China @ 四 川 | Dynasty, Tibet, Tibet, Chasing "two people"

  Xinhua News Agency, March 14th, Qiqiu: Tibet, Tibet, Chasing "Two Road" Xinhua News Agency, Hu Xu, Liu Hongming, in the end of April, before the mountains of Hano Village, the first secretary Wen Xuequarcheng Everyone broadcasts the new season of the new season, grinding more than 2,000 pounds of green powder, reserves the production of the production of the green cookies.

  Hango Village is located in Li Tang County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, with an average sea level of 3700 meters, a half-pastoral and semi-animal husbandry in the plateau. Since last year, Wen Xuequung and other help people have carefully planned to work, and will work well into a cookie, and become a national stable source of income through e-commerce sells well.

  "There is no transportation improvement, there is no industry development.

"Wen Xuedong said," Hango Village is close to Provincial Road 217, all the way to the national road 318 line and Yaku Expressway through Chengdu, people are in good luck, the car is smooth, the introduction of modern technology in the village has laid the foundation, but also let this remote village Agricultural and sideline products have accelerated into the city and become a higher added value. "Qianlichuan Tibetan line, like a white Hada surround the snowy mountain meadow, flying over the mountains, put the countless Hanogun Village of the plateau, let agricultural products more smoothly, the foreigners are more convenient, let the plateau people open The field of view, the active thinking.

  Basku County, Changdu, Tibet Autonomous Region, has attracted a large number of tourists from the Sichuan Tibetan line due to its unique and magnificent "ancient glaciers". In the local area, it is necessary to vigorously develop infrastructure and green ecological tourism, and quickly gathered more than 100 hotels, hotels, supermarkets, hot pot restaurants, barber shops and other service facilities, and absorb more than 200 employment. According to the reporter, in Wuzhen, Waiba Village, Terminal Yuju, the ancient Village Public Welfare Inn, Candsha Village Yunlai Hotel, etc., the village collective economy has fixed income every year; More than 100 horses, more than 1 million yuan per year, drive 109 households to get rich, and the people have increasing about 3,000 yuan. Since ancient times, the Sichuan-Tibet Plateau region has frequently communicated with the mainland economic culture, but because the snow peaks formed by the transverse mountain range, the traffic is extremely difficult to hide the mainland before the founding of New China.

  "The iron cable bridge in Tsing Yi River is only walking. The soldiers moved to the right, and the head is soft.

"" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" Opening experience.

  In 1951, in 1951, I went to the Tibetan People’s Liberation Army into the army, and they declared war to the mountains.

On the snow in the snow in the snow, the 180th Army’s fifty-four divisions 160 groups of Ding Xi Yan and his comrades spit a spit, and they have formed an ice flower.

The sun is shining on the snow, and the silver light reflected is unknone. "The soil layer here is hardened than the stone, no matter whether it is a sharp shovel or a rhinoceros, it is just a whiteprint, and even shocks the handsome, the tiger!" Ding Xishi Yan’s memoirs Write, the soldiers cut their trees in the ice and trip to the ice day every day, and fired firewood with a flaming of the frozen soil. Just like this, more than 4,000 military and civilians have been fighting for more than four years, and finally opened a lifeline connected to Sichuan Tibet. On December 25, 1954, two highways in Shanghai at that time – Sichuan-Tibet Highway and Qinghai-Tibet Highway were passed through the train, and the people in the Tibetan area bid farewell to "Bird Trip Coats, Tianse Plan, Solver", ushered in. The era of highway running cars. Pavement plus width oil, bridge and huge re-renovation, improve dangerous roads … After decades, the state’s rectification and transformation of "two" continued to ensure the smoothness of two altitude lifeliers.

As the government continues to increase fund support in the Tibet, and the rapid progress of engineering technology, in recent years, a batch of heavy major projects on the Sichuan-Tibet line have been continuously completed.

  In 2016, the 318 line of the National Road 318 Line Mountain Tunnel, shorten the mileage of the Panshan Mountain; the 2017 Tong car national road 317 line county tunnel, open the natural risk bottleneck in the North Line of Sichuan; 2018 and 2020 Yakang Expressway and Wenma Expressway, the flagchuan Tibetan line officially spans the "high-speed era". Yunfei Road not only created unprecedented traffic construction in the world’s ridge, "two" spirit "" I am not afraid of suffering, I am afraid of death, tenacious hard work, Gan Dang, military and civilian, national unity "has become Sichuan "Dream Navigation" on the Tibetan line.

Today, the Expressway and the Sichuan Tibet Railway are being stepped up in construction, and the strugglers are continuously written in the new era of the new era. (over).

Chengdu release more than 500 major development opportunities

Original title: Chengdu release more than 500 major development opportunities Chengdu Daily, Tujiang Rui Song to further promote the "Scenery City" concept in the city’s industrial function area, promote higher quality development, yesterday, the theme of "integration development aesthetics" Nine 2021 Chengdu New Economy "Double Thousand" Release Conference in Rong kicked off, invited experts scholars, industry representatives, and focused on the latest developments and future trends of Chengdu urban update and TOD.

At the scene, "Chengdu City Create Industrial Function Zone" People’s Market "Complete New Fault New Scene New Product List" is officially released, and there are more than 500 major development opportunities for more than 500 Chengdu.

The project was conducted on the spot, and the total amount of contract was more than 100 million yuan. The event was hosted by the Chengdu Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau and the New Economic Development Committee of Chengdu. Focusing 500 new scenes in TOD project "release" reporter sorting to see this TOD major project as represented, concentrated on all industrial functional districts in public transport, public services, talent apartments, education, etc. 265 new scenarios in construction.

For example, the new scene of Lu Xiao Tod project, a new scene, covered, including retail business, office buildings, medical, apartments, hotels, etc. In the future, Lu Xiao Tod will focus on the field of office industries, commercial retail, medical contributions, and release more market opportunities.

The new scene of the Sancha Station TOD project is located in the new Demonstration area of ??the Eastern New District FCCD, relying on the green travel system to serve a multi-channel scene such as business services, public facilities, and living spaces, and create a stop future.

"The three-stop TOD integrated planning design has more than 2,000 mu, will fully reluctantly rely on the development of the Tianfu International Airport, focusing on the development of the new model of the future city, leading the development of the headquarters economy, college economy, and the core of cross-border trade Empty service industry, build a new demand zone in the industrialization of Airport New City.

"The relevant person in charge of Chengdu Rail City Investment Group said.

At the same time, the event also issued 256 new products that meet the needs of people in the industrial function district, involving Chengdu New Economic Vital Zone, Tianfu Olympic Industrial Function Zone, Chengdu Science City, Tianfu Headquarters Business District, Electronic Information Industry Function Multiple industrial ribs such as districts.

For example, Chengdu ICT Technology Development Co., Ltd. issued a new product in the road parking intelligence identification management system. The system can provide the intelligent imaging equipment of the front-end design of the scene design, the front-end design of the scene design, etc. characteristic.

Empouling City Development of "145" will launch a group of special items in yesterday, Tod is undoubtedly keywords. Among the activities, there are 4 projects to sign up: Jinjiang Zi Street Lane (Furong Jiangwan District) Characteristic Street Project Store Shuangfeng Bridge Station Tod project.

The reporter learned from the Chengdu Housing and Construction Bureau that Chengdu has initially formed a more complete policy and work system, which has introduced important documents of TOD comprehensive development integrated urban design guidelines, strategic planning, and forming more than 20 tops. Design documents and supporting policies, clarify the development model of government planning, corporate leadership, and attract social capital participation.

Up to now, the city launched 17 city-level TOD projects, 8 district (city) county coordinating TOD projects, and completed more than 30 billion yuan in investment. Planning to the "14th Five-Year Plan", will also start implementing a batch of transportation hub, integrated central, industrial community, and life service types, will lead the urban pattern to further optimize, and create a more rich living consumption scene. Bring more market development opportunities. At the event, the high-tech zone also conducted a key introduction to the latest investment opportunities in the industrial function area, the second phase of the Innovation Center, 5G Internet Science Garden, and the Xinchuanxin West District.

Taking the second phase of AI Innovation Center as an example, the new scene comes from the Chengdu New Economic Vital Area Industrial Ribbon, which will release the artificial intelligent chip, cloud computing, big data, smart medical, smart cities and other fields.

(Chengdu Daily Reporter Cheng Yi Xin, Yuan Hongpic) is provided by Chengdu Rail City Turban Group) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Beijing has developed an epidemic prevention and control of normalization measures began to implement on March 16

People’s Daily Online Beijing March 15 (Dong Zairui) On March 15th, in Beijing’s new coronary virus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work No. 226 press conference, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of Beijing Municipal Committee, Director of the Municipal Government Information Office, Municipal GovernmentSpokesperson Xu Jian, at present, the domestic epidemic continues to be smooth, but the global epidemic is still spreading, the vaccination is overall, and overseas input is still the most risk of the capital epidemic prevention and control.In response to the current epidemic situation, combined with the reality of Beijing, the capital strictly entering the Beijing management link-defense coordination mechanism research has developed the Beijing epidemic prevention and control and regularity measures. On March 16th began, on the basis of "external prevention input", orderly recoveryProduction of life order.Optimize prevention and control measures, facilitate production and life is to optimize access to Beijing control measures.

Domestic low-risk regions in Beijing, the commuter staff of the Beijing area will no longer check the nucleic acid prove, restore the Beijing city cross-city taxi, webmobile, and windmill business.

The second is to optimize the community (village) epidemic prevention and control measures. Community (village) science, reasonably set the bayonet, demolition unnecessary physiological isolation, do not open the bayonet, no longer detect body temperature, convenient residents travel. Out of the wedding banquet, funeral, etc., do a good job in the village-level filing, implement scanning code registration, wearing masks, ventilation and disinfection, etc.

The third is to restore stylistic tourism activities.

Continue to implement the "limited edition, reservation, wrong peak" requirements, limit 75% limited to open parks, scenic spots, famous monks and libraries, museums, shadow theater, KTV, Internet cafe indoor and outdoor cultural entertainment venues. Domestic team tourism business is carried out in an orderly manner.

Organization and reception of the imported returnees or provide "ticket + hotel" business services, which should comply with and observe the city’s immigration medical observation and health monitoring regulations.

Under the premise of implementing the host responsibility and doing normalized prevention and control measures, a meeting of 500 people and a sports event under 1,000 people will be held; the meeting of more than 500 people, more than 1,000 sports event activities, must be affiliated Audit assessment of government and epidemic prevention and control leadership mechanisms.

Sports event indoor and outdoor audience surcharges should be controlled within 75%.

Indoor and outdoor sports fitness places resume open, insist on reservation, controlling instantaneous traffic, maintaining a safe distance. The fourth is to restore the living service industry, the exhibition industry and other activities.

Restoring the normal operation of life services, allowing organizations to promote consumption activities. Business buildings, business super, hotels, restaurants, factories, construction sites, all kinds of public places and other shops and other public places and office buildings, based on strict implementation of sweeping code, appointment, wearing mask, "1 meter", cleaning and disinfection, etc. 75% limit measures during the Spring Festival. Colleges allow students to apply for schools as needed.

The fifth is to implement the bed usage limit on the medical institution on the basis of implementing the prevention and control measures of the hospital.

The heating clinic for nucleic acid detection for all heating patients, no longer conducting nucleic acid antibody detection, and the clinician determined whether to perform chest CT examination, orderly open accompanying and visualization, orderly, the doctor multi-point practice, foreign consultation, Internet home care Waiting for services. Strict normal prevention and control, safeguard health and safety, continue to adhere to the following measures in accordance with the requirements of "external prevention input, internal defense rebound". First, persistence is not necessary to leave the country, domestic high-risk regions shall restrict import Beijing and screen control measures in Beijing-risk personnel. Continue to take centralized isolation medical observation measures for close contactors and secrets, strictly perform detection requirements before isolation.

Continue to do a good job in closed-loop management of Beijing Port entry and other port entry into Beijing personnel to monitor early warning, information flow, verification inspection, and personnel transfer work. Adhere to the investigation-control measures of the Beijing inspection station, continue to do a good centralized prevention and control in Beijing and the Beijing inspection station.

The second is to adhere to the "character of the characters".

Continue to carry out new market epidemic prevention and early warning, insist on regular new crown virus monitoring on imported cold chain food and other key items and key venues, strictly supervise the relevant units to implement the port-of-cold food prevention disinfection measures.

Implementing the import of cold chain food "four no five no", dynamically promote the nucleic acid detection of key industries, and the new practitioners follow into the vaccination. The third is to adhere to the prevention and control measures of cultural tourism industry.

Do not resume the entry team travel and "ticket + hotel" business, do not carry out travel in Beijing, high-risk areas and "ticket + hotel" business, do not receive or come within 14 days or from China, high-risk regions or It provides a "air ticket + hotel" business service. Suspension of new approvals, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan business performance activities (except for the respective staff). The fourth is to persist in key regional management. Continue to do the health management of teachers and students of schools, child care institutions, strictly control aggregation activities, implement the registration of the school to verify the registration and temperature detection code system, and the morning trial system.

Strictly implement various types of transportation and ventilation measures, passengers, and frontline staff should wear masks.

All kinds of public places have strengthened the daily environment clean and disinfection, strictly implement anti-prevention measures such as scanning code, reservation, wearing masks, hand disinfection.

Strict health institutions, schools, research institutes, bio-pharmaceutical enterprises and other laboratory management and quality control, strengthen personal protection and health monitoring, do environmental inspection and disinfection management to ensure laboratory safety. The fifth is that the public insists on developing a good personal hygiene habit.

Continue to practice the "Beijing Daily Epidemic Prevention Guidelines", "Capital Citizen Health Convention", continuously improve the quality of public health and civilization and health literacy. Strengthen monitoring and early warning, improve emergency response ability to implement the normalized epidemic prevention and control work measures, and make timely discovery, rapid disposal, precise control, effective treatment, and further strengthen various work measures.

First, strengthen early monitoring, consolidate multi-point trigger monitoring early warning mechanism, various districts, various industries, surrounding key populations, places, environments, etc., realizing cases, symptoms, and risk factors monitoring information collection, strengthen fever patients and risk crowd screening , Timely warning. The second is that the street (township) and community (village) must implement the "five have a grid" requirement, supplement to the rural area prevention and control short board.

Strengthen the key personnel of community (village), the supervision of the place, strengthen the capacity of village-level medical and health services. The third is to strengthen vaccination and propaganda boot. Promote vaccination inoculation, establish an immunization barrier as soon as possible.

The fourth is to strengthen emergency response, maintain the epidemic prevention and control command system, work mechanisms and disposal teams are always ready.

Once the epidemic occurs, the first time starts emergency response mechanism, scientifically takes a premieration of prevention measures, and controls the infective source in time, and cut off the disseminated chain. related news.

De groei van bewoners in de provincie Guizhou is in de eerste drie kwartier van dit jaar met 11,3% hoger toegenomen.

In de eerste drie kwartieren van dit jaar was het inkomen van onze provincie sneller – het wegwerpinkomen van het per hoofd van de bevolking van bewoners was 17428 Yuan-jaar-op-jaar verhoging% (eenheid: yuan) volgens het Provinciale Bureau van Guizhou, de eerste Drie kwartieren van dit jaar, het inkomen van bewoners in onze provincie is snel gegroeid en de ontwikkeling van de economie blijft synchroon, het door de bevolkbare inkomen van de bevolking per hoofd van de bevolking is 17.428 yuan, wat een jaar-op-jaargroei is. Volgens de Per Capita is het beschikbare inkomen per hoofd van de bevolking van de stedelijke bewoners 29601 Yuan, het jaar-op-jaarverhoging is%; het wegwerpinkomen per hoofd van de landelijke bewoners is 8.737 Yuan, dat is een jaar-op -year groei%.

  Kijkend naar de stad, 9 steden (staat) bewoners hebben een evenwichtige situatie onderhouden. Vanuit het perspectief van per hoofd van de bevolking in stedelijke bewoners.

In de eerste drie kwartalen bereikten Guiyang stedelijke bewoners 33,330 yuan, hoger dan het gemiddelde niveau van de provincie van 3729 yuan; Zunyi, zuidwestelijk Guizun, Sannan sluiten "3" miljoen yuan, 29,284 yuan, 29,776 yuan, 29284 yuan; Anshun, tongren respectievelijk is 27912 yuan, 27426 yuan. Het jaar-op-jaar groeisnelheid van 9 steden (staat) bevindt zich tussen% -%, waarvan het zuidwesten, Guiyang, Qiannan tweecijfersgroei in dezelfde periode vorig jaar heeft gehandhaafd, verhoogd met respectievelijk met%,% en%. Uitzicht vanaf de per hoofd van de landelijke bewoners. Guiyang, Zunyi, Qiannan residentieel inkomen overschreden "1" miljoen yuan, is 15.821 yuan, 11056 yuan, 10297 yuan, ranking in de voorklepje; Anshun, Liu bord water is 9515 yuan, 9507 yuan; bijie, tongren, zuidoosten, zuidoosten, Guizhou 8510.8345.8068 yuan.

De groeipercentage van 9 stad (staat) jaar is tussen% -%, waarvan het zuidoosten van China in dezelfde periode in het voorgaande jaar is toegenomen. Volgens het gebied van de provincie, vanuit het perspectief van stedelijke bewoners, hebben 19 provincies zoals Chengyang meer dan "3" miljoen in stedelijke bewoners, waaronder 3.3770 yuan, 33770 yuan, Guanshan Lake, Nanming, Yunyan, Baiyun en Wu Dang , 33657 Yuan, 33576 Yuan, 33392 Yuan, 33162 Yuan; Fuquan en andere 68 provincies bevinden zich tussen 10.000 yuan; Ziyun 24280 Yuan. 32 provincies zoals Libo behouden twee cijfers in dezelfde periode van het voorgaande jaar; 55 provincies zoals Dejiang bevonden zich in% -%; roeien groei. De per capita in landelijke bewoners kan het inkomen domineren. Baiyun Landelijke residentieel inkomen overtrof "2" miljoen yuan; HUAXI en andere 32 provincies bevinden zich tussen 10.000-2 miljoen, waaronder Guanshan Lake, Wu Dang Close "2" miljoen yuan, uit 19594.19502 yuan; 53 provincies Het is onder "1 "10.000 yuan, waarvan, langs de rivier, volume, Wang, Wangzhen is respectievelijk 6642.6443.5922 yuan.

86 provincies (Nanming, Yunyan zonder plattelandsbewoners) Het inkomen van het landelijke bewoners bevinden zich tussen% -%, waarvan Leishan tot dezelfde periode in dezelfde periode van het voorgaande jaar groeit. (Reporter Yang Yuan).

Opening of the 8th Fujian Art Festival

People’s Network Fuzhou December 14th (Yu Yuzhong) On the 13th, the 8th Fujian Art Festival was kicked off in Fuzhou. This art festival is the topic slogan of "Office of Arts and Exhibition", Fuzhou as the main event field, will hold nearly 100 literary performances and exhibition activities, with about 10,000 professional and amateur literary workers.

It is understood that the Fujian Art Festival is the highest standards of comprehensive and largest comprehensive cultural art art creation in Fujian Province, one session.

In addition to the opening ceremony and closing ceremony, there are professional art activities, mass cultural activities, cultural and art exhibition activities, Cultural exchange activities and tourism performance showing.

At the opening ceremony, the original musical "Qu Qiubai" in the Fujian Song and Dance Theater was staged. As the "100-year-old stage art boutique creation project", the music "Qu Qiubai" will pull the time back to that In the turmoil, let the audience in the music world, with the revolutionary martyrs a conversation of time and space.

Compared with the previous art festival, the art festival celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, comprehensively built the main line of a small-off society, concentrated on a group of outstanding literary arts of the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer of the singer; Wen travel integration, hosting street cultural arts and artistic performances in Fujian Province, tourism performance in various municipal scenic spots, combines the art festival with Wenxao consumption; Fully display the results of Taiwan youth in the process of cultivating the creation of Fujian and art; It is reported that the 28th Fujian Drama Festival in this Art Festival, covering 38 excellent repertoires in 15 dramas in Fujian Province, the 5th Fujian Music Dance Acupuncture Quyu Yuxu (Festival) Shopping includes opera, dance, music Ten dramas such as drama, acrobatics, and Nanyi (section).

(Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhang Zijian) Sharing let more people see.

Pingdingshan Xinhua District: Casting Punction Difficulties Concentration Supervisor

Recently, in accordance with the unified deployment of the District Committee, Xinhua District Commission inspector inspection and rectification of the fourth supervisor group on the District Administration Administration, the District Science Association, the District Compilation Bureau and other units have carried out centralized supervision. During the supervision, it was found that there is a corridor of the North Tower of the District Government. After discovering the problem, the supervision team feeds back to the District Organization Administration, requiring the establishment of a long-term change.

After receiving feedback, the District Organization Administration held a party group expansion meeting in the first time and studied solutions.

Through sufficient discussion, a targeted plan is developed, and the existing parking space is scientifically integrated, and the centralized cleaning action is carried out, and the non-motor vehicle watching personnel will be arranged in the car. Non-motor vehicle owners disconnect the stop, eliminate the problem from the source. "I have to enter and out of the road, I’m always ”, it is very inconvenient, and the health status has always been not good. After this concentration and rectification, the car is clear, the health is also a lot, and the upper and lower get off work feel comfortable!" Staff in and out of the corridor said.

(Pingdingshan Xinhua District Committee Propaganda Department He Fengxia Hao Heavy Disease) (Editor: Huang Sha, Xu Chi).

Tianjin further standardizes medical behavior to promote reasonable medical examination

Original title: "Medical" cost is high and unreasonable inspection by establishing and improving drug, high-value medical consumables key monitoring catalog and exception warning system, Tianjin will focus on inspection projects and obvious unreasonable inspection behaviors, timely warning And correct the unreasonable check.

The reporter learned from the Municipal Health and Health Committee yesterday that the city will further standardize medical behavior to promote rational medical examination, including to promote the unique identity system of medical equipment, establish and improve medical supplies information management system, and realize the full life cycle of medical consumables. , High-value medical consumables monitoring supervision of key governance.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Health and Health Committee, the city will continue to drive inspection inspection information sharing, and the results can be mutually recognized. Consolidation of Beijing-Tianjin Clinical Medical Inspection Results Mutual recognition system and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Medical Imaging Information sharing system, formulating the medical examination results of medical institutions and sharing and related measures, gradually expanding mutual recognition. Clinical inspections, medical imaging quality control organizations, and the city clinical inspection center, the quality control of clinical testing and medical imaging data, in principle, the medical quality control is qualified and compliance with technical requirements, the medical institution will under ensuring the medical safety foundation The result of steady implementation is mutually recognized.

At the same time, the city will speed up the construction of a smart health cloud image platform, establish a cloud image big data center, and promote clinical medical imaging inspection of interconnection; encourage secondary and higher medical institutions to provide inspection services for other medical institutions in the region; encourage independent settings of standards Medical Imaging Diagnostic Center, Medical Inspection Lab, pathological diagnostic center, etc., new formats, and unify the medical quality control system of health and health department, providing inspection services for medical institutions. The medical institutions will use the informationization means to prompt and real-time monitoring of the medical institution’s inspection results of the medical institution, and monitor high-frequency high-frequency, real-time monitoring projects, and gradually realize automatic discovery, automatic reminder, automatic Intervention unseason medical examination.

The Municipal Health Department will further improve the large-scale medical equipment allocation plan for the functional positioning of medical institutions, clinical service needs, encourage medical institutions equipped with large medical equipment to provide relevant services to other medical institutions through medical uniforms, agreements, etc. Promote resource sharing.

In addition, in the process of building urban medical groups and county medical communies, the city requires the lead hospital to promote medical union, internal information interconnection, organize the inspection and inspection quality control of medical union and sub-medical institutions, Give full play to "Internet + Medical Health" such as Internet Hospital, Internet Medical Health, etc. The city will carry out a long-term medical examination for a one-year unreasonable medical examination, and the focus is unreasonable. Supervise and inspect and focus on inspections and repeated inspections. Strengthen medical institutions medical service complaint management, and the responsible departments and responsible persons who reflect the unreasonable diagnosis and treatment of the masses, and increase supervision inspection. (Reporter Xu Yang) (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Tao Jian) ??sharing let more people see.

The 8 million Jiefang card trucks independently developed in my country

  Xinhua News Agency, on July 13 (Reporter Zhang Jian, Jiang Mingming) On 13th, a liberation of "liberation smart power domain" offshore production lines in Changchun City, Jilin Province, which marked 8 million independent research and development in my country. A liberated truck officially offline.

On July 13th, the 8th million Jiefang trucks were held in a FAW liberation in Jilin Changchun. Xinhua News Agency, Zhang Nan, from 1 to 8 million, liberated trucks to use the seven-generation cars, witnessed that the Chinese automotive industry has never been there, from weak to strong.

According to statistics, in the first half of this year, FAW liberation production 267770 vehicles, a year-on-year growth of 3,39,230 units, a year-on-year growth. This is the 8th million Jolibutist trucks just off the production line (photographs on July 13).

Xinhua News Agency, Zhang Nan, Chairman Zhang Nan, and Hu Hanjie, the party secretary Hu Hanjie, said that FAW liberation is in the best development stage in history, ushered in the best development opportunities in history.

Future, FAW Liberation will firmly develop the road to develop, open cooperation, and strive to create China’s first hundred years of automobile brands. On July 13th, the 8th million Jiefang trucks were held in a FAW liberation in Jilin Changchun.

Xinhua News Agency, Zhang Nan Photo, July 13, 1956, the first domestic liberated car drove off the wiring, ending the history of New China can’t make a car. From the date of birth, the footsteps of the liberated car independent innovation have never stopped, and the first prize of national scientific and technological progress has been obtained. This is the 8th million Jolibutist trucks just off the production line (photographs on July 13). Xinhua News Agency, Zhang Nan, July 13, participating in the guests of the offline ceremony and the 8th million liberated trucks took a group photo.

Xinhua News Agency, Zhang Nan, July 13, participating in the guests of the offline ceremony and the 8th million liberated trucks took a group photo. Xinhua News Agency, Zhu Nan, editor: Xu Wenhui.

Blue Xin is shocked,I didn’t expect Lu Hao to appear here.,Is he reading a book at home??

And when she came out,Someone is still like a dried child,Poorly follow her,I want to go back early.。
“Blue,Are you OK!”
Lu Hao is very sinking,Concentrated care。
Blue Xin smiled slightly:“If you don’t appear here?,I really have an accident.。”
Blue Xin looks at the table corner,Heart has a lust。
Lu Haocheng looked at Lin Zikai after Blue Clouds.,Essentials have a touch of color,Time,Another moment is like winter warm sun,“Then I came here.。”
Be a joke,Faceless but very bad。
Blue Xin station,Look at it,I watched it back and glanced.。
Lin Ziwu,Just like a person who is fine.,The eyes are calm, the more,Looking obsessed with Lu Haozheng。
“Haojia brother,How are you here??”
Gu Ai’an smiles a gentle opening。
Who is the man in a suit from Lu Hao??
Gu An’an’s eye discovery,at this time,Put a pair and Lu Hao Cheng’s very familiar expression。
Lu Haocheng looked at her,Not talking,But look at Blue Xin,Temperature temperature and:“have you eaten?”
Blue Xin:“Um,I have eaten with my aunt.。”
Lu Haozheng,Slightly,Blue Xin, I saw his backward man standing in a handsome man wearing dark suit.。
Lu Haocheng introduced the road:“Li total,This is my fiancee, Blue Xin。”
Blue Xin:“”Everyone:“”Lan Xin did not think that Lu Hao became this introduction to his friends.,This is also the first time,Lu Haocheng said in front of him, she is his unmarried wife.。
Torn the vest,Blue Xin has some small helplessness!But when she heard this sentence ,Her heart does not exclude,Instead, there is a joy that has never been seen in the heart.。
Li Guanghe looked at Blue Xin,See her long hair,A pair of water spirit,Transferful brilliance,The whole person has a clean and beautiful breath.。
No wonder Lu Hao Cheng will like this girl,indeed,Such girl,It’s a man who wants to have,The spirit of the clear spirit on her body,Let her not be like a live man,A breath of fireworks that do not eat people。
He has seen a beautiful woman,But the first eye saw this girl’s feelings,very good,I really want to feel very strong with her.。
“Blue Xin Miss,Hello,I am a friend of Lu,Li Guanghe,nice to meet you!”
Li Guanghe is a pair of land and Luhaocheng,I am laughing at Blue Xin。
Lu Haozheng is the golden single male in Jiangyou.,Everyone said,He hate a woman,I have never been a woman around,I don’t know how to have a unmarried wife.,I don’t know how many people have been playing.。
Blue Xinhong face,Looking at Li Guanghe and smiling:“Li is good!”
Li Yina is looking at Lu Haocheng.,Rest assured,She looked at Lu Haozheng:“Continental,Since you come,I still have something,Just step by step,Blue is handed over。”
She still has a meeting to open.,Time is tight。
Lu Hao Cheng:“Teacher Li is slow。”

Zhao Haiyi followed in the car,Yu Shi told him to call her if he needs help。

In the night,The ambulance with the red light disappeared at the street corner,Take away Zhang Xiaoxue,Also took away the past grudges。
Even if she is vicious,Should not pay the price of life。
Yushi still hopes she gets better,Lead a normal life。
“Poetry,Let’s go!I’m so hungry,Really want to eat。”
“it is good,Go back and cook braised pork!”
“Let me do it,you take a rest!”
“it is good!”
The two embraced into the villa,Happy figure reflected on the French windows,Really good-looking。
That night,Zhao Haiyi sent a message,Zhang Xiaoxue’s life is not in danger,I can be discharged tomorrow。
After Ji Yunfeng left,Because thinking about what Zhang Jinpeng said during the day,Toss and turn,Didn’t sleep well all night。Afraid Ji Yunfeng is worried,She didn’t tell him about it。
She didn’t know if she went to see Ji Wenchang rashly,But to find out the truth,There is only one way。
the next day,Yushi strengthens the spirit,I went out after a meeting at the company。Carnival Property is not far from Hengneng Property,It takes half an hour to drive。
She doesn’t know if Ji Wenchang is here,Can you see her,But her eager mood no longer allows her to delay even one minute and one second。
As soon as Yu Shi walked into the lobby on the first floor of Carnival Estate, she was stopped by the receptionist,You can’t see Ji Wenchang casually without an appointment。She took out her business card,Xu was surprised by her identity,Xu felt that the general manager of Hengneng Real Estate came to see their chairman to discuss important matters,The receptionist made an exception and called the chairman’s secretary。quickly,Yu Shi was invited in。