Nanwei Medical (688029): High degree of technological prosperity in the industry to create a domestic minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment leader

Nanwei Medical (688029): High degree of technological prosperity in the industry to create a domestic minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment leader

Nanwei Medical: a leading domestic endoscopic diagnostic and treatment consumable with rapid growth.

After long-term technological innovation and new product development, the company has established a comprehensive product line around the major invasive and minimally invasive techniques of digestive and respiratory medicine, including: biopsy, hemostasis and closure, EMR / ESD, extended, ERCP, EUS / EBUS class and so on.

The performance achieved rapid growth, with operating income in 20189.

US $ 2.2 billion, a year-on-year increase of 44%, and has 杭州桑拿网 maintained a 10-year growth rate of more than 40% for the third consecutive year; net income attributable to mothers has achieved 1.

92 ‰, an increase of 90% in ten years; net profit after deducting non-attribution to mothers1.

750,000 yuan, a year-on-year growth of 73%.

The “early diagnosis and early treatment” trend of cancer and the growth of the number of domestic mirror diagnosis and treatment in the future will open up the growth space of the minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment industry.

Minimally invasive treatment has the characteristics of less trauma, quicker prognosis recovery, less tumor residue and recurrence rate, etc., effectively avoiding the additional damage caused to patients by traditional surgery.

The high incidence of cancer in the domestic gastroenterology department and the low five-year survival rate of patients are mainly related to the low rate of advancement of microscopic diagnosis and treatment in our country.

In contrast, in Japanese early gastric cancer, the esophageal cancer survival rate reaches 90% within 5 years, and the recurrence rate within 3 years can be controlled below 5%, all benefiting from the endoscopic diagnosis and treatment in the population.

At the same time, the regional differences in the configuration of domestic mirror facilities and doctors are linked, and the overall configuration level is still decreasing.

The expansion and improvement of endoscopy by national policies, the continuous advancement of graded diagnosis and treatment, and the increase in the implementation rate of endoscopy will help release a huge incremental market.

The company’s competitive advantage: comprehensive product line, technology and channels at the same time.

The company’s product line has significant step-by-step properties. Hemostatic closure products and EMR / ESD products such as fast volume drive performance, and inventory products such as biopsy and expansion maintain stable growth.

In various subdivisions, the company has mastered world-class core technologies, with the exception of the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award and the second prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award.

In terms of channels, the company has established marketing networks in more than 70 countries, such as Europe, the United States, and Japan. The company’s products cover more than 2,900 domestic hospitals, of which the coverage rate of the top three hospitals has reached more than 55%, which has further improved the marketing network.The company’s business scale continued to grow.

Investment advice: We expect the company’s revenue growth from 2019 to 2021 to be 37.

1%, 31.

0%, 25.

1%, net profit growth was 45.

2%, 31.

2%, 23.

6%, the corresponding EPS is 2 respectively.


75 and 3.

4 yuan.

Using the relative estimation method, comparable companies have Lepu Medical and Kelly, corresponding to 19 and 26 times PE in 19 years.

Considering the prosperity of the company’s industry and the development potential of the company’s technological advancement, we give 23-28 times the PE range in 2019, corresponding to a city size of 64.


30,000 yuan, corresponding to a reasonable range of 48 months is 48.


74 yuan / share.

Risk reminder: New product development is less than expected; uncertainty of Sino-US trade friction affects the company’s overseas performance potential; price reduction caused by the trend of centralized procurement of medical consumables and equipment; intensified cross-domain market competition; patent litigation event risk; new product promotionexpected.

Daoda’s investment notes: Turnover has continuously exceeded 1 trillion GEM has become a bear market

Daoda’s investment notes: Turnover has continuously exceeded 1 trillion GEM has become a bear market
Source: Daily economic news refinancing “unbundling” heavy news injected a “heart-strengthening agent” into the A-share market.20%, regained the 3,000-point integer mark, and the GEM index rose by 7.61%, breaking the 2200-point integer mark, a new high since August 2016.  What makes people realize is that the turnover of the A-share market exceeded one trillion yuan for three consecutive trading days last week, and the Shanghai stock index has risen for three consecutive weeks.The market in February is about to end. Is the market expected to continue writing strong this week?  Dr. Bull: Hello, Brother, I feel that the recent market is really exciting. Is the bull market coming?  Daoda: Is it a bull market? I think it’s still different.The Shanghai stock market index of the main board market has just returned to 3000 points, and it is not clear whether it will enter a bull market.There are heavy favorable policies to support the ChiNext.At present, the K-line of the GEM index is “Sanlianyang”, and the cumulative increase in February is as high as 15.51%.If we count from the low point at the beginning of the month, the gradual increase is close to 25%.From the beginning of 2019, the GEM has completely overlapped the bear market.The bull market also needs to be tested by time.Recalling that in 2015, the GEM index had a large increase for five consecutive months, with a monthly increase of at least 14% and a maximum of 23%. It was then a real super bull market.  Dr. Niu: Last week, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets exceeded 3 trillion yuan in transactions for three consecutive trading days. Where do you think the incremental funds came from?Will this huge deal continue?  Daoda: Incremental funding mainly comes from three aspects.First, northbound funding is an important source.Statistics show that since February, the accumulated net inflow of northbound funds has reached 40.9 billion yuan.This is just a net inflow situation, and the daily turnover of northbound funds is 80 billion?The level of 90 billion US dollars, compared with the ranking in January, roughly increased by 50%?60%; Second, the scale of the new fund has brought ample buying to the market.In February, explosive funds appeared frequently, 无锡桑拿网 especially the issue of technology-based ETF funds, which not only brought incremental funds to the market, but also made the market theme of technology stocks more obvious. Third, although retailThe new protagonist of the market is whether it is the recovery of the stock or the increase brought by the new shareholders, and February data is needed to support it.The data released recently for January was 800,000 new shareholders, which is actually not that much.  Dr. Niu: Last weekend, Berkshire, Buffett’s subsidiary, announced the 2019 annual report, which is also the focus of market attention.However, Buffett lost to the index last year. What do you think about this?  Dauda: Buffett’s news reminds me of the topic of last week’s article-“underperform.”Berkshire’s lowest book value rose 11% last year, but the S & P 500 rose 31%南宁桑拿 last year.5%, the initial Buffett underperformed by 20.5 averages.As a result, some people began to wonder if Buffett was outdated and should he retire?  Although he underperformed the index last year, in fact it is normal to underperform when the index rises.Just like last Monday, the index rose sharply, and many people underperformed the index.  In fact, in the long run, it does not matter whether certain days or even certain years can outperform the market.What’s really rare is maintaining full annual profit.  Dago took a look at Berkshire’s performance over the past 10 years. Berkshire has been profitable every year since 2009. Even though the global stock market has almost declined in 2018, it still has not lost money.In 2018, the S & P 500 index fell by 4.4%, while Berkshire’s net worth rose by 0.4%.  Is Buffett’s investment style too conservative and outdated?I think this is questionable.Many years ago, Buffett was not optimistic about technology stocks and Internet stocks. He preferred traditional industries, certain finance, transportation, commercial retail, and food and beverages.In 2013, Buffett also said that he would not buy Apple shares.However, starting from the first quarter of 2016, Buffett began to increase his holdings of Apple’s stock continuously. Until now, Apple has become Berkshire’s largest heavy stock, and has become a major source of profit for Berkshire.  Dr. Niu: It is really not important to underperform the market. What is important is to maintain long-term profitability.So, this week, the February market is about to end. Do you think certain factors may have an important impact on the market?  Dauda: First of all, I think the market may remain strong.The trading volume will not drop at 1:30. It is a new base or a new investor. It should continue to grow in the near future. The market’s profit-making effect continues to appear, and the market will not cool down. Secondly, the long-term statement is very important.Preliminary Deputy Governor Chen Yulu said that the new crown pneumonia epidemic has brought some distortions to the current Chinese economy, but the overall impact is short-term and limited.In addition, on February 19, Liu Guoqiang, the deputy governor, said gradually that the benchmark interest rate on deposits would be adjusted in due course.In my opinion, this can also strengthen the easing expectation, which is good for stock market observation.  Overall, I think it is still worth optimistic about the market this week.It should be noted that the recent epidemic of new coronary pneumonia overseas seems to be getting more and more serious. South Korea, Japan and Europe have seen an increase in confirmed cases. I think we need to pay attention to the impact of this factor on global stock markets.  For the stockholders, I think the most important thing is to seize the opportunity and make money.  CSI 300 Index Positions Reference Warehouse Positions: 60% Today’s Position Plan: 60% (Zhang Daoda)

Chilled salmon is best eaten in two periods

Chilled salmon is best eaten in two periods

The salmon in late autumn and early winter is in the breeding period, which is particularly fat, and it is a good time for those who like salmon to taste it.

Because imported salmon has high requirements for freshness, after it is caught from the sea, it must be processed fresh and shipped to the world by air.

According to professionals, there are two types of salmon processing: freezing at -20 ° C and freezing at -10 ° C. Quick frozen salmon has a longer shelf life, which is expected to be from one month to two months.Early and short, you need to finish it once or twice to ensure a fresh taste.

Take your time thinking, wonderful parenting

Take your time thinking, wonderful parenting

Modern people have a fast pace of life and must pursue a high-quality life.

I often hear some moms say that taking a baby takes time, turning around the little person all day long, at night it is exhausted, and the back is sore and painful.

In fact, there are many simplified time management methods for childcare.

  Modern people have a fast pace of life and must pursue a high-quality life.

I often hear some moms say that taking a baby takes time, turning around the little person all day long, at night it is exhausted, and the back is sore and painful.

In fact, there are many simplified time management methods for childcare. As long as they are carefully arranged, it is not difficult to find that many things can be taken into consideration at the same time.

After that, just talk about some of my practices, or it can be an inspiration for novice mommy.

  Method: When I bring my son Sheng Jie by myself, I often play nursery rhymes, light music or sing a nursery rhyme to him when I am feeding him.

Typically, I turn on the washing machine to do laundry.

  Experience: The baby drank the milk and appreciated the music (a pleasant meal helps digestion and absorption), and I only have a little housework to do three things.

  Method: When I collect and dry clothes, I will mobilize Sheng Jie’s enthusiasm, and at the same time let him help with the hangers and small clips (he is always happy), and teach him to identify the clothes of grandparents and parents, and their lengthWait.

Of course, Sheng Jie sometimes loses interest and even throws clothes to the ground.

  Experience: I have completed the housework and taught the baby simple labor.

Moreover, baby’s awareness of objects can also be improved.

  Method: When Sheng Jie was playing with a toy intently, I took the opportunity to slip into the kitchen (to keep him within my sight) and quickly prepare him for the next meal.

Tell him to stand by the kitchen door and play with toys while watching me cook.

For example, when steaming custard, let him touch the smooth egg shell, then break the egg shell, and let him see that the yolk does not look like the sun; when cold cucumber, let him touch the barbed melon peel, and then watch me peel and slice,flavor.

At the end, I will Shengjie taste my craft.

  Experience: I can successfully prepare the baby’s meals, and also teach him some common sense of life, and at the same time train him to sense and coordinate.

  Garden baby after 90 mother-in-law mother-in-law war ugly child strengthened criticism right rich second generation shouted home to eat children precocious Zhang Yimou daughter test Tsinghua secrets mimicking addiction hostage rescue mother alternative education foster child corporal punishment online addiction rules campus violence Montessori lecture hall sexistInterview Level 5 Talent Memory Fast literacy Financial ability Good personality Self-confidence School Indication Indications Art potential “Five Hearts” Education Pork Ribs Correction Breakfast Recipes Preventing Colds Cecilia Chelsea Stream Pediatric Massage Male Infertile Women Infertile Women Infertility Hepatitis B Pregnancy Prevention辐射孕妇装 专业早教老师百家访谈畅销书籍连载做法:当盛杰坐在便盆上大解时,我给他一两件玩具,再放些音乐。
I can do what I want.

  Experience: Even if the baby is going to the toilet in a relaxed environment, he can take a little time for himself.

  Method: Whenever I push a stroller to take Sheng Jie to outdoor activities, I often stop and do some exercises for him, such as raising legs, jumping waist, turning knees, expanding the chest, etc.

After the exercise, I will introduce Shengjie to the surrounding trees and flowers and Bibo Lake.

  Experience: Not only did I take the baby to do outdoor activities, so that he gained insight and expanded his vocabulary, I was able to keep fit and eventually achieve a good body.

  In fact, the above methods are not something I knew as soon as I was a mummy.

I also changed my mind after many hardships.

Making the most of your time properly can bring you copy space for yourself!

Teach you only 4 minutes to make a weight loss breakfast

Teach you only 4 minutes to make a weight loss breakfast

The temperature is gradually rising, and the girls’ clothes are getting thinner. Are you ready for the wonderful season of summer?

Do you want to make yourself see no trace of extra flesh, whether it is frontal, sideways, sitting down, or bending over?

Xiaobian Life Editor will now create a 360-degree perfect weight-loss plan for you in person, comprehensive information on various types of weight-loss, and prepare for your cool summer!

  Sweet and sour fruit biscuits. This is a 4 minute breakfast secret from netizen Qin Lu.

The material is simple, and the biggest advantage is that most materials are ready-made and do not need to be hot.

As long as you have time to go to the supermarket, you can prepare these early breakfasts, so the 4 minutes is almost all the “swing shot” time spent in this shooting. The real time spent is basically zero.

  Material: Black tea (bag), milk (fresh milk or boxed milk), Wang Zi’s buns, strawberry, orange, chocolateStart eating again.

In the morning I usually choose cookies.

Depending on your needs, you can sometimes add different dipping sauces (salad dressings).

Chocolate is essential for my breakfast.

And chocolate contains traces of excitement, refreshing and refreshing, making me happy all day.

  All grains are dripping. This is the secret of a 4-minute breakfast by netizen Lin Chen.

The material is almost still beans, cereals and dried fruits.

There is also no need to set fire, just take a few minutes to prepare before going to bed the night before, and the next morning, with the help of a soymilk machine, you can enjoy it.

  Materials: Black beans, peanut kernels, corn dregs, wolfberry, red dates (coreless), black sesame Linchen’s experience reads: grabbed a small handful of black beans before going to bed the night before, soaked in a few peanut kernels and cornResidue, wolfberry, seedless dates, and sesame seeds are poured into the soymilk machine together, and water is added.

My soymilk machine is the one that can be heated and boiled automatically. After adding the raw materials, you can leave everything alone. After restlessly washing and packing, the cup is hot, the aroma is full, and the nutritious grain soymilk is ready.Already.
Drinking a cup of such hot soy milk in the morning is full of the day. Also, legumes contain phytoestrogens, so you can eat more and be healthier!

  Fruit bread is good at matching. This is the secret of 4-minute breakfast for netizen Hu Rong.

The breakfast she prepares is very rich. Fruits, cereals, milk, cakes are all indispensable, and they are carefully matched. What breakfast needs to be supplemented with water, protein, cellulose, impurities . and all are included, because they are all finished products.Take it out and eat, 4 minutes is more than enough.

  Materials: More than 3 kinds of fruits (selected by personal preference, my choice this season is cherry tomatoes, honeydew, dragon fruit), cereal puffed food or oatmeal with milk, cake Hu Rong experience reads: almost no appetite in the morningTherefore, I usually start with fruits. Although the amount is not large, it is best to eat more than 3 kinds of nutrition every day to be comprehensive.

Cereals and milk may not be liked by many adults, but they are easy to digest.

If you do n’t feel enough, you can add 2 charcoal-baked cakes, just buy them in advance and prepare.

After fruit appetizers, being able to eat a little more actually has the potential to play a strong role throughout the day.

  The day is in the morning, no matter how busy you are in the morning, you have to spare 4 minutes to take a delicious breakfast so that you can be full of energy all day long!

What sports are best for you on weekends

What sports are best for you on weekends


Suitable for mountaineering: IT people working in dark computer rooms.

  Reason: IT people are in the airtight computer room all day long. The turbid gas and radiation emitted by the computer are leaking all day long. If you are still in the gym on weekends, your skin and body that have not breathed fresh air for a long time willYou protested strongly.

Mountain climbing on the weekend, let yourself be in the nature, fully breathe, sweat sweat, and throw away all the boredom and fatigue of the week.

  Fitness effect: Mountain climbing is an excellent aerobic exercise, which can promote metabolism and accelerate blood circulation. It can also improve endurance and leg strength, and enhance cardiopulmonary function.


Long-distance running is suitable for people: work has always been spent in sedentary, leaving a lot of such as back pain, cervical spondylosis, etc., such as editors, freelance writers and so on.

  Reason: It is reasonable to say that long-distance running is more suitable for this kind of people. However, concentrated running on the weekend for two days is not only ineffective, but also long-distance running.It’s a fitness exercise and it’s an ideal exercise.

Because jogging in the water can evenly distribute the body load, it has a clear advantage over running on the land. In deep water, the runner’s lower limbs are not affected by shocks, so it is not easy to be injured. After exercise, you will feel comfortable and comfortable.

  Fitness effect: Water resistance is 12 times of air resistance. Running 45 minutes in water is equivalent to two hours running on land. Jogging in water is especially suitable for obese people.

Because the density and heat transfer of water is greater than that of air, jogging in water consumes more energy than land, which can gradually remove the unfortunate body.


Good for shopping: Women who stay in the office from morning till night.

  Reason: This is one of the most popular leisure methods for women. It is also a very good type of aerobic exercise. Divided with the boring equipment training in the gym, shopping does not allow women to exercise physically and unknowingly.Mood is the best of both worlds. If you can still find good things by the way, is it a fortune?

  Fitness effects: Women go shopping for at least two or three hours, and at least one day. Non-stop exercise can increase leg strength, consume a lot of energy in the body, and achieve fitness effects.


Suitable for bowling: People who have been in a position for a long time but have not been offered a promotion.

  Reason: I have been working hard, but I am always struggling to get the favor of the leader. You ca n’t change this situation, but when you throw out the bowling ball, all the grievances and distress seem to be thrown out together. That shareHow pleasant is the word “cool”?

Wonderful climbing makes you regain your confidence, and in a few games you are full of hope for work and life.

  Fitness effect: As long as your posture is correct when playing bowling, more than 200 muscles can be exercised throughout the body.


Suitable for skating: people who usually have less activity and are too lazy to exercise even on weekends.

  Reason: Skating is a fitness program that combines exercise and entertainment. It is the easiest for lazy people. Joking can achieve fitness effects. Skating mainly exercises the leg muscles and can improve the displacement and coordination of the limbs.

  Fitness effect: The 175 calories consumed by roller skating every half hour can enhance the body size and strength of all parts of the body.


Pilates is suitable for people: National Movement, dissatisfied with the figure, and can’t control the beauty of their mouths in the meal with customers, such as women working in marketing, public relations, marketing and other departments.

  Reason: The resulting exercise has an almost magical effect on weight loss and physical improvement, and it has finally made heaven for those who are determined to lose weight but can’t help tempting to eat.

Pilates is a wonderful way to regulate and strengthen muscles. Compared to yoga, which is somewhat similar, it does a better job of combining Chinese and Western styles. It not only combines the physical and functional training of Westerners, but also becomes oneThe softness of the Orientals — physiological uniformity when writing exercises, each posture must be coordinated with breathing, and it is simpler than yoga, easy to master, and exercise intensity is slightly higher than yoga.

  Fitness effects: There are exercises for arms, hips, shoulders, and shoulders, as well as strength exercises for waist and abdomen and hips, as well as stretching exercises that enhance flexibility. All parts can be fully tightened and stretched.The muscles in the abdomen are noticeably tightened in 45 minutes.


Suitable for riding people: work pressure is very high, and there are certain risks, such as the company owner or company leader.

  Reason: The nerves are tight all day long and really tired.

Think about being a wrangler on the weekend and freely galloping under the blue sky and white clouds, isn’t it more satisfying to your heart that wants to fly than golf?

The world is big, after all, the circle of life of each of us is only a corner of the world. We are eager to get out of that small circle, eager for a wider world. Perhaps when we are riding, in the moment of speeding, our dreams in our hearts have been fulfilled.
  Fitness effect: Horse riding can exercise your agility and coordination, and can make your whole body muscles exercise, especially the leg muscles.

An hour of horse riding consumes 2,700 calories in a transient state, the same amount of exercise as a day of golf.


Diving is suitable for the crowd: 9 to 5 days a day, work step by step, there is no change in the crowd, such as government officials, secretaries and so on.
  Reason: Life is the same, you are annoyed, maybe you already long for change and excitement in your heart, but you dare not try.
Diving will satisfy your expectations for excitement and free life. From the bottom of the crowd, you seem to have come to a world completely different from reality. Here, you can ignore it, like a free fishFeeling really happy like a fairy.

Returning to the real world from the bottom of the water, you will feel born and reborn, and those troubles that were bound to the bottom of your heart will become so insignificant.

  Fitness effect: Diving is a whole body exercise, and its exercise effect is comparable to swimming.

Also people who can’t swim can also.

See if you have management skills

See if you have management skills

Today you are wearing a piece of clothing that you think is very decent, but everyone is criticized. What will you do?

  1. Immediately want to change 2, change 3 tomorrow, and then wear 4 tomorrow, and never wear analysis again: 1. You pay attention to others’ views on yourself, and believe that the strength of the team is the core of the success of your career, and correct othersAble to accept quickly and put it into practice, but your strong sense of followers often puts management in trouble.

  2. You can accept the opinions of others in good faith, and think calmly in combination with your own opinions. You need to be persuasive in doing things, provide employees with more development opportunities, and are an outstanding manager convinced by the people.

  3. In the business competition, you can thunder and rush to seize business opportunities, but you are unwilling to accept any opinions to replace yourself. This will inevitably cause paralysis in the internal management of the company.

Remember “the Lord has to be safe inside and outside”!

  4. You are willing to abandon all the revolutionary spirits for the success of your career. As a manager, you strive for perfection in your work. As a result, you and others are exhausted. In the long run, this will inevitably lead to the loss of outstanding employees in the team.

What is the monthly season’s fruit?

What is the monthly season’s fruit?

January – Persimmon, Kiwi If the kiwi is too hard, put the kiwi in a plastic bag, then mix the cut pear or apple with the bag, then seal the bag 3?
5 days, eaten after ripening.

Persimmons have the effect of getting tired. Persimmons can’t be eaten more easily, and they are easy to get angry.

February – Sugarcane eats sugar cane in winter, it is best to cut it into small pieces of 20 cm – 30 cm, put it in the pot and cook for ten minutes, then pick up the hot peeled and eat, which is sweeter than raw.

Nowadays, sugar cane juice is popular, cool and delicious.

March – pineapple slices soaked in light salt water, eat in ice in the freezer, it will be more sweet and delicious.

April – Mango, Mangosteen, when picking, pay attention to see that the stalk is green, and the shell is softer and fresh.

: Later, the meat inside is pure white.

If the shell is as hard as a stone, most of it can’t be eaten.

(The more leaves of mangosteen, the more fruits are represented by more than 4) May-strawberry, lychee April-May, many places have popular strawberry stalks, which are listed in May, mostly March red, etc.The early-maturing variety has a slightly sour taste and is a medium-low-grade variety. In mid-June, it is the best season for lychee. The fine varieties of sweet and fragrant glutinous rice, such as glutinous rice bran, medlar smile, and cinnamon, are on the market.

June – Cherry normal picking time from mid June to June 30.

At the time of purchase, choose a full-bodied cherry with a green stem.

At 3?
It can be stored for 5 days at 5 degrees and up to two days at room temperature.

July – peach, plum peach is full, plum hurts, so it doesn’t matter if the peach is eaten, but the plum can be eaten in limited quantities.

Plums eat more easily nosebleeds in August – watermelons sweat more in summer, lose more nutrients, eat more watermelon, not only can make up the lost water, but also increase nutrition.

West melon is cool, and those who catch a cold should not eat more watermelon.

September – Grapes in the morning market, in addition to early-maturing varieties, are generally ripe, slightly sour and astringent, and contain a large amount of hormones, bad for the body, it is recommended to eat the grapes listed on the market.

October – Pear Shengjin quenches thirst, when the weather is easy to catch a cold, the scorpion is not good, long-term drink is to cook white pear.

November – Apple’s most apples are on the market in November. Some apples are suitable for fresh eating, and some are better in winter.

December – The most famous orange is of course the ponkan. If you want to eat citrus, you should go to the store where you often buy fruit, otherwise it will be easily deceived by small vendors.

15 magical effects of salt

15 magical effects of salt

With salt as the basic taste, many flavors can be prepared. Therefore, salt is also known as the “ancestor of Baiwei”. It can be used for cooking various alternatives. Do you know its other uses?

Today, the editors share the magical effects of 15 salts for everyone, so that you can be a caring person.

  Magical use: acne with salt Sometimes beauty can be an inexpensive thing, its cost may be minimized, just like the ordinary fine salt we usually eat, it is also a beauty recipe.

  For the “sickness” of acne in front, salt is also useful.

After bathing, let the body warm enough. After the pores are opened, apply some salt to the back and wipe all the corners.

Massage with a bath brush for 1 minute, don’t use too much force, just let the salt between the skin and the brush move, then use a sponge to rub the light flour, stick it on the back for 10 minutes, and wash it with water.

  Magical use 2: salt control oil for the t-parts that secrete strong oil, even in autumn, the “oil production” of many oily skin is still a steady stream.

For local areas, apply fine salt to the pre-aligned skin, gently massage for 3 minutes, then use the middle finger to make a squeeze massage from the bottom to the upper part of the nose.

  Magical use 3: Wash the wound with salt. If you accidentally scratch the skin, the wound is not too big. Add a little salt with cold water, wash the wound with salt water, then sprinkle some anti-inflammatory powder and wrap it in gauze.

This treatment reduces the wounds from inflamed infections and can heal quickly, and leaves no scars.

  Wonderful use four: brush the teeth with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, salt salty, kidney, teeth for the bones, kidney and bone, so salt can stabilize the teeth.

When you brush your teeth, put some salt on the toothpaste, which has a very good anti-inflammatory effect, making the teeth stronger and whiter.

  Magical Five: Wash fruits with salt. When cleaning fruits, remember to wet the fruits, rub the salt, and rinse thoroughly. It can remove the dirt on the surface instead of removing some residual pesticides.

  Magical use six: use salt to sterilize newly bought clothes and towels. You can soak them in salt water and then wash them. You can reduce the fading of clothes. The towels are often boiled with salt. Once you can prevent the mold from being moldy, you can giveTowels are sterilized.

  Wonderful use seven: use salt to remove dirt, to taste the salt can be used to remove the dirt of the baffle, and to disinfect, remove the smell of fish.

Kill the fish, wash your hands with salt and then wash your hands with soap to remove the smell.

  Magical use 8: Put a little salt in the plants raised in the water of the plants in the salt (do not put more), so that the plants can grow better and the flowering period is shortened.

  Wonderful use nine: to taste the bitter melon, radish and other vegetables with bitterness and astringency, cut and add salt, filter the juice to boil, can reduce bitterness.

  Magical use 10: Wash your hair with salt washing head, which can remove dandruff and prevent hair loss.

  Wonderful use of eleven: Qingrejiedu Chinese medicine believes that salt has the effect of clearing heat, cooling blood and detoxification.

According to the “Compendium of Compendium of Materia Medica”, salt can “reconcile the organs, eliminate the objects, and make them strong.”

Therefore, drinking a cup of light salt water on an empty stomach after getting up in the morning is conducive to lowering the fire and kidney, keeping the stool smooth, and improving the digestion and absorption function of the stomach.

  Magical use 12: When the ribs are cramped and chilled, the salt can be sizzled, wrapped in cloth and rubbed back and forth several times in the limbs.

  Magical use 13: Treatment of acute and chronic rhinitis will smash the scallions, wash the nasal cavity with salt water at night, and then put the cotton ball into the nose to treat acute and chronic rhinitis.

    Wonderful use of fourteen: to the tea scale glass cups can also be scrubbed with salt, the decontamination effect is very good.

  Magical use 15: Wash vegetables and vegetables with salt and buy them in a light salt water. You can remove the insects inside, and then use water or soak in the rice water to remove some pesticides.

The old man refuses to accept the old, does not make old children

The old man refuses to accept the old, does not make old children

Some elderly people will have an abnormal dependence on their families because they are “rejuvenated”. People often call these elderly people “old children”.

Studies have shown that relying on psychological “alternatives” includes loss of confidence in the future, lack of security, declining function of various organs, slowness of movement, mental retardation, and depression and inferiority.

This situation occurs in the elderly, usually caused by their “wearing old” mentality.

  For the elderly, 60 is a hurdle.

The root cause is that the physiological function is naturally aging, and the old man will consciously buy things and can’t walk far. He will pant after climbing a few stairs.

  At the same time, the elderly at this stage are worried about retirement, the economic ability is shrinking, and the social level is reduced. What is reduced is self-confidence, security, and control.

This gives the old man a clear psychological suggestion: I am old.

With this psychological background, some elderly people naturally rely more on their loved ones, and need more companionship and support.

  At the same time, the decline in self-confidence allows them to close themselves. Life is too dependent on their loved ones. The older they are, the more timid they are like children, the more they dare to go out and interact with others, which in turn leads to a vicious circle of physical and psychological functions that accelerates “destruction”.
  How to change the phenomenon that the elderly are too dependent on their loved ones?

Experts believe that the most important thing is to rebuild the self-confidence of the elderly.

  First of all, the community and relatives should do a good job in the knowledge education of “actively supporting the elderly”.

We must know that many outstanding old scientists and old experts are more and more spiritual because they are diligent and participate in social activities.

As long as you no longer feel that you are old, all problems will be solved.

  In fact, children must help their parents to develop a “Happy New Year Plan”, including encouraging them to develop a variety of interests, arranging them to realize their unfulfilled dreams, doing what they want to do most, going where they want to go, and buying what they want to buy.Gifts, make the most friends you want to pay.