“Xia Jian!Did something happen to your friend??You can tell,Although Auntie said she took sick leave,,But after all, I have worked in the provincial capital for many years,I still know two people“Li Lan said with a serious face。This is the first time she asks to do things for others,Qin Xiaomin was also very surprised。、

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Thanks auntie!This is the little thing,I can do it myself“Xia Jian finished,One turn,Walk away。
In the detention room of the Provincial Public Security Bureau,Xia Jian met Xie Xiaoya。Xie Xiaoya at this time is no longer the beautiful and charming Xie Xiaoya in the past。Her face is haggard,Malaise,Especially the dazzling pair of handcuffs on her hand,Looks distressed。
“Sorry!I didn’t listen to you,I sent myself in。Almost brought you*bother,But this matter is finally resolved“Xie Xiaoya doesn’t wait for Xia Jian to speak,He said first。
Xia Jian asked in one breath:“What the hell is going on?Didn’t they say they couldn’t find you?Why do you appear in this place“
“I am not dead,They can’t find me to show their incompetence。But last night I received what they released,Only then did they know that they had killed you,I can only choose to surrender,Only in this way,To save you,Or I won’t forgive myself in my life“When Xie Xiaoya said this,,Already full of tears。
Xia Jian just understood,No wonder the police suddenly appeared last night,It turned out that Xie Xiaoya surrendered to the police。
Non-vegetation, ruthless Practice makes perfect,Xie Xiaoya has a deep love for Xia Jianyi,Xia Jian is not wood,How can he know。Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Surrender,Remake the regret in it,Come out again“
“Ah!I know,Before i go in,Have a small request,Don’t know if you can promise me。If you can promise me,I will cooperate with the police to explain the problem,Otherwise, even if I die,I won’t say another word“Xie Xiaoya said,Winked。
Xia Jian asked quickly:“any request,You speak first!“
“After i go in,Come and see me when you have time“Xie Xiaoya looked at Xia Jian expectantly,She seemed to be afraid that Xia Jian wouldn’t agree。
Looking at Xie Xiaoya with a pitiful look,Xia Jian nodded and said:“I promise you,I will come to see you when I have time“Xia Jian finished,Got up violently。Then a sharp turn,Walked outside。Xie Xiaoya cried bitterly behind him。
Great time,Was buried inside like this,Who do you say is not heartache。Xia Jian is a tough guy,But today I don’t know why,He is sad too,Two lines of tears flowed down without holding back。
From the Public Security Bureau,Xia Jian didn’t have any energy sitting on the big ben。He really can’t figure it out,Among the women he knows,Two have passed away,Obviously I learned something to save people,But he can’t save them。This is what he finds the most uncomfortable。
There are Lu Wanting and Xie Xiaoya,They are young but have to spend their great years in the high-wall compound,what is this?If there are no grievances in the world,The temptation of money without power,This world won’t have these things happen?Xia Jian can’t understand,His head hurts a little bit。
Lie down on the big ben for a while,Xia Jian drove to the convenience hotel,Xia Jian met the manager in the lobby,He asked if Yao Junli was in the hotel。The manager told him,Mr. Yao is in her office。
Xia Jian got on the elevator,Came straight to Yao Junli’s office。She didn’t knock on the door,But just opened the door and walked in。Yao Junli who was on the phone saw Xia Jian rushing in,Her surprised look。