“I want to invest in Qingshui Village,Is this okay?”Lin Qingwei looked at Qin Feng very seriously and asked。

“This is naturally ok,But I don’t understand。Why do you want to invest there?To know where it is now,I really don’t see any good investment。”
Qin Feng said seriously,He can’t tell at all。
Heard this,Lin Qingwei shook her head and said:“I still didn’t understand at first,Why did Tianguang and others follow you desperately,But now I understand,Only by following you can we mix some future。”
Qin Feng said that he was stunned,Can’t see at all,what is happening,Follow yourself and there is a future?
Even though he knows he has the ability,But he is even more aware of a situation where his ability is not great。
Besides, he didn’t necessarily show anything,These guys just like this?
“This thing,Can we talk slowly?”Lin Qianqian also looked at Qin Feng and said,After my grandpa was treated,,Her personality is very different from before。
She is very gentle and quiet,This also made Qin Feng a little confused。
But at this point,Qin Feng was also relieved,Because this girl doesn’t need trouble。
“Naturally。”Although Qin Feng said he wanted to go back,But it doesn’t have to be right now。
Several people are sitting in the house。
“I don’t know what your thoughts on the development of Qingshui Village,But what do you need to do,I can do my best to cooperate with you。just,I hope I can get the same treatment as Jiang Tianguang and others,Can something like this?”
Lin Qingwei looked at Qin Feng with a serious face and said,There was an unspeakable sincerity in her eyes。
Qin Feng thought for a while and said:“Don’t ask me about this,If you need it,I can find someone,Then tell him。”