One hundred and sixty years,It’s not too long for the material plane,And it’s even short-lived in the God Realm of Life,Nothing big happened in the entire life god realm。

The three refined the soul gold beads and amethyst separately,The soul is greatly benefited。
Especially Wright,With the Panlong Ring,Finally, tens of thousands of amethysts were refined,The soul has been replenishing to a very strong and strong level,Then gradually saturated。
of course,Whether it is amethyst refined by Wright,Or the golden beads refined by Cecilia and Elek,I bought less。All Elek went to Yanyu Castle and bought a lot。But the amount of refining Elek and Cecilia is much smaller,Refined more than 500 and 100 soul gold beads respectively。
Wright guess,This is the special place of his mutated soul。The limit of his soul power absorption,Should be ten times the normal upper god,A hundred times the median god。And Elek is a god refiner after all,The soul is weaker in nature。Of course no matter how weak the soul is,Absorbed more than 500 gold crystals,The power of the soul should not be inferior to the average upper god。
And the power of the soul grows,The speed of deduction is faster。Except that Elek, who refines the godhead, has not made the slightest progress in the law and mysteriousness,The other two have improved。
Wright’s practice,Mainly in the law of water system【Round soft mysterious】And the law of the earth【Power esoteric】Fusion。Create defensive marksmanship【Earth water·Torrent】
There are similarities between the two profound and profound,The speed of fusion is still fusing【Round soft mysterious】with【The Mystic Explosion】Above。
Of course the fusion of these two profound things,The improvement of Wright’s strength is not too great。After all, Wright is【Round soft mysterious】with【The Mystic Explosion】The integration aspect has created【Water and fire】Such a physical attack trick。Have to say,The fusion of these two profound mysteries has more advantages in marksmanship defense,And it will help the future fusion of the three mysterious。
Law of the earth,Wright Fusion will【Power esoteric】Feel the limit bottleneck,And respectively with【Pulsating Mystery】with【Power of life】Fusion part。But this fusion can only be said to prepare for the fusion of the four profound mysteries of Wright’s perception of the law of the earth,The improvement of his own strength is not much improved。
And Cecilia’s two profound mysteries have already been integrated.,Now I am comprehending the third kind of mystery,But the integration of this third profound is very difficult,Only just getting started。
As for Elek,At the beginning, I was patient and researched some weapons,Even asked Wright for some source stones,Go to Yanyu Castle to buy some weapons。
In the first ten years,Also researched out the best way to control the death puppet,Under the control of Electra,The death puppet can also play extremely fast,The attack is also very sharp。
But after figuring out the right way to fight,Elek couldn’t bear the nature,Often wandering in the city。
Anyway, Jiuhe City is also very big,Elek wandered little by little,I also found a lot of interesting things。
To know,Jiuhe City,The biggest deal is in Yanyu Castle,Followed by trading Baita,But not just these two places。