What do men rely on to attract women

What do men rely on to attract women

What do men rely on to attract women?

What is the gravity of the husband?

In the wife’s mind, a certain kind of husband can attract his wife to love and follow, and to make a woman give up her life for love?

After reading some information, there are ten main points in summary: First, the truth.

  The truth is best to say, without thinking, how to express it really; lie is the hardest to tell, how to compile it is not strict, and accidentally say it is missing.

It is also very difficult to deliberately pretend, and how to do it is not true.

Therefore, the husband does not have to find his own sins, embarrass himself, and loses his wife’s trust in the end.

Therefore, men must be true, true, the most powerful performance, the most confident performance.

  Second, profound.

  Many intellectuals and young men and women share my feelings: It is because of the rareness of profound men that they cause the deepest charm of men.

“Deep thinking” is better than 1.

The big man in the 80s is more reasonable than the postgraduate academic ability, the title of the director and the minister, and the ten thousand yuan banknote.

  Third, mind.

  Husbands who have a heart make their wives feel relieved and appreciate safety, so usually life is easier, they rarely fear anything, and can fully show their inner world, because they are confident and even think wrong and do wrong, the husband will notHold on, don’t forgive me.

  Fourth, dare to.

  The most important quality of a man is to dare to do it.

A man’s philosophy is a philosophy of action. Well, men must dare to put their ideas into action. They can’t be surrounded by cripples — sitting and shouting; they can’t be like scholars, they can only talk on paper.

Dare to think, dare to speak, dare to do, dare to win, dare to defeat, dare to love, dare to hate, dare to fight, and be particularly able to fight.

  Five, grace.

  This is also very important. No matter how good the character is, if the style is correct, if the inner world is noble, it will be difficult to impress a woman’s heart without grace, but grace does not hinder her personality.Yes, it represents a person’s personality tendency, and it has a lot to do with occupation.

For men, grace is a mature beauty, and women appreciate men’s maturity most.

  Six, smart.

  Good women like “bad men”.

The more Ga, the more clever, the more people love it.

Isn’t there a traditional saying “man is not bad, woman is not love”, the charm of “bad” boys lies in their mystery, they do strange things and do not explain too much.Gives the final truth.

Such a clever husband makes his wife feel esoteric. This “ghost elf” strength of men, coupled with their good qualities, will be attractive to women.

  Seven, humor.

  British Prime Minister Churchill has a famous saying: “Unless you understand the funniest thing in the world, you cannot solve the most difficult problems.

“Humorous husbands are mostly very optimistic people.

With a positive attitude towards life and an unwavering spirit, such a husband suffers setbacks, encounters adversity, and never frowns. He is still joking, teasing others, making people not feel the pressure of adversity, and making heavy life showMake it easy and reduce worries.

  Eight, aggressive.

  As the saying goes, people go to higher places and water flows to lower places. This is also a question of enterprising.

When people live in the world, they always have to do something, especially men.

A great philosopher once said: Smart people create more opportunities than they find.

The aggressiveness of a man should be manifested in every moment of life.

Three words are written on each of the bricks that paved the avenue of life: the starting point.

Man, it’s not too late to start, the key is to be aggressive.

  Nine, romance.   In Carnegie’s “Road to Success”, there is a famous saying that many romantic dreams have broken the world by more than 50%.

Is n’t it often said that “marriage is the tomb of love”? The big difference between married life and love is romance. I think a good husband should be romantic. This kind of romantic husband attaches great importance.

  Ten, adventure.

  Some people say that there is only one successful model: adventure.

The ratio of women to men, women are more generally adventurous, but they want themselves and their husbands to be adventurous, and wives like adventurous husbands, because there will be a kind of mystery, danger, exploration, and fascination.”Curiosity” is satisfied, and it will feel “sufficient enough” to entice women.