Blue Xin’s eyebrows look at him,Evening wind blowing,Blow her soft hair,She is exquisite,Soft and smart。

She smiled and soft:“熙,You are also very busy every day.,I am used to it,And one eating this lemon is super acidity,I will come to my spirit.,The inspiration is suddenly better.。”
“You!It’s really no way to take you.。”Xi Xi deeply sucked a bite,Looking at her,A distressed。
“Your stubborn sex,I don’t know when I can change it.?Tired, don’t say,Be wronged,I also take themselves,Blue,You are too tired.。”He is talking about,Blue-blue really is not easy。
He looked at his sister.,Heart hurt。
Blue delight is grateful to laugh,Xi Xi can do this for your friends.,It’s rare。
“熙,You don’t have to worry about me.,I’m fine,Not much to ask for the most hardships of children,But,Xiao Jun,Ran Ran,Kiki,Three people in their brothers and sisters,Never let me feel,There are moments,Take us very well,And you and Yu,I am the happiest now.。”
These few years,It is the happiest year of her twenty years.。
熙,Helpless laugh,Just, my heart is distressed.。
He still doesn’t understand her??
The suffering of her heart,The hatred designed in the same year,Biting at the ginger,Which is not pressed in my heart?。
A person in the night hides crying,He has seen several times,But he is far from watching her crying.,I have been with her in the distance.。
Until she cried tired,Go back to sleep,He will leave。
Xi Xi is going to talk,What they point,Waiter sends it,He went to the mouth,I swallowed back。
“Blue,Fast food,These things are hot enough to eat。”Xi Xi pushed the seafood porridge to her。
“Um,熙,You also eat。”Blue Xin laughs。
NS117chapter:The child is innocent

NS117chapter:The child is innocent
She looked at this big gear file.,Many people in the evening。
Five or six a table,Get together to drink and chat,Very lively。
She and Xi Xi,Always like these traffic extraordinary places,Don’t like to eat those with high-end places。
妍 often despise their two,Don’t know how to enjoy,I will take them to the high-end restaurant to eat a big meal.。
Xi Xi will complain to eat unsatisfactory,Go to her home to eat at night.。
Xi Xi picks up the beer on the table,Laugh:“Blue,Come,We do one。”
“it is good!”Blue Xin also picked up beer,The two touched the easy pull can,Drink a bite。
Blue Xin will not drink,Beer, she feels fierce.。
Xi Xi also knows,As long as the weather is not cold,Will give her ice beer,Ice beer’s taste is slightly better。
“Um!good!”Blue Xinkou,Ice-cold taste,Plus meat flavor,Extreme impact,Let her feel very enjoyable。
Xi Xi looked at her,Brilliant,Brilliant lights on his hands,Let him be more gentle and gentle。
“Blue,This thing is good,Have time,We often come to eat,Not far from your home。”
“it is good!All according to you,Who told us two to eat,There is also Kiki’s little guy,If you look, so much delicious,Get all over the day to eat。”Blue Xin laughs,She thinks her daughter.。
“Can,As long as Kiki wants to eat,I often take her to eat.。”For three small guys,He never refused。
He and the feelings of three little guys,Naturally, it is not ordinary。
“You!Will all get it。”Blue Xinyu is slightly complained。
Two people chat while eating,This sitting is 12 o’clock in the night.,Lively large stall,There are two people left.。