Suddenly a flare bloom,Like a light flash,Lin Feng face is gloomy,Because he saw the tear,There is a wire inside the line rope,This metal is very fine,More detailed than hair。
In addition to these,There is also a miniature metal sheet sticking above,Ordinary people can not see,This metal film is very thin,If the non-Lin Feng is the martial arts,Plus a perspective eye,Extremely subtractively observed in all things,He is afraid that it is difficult to find out at this moment.。
“This is a miniature robot developed by Hide’s high-tech company.,This robot is almost close to nano.。”Ye Tian smiled:“Can listen to everything,That http://www.soundrise.cn is to say, you will come back from the field.,Have people listen。”
Lin Feng heard the face is like water,Who is dry? Who is?
His mind suddenly flashed the figure of Tower Mao and Pergatez!
“Such robots can transform color,Like your clothes color,And enter your clothes,Become a line in your clothes,Generally, it is difficult to find out,If I don’t know what this kind of thing is,Can’t find it at all。”Ye Tian Cangdao。
“I see,Thank you old。”Lin Feng Road:“This is listened by people,How can I defense??”
“Very simple,Rolling with your powerful will,Invisible,Essentially a spiritual force,This kind of power can run through everything,For example, the will of the martial arts can be crushed with a general person.,Let’s mention you?,Directly destroy the system inside the robot。”Ye Tian Cangdao:“As for how I can find,This long-term experience is,One or two sentences are unclear。”
“so it is。”Lin Feng heard the thoughts。
“After I establish a Jiuhe,Basically very plenty of trick,Vice president,Give me daughter,Most of my time is drunk too,Concerned about future high technology,Especially robot。”Ye Tian Cang explained:“Long-term formation,It can also be called feeling,And when these robots work,I feel close to the distance.。”
Talking between Ye Tian Cang stands up,Come to the vacuum box,He opened the vacuum box directly,There are some fine silky lines,These line rods were taken out by Ye Tiancang,Ye Tiancang is directly handed over Lin Feng。
Lin Feng’s face is more ugly,It’s unbearable in my heart.。
Tower Herm?
Lin Feng took these line rope,He has emerged on terrible will,With an ambient anger,Rolling on these line rope,These lines of ropes suddenly issued,Uslegal sound,At the same time, I took out the light of the electric fire.。
After Lin Feng directly threw these line rope on the ground。
“Is there still??”Lin Feng Road。
“Gone。”Ye Tiancang shook his head and laughed:“Of course, you usually change your clothes.,This can also be avoided,Don’t be too angry,This happens,After all, the present is different.。”
“High-tech era。”Lin Fengguan:“Leaf old,Thank you。”
“All right,I will disturb you.,Go back。”Ye Tian smiled:“Left things I let the little girl contact you,This is her business card,Have time to give her a call。”
When the speech, Ye Tiancang took a business card to handed Lin Feng.,This film is the business card of Ye Jiacheng。

And the knife and the sword are between the bursts,Just like igniting magical flams in the sky,At first glance。

Enemy!Can feel the power of each other in summer。
And people are also shocked in summer’s strong。
But there is no excessive penny,More fierce battle,But it is still unable to share the win。
Summer drink,Eighteen knives。
A knife is faster than a knife,And a knife is more than a knife。
Between the knife,Like a seat, a knife,。
And the people are equally weak。
Sword,Sword is like a long dragon。
Continuously waving,Can’t see the figure at all,Only a vertical sword is stirring。
Be too intensive,Cold light everywhere。
In this short of several breathing rooms,Two people’s knives http://www.sanyt.cn and swords,I don’t know how much it collides.。
Go all out。
Last,They all spurt a few big mouth blood,Backward,Confrontation。
First1856Chapter Same level
People appear,Go all right to go to the battle,Go back to the respective blood of blood……All this happens within a short time。
There is no slightest in the middle.。
Time is like solidified。
Both sides have not spoken。
But each other’s war is getting more and more strong.。
The momentum is getting stronger。
Nochemical substance。
Killing in the eyes is not hidden,Directly reported your name。
Both sides have masters。
It is not necessary to say some extra nonsense.。
唧唧 唧歪,Finally, fist talking。
Summer is also a war,“Summer!”
“Bamboo”Yan Feihong,I have been separated from itself.,Coordinating a huge power http://www.killerjuice.cn rush。
Summer is naturally impossible to retreat。
Don’t avoid flash。
The same is true, and the other side has collided together.。