“What the two said,Why did you come to Heguo for the award ceremony??”

Jiro Matsushima looked up at Zhou Ziyi and Ding Sheng,The look on his face is also something worthy of fun。
Li Tianxing got up and looked at Jiro Matsushima,Helped him up very politely,In order to avoid a fixed forehead posture will make Matsushima Jiro’s waist disc protrude。
Looking at Matsushima Jiro’s puzzled eyes,Li Tianxing said with a smile:“Silly boy,Let’s participate in the award ceremony of Heguo,Just to capture you!”
Patted Matsushima Jiro on the shoulder,And completely ignored his angry face,Li Tianxing turned his gaze to Xiang Chen again。
“We don’t plan to go,Are you not full?”
Li Tianxing was not at all polite to Xiang Chen’s question。
Strange to say,Li Tianxing’s positioning of himself is a prodigal son full of copper smell,Barely counted as a businessman,The topic of family, country and world seems to have nothing to do with him,For a businessman,Great illness and disaster wars can have opportunities,Li Tianxing doesn’t want to take his family’s wealth to the next level,But sitting next to Zhou Ziyi and Ding Sheng,Li Tianxing marveled that he could feel the feelings of family and country。
Except for Matsushima Jiro’s slight sideways accident,Everyone here turned their eyes to Xiang Chen。
Ye Qingqing originally wanted to follow Xiang Chen,I can accompany him,But looking at the current posture,Ye Qingqing didn’t know what he should say to be appropriate,Especially Liu Qingmei besides him hasn’t spoken yet,Ye Qing can only remain silent。
“My name is Matsushima Jiro,Mr. Xiang。”
I found that Xiang Chen was looking at him,Matsushima Jiro was immediately introduced by Xiangchen。
“Matsushima Jiro!”
Xiang Chen smiled and nodded,Jiro Matsushima who got him bowed his head immediately,Express yourself listening。
“You saw it too,My friends are not willing to accept the invitation,And I also have a super meal ticket,So I can only refuse the kindness of your host。”
The smile on his face is rather helpless,Although I didn’t plan to accept the invitation at first,But such a high-sounding being kidnapped by morals,Still makes Xiang Chen feel a little uncomfortable。
“Mr. Xiang?”
Jiro Matsushima stared,Finally dared to look up at Xiang Chen。
“Don’t be so surprised,Who is the owner of your house??”Xiang Chen asked with a puzzled look。
Hear Xiang Chen’s question,Matsushima Jiro couldn’t help but straighten up,Then said to Xiang Chen:“My host is Zhixing Chuanyi。”