Anhui issued a geological disaster orange warning

On May 28, the Provincial Department of Natural Resources issued a geological disaster orange warning: May 28th to 20:00 on May 29th, please prevent prevention from Huizhou District, Tunxi District, Xiening County, and Qixian in Huangshan City.Personnel transfer preparations at the hidden danger point; yellow warning: the whole country of Xuancheng City, the whole territory of Chizhou, the whole territory of Tongling City, the Daguan District, Yixiu District, Yingjiang District, Taihu County, Wangjiang County, Huining County, Anqing City,Wuhu City, Wanzheng District, Fanchang District, Nanling County, Huangshan District, Qimen County, Qimen County, Qiang County, Guangde City, Su Song County, please take precautions and strengthen the inspection and inspection of hidden dangers.Hidden dangers, risk aversion in advance.(Reporter Xia Shengwei).

Wang Youcai slammed on the accelerator,The car rushed into the courtyard quickly。These two women are still very diligent,There is a huge pile of snow in the middle of the yard。

Wang Youcai parked the car,After he got off the car, he greeted the two women to come and move things。There was food for the three of them in the trunk,Of course most meat,There are also some anti-season vegetables grown in the greenhouse。
These two women are very capable,The two of them won’t let Wang Youcai do anything。A lot of food will be moved when Wang Youcai goes to the toilet。
Liu Ying stood in the middle of the yard waiting for Wang Youcai to come out,She smiled and said:“I bought a lot of things this time,Save some food,Can eat until the new year”
“Don’t save,As long as it doesn’t snow,Don’t worry about what you eat”Wang Youcai’s voice just fell,The phone on his desk rang suddenly。
Wang Youcai walked in quickly,He picked up the phone and took a look,See it’s Hu Huiru’s call,He calmed himself a little bit,This is the call。
Hu Huiru’s nice voice came on the phone:“Manager Wang!You have been walking this way for a long time!I’m in the provincial capital, do you know?”
Wang Youcai glanced at his watch,I found it was four o’clock in the afternoon。Calculate by time,Hu Huiru really only takes six or seven hours to get back to the provincial city on the highway。
“President Hu!This is from Pingdu to Baishui Town,All the way is ice。Wake up early but dare not leave,I waited until noon to leave,I didn’t expect to walk for four hours,A tank of oil is almost burned out”Wang Youcai answered truthfully this time,There are no fake ingredients。
Hu Huiru,Then he laughed and said:“Nothing!As long as it arrives safely,I just joked with you。I have something here,Need you to confirm as soon as possible”
“Hu always have something to say”When Wang Youcai heard Hu Huiru say this,,I have a bottom in my heart。He thought Hu Huiru was causing him trouble again。
In short, don’t do anything wrong,Knock at the door in the middle of the night。Wang Youcai is afraid to answer Hu Huiru’s call,Because his heart is not true,Always worried that other things will happen。
Hu Huiru suddenly lowered her voice and said:“Call your brother quickly,Check if he is going to work in Pingyang Town?Call now,I am waiting for your call”Hu Huiru finished,Without waiting for Wang Youcai to speak,Hung up。
Wang Youcai cursed inwardly“To your uncle,You won’t ask yourself about this?”Curse,But he has to make this call。Because Wang Youcai knew,Hu Huiru can use him because of his brother’s affection。

Inner Mongolia launched 347 key economic cooperation projects in 2022

  The reporter learned from the Development and Reform Commission of the Autonomous Region that inner Mongolia launched 347 key economic cooperation projects in 2022, with a total investment of 504.3 billion yuan.

  Inner Mongolia is vast and full of resources, and has a good investment environment and industrial foundation.

In recent years, Inner Mongolia has closely focused on the strategic positioning of the "two barriers", "two bases" and "a bridgehead", and unswervingly follow the new road with high -quality development with ecological priority and green development, and continuously cultivate new development and development. Power energy, accelerate the construction of a modern economic system. At present, Inner Mongolia is focusing on building green agricultural and livestock products processing, new energy, new materials, new chemicals, modern chemical industry, modern equipment manufacturing, biomedicine, digital economy, modern service industry and other industrial clusters. It has also introduced policies and measures such as industrial support, investment promotion, and optimizing the business environment. "The projects launched this time include Hohhot Comprehensive Free Trade Zone China Merchants Project, Naiman Banner Sand Industrial Park Construction Project, Chifeng Hongshan High -tech Industrial Park Textile Industry Park Investment Program … Comply with national industrial policies and high -quality development requirements in Inner Mongolia.

It is hoped that outstanding enterprises at home and abroad will focus on and actively participate in cooperation with us to win a win -win development and create glory.

"The relevant person in charge of the Regional Economic Cooperation Bureau of the Development and Reform Commission of the Autonomous Region pointed out. (Reporter Li Yongtao) (Responsible editor: Zhang Xuedong, Liu Ze) Share to let more people see recommended reading.

Human heart,Difficult to change。”

Yang Hui said,The most terrible thing in this world is not a demon ghost,Not a poisonous snake beast,Why!
Squirrel is deeply。
NS894chapter Burning Jinyang(4)
“After today’s event,I will let you be a leader!After waiting for a settlement,I let you do Gyeonggi Damn!If this is the same today,You will die without burial,How do you want?”
Jinyang City outside a small river,The river is reflected in the dark moonlight,In the face of Tang。His high man around him,It seems still struggling,Face constant。
“Want to change family fate,How to do not risk?Don’t you see this sentence??”
Tang Yu does not move the sound。
He is a tall man around himself called Modeo.,I am not inferior to the old man who died for many years.,More than 30 years,It is the golden age of the general!
The Mogado family died after the family,I have always shown the trend of decline in position.,Cause no,Lack of decent leaders。Originally, Modeo, the three army,Family is not a problem。
Why did you die too early?。
Those who are later,Gradually, the location of him is accounted for,So what is the low power of Mo Duo,A little bit of a little。certainly,As a large number of fresh parts of the Six Town,Power is less,At least one army。
Six Town Xianbei,Usually there are dual properties。They are part of the court officials,At the same time, it is also a tribal leader.。
This is also one of the reasons why the Gaoyu Royal Take the Frequents of Xixiang.,Even the most important reason。
For these people,Tang Yu naturally can only draw,Unable to threaten。
“How big is you??”
Mo Duo asked,to be honest,This kind of thing is possible,He will never participate。It’s problematic.,The reality has not given him.。
If you miss the opportunity,So how many years he still needs??
ten years?Still twenty years?
How many years can you wait for ten years??
“Ten Take Nine Stable,Do not,It can even be said to be in master。after all,There is no soldier in the high performance.,How can he??”
No soldier horses in your hand,Even if you have“Decline”NS,It can also be pulled down the horse.!Don’t say that there is a copy of Zhaojun“Wander”Bottom,Even if there is no,High performance is still unstable。
This is half a year,Tang Hao has been preparing for the top of Gaelung Kiki,For your own son,That can’t affiriate,Isterfied?
Once,Take Jinyang,Controlled the Six Town Xianbei Army,Then in the south!This chess is active.!
I am always trapped in Jinyang,Not a long time。When this year’s autumn harvest,Jinyang all over the world,When you come, just ask the troops to attack the city,Jinyang is absolutely opposed。
Even if you don’t want to fight,When you are hungry, you can’t move.?The food on the sky is very sufficient.!
“it is good,I do it.!After the day,You and I go to Jinyang Palace!”
I thought about it for a long time.,Modeo Dear finally compromised,Do not,It should be said that it is determined to gamble.!The muscles of his body are tight,It seems to fall into a great contradiction。
after all,Once failed,It’s not yourself.。
“Safe,Have you seen me when Tang put his life misconduct??”
Tang Yu haha laughed and said that the shoulders of Modeo.。And this burly big man,It seems that I can’t let go,Still is a bright eyebrow。
He always has a bad premonition,Just say what it is?。after all,Tang Wei seems to be a bamboo in the chest,In theory, it should also be more confident.,Where is it, what is uncomfortable??
A rumored drum,Continuously echoing in the ear。
Jinyang Palace is open,Several soldiers are turning around the red drum on both sides of the door.。Gaoguo wearing big red Qi Dang,Gao Yanzong and Wang Hao companions each other,Two people are backward high performance,http://www.justadidas.cnTight after the opponent,Walk toward the temple of Jinyang Palace!

288 types of drugs in Yantai, Shandong, will be reduced by 5%

  It is learned from the Yantai Medical Insurance Bureau that since June 1, 2022, patients with 288 categories of B drugs in Yantai City, Shandong Province first pay the proportion of themselves. Set down to 10%; the individual of basic medical insurance for residents first pays a proportion of drugs with a percentage of 25%, which is unified to 20%. This adjustment covers all national medical insurance negotiating drugs, including the treatment of digestive ulcer disease and gastric esophageal reflux disease, the Essean peptide injection in the treatment of diabetes, and the treatment of hemophilia Injecting reorganized human coagulation factor ⅶA and other commonly used tumors, rare diseases, rheumatology and immunotherapy drugs.

  The proportion of patients first pays for themselves refers to the proportion of personal burdens that should first be subject to the personal burden of participating patients before entering the reimbursement of the medical insurance overall fund. After the proportion of self -payment is reduced, the burden on the patient’s medication will be significantly reduced. For example, the residents who have a slow special disease of the clinic of the medical insurance clinic, the outpatient use of the Peimen enzyme injection (2980 yuan/branch). A medicine can be reimbursed for more than 89 yuan.

For another example, the employees who have a slow special disease in the medical insurance clinic use the niche monocytic injection (1435 yuan/branch) of the outpatient clinic to reduce the proportion of the first payment first. It is reported that this is also after the proportion of 123 drugs last year, the Yantai Medical Insurance Bureau once again lowered the proportion of drugs to the first large -scale drug.

Liu Qiang’s a little chapped lips moved and said:“I’m fine,I’m sorry to start you。But Qiaoli said,Only you can solve this”

“Yo ha!Feelings you are this bastard friend,Then give me 50,000 yuan for him!”Bald stood up abruptly,Eyes are fierce,Said to Xia Jian a bit viciously。
Gao Qiaoli looked anxious,She pulled Xia Jian away,Said coldly:“You are really interesting,Why should he give you money?”
“You scumbag,Don’t mess with me here。If Liu Qiang can’t get the 50,000 yuan,,I even beat you up”Bald head is a bit unreasonable,And a bit overbearing。
Xia Jian didn’t want to meet this person,But things have reached this point,He couldn’t help not speaking。
“what is your job?If you want to play sideways,Don’t say fifty thousand,I won’t give you five yuan”Xia Jian suppressed the anger in his heart,Said in a cold voice。
Bald laughed,Said a little bit ostentatiously:“Few people in Pingdu dared to speak to me like this。Sign up,Where to mix”
“You and I never knew each other,Why do you ask my name。If you want to ask me where I am,I can only tell you,I mix on earth”Xia Jian’s voice said,So I looked back at Gao Qiaoli,Means to let her close the door of the ward。
Liu Qiang lives in a triple room。But the other two beds are empty,No one lives。Gao Qiaoli hesitated,But still ran over,Closed the door of the ward。
The bald head heard that Xia Jian was even more horizontal than him,He stretched out two fingers and tapped twice on Xia Jian’s chest.:“Since I have the ability to do things for your friends,Then you give me the money for him,Otherwise, her mother is here to give me garlic”
Xia Jian looked at this person as arrogant,He couldn’t bear it,Grabbed two fingers of the bald head,Twist outward,Raise a foot,The bald head never came and made any response。Just a plop,The whole body of the bald head hit the wall。
This guy never expected Xia Jianhui to make a sudden move,And it’s so fast。Two of his attendants lost their heads for a year,So he huffed up。
Xia Jian uses his hands and feet,It’s just two or two efforts,These three people crawled together。Bald head got up from the ground,Said with fierce eyes:“You’re dead!This is endless”
“Less nonsense,I ask you to answer,Nonsense,I will let you crawl out from here”Xia Jian stepped forward,Grabbed the bald collar,Pushed him against the wall。This guy struggled twice,The rogue Xia Jian has too much power,He can’t move at all。
Xia Jian looked at these three people,I basically have a bottom,It turned out to be some paper tigers。All in fierceness,In fact, there is no ability。
“I ask you!Did you fight my friend?if,Please hand in the hospital medicine immediately,Otherwise I will call the police now,Let you stay in there for a while”Xia Jian lowered his voice and asked。

Five cases of new native non -symptoms infected on March 9th, Hebei Province added a new local coronary virus pneumonia.

People’s Network Shijiazhuang, March 10th. According to the latest news released by the Hebei Provincial Health Commission, at 0-24, March 9, 2022, 10 cases of new local new coronary virus pneumonia were added in Hebei Province (7 cases of 7 cases in Xingtai City and Langfang CityTwo cases and 1 case of Cangzhou were found at the isolated point), and 5 cases of non -symptom -free infection were added (1 case in Xingtai City, 1 case of Langfang City, 2 cases of Cangzhou, and 1 in Shijiazhuang City.Find).

An asymptomatic infected person lifted medical observation.As of 24:00 on March 9, there were 60 local confirmed cases in Hebei Province; there were 7 cases of non -symptoms of infection in medical observation.

(Responsible editor: Zhang Xiaobo, Zhu Longchao) Share let more people see recommendation reading.

Cai Qingyuan also opened two bottles of Maotai, a bottle of red wine。

First give Han Shanshan to pour the red wine one-third,Then give Li Hui’s full。
Waiting for red wine,Cai Qingyuan is also a laughing:“Korean boss,Lee Boss,How can I meet?,And it is very rare that we can drink a cup together.,This is a fate of fate,The first cup of wine,I don’t have much to say anything.,For fate,Pure fate。”
Say,Cai Qingyuan does not give Li Hui’s opportunity to speak with Han Shanshan,I will drink it directly.。
Seeing Cai Qingyuan,Li Hui is also a glimpse with Han Shanshan.。
However, after all, drink it for the first time with Cai Qingyuan.,Li Hui Feng is also a little wiped.,Directly followed by a boring。
“it is good,it is good,Li’s brother is a real person.!”
The first thousand chapters of the real person’s bargain
Han Shanshan heard this,The heart is a cold laugh.。
Li Hui Feng, if it is a real person,There should be no few realities at the end of that day.。
I used to think that Li Hui is like this.,But since I was familiar with Li Hui Feng,Mainly doing business,Li Hui’s wind is all on the surface.。
In fact, it is not very real.。
Looking at Han Shanshan is also drinking。
Cai Qingyuan quickly got up again to give Li Hui’s full,Then give Han Shanshan to more than 30 points。
“Hey-hey,Big brother,I am happy to say this.,I have always been very real.,The most important thing is to do business with me, don’t say that I don’t really。”
“but,Cai Da Ge, this sewage treatment equipment is really expensive.,But expensive value,I know this,I encountered Cai Da Ge today.,I also feel met each other.,Let’s drink one more。”
Li Hui’s appearance of drinking,Give it directly with the wine glass and touch the Tai Qingyuan.,Then I bored it.。
Cai Qingyuan looked at this scene,Also pupil, shrinkage。
But thinking about Li Hui Feng said.,He is also directly standing,Get it again。
After drinking,I don’t even have time to speak with Li.,I have eaten a few pieces of dishes and ease many。
Looking at Li Hui, there is some drunken look,Cai Qingyuan is also a breather。
I know that I will talk to the other party should have a lot of things.。
“Lee brother,You said just now.,Equipment is expensive,So the old brother doesn’t lie to you.,This set of equipment is worth 9 million。”
Li Hui said this,Direct spit out a drunk,Then play a sputum。
Laugh:“Big brother,900,000 is really a bit more,However, I am really looking at the equipment.,I don’t know how much Cai Da Brother can make?”
I haven’t waited for Cai Qingyuan to open,Li Hui is laughing again.。
“I have a way to make Cai Da Ge.,I don’t know if Cai Da Ge is willing to listen.!”
Looking at drunken Li Hui,Cai Qingyuan is skeptical in the heart of Li, is not really drunk.。
But for Li Hui’s way to make money,He is also a little itch in his heart.。
“Hey-hey,What is Li Lany?,Although said,Let’s meet the fate.,It is like a brother who can drink together.,So for Li’s words,I am still willing to listen.。”
Cai Qingyuan’s mouth,But my heart is in other small abacus.。
This is also the same,But his abacus is simple.。
I believe that the other party will not refuse。
“Hey-hey,My way is very simple,That is Cai Da Ge, give me a lowest price.,It is really a very lowest price of brothers.,Then I gave Cai Da Ge’s rebate,How about it?”
Li Hui Rong out five fingers,Let Cai Qingyuan are also a glimpse。

Qujing in Yunnan: Electricity helps rural economy is flourishing

Shu Pinchang’s cattle and sheep in groups.

Du Mingyan took Tian Jiakun’s owner of Gu Xiuying. He contracted 120 acres of land in Xiahe Village to plant various types of vegetables. The products were distributed to the cold storage in Songming County, Kunming City, and sold to all parts of the country. At his vegetable planting base, there are seven or eight women like Gu Xiuying.

"We plant vegetables not only require electricity, but also require high -quality electricity." Tian Jiakun said that all the spray irrigation systems were installed in his vegetable planting base. In addition to the regular watering of vegetables In the water, it is carried out uniformly and efficiently. "Through the spray irrigation system, not only does it save effort, but also more importantly, it can effectively control the humidity of vegetable land and ensure the growth rate and quality of vegetables.

"Tian Jiakun said that because the quality of the dishes is guaranteed, the supply is often in short supply. After the year, the net income is more than 300,000 yuan.

It is understood that in recent years, with the vigorous development of vegetable planting industries such as rural areas, the Qujing Power Supply Bureau combined with pumping water and planting insulation and electricity. The development of industries such as breeding.

Since the "Thirteenth Five -Year Plan", the construction of rural grids has invested 100 million yuan in the construction of the Malong area, and a new transformer was added in 201. It has built nearly 200 kilometers of 10 kV lines. The rural planting and breeding economy has developed rapidly. Only the river town, vegetable planting has reached about 10,000 acres. Under the guarantee of sufficient power, some left -behind elderly people also purchased various electric machines to expand the scale of livestock breeding and get rich at home.

Shu Pinchang, a villager in Shanghe Village, Mazhenghe Town, 55 years old. The eldest son’s family worked in Qujing City. The younger son’s house worked in Shangri -La in Diqing.

With the help of steel mill, grass tie machine, pig grass machine and other machines, he and his wife raised 13 cows, 30 sheep, 7 pigs, and planted more than 20 acres of land, about about 200,000 yuan each year. Income.

"It only takes about half an hour to feed livestock every night through machine processing food. It is far from being young to raise three or four pigs for a long time." Shu Pinchang said. (Du Mingyan, Long Youmin) (Edited by: Mu Shengyu, Zhu Hongxia) Share let more people see it.

Just let everyone unexpectedly,Jin Xijie’s next day,Didn’t go to Shi Jinxiu。

But constantly grasp the right。
Although everyone knows the new official,But no one thought that Jin Xijie just burned Zhang Fugui this helper, and there was no movement.。
As for the so-called rights,I originally belonging to Jin Xijie in your eyes.,So everyone has no idea。
Jin Xijie did not expect things to be surprisingly。
Successfully, he feels Yang Li to eat.,The right is still a big empty space in hand.。
With Jin Xijie’s control,Shi Jinxiu is obviously different from things.。
Because all accounts must pass the golden Xerje。
Several material plants he specified before,They were kicked out by Jin Xijie.。
This approach,Rapida makes his plan some messy。
Even the manager of several plants to talk about cooperation, they have called him.,Indicates why do you want to do this?。
And he is also a big one.,I explained there for a long time.,Only those manufacturers are pressed。
However, he also knows that this thing is to press it.。
After all, the project is now the initial stage.,And those manufacturers have stopped his words.,Resolutely do not cut prices,So will be kicked out。
I know so early.,Who will not cut prices??
This loss is not 10,000,000 things.,It is hundreds of thousands,Millions of things。
Mr. Li Hui Feng Sui,Big customers don’t necessarily encounter a few years.。
“masonry,When we came together,You are available at least 3 million goods per manufacturer.,Now I only kicked us now.,You can be responsible for this matter,If you are not responsible,We will take the contract directly to find you.。”
The first thousand two hundred and seventy-four chapters have the strength is
“Don’t worry,I am also just knowing this.,And I will go to the Gold Manager.,Soon, I will solve the problem.。”
Shi Jinxiu is also a little focused.。
I feel this is a pig team friend.,I can’t calmly。
For a little bit of interest, it will become so fast.。
I know that he should not sign any cooperation agreement with these people.,Nothing of these people。
Shi Jinxiu This is a rotten head,Jin Xijie is the wind and water。
And now he is also directly looking for several people who supervise each other.,Mutual statistics,In just a few days,All the projects have dropped directly from 30%。
This amount makes Jin Xiger feel a bit surprised.。
If the practice of Yang Li is in accordance with the previous,He felt that the price of more than 20 million lost is really possible.。
“Is the stone gold show in the tent in these days??”
“Um,Basically, call in the tent,Recording, we have already done it.,And in addition to this,He also went to the site to turn it.,By the way, it is pointed out in many places.。”
So, he is still a little bit?”
This practice for Shi Jinxiu is to let Jin Xijie can’t understand.。
Originally he thought that the other party was crafting,I didn’t expect it to be a job.。
“In this case,Let’s not move him.,Before the completion of the project,Let him look,But then he, if you dare to make a whole moth,I must let him know that it is powerful.。”
“Hey-hey,Golden boss,You can rest assured.,Elsewhere,The brothers are all in the whole group.!”
One heard this,Jin Xijie has a bit gloomy。
“I have said many times before.,Wherever you use less,You have forgotten?”
It is difficult to see Jin Xijie’s face.,The other party is also rushing to compensate。